Are you still confused about what AmazeOwl is? Do you still have double thoughts on whether you should invest in this Amazon FBA product research tool or not?  Well, it's time to cut off the guesses and play the real game, read out this AmazeOwl review ahead to get detailed answers to all your questions! 

We always say Amazon marketplace is huge, but do you know why?

Literally millions of potential shoppers are using Amazon to make their day to day purchases. From something as little as floss, to something as huge as a chandelier, you name it, and the marketplace has got you covered with every product. But why do Amazon marketplace has it all?

The reason is the demand. Whenever a shopper makes a demand on Amazon marketplace, there's always a seller available to sell it all. And since the number of shoppers are increasing everyday, so is the room for new sellers to list their products on Amazon and make a living out of it.

However, is it so easy to sell anything on Amazon? The answer is, No, But probably it can change to YES, if you know how to make the most out of the Amazon product research tools like AmazeOwl.

AmazeOwl is a unique product research tool available exclusively for beginners who don't really need so many features on the table. So, let's get started!

Quick Summary of AmazeOwl Review

AmazeOwl is a beginner friendly Amazon product research tool used by over thousands of Amazon FBA/private label sellers. This tool is not best suited for arbitrage and dropshipping set up. But, for beginners who really want to explore Amazon marketplace for free, AmazeOwl will be the best destination for them, try it now!

What is AmazeOwl? AmazeOwl Overview

AmazeOwl Reviews

AmazeOwl is a popular, easy to use Amazon product research tool, that helps beginners step into the Amazon marketplace quickly without wandering much around. In fact, the tool gives users near accurate information they would need to find their next winning product on Amazon. Sellers with AmazeOwl can search through 600 million plus products, from across 11 marketplaces all from the comforts of their home.

Using AmazeOwl for product research is extremely easy too, sellers just have to log in, click on the setting option available on the top right corner of the dashboard, and then choose a marketplace. Later, they will have to set up their optimal price starting out from $25 to whatever maximum they can go. Next, they will have to set the reviews count, weight of the item, maximum package size, BSR rating, and hit the save button.

After saving all this information, the seller just have to go to the Hunt for Products option, to find their next winning product. The best part about AmazeOwl is it never confuses users, wondering how? Check out the AmazeOwl features below!

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AmazeOwl Features – What do they have for their users?

As mentioned previously, AmazeOwl when compared to other Amazon seller softwares doesn't offer much features, it's a beginner friendly tool, and it's best suited for beginners only.

So, are you excited to start out your Amazon FBA journey? Check out AmazeOwl features ahead to explore how your selling journey would look like! 

Huge Product Database

The first best feature of AmazeOwl is its huge product database that offers users access to up to 600 million plus products at their fingertips. By the help of this extremely huge database, sellers can quickly find a million dollar Amazon FBA product, and build a good investory for themselves. Next, by the help of the available information, they can even strategize their listing, and look after the competitor they would face in the future years.

The best part about AmazeOwl product database is it's updated frequently, hence, as a seller, you can always explore new opportunities, if your previous product has already done well in the marketplace.

Multiple Marketplace Research Option

Apart from such a huge database, the very next best feature of AmazeOwl is the multiple marketplace research option it gives to users. Sellers literally get access to 11 marketplaces, so that they can hunt down in which marketplace they should or shouldn't sell a product, the competition, and an in-depth information on product manufacturers. Through this feature, sellers can even check out which seller is actually doing best, and where they are lagging behind, so as to put their best feet ahead.

Lastly, with the filters available over here, sellers can even explore changes in the competitor's listing – like pricing, images, and keywords. And whenever any competitor makes any changes in their listing, AmazeOwl quickly notifies users about the same!

Niche Tracker

After marketplace comes yet another exciting feature of AmazeOwl, and that's the niche tracker. Through this feature, sellers can actually explore the best niche to step into (which is much crucial for any Amazon FBA seller). The tool allows sellers to track up to 300 niches at a time – all according to popularity, keywords, and the buying patterns of customers.

Additionally by the help of niche tracker, sellers can also explore winning product opportunities. They just have to click on a niche, and the tool will list out products according to categories, best-seller rankings, star ratings, number of reviews, product weight, daily profit margin, and dimensions of the product.

Keyword Research and Monitor

The keyword monitor tool of AmazeOwl is simply a hidden gem for new Amazon FBA sellers who are often confused by the idea of how they can perform product research through keywords. The tool basically allows sellers to add up to 50 keywords per niche (the one they have explored above). It then lists out the highest ranking keyword along with the competition score, so that the seller can look after the real competition they would face while selling.

Moreover, while monitoring, the tool even gives sellers real time keyword information to understand the ease of entry.

Quick Updates

Amazon is undoubtedly a fast paced marketplace, and there's something happening every second, and no seller can afford to miss out on anything. Hence, for that reason AmazeOwl updates its product database and best sellers rank quite frequently (one can say, on a daily basis). Sellers actually see the minor changes in real time while they are doing their product research.

The tool even gives sellers quick and real time insights into the best image they can use for their listing, how many reviews they would require to compete, and the right pricing strategy for their listing!

AmazeOwl Academy

Are you new to the Amazon marketplace? Well, AmazeOwl has got you covered with the ins and outs of the marketplace with its one of a kind academy. This academy basically offers beginners access to exclusive training programs so that they can build a steady source of income through Amazon. From free to paid ones, this academy literally has everything a seller would need to know before stepping into Amazon.

From Zero to Launch, is a popular free course AmazeOwl offers, apart from this there are multiple paid courses available too, like – Master Amazon FBA with Ryan, and AmazeOwl Winning Product Challenge.

AmazeOwl Pricing Plans | Get AmazeOwl Free Trial

AmazeOwl Pricing Plans

AmazeOwl as compared to other Amazon FBA seller solutions offers super flexible and affordable pricing plans. For beginners this is the best tool, since they can explore how Amazon marketplace actually is, without even investing a bit (of course you'll have to invest your time). Not even for beginners, even professionals can grab near accurate data with AmazeOwl at super affordable pricing.

The team as of now offers three pricing plans:

AmazeOwl Starter Plan – available for free!

With the AmazeOwl starter plan, sellers can track one niche, monitor 3 keywords, get auto updates of upto 1000 niches, and perform in depth research of 2 keywords a month. The loading speed here is very slow, and there's no customer support service available.

AmazeOwl Growth Plan – $19.99 per month

  • 10% OFF on AmazeOwl Academy
  • 5-day free trial

With the AmazeOwl growth plan, sellers can track up to 10 niches, monitor 10 keywords, get auto updates of up to 1000 niches, and perform in depth research of 10 keywords a month. Additionally, they can even explore upto 50 products a month. The loading speed here is fast, and there's regular customer support service available.

AmazeOwl Established Plan – $29.95 per month

  • 30% OFF on AmazeOwl Academy
  • 5-day free trial

With the AmazeOwl established plan, sellers can track up to 300 niches, monitor 50 keywords, get auto updates of up to 1000 niches, and perform in depth research of 100 keywords a month. Additionally, they can even explore up to 200 products a month. The loading speed here is very fast, and there's high priority customer support service available here!

The AmazeOwl pricing plan list just doesn't end here, the team even offers enterprise level packages for sellers. You simply have to contact the sales team, the team will then look after your needs and then they prepare a customized plan accordingly.

AmazeOwl Customer Support Service Review

First thing first, by just heading to the AmazeOwl official website, sellers can take up a quiz to explore what their Amazon seller readiness score is. We are mentioning this factor here, because we believe that this score can help any Amazon seller know where they are actually standing right now, and how much they can improve themselves.

Next, coming to the customer support service, the team offers high priority support to established FBA sellers. With the growth plan, the team offers regular/email support, but there's no support available in the starter plan, i.e, the free plan. The team even helps users to pick up the best plan according to their Amazon FBA journey.

Apart from email and voice call support, there's even a blog and a FAQ section available on the official website, and we are literally vouching for this. Reason being, the team often shares a blog on a weekly basis, covering all the amazing features of the tool, and how best you can use it all to find a million dollar Amazon FBA listing.

Pros and Cons of AmazeOwl Review

  • Free forever plan available
  • Free Amazon selling course available
  • Easy, beginning friendly user interface
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Narrow filtering options available
  • Huge product databay
  • Easy to understand features
  • 5-day free trial with both paid plans
  • No chrome extension available
  • Lacks multiple features
  • Most of the Academy courses are paid ones

Top FAQs on AmazeOwl Review 2024

What is AmazeOwl?

AmazeOwl is an amazing, beginner-friendly Amazon product research tool used by over thousands of Amazon sellers who have just stepped into the marketplace. The tool offers database of over 600 million products from across 11 marketplaces.

Can I use AmazeOwl for free?

Yes, AmazeOwl offers a free forever plan to its users, and a 5-day free trial to paid subscribers to explore what the tool is really all about.

Should I use Jungle Scout or AmazeOwl for Amazon FBA product research?

Both Jungle Scout and AmazeOwl are best Amazon FBA product research tools; however if you want to pick one, you can go for AmazeOwl since the tool is extremely easy to use and is highly affordable as well.

Why can't I use the AmazeOwl Chrome Extension?

AmazeOwl as of now doesn't offer any chrome extension, however, if a user wishes to browse in chrome, they can use their web application.

How can I search for products through AmazeOwl?

Searching products through AmazeOwl is extremely easy, if you want to browse in chrome, you can click the choose hunt for product option, and then click the Hunt from the browser options.

AmazeOwl Review Wrap Up: What do we have to say about this tool?

To conclude this AmazeOwl review, everything about Amazeowl is amazing, starting out from features, pricing, to the super smooth customer support service. The team has come up with some amazing features and tracking tools for Amazon FBA sellers to help them launch their first product on Amazon. However the only downside of the tool is they didn't come up with the chrome extension yet. But the tool's desktop application and web version truly includes all features that a chrome extension would have, so, no disappointment at all!

Coming to the pricing plans, the starter plan is available for free for individuals who are curious about starting an Amazon FBA business. And even the most expensive plan of AmazeOwl is priced at $29.95 per month, so even this is highly affordable for FBA sellers. The best thing is, the team offers 10 days product training to every individual who has signed up, what else anyone would ask for?

Just sign up on AmazeOwl for free, and rock your Amazon FBA game like never before! And, and remember that Amzmojo has always got your back, stay tuned!

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