Attention FBA sellers, if you are looking for the best Amazon PPC management tools 2024 to help you strategically handle all PPC-related chaos, then you have reached the right place.

As you might know or should know, managing PPC campaigns is not a cakewalk. With so many sellers, products, and advertising opportunities to choose from, keeping tabs on your own campaigns can be a full-time job. If you're an FBA seller using Amazon PPC to drive traffic to your product listings and increase sales, you probably understand the importance of monitoring your performance and tweaking your campaign as necessary.

The best Amazon PPC management tool or software will provide visibility into all aspects of your advertising spend and campaign performance. They streamline processes, accelerate research, and generally assist with everything from keyword analysis to ROI reporting. Depending on the tool you opt for, you get other special perks. So what are we waiting for? Let's explore some of the best PPC management tools of the year 2k22!

Quick Summary on Amazon PPC Management Tools

As the Amazon selling business continues to throw new challenges, we have got our list of the best Amazon PPC management tools, which can ease your tension a bit. As PPC advertising is constantly changing and evolving, we have brought in a few Amazon PPC management tools which are robust and deliver effective Amazon PPC campaign management through which you can run effective and successful campaigns.

Even though Amazon itself has its own PPC campaign management in Seller Central, you don’t find any sort of automation in them. But by using these tools, you can simply automate and optimize your campaigns and achieve good ROI. All these tools assist in Keyword Management, Streamlining Product Research and help you achieve great ROI. We have listed the best ones of the lot, which you can trust as they deliver a great level of accuracy.

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  • Clear and actionable analytics.
  • Advanced automation capabilities.
  • It gives smart templates.
  • It optimizes PPC campaigns.

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  • It gives automation insights.
  • It shows recommended bids.
  • Amazon merch on demand.
  • Powerful reporting of your ads.

Starts at $9

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  • Rule-based, algorithmic bidding.
  • Product-driven optimization.
  • It eliminates wasted ad spending.
  • Find customer search terms.

Starts at $39/mo

7+ Best Amazon PPC Management Tools for Beginners & Experts FBA Sellers

1. Adtomic (Helium 10)

Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 is a well-known software that is helpful for Amazon FBA sellers. It offers a wide variety of tools that can help you manage your business, optimize data, track your progress and eventually boost your profits. And one such tool from Helium 10 is Adtomic. Adtomic is an “AI-Powered Amazon PPC Solution” that offers comprehensive Amazon PPC management for all sorts of FBA sellers. It's easy to use, scalable and features robust functionality across the board.

Amongst the best Amazon PPC tools, Adtomic excels as the software is specifically designed to enhance your Amazon advertising ROI. Flexibility comes because of its clear and actionable analytics that allow you to make individual performance decisions. To get your advertisement campaigns to the next level, the software even offers advanced optimization & automation. To see the overall performance of your sales, you can look at the critical data.

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Another advantage of Adtomic is automation that comes into action and omits a lot of manual work, saving time. You can even optimize campaigns hassle-free, get the big picture data, use smart templates and also get keyword bidding suggestions to boost product visibility. Adtomic is not sold individually, it can be purchased under the package of Helium 10. To get detailed information about the Amazon suite software, look at Helium 10 Review 2024.

Helium 10

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2. Sellics


This PPC management software is a master blaster and a must-have for all FBA sellers. Sellics becomes omnipotent by delivering “powerful data insights and advertising optimization.” The advertising campaigns are marked as top-class because the software provides the best advertising ROI, multi-platform advertising, amazon advertising landscape, as well as insights into shopper behavior and ad performance. Other than product analyzer and annual benchmark report, Sellics even offers research tools such as Benchmarker, Amazon keyword tool, Amazon agency directory, and product research. It even helps you by grading your Amazon PPC.

Particularly, Benchmark is the one that gets Sellics among the best PPC management tools. The software suggests that Benchmark provides “market-leading Amazon PPC evaluation.” Based on the category Benchmark, you can effortlessly look for product ads that need optimization. Users can also determine how their account structure stands compared to their competitors. For better analysis, you can even compare the performance of sponsored products and brands. Impact Driver Analysis is another tool that gives your deep insight into critical KPIs. You can even analyze your progress and look at essential data such as ACoS, CPC, CTR and CVR, all thanks to Sellics' monthly advertising results.

Lastly, you can refer to their informational guides and blogs for knowledge. The starter pack of Sellics can be purchased for $250/month. The Growth Pack and Pro Pack are both available for $550/month.

3. Intentwise


Intentwise is another excellent PPC management tool that will surely skyrocket your Amazon and Ecommerce Growth. No matter your business level, the officials say that the technology is developed for “professional advertisers, large-scale aggregators, as well as high-volume agencies.” With complete automation and competitive intelligence, the software ensures that you stay on top of your game.

Intentwise functions using three different products: Intentwise Ad Optimizer, Intentwise Analytics and Intentwise DSP. The ad analytics tools can come in handy when you want to do bid management, competitive intelligence, performance diagnostics, or look for recommendations.

Intentwise Analytics is ideal for managing and tracking multiple campaigns. Get access to more data automatically, visualize and analyze with the help of dashboards, and even share your data. The DSP product works to give its users extended brand reach and growth drive. It also provides reports and analytics because tracking your progress is necessary to make progress.

For in-depth knowledge, you can take the help of the resources present in the software. It offers a clean and intuitive interface and is easy to use. This huge time-saver can help you make the most of each campaign. They even have a super-friendly and compatible customer support team to help you in time of need. As for the pricing, you can get a 14-day free trial for the advertising platform. But to access other features, they ask their customers to contact the officials for pricing.

4. ZonTools


When it comes to great Amazon PPC management tools, the list will be incomplete without ZonTools, your one-stop destination for all PPC needs. The tool helps you automate your campaigns and boost your sales, which will help you generate profit. ZonTool brings along some of the best features that make it stand out from its competitors. The software is powered by Proprietary AI technology. The tool automatically optimizes PPC campaigns with continuity. This feature of ZonTools not only helps save time but also profitably boosts your sales. 

With the technology of ZonTools, you have the power to create profitable campaigns within no time, which will even help increase brand exposure. Auto-functioning PPC with smart automation brightens the day for all FBA sellers. Because of smart and automated campaigns, the tool helps you land and display products on the first page, which has a high chance of boosting your sales.

You can endorse the products to potential and high-end buyers through Sponsored Display, Sponsored Brand, and Sponsored Product Ads. The ad launch and optimization benefits are for Amazon Seller Central and Merch by Amazon.

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ZonTools not only helps you improve your performance, but it even implements strategies to overpower and tackle your competitors. All these powerful features blend in to get your profits, sales and brand exposure skyhigh. Now the best part about ZonTools is not even its features, it is its pricing. The software offers a 30-Day Trial just for $1. You can opt for Analyzer Pack($9), Master Pack($19) or Dominator Pack($25).

5. Teikametrics


If you're looking for a multi-purpose Amazon PPC tool, Teikametrics is a great option. It uses superhuman intelligence so that your business can grow without limits. With the help of its AI-powered Flywheel 2.0, you can connect, optimize and prosper on various eCommerce platforms. One thing in business is that guesswork does play an important role, but it does not always work.

Flywheel 2.0 does the work of connecting and analyzing data from the marketplace business and boosts performance, which means no more guesswork. Another advantage of Teikametrics is that it completely automates “campaign creation, keyword targeting, and bidding workflows.” This delivers the assurance of making smart decisions because of data-driven AI.

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Optimizing your business saves time as well as improves efficiency. Innumerable market data insights are what power Teikametrics's AI. It works towards automating ad campaigns so that you can hope for maximum profits. For the numbers, the official site states that the software has executed 750M+ monthly bid changes and optimized 250M+ keyword targets. Their basic pack is offered to users for free after the sign-up. For other offers, you should surely visit the official website. It definitely is one of the best tools for ad management out there.

6. Sponsoreds


Sponsoreds by ProfitWhales is one of the best Amazon PPC tools on the market. The software becomes extra powerful because of its versatility. It has a collection of efficient AI-driven tools which will help you launch, optimize and analyze your advertising campaigns. The software proudly flaunts the 33% decrease in average ACoS, optimization of 1B+ total amazon revenue, 24% increase in average revenue, and 32% higher CTR. With Sposnoreds Amazon Advertising Automation, you can save countless hours and focus on the growth of your business.

Easy campaign management is a feature that most PPC management software proudly boasts. But Sponsoreds levels up their game, as with their “Patented technology, you can create ready-to-go Amazon PPC campaigns.” Its optimization algorithms save you the headache, and because of its smart analytics, you can view the report and analyze every bit of your campaign. Seize opportunities at the best time with the help of Sponsoreds and beat your competition. Not just that, the tools even help you spot ads that aren't performing well enough so that you can optimize them.

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Features of the software are listed as Zero to Hero, Automation, PPC Audit, Analytics and DayParting. PPC Audit is available for free, but others have their own packages. Make sure to visit their official site for better insight.

7. SellerApp


If you want to supercharge your Amazon business, then you will have to consider the father of online PPC advertising. Sellerapp becomes your one-stop destination for all needs, as it enables the sellers to search, sell, optimize and scale hassle-free. The software provides sellers with advanced solutions such as the Amazon PPC tool, Listing optimization, Keyword explorer, Keyword ranking tracker, Profit checker, Product research, Product ideas and business research.

Another best part is that it is not just limited to sellers, it even offers solutions for Private label brands, Agencies, APIs, and managed services. Your business and campaigns will surely reach new heights because of Sellerapp's Product intelligence, keyword insights, advertising automation and sales analytics.

You get resources to help you with knowledge of the market and tools. But the list of benefits does not end there, you get prolific free tools like FBA calculator, Amazon keyword tool, product sourcing, listing quality checker, Amazon PPC audit, product description editor, duplicate remover, Amazon ACoS calculator and sales estimator. It definitely is one of the best software to help eCommerce sellers expand their businesses globally.

Depending on the type of business, you can choose the best plan for you. But for the seller's set, you can start without even paying a penny. But the Pro Lite Pack is available for $39/Month and the Professional pack for $50/month.

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Best PPC Management Software 2024: What are the Benefits of Using an Amazon PPC Tool?

Managing PPC campaigns for Amazon sellers is undoubtedly a challenge, but it's also an investment. Like any other marketing activity, you want to be sure you're getting a return on your investment. PPC campaigns can be an excellent way for FBA sellers to gain visibility and drive traffic to their product listings.

First and foremost, a good PPC management tool will give you access to visibility metrics you can't obtain from Amazon's Seller Central dashboard or other third-party tools. You'll be able to see how your ads are performing, how much you spend on each campaign, and how much you make from each campaign. The best PPC management tools facilitate streamlined and automated processes for executing campaign changes, optimizing ad copy, and creating new ads. With a solid PPC tool, you'll be able to manage multiple campaigns and product listings with ease.

It's no surprise that Amazon PPC is a highly competitive field. Millions of sellers compete for the attention of Amazon shoppers through product ads that appear in search results and on product pages. And that is where our protagonist (PPC Management Tools) comes into action.

FAQ on Amazon PPC Management Tools

What is Amazon PPC Management?

It is the process through which Amazon FBA sellers or anyone can run, optimize and boost their Amazon PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign. In order to run a successful Amazon Ad campaign, one must have the required knowledge and experience to manage Amazon PPC. By using Amazon PPC management software, you can generate leads and increase conversions as it manages your Amazon PPC campaigns. It will take care of everything from start to finish and ensure that all the Amazon PPC operations are running proactively, effectively, and efficiently.

What is the Amazon PPC management tool?

Amazon PPC management tool helps users to build, manage and optimize PPC campaigns. Amazon PPC management software helps optimize bids and budgets while keeping track of metrics, including conversions, cost per keyword (CPC), and total budget spent. With Amazon PPC advertising software, you're just a few seconds away from scaling your business to new heights.

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is nothing but an running an advertising campaign through Amazon's ad platform. With PPC advertising, the FBA seller or the advertiser only needs to pay when any user clicks on the ad campaign. Many Amazon sellers go for Amazon PPC advertising to generate Amazon store visits, sales, brand awareness, and more.

Why should FBA sellers go for Amazon PPC advertising?

Amazon PPC advertising is a cost-effective way that Amazon sellers should go to drive more sales to their online Amazon store. With Amazon PPC ads, advertisers can drive traffic and build customer loyalty. One can even increase sales and strengthen their brand's visibility at a fraction of the cost with Amazon PPC ads.

What are the major types of Amazon PPC ads?

You should consider the following three major Amazon PPC ads to run your Amazon PPC campaign.
1. Sponsored product ads
2. Sponsored brand ads
3. Sponsored display ads

Which is the best Amazon PPC management tool?

Above, we have shared the complete list of the best Amazon PPC management software and tools, along with their reviews and pricing structure. Check the below list of the top Amazon PPC advertising tools.
1. Adtomic
2. ZonTools
3. Sellics
4. Intentwise
5. SellerApp

Conclusion: Is Amazon PPC management tool worthy?

While Amazon PPC advertising comes with a number of benefits for FBA sellers, it can also feel like an uphill battle at times. Between monitoring bids, keywords, and the market to adjust strategies at the right time, there's much to keep track of. Fortunately, there are tools available that simplify this process and make it so much easier to manage.

With these helpful management tools, you'll be able to boost your Amazon PPC performance while also cutting the time spent managing ads. They become a life-saver and help you grow your business and profits vigorously.

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