If you are still searching for the Best Amazon Sales Estimators 2024, then your search ends here. Check out our list to boost your sales as well as profits prolifically.

As an Amazon seller, having the right sales estimator can make a huge difference to your business. Accurately predicting what products will perform well and when is key to success on Amazon, and an effective Amazon sales estimator can help you do so.

A sales estimator helps you to make well-informed profitable decisions based on historical and real-time product insights. Whether you're a small business owner or an established seller, you can make use of these market intelligence tools to get the monthly sales volume of any product.

Just by entering the sales rank and your desired marketplace, you will get a rough estimate of the product sales. This comprehensive guide will help you to choose the best Amazon estimator for your business. So let's ditch the guesswork and get started with our advanced sales estimator tools.

Best Amazon Sales Estimators 2024

Choosing the best Amazon sales estimator is not an easy task. These estimators will give you a rough idea of monthly sales for a particular product. But this will only be useful if the tool has high accuracy and considers all the sales history available for that product category.

Just so you don't have to go looking for these precious qualities in every available estimator out there, we have done the research for you. We bring to some of the best Amazon sales estimators with both free as well as paid subscriptions.

1. Helium 10 Sales Estimator

Helium 10 Sales Estimator

Helium 10 is one of the best-sellers suite software that is loaded with powerful tools to help you grow your Amazon business with greater ease. With a premium subscription, you can do advanced product research, keyword research, listing optimization, operations, marketing, and analytics and access other free tools.

Black Box is the product research tool from Helium 10. It allows users to view monthly sales data, monthly revenue, price trends and other crucial sales data. Its Amazon and Walmart Sales trackers help display all the critical sales insights on one easy-to-understand dashboard. Get to know about your financial health in one go and easily understand the market trends. Also, know about your inventory status and learn about orders, units sold, ROI, refunds, ASIN counts and much more.

With the power of Helium 10, you can steal all the winning opportunities and always stay ahead in the game. You can use the software for free with limited tool access. Still, if you wish to experience the full magic, I recommend trying out its premium plans which are available for super affordable prices.

2. Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Jungle Scout Sales Estimator

Next on our list, we have Jungle Scout sales estimator. The sales estimations and accuracy provided by this tool can easily knock out the guesswork and help you make profitable decisions. You can check out the average monthly sales for any product of a particular category. All you need to do is enter the product's best-seller rank, desired marketplace and category. This will result in the estimated number of sales the software provides within a few seconds. The tool is powered by the industry's most robust sales estimation algorithm, Accusales.

You can get up to 10 free estimates daily as a free user. But if you wish to increase the number of estimates, you can purchase their premium plans which are Basic (500 estimates/month), Suite (1000 estimates/month) and Professional (1500 estimates/month).

Jungle Scout is just known for its sales estimation and accuracy; it has a lot more feathers attached to its cap. It offers AI-powered solutions to businesses of all levels at reasonable charges. It is an essential product research and business management toolset that will help you scale your business in the Amazon market.

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3. AMZScout Sales Estimator

AMZScout Sales Estimator

Sales estimator is one of the free tools offered by AMZScout along with Amazon FBA fees calculators, Super URL tool and stock stats. AMZScout helps you get sales estimates easily for all major marketplaces. Within 3 simple steps, you can learn about the sales info for any given product. Enter any product BSR from the 34 available categories, and the tool will provide you with monthly sales estimates.

The seller's bundle is a set of 12 workaholic tools that will help you earn a 6-figure income from amazon. You can find profitable products from its vast database using precise filtration options. Use the product tracker to track potential products and stay ahead of your competition. Do prolific keyword research with the help of tools such as Reverse ASIN lookup, Amazon keyword search and Keyword Tracker. Use these highly profitable keywords to optimize your product listing and improve your rankings.

AMZScout also offers expert study modules and courses to help you gain complete market knowledge. Its Pro Chrome extension enables you to carry out extensive product research on the product page itself. Its yearly Pro Extension Pack is available for $197.99, and the annual Amazon's Sellers Bundle is $349.99.

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4. Unicorn Smasher

Unicorn Smasher Review

The best part about Unicorn Smasher is that it is free of cost and offers a variety of services. It delivers accurate sales and revenue estimates based on real-time data from thousands of live products. Get comprehensive product insights such as “prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales and much more.” You can easily manage all the valuable information and research on its well-organized dashboards. But you should note that, compared to its other competitors, the accuracy of Unicorn Smasher is a little less. Quickly identify winning products and their profitability based on their Opportunity Score.

You can scratch guesswork off your to-do list with their data-driven sales estimates. It is a great productivity enhancer as it not only saves you hours of time but also brings all the data insights under one roof. You can even integrate the entire software with its founding company, AMZ Tracker, to multiply its power.

Along with all these, you also get features such as canonical URLs, variation statistics, easy exporting, in-browser analysis, multiple seller accounts, a powerful Chrome extension and others. With a one-time purchase, you can get lifetime access to the premium features of Unicorn Smasher via its Basic ($49.99), Professional ($99.99) and Suite ($159.99) plans. It is available in all major countries, including the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada.

5. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Viral Launch is another highly versatile sales estimator that can be used for many different aspects of your business, making it a very useful tool for all sellers. Viral Launch also provides sales data for your current listings if you wish to optimize your sales and make the most of your products. Advanced market intelligence helps you get accurate sales estimates developed on real-time and historical data. If you are still doubtful about whether or not to source a product, take the help of its easy 5-star validation. 

Review all vital aspects of the market and get a better understanding of all the ongoing matters. Use the built-in calculator to check out all the costs and prices upfront. Apart from this, other salient features offered by Viral Launch are product discovery, keyword research, competitor intelligence, listing analyzer, keyword manager, listing builder, kinetic PPC, and also Split testing. The software supports all the major marketplaces, including America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and much more

This tool's automation and accuracy will surely help you boost your profits. You can access the powerful features via a free trial that allows you to have limited access to its premium tools. Apart from that, the pricing plans of Viral Launch are also quite approachable.

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6. DataHawk Sales Estimator

DataHawk Sales Estimator

Last but not the least, DataHawk is an underrated sharp sales estimator developed for Amazon sellers. The platform is an all-in-one analytics spot for SEO, marketplaces, products, advertising and sales. The advanced tracker uses proprietary technology and supports “massive data scales.” These data insights let DataHawk provide you with personalized reports, alerts, and recommendations. The “acceleration software and services” help optimize your business and increase profits. Get all your sales and research data assembled for further convenience.

This ideal sales estimator will help you make profitable business decisions based on product sales. The tool brings a product database of over 3 million products along with their last 30 days' sales data, and you can narrow the list down with the filter options. It also provides sellers with BSR, historical sales data, and daily changes. Smoothly identify top-selling products of each category and export these crucial insights using their API.

Supercharge your Amazon and Walmart business to grow the premium features of DataHawk. This tool can easily optimize your listings, keywords and ads. Users can make sure to put DataHawk's functionality in 21 Countries. The software has 4 plans, including Lite, Starter, Growth and Business. Each one has its unique characteristics, and you can test them by requesting a free demo.

Amazon Sales Estimator Advantages: Why should sellers start using sales estimators?

A sales estimator is a tool that helps you to predict how many sales you can expect to make in a given time frame. This is an excellent strategy as the results are formed by calculating Best Sellers Rank in a respective marketplace. The database that these tools have can access the product's real-time sales insights along with valuable historical performance. 

This is very valuable for Amazon sellers because it enables them to make informed decisions. A good estimator will provide data on a wide range of products based on their popularity, average sales figures and the competition for each product. Let's check out some of the significant benefits of sales estimators: 

  • Better Business Strategy: A sales estimator helps you plan ahead, enabling you to make profitable decisions based on accurate insights provided by market intelligence. This allows you to use your time and resources better, which can be spent on other aspects of your business.
  • Data-driven Decisions: The insights and data provided by these estimators are based on powerful analysis. This not only kicks out the guesswork but also brings in accuracy. 
  • Increased Profits: With the profitable decisions that you make, you will be able to grow your sales and business. Chances are that the product you are launching based on the estimates will be more profitable than the ones you launch based on random guesses. 
  • Better Management: The data collected by these estimators can easily be managed and organized by the sellers. Then you can export it hassle-free and increase productivity. 
  • Additional Benefits: Apart from the accurate sales estimation, all the tool suites included in the list are loaded with tons of features. These are super effective for any sellers and can benefit them profusely. These include keyword research, listing optimization, productive discovery, inventory management and a lot more. 

Top FAQs on Best Amazon Sales Estimators 2024

How can you check the Best Sellers Rank for any product? 

As soon as you open the product page under the product description section, you should see all the categories in which the product is ranking, which is your Best Sellers Rank.

What is the accuracy of the Amazon sales estimators? 

The accuracy of sales estimators varies depending on the software, but one thing is certain, the estimators are far more accurate than your manual guesswork.

How do sales estimators work?

Sales estimators provide estimations based on a product's BSR (Best Sellers Rank) in a particular category and marketplace in a given period of time. The software has a product database built on the product's historical and real-time sales performance.

Where can you try sales estimators for free?

Few of the Amazon seller suites in the list, such as Unicorn Smasher and AMZ Scout, do provide limited usage of their premium sales estimators.

Conclusion: Do sellers really need Amazon Sales Estimators?

No matter which estimator you choose, there are a few key factors to keep in mind when setting up the estimator for the best results. Choose the one that provides high accuracy, takes into consideration all data insights and can be useful in making profitable business decisions. Make sure it's compatible with your marketplace and provides additional benefits. 

We have compiled a list of some of the best Amazon sales estimators out there. Choose the one that feels more appropriate for your business and make a gold-harvesting investment!

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