Are you looking for a tool for both the Sellers and Vendors? Then AMALYTIX Review is something that you should definitely read as this tool is gaining popularity and being widely used as well.

With more than 3M Sellers batting it out on Amazon, it is no brainier that the competition will be tough. And if you have got to have the edge over your competitors, look no further than AMALYTIX, which is an Amazon tool that will help you a lot. AMALYTIX has covered you from revenues to net profits; the dashboard delivers an instant overview of all your financial KPIs across all markets.

So you might wonder how this tool has so much to offer. But for that, you have to read our in-depth AMALYTIX Review.

What is AMALYTIX? – AMALYTIX Review 

AMALYTIX is a SaaS tool that combines all perspectives, whether it be sales or turnover figures, the voice of the customer or your current stock in Amazon's warehouse; tool has got all covered.

Moreover, this tool notifies you about listing changes, orders and returns, new competitors, feedback, reviews, changes in stock, competition price changes, Seller performance, customer inquiries and much more. The AMALYTIX dashboard shows sales statistics, alerts, keyword rankings, product reviews and inventory. The company has aggregated data to create information that is very valuable for both sellers and vendors.

And for such enormous data, the tool also offers easy filters where you can filter by market, date or product. With AMALYTIX, you can access critical data in one place without the need to endlessly head to seller central. You will forget the complex spreadsheets where they belong in the past and start using this tool to analyze your portfolio with up-to-the-minute data in real-time.

Plus, AMALYTIX also offers several alerts which you can configure like Buy Box won/lost, negative product reviews received, negative seller ratings received, product listing changed, the product is out of stock and new competitors on the listing. This tool keeps historical data on all products, such as listing changes, returns, sales, etc. Even this Amazon tool is capable of checking refunds in case you are eligible for any refunds due to mistakes at Amazon and also monitors your shipments to Amazon.

Along with this, the tool also keeps a close eye on competitors' keywords ranking, prices, and customer feedback. In short, this tool is more focused on the analytical side of Amazon as it can both monitor, analyze and grow your Amazon profit whether you are in the marketplace or the retail environment.

Now let's dive into the features of AMALYTIX, which are segregated separately for Sellers and Vendors.

AMALYTIX Features for Sellers and Vendors 

In this section, we will cover an overview of the main features of AMALYTIX for sellers on the Amazon Marketplace. So let's begin! 

#1 AMALYTIX Dashboard for Sellers 

Amalytix Seller Dashboard

With the Amazon Seller Dashboard, you can keep a close eye on your figures across all marketplaces. Right from Amazon Sales to Amazon costs to the contribution margin, this dashboard has all in it. You can filter by the marketplace, brand, tags, date and more. You can categorize your products and analyze your product portfolio according to your specifications. Even AMALYTIX analyzes the Amazon transaction data down to the last cent. From sales to Amazon commissions, Amazon FBA costs or contribution margin. Let's have a deeper look into what the AMALYTIX dashboard has to offer. 

Graphic Progression

Amalytix Graphic Progression

You will see a chart that displays the course of key figures: Sales, PPC cost, Returns, and discounts over time. The tool uses the actual order turnover or sales as a basis here. You can reduce this database accordingly using filters such as time period, marketplace or tags.

Payments and Seller Performance

Amalytix Payments and seller performance

Here you can check out that the tool will analyze the transactions that Amazon carries out with sellers. For every order, a return involves a transaction, all of the data you can find here. These transactions can be analyzed by it can take time. Therefore the sales from the payments do not match the sales from the orders. But these differences hardly matter. You can even use the filters mentioned above to get the precise results. 

Top 10 Products

Amalytix top products

In this place, you can check out the parent or child products that have the highest values ​​in terms of revenue or sales. But these top 10 lists currently only react to the date filter.

Period comparison

Amalytix Period comparison

With this feature, you can check out the period comparison for different periods. You will see the turnover, number of orders and number of units displayed here. You can even hide the individual periods individually using the selection at the top right. Though the numbers currently only react to the date filter.


Amalytix Reports

Here you get the option of exporting certain critical figures as a report. And to do this, you only have to go to the Payments report and, if necessary, set a start and end date to restrict the result.

#2 Amazon Performance Management

Amalytix Seller Analysis

With this feature, Sellers can go one level deeper with the Seller Analysis module, where they can analyze any time period and compare it with the previous period or the previous year. You can even group your products by the marketplace, brand, product family or child product and analyze the changes at these levels. Let's look at Amazon Seller Analysis in detail.

Filter settings

Amalytix Filter settings

To use the module, you have to only make three settings correctly.

1.Set the period which you want to see (e.g., the last 28 days)

2.Select the key figure that you are interested in (e.g., net sales)

3.Then select the Aggregation level based on which the key figures will be aggregated (e.g., product family, marketplace, category, etc.)

Graphic progression

Amalytix Graph Progression

So as you can see, the graphic shows the time course of the selected key metrics based on the period chosen under “Aggregation (graphic).” And in the table, you can see the totals and the individual cost items for both the chosen period (1) and the comparative period (2). The difference is given both in absolute (3) and relative (4) terms.

Product list

Amalytix Product list

Right at the bottom of the page, you will find the breakdown by product family, for example. If you click on the arrow on the left in line (1), you can analyze further the child's ASIN level.

And in column numbered (2), you will find the critical figures selected in the filter under time series 1. Along with this, the value of the previous period. In column numbered (3), you will find the difference in absolute terms and under (4) in percent. You can even sort all of the columns by which you find the products/brands/categories:

  • The highest turnover or
  • The greatest change in sales (absolute) or
  • The greatest change in sales (relative)

By clicking on Details (5), you can also display various KPIs for your product.


Here as well, you have the option of exporting specific critical figures as a report. And to do this, you have to go to the Period Comparison or payments report and, if required, set the appropriate marketplace, and the start and end date to limit the result.

#3 Monitor Amazon listing quality

AMALYTIX also monitors all elements of your content. Right from the title to the A+ content, this tool will look down to the last detail and provide you with valuable recommendations for optimization. With the help of the AMALYTIX content module, you can monitor the content of your product listings.

Listing Quality Index

With this feature, you can find the requirements you have for your content, for example, the minimum or maximum length of your product title. This tool will monitor your rules and calculate a value between 0 and 100.

Product level listing monitoring

For each of the products, it provides you with the relevant content elements in a traffic light logic where Green means that everything is OK and Red means that actions need to be taken.

#4 Amazon content monitoring

AMALYTIX not only looks at the current status but also compares it with the previous day or the target status defined by you. It helps you in:

Content changes do not go unnoticed.

It compares your listings with the previous day or a target state defined by you. If there is a discrepancy, the tool will let you know.

Monitor dunable keywords

It also stores the keywords that are prohibited from appearing in your listings. This tool does the rest and checks your products daily.

#5 Amazon Notes

AMALYTIX always keeps an eye on your product portfolio as it monitors around 100 different incidents on Amazon. AMALYTIX will not go anything unnoticed. 

Notes on Products

Provides you with detailed insights on products about New reviews or customer questions, changes in variant relationships, sales declines, listing changes, product (soon) out of stock and much more.

Seller Account Notes

Also offers the Seller Account notes feature where it offers New Seller Feedback, Overdue Customer Requests, and Seller Performance Deterioration.

#6 Accurate Information at the right place 

In AMALYTIX you can even define very granular rules about who in your company should be informed about which changes to which products or brands and also how.

And for each of the rules, you have to specify three things: Who should get the hint? Which clues should be monitored? Which markets, brands, product groups or products should be monitored?

You can easily receive your notices conveniently by email or in your Slack channel in separate channel. So that's how AMALYTIX can help your entire team get the right update at the right time.

#7 Customer feedback

AMALYTIX always informs you about new reviews and comments on reviews. As negative reviews can hamper your product's sales, responding in time can ensure reviews are not un-commented. You also have to get customers to reply for your comments and also never miss out when a customer responds in the comments. 

And, of course, customers do have the right to ask questions on the listing and to rate you as a seller. With AMALYTIX you can keep an eye on both. You can answer customer questions to remove barriers to purchase and, if necessary, add missing information to your listing. Plus, you can also keep an eye on your seller feedback, for example, to have product-related feedback deleted or convert it into a product review.

#8 Amazon Rankings and Visibility

AMALYTIX will calculate the change in your visibility for the entire portfolio based on your rankings. It will show you which products have gained or lost visibility. And to do this, they check your rankings weekly. With AMALYTIX, you have the option of storing your own keyword set. This is how the ranking analyzes are relevant to you.

AMALYTIX will also help you to enrich your product listings with relevant keywords as it helps you to research suitable keywords with a high search volume. It can hardly take a few seconds to search for keywords of your competitors if you use AMALYTIX.



This AMALYTIX App is primarily for people who are always on the go. You can check on the go at the weekend whether there are new tips, customer questions or reviews.

The App will also show you the relevant performance indicators from various periods with a comparison to previous periods. It shows the top sellers. You can even find all the information generated in the tool in the App. So you can get all your portfolios under one App.

The App is also for the vendors as the dashboard gives you an overview of performance, content, advertising, reviews and much more. You can always keep an eye on current reviews and questions on the listing with the App. Not only this, but the AMALYTIX App also shows FBA sellers the current inventory and various other FBA key figures.

AMALYTIX Pricing Plans for Sellers 

AMALYTIX Pricing Plans for Sellers

AMALYTIX offers Four pricing plans for sellers, and it doesn't matter whether your business is well-established or just starting up; every brand needs support to succeed. These plans can help you to grow on Amazon with AMALYTIX. And not to forget, Amalytix does offer a 14-Day Free Trial by which you can check out all of its features and see how this tool benefits your purpose.

AMALYTIX Medium Plan for Sellers – $89/month 

  • Up to 500 products
  • 14 day free trial

AMALYTIX Large Plan for Sellers – $179/month

  • Up to 1500 products
  • 14-day free trial
  • Update listings on Amazon
  • Access to Session and Conversion Data
  • Personal onboarding
  • Invite team members

AMALYTIX Extra-Large Plan for Sellers – $299/month

In this plan you get all the features of the Large plan along with: 

  • Up to 5000 products

AMALYTIX Custom Plan for Sellers – Pricing not mentioned 

This is a custom plan by AMALYTIX for all the sellers where they can contact the team of AMALYTIX and get a customized plan designed for them. With this plan, you get the following:

  • All features from the Extra-large plan
  • 5000 – 100,000 products
  • 14 day free trial

A Better Alternative to AMALYTIX is Helium 10

AMALYTIX Pricing Plans for Vendors

AMALYTIX Pricing Plans for Vendors

Here as well, AMALYTIX offers four pricing plans along with a 14-Day Free Trial. Let's have a quick look at them.

AMALYTIX Medium Plan for Vendors – $359/month

  • Up to 500 products
  • 14 day free trial
  • Contract period: 12 months

AMALYTIX Large Plan for Vendors – $529/month

  • Up to 1500 products
  • 14 day free trial
  • Invite team members
  • Contract period: 12 months
  • Personal onboarding

AMALYTIX Extra-Large Plan for Vendors – $769/month

All features of the Large plan along with:

  • Up to 5000 products

AMALYTIX Custom Plan for Vendors – Pricing not mentioned

This is a custom plan by AMALYTIX for all the Vendors where they can contact the team of AMALYTIX and get a customized plan designed for them. With this plan, you get the following:

  • All features from the Extra-large plan
  • 5000 – 100,000 products
  • 14 day free trial

A Better Alternative to AMALYTIX is Helium 10

  • It is quite easy to connect your seller account with AMALYTIX. And to connect your seller account to the new Amazon Selling Partner API, please click on the following button:
  • And then after logging into your seller account, you will then be directed to the following page, where you can finally confirm the release.
  • And that's it. The connection is establishe

From now on, the following data will be loaded:

  • Order data (every 30 minutes)
  • Inventory FBA (every 24 hours)
  • Financial transactions (every 4 hours)
  • Listing information (every 24 hours)
  • Ranking information (weekly)

The data can take time of 24 hours to be updated as they update most of the data once a night.

How long your data will be stored on AMALYTIX? 

For paying customers, the following retention periods apply:

Financial transactionsNo-limit
Advertising Data3 Months
Hints12 Months
Dealer Prices12 Months
Search results12 Months
Product history6 Months 

And the sources that are not listed here are kept indefinitely. As soon as you delete your account or the account is deleted by them, all data will be deleted.

AMALYTIX Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Amalytix Real Customer Reviews Testimonials

How long does it take to import data on AMALYTIX? 

After you successfully register yourself on AMALYTIX, it will indicate for 24 hours that the import is running. Now that's because they are fetching most of the data overnight for the first time. So you don't have to worry as the display disappears after 24 hours, and then at the latest, all data should be available.

What are modes of Payment accepted by AMALYTIX? 

AMALYTIX does accept all credit card payments, but if you don't have one, they also offer payment by direct debit method for a monthly payment and for annual subscriptions, they also offer payment on contact. For more details, you can contact their support team.

Can you setup multiple seller accounts with AMALYTIX?

No, only one API link can be created per AMALYTIX account.

Does AMALYTIX support the US marketplaces? 

Yes. You can create seller accounts that sell in the entire North American continent. 

Does AMALYTIX offer Free Trial? 

Yes. AMALYTIX does offer a 14-Day Free Trial, which we guess is sufficient to check out all the features of this Amazon Selling tool. You can see whether you like the features offered by this tool and then decide whether you should go for it or not.

Does AMALYTIX help you with VAT calculation service? 

Yes. As soon as AMALYTIX finds sales tax in the transaction data, the manual sales tax rate is no longer taken into account. And if you do not find any sales tax in the transactions, it will use the sales tax rate stored under “Settings” as a basis.

How to get in touch with AMALYTIX?

As per the official website of AMALYTIX, you can contact them by calling 0221-29 19 12 32 or by emailing [email protected]

Which are the alternatives to AMALYTIX? 

Even though AMALYTIX is a robust tool, when we talk about its alternatives, they are many, which include Jungle Scout, Helium 10, AMZ Scout, Viral Launch, and Seller Labs.

Final Verdict – Is AMALYTIX Really worthy for the Amazon Sellers and Vendors? 

After doing an in-depth analysis of AMALYTIX, we are pleased with this tool's accuracy and usability. For the sellers, this tool is really helpful in managing and monitoring daily stuff along with understanding what Seller Central Analytics means. Also, about the pricing of this tool, it is competitively priced compared to other Amazon FBA tools on the market.

This tool provides an Amazon analysis and supports Amazon Sellers and Vendors by monitoring their sales activities on Amazon. It really managed to combine all of the relevant perspectives in one place. And the best part about this tool is that it offers an App both for sellers and vendors where both of them can check out alerts on the go. Not many Amazon FBA tools offer an App, so in that case, credit really goes to AMALYTIX.

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