You might have heard of Amazon advertising and think it's one more layer of complexity to your already complex life as an ecommerce business owner. However, in reality, it's a cost-effective and time-efficient way to reach your target audience on one of the most widely used online shopping platforms.

After all, Amazon is the third largest search engine in the world. But with so many options and features to choose from, creating an effective Amazon advertising strategy can feel overwhelming.

If you're just starting out with your first few campaigns on Amazon, or if you have been using this channel but want to upscale your game, stay tuned! In this blog post, we will cover everything you need to know about Amazon Advertising.

What is Amazon Advertising?

Amazon Advertising

Amazon advertising is a form of online advertising that serves ads to prospective customers on and other websites on the Internet. It offers a self-service model that allows advertisers to select keywords to trigger their ads, determine bidding amounts, and set an ad budget.

Amazon Advertising can drive more sales, leads, and clicks by appearing above or beside search results, product lists, item pages, and other places where Amazon customers seek products, services, and information. There are various types of Amazon ads, like Sponsored Products, Product Display Ads, Headline Search Ads, and Shopping Ads.

How does Amazon Advertising Work?

There are two popular ways to run ads on Amazon: sponsored products and product display ads. You can also run ads on Amazon from the Facebook ad interface. You can do this by linking your Amazon seller account to your Facebook Business Manager account. However, remember that the ad types, targeting, and bid modifiers are different from the ones on Amazon.

Why Use Amazon Advertising?

Amazon is one of the largest online shopping platforms in the world, and many of your potential customers shop on it every day. You can advertise your product on Amazon if you want to reach this large pool of consumers. A word of caution: You should use Amazon advertising only if you're going to sell on Amazon.

If you decide to use Amazon ads, you will be subject to the Amazon inventory rules. If you sell on other platforms, it's a good idea to use Amazon ads to attract people to your product. You can promote special deals, discounts, new products, or other items to increase your sales and also to boost your Amazon Seller rating.

Since advertising on Amazon is relatively inexpensive, you can easily reach more customers. With Amazon ads, you can focus on people who are ready to buy.

With Amazon advertising, you can get your products in front of a large audience and take advantage of Amazon's brand recognition and trustworthiness.

Types of Amazon Advertising

  • Sponsored Products: These are search ads that show up at the top of the search results and on product detail pages.
  • Product Display Ads: These are native ads that show up on the search results page and on product detail pages.
  • Headline Search Ads: These appear above and beside the free search results on Amazon.
  • Shopping Ads: These are a type of Amazon ad that appears in the Amazon search results and are shown on other sites across the Internet.

How to Advertise on Amazon?

If you decide to advertise on Amazon, you can set up your ad campaigns from the Advertising tab in your Seller Central account. To get started, select the type of ad you want to create, and then follow the instructions provided. You can choose from the Amazon search terms, product categories, or product fields.

Amazon provides default text for your headline and description, but you can always customize them as you wish. Next, you need to select your target audience. You can choose a broad category, like Health & Household, or a more specific one, like Baby. You can also choose by demographics and interests.

Once you have selected your campaign settings, Amazon will review your ad and ensure there are no problems with the content or the images. You can expect the approval process to take a few hours or possibly a few days.

Amazon Advertising Strategies

There are many ways to approach Amazon advertising, but before you dive in, you should ask yourself a few key questions. Do you have the budget to advertise on Amazon? Have you done your research to find the best products to sell on Amazon? Once you've answered these questions and have a better idea of where you're headed, you can use the following tips to make the most of Amazon advertising.

Choose the right Amazon ad type for your business. While all advertising types have their strengths and weaknesses, you should choose the one that best fits your business. For example, if you are a new business looking to generate brand awareness, you should look into headline search ads.

Spend some time researching your competition to find out what they're doing right and what they're doing wrong. Once you've done this, create a strategy to set your business apart from the rest.

It's essential to have a sales funnel that is smooth, consistent, and gets customers from point A to point B. This will help generate more sales and allow you to create a more effective Amazon ad campaign.

Bottom line

Amazon is one of the most influential and inexpensive ways to advertise your products, build brand awareness, and increase sales. To make the most of it, start by researching and choosing the right ad type for your business. Once you've done that, create a sales funnel and make sure to optimize your ads to get the most out of your ad spend. Now that you know what Amazon advertising is and how it works, it's time to start exploring ways to make the most of it by following these tips.