Still wondering what AMZ Watcher can actually be used for? What is this new hype around AMZ Watcher, and why is every Amazon affiliate marketer behind this tool? This AMZ Watcher review has got you covered with all the answers (good or bad, it's real honest)!

The crazy earning potential on Amazon is not alien to anyone. Simply check out the journey of many Amazon FBA sellers who have earned thousands and millions of dollars from the comforts of their home. And if not by becoming a seller on Amazon, a plethora of bloggers, website owners, and influencers have made thousands by becoming just an affiliate, wondering how?

All by the Amazon Associates Program!

If you are new to this (but since you are reading this article, you probably are not) – It's an exclusive affiliate program by Amazon which any individual can join to monetize their traffic. Anyone can simply create a link and earn referral fees whenever any visitor makes a purchase These links are basically URLs that contain a unique affiliate ID.

Linking is important because through this only the marketplace detects which affiliate is sending the sales. For creating a unique ID, Bloggers have to log in to their Amazon Associates Central account and visit the product page they want to promote. There is a SiteStripe menu available on the top of this page, hit the Get Link option and select the link button.

This link now can be used anywhere – but at the same time, products on Amazon get out of stock, and that's why the link breaking issue comes into the picture. Or infact, the seller is now not selling the same product, and because of this, you might end up losing your sale commission.

Since you would be promoting so many Amazon products for months, you might even forget that such a link issue also exists. And you would stay in hope – that my previous blogs will earn commission for you (which might not happen).

Analysing such links is quite a tedious task – and here's where AMZ Watcher comes into the picture. Read out this AMZ Watcher review ahead to explore what this tool is all about – and what more you can expect from AMZ Watcher!

Quick Summary of AMZ Watcher Review

AMZ Watcher is a popular Amazon affiliate link checker which through which any affiliate can find and fix broken links to Amazon within seconds. Apart from link checking, the tool even comes handy for Amazon affiliate link generation, affiliate earning calculation, and broken links calculation. The best thing about AMZ Watcher is it comes with a 7 day free trial period – so if at all you are not convinced with the services offered, you can claim an instant refund.

AMZ Watcher Overview | What is it used for?

AMZ Watcher Reviews

Becoming an Amazon affiliate marketer is easy with all the guides available across different search engines. And let's not forget the choices, choices, and more choices Amazon gives to its affiliates to promote as many products as they can to make a sustainable living out of it. In short, if done right it's 24 hours of profit with doing three hours of work – but this won't happen if your affiliate link is broken.

AMZ Watcher thus is a game-changer tool for you. It's a popular Amazon Affiliate Link Checker through which affiliates can find and fix broken links to Amazon all within a few seconds. It can monitor multiple sites by just a click, and can be a big time-saver and money maker if used properly.

With AMZ Watcher, affiliates can choose when they want their links to be checked. For example, they can do it once every 1, 3, 5, 7, 14, and 28 days (everything depends on page credits here). Not just this, the tool is super interactive, apart from link checking, affiliates can even check out their affiliate earnings and calculate their broken links as well.

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AMZ Watcher Features | What best can you expect from AMZ Watcher?

Note that: To use AMZ Watcher you don't have to install any plugin, it's a standalone software, you just have to buy any of their subscription plans and you will get instant access to all its features mentioned below:

Just as the name suggests, the tool is best known for its ability to check broken and unavailable links to Amazon which might cost bloggers loss of dollars. The tool takes a few minutes to check (crawl) your overall website, and gives a detailed report of how many pages it has checked and how many links it has processed. It then shares the product availability status and also product reviews for users to check out whether the product is still worthy to promote.

The best thing is the tool does not click on Amazon while doing all this, it simply identifies information like Affiliate ID and Link ID, and never creates a link on Amazon on your behalf.

Explore Missing Amazon Affiliate Tags

If you are new to this, Amazon affiliate tags are basically a unique identifier that Amazon generates automatically with which Affiliates can make requests through the Product Advertising API. And with this AMZ Watcher feature, Affiliates can check which link on their website has specific affiliate tags. After exploring missing affiliate tags and replacing it, affiliates can see an instant increase in their revenue.

After exploring broken Affiliate links, and checking missing Affiliate tags, next comes the alternatives finding process, and AMZ Watcher does that appropriately with this feature. With just a quick scan, the tool explores products which are not available on Amazon. It then checks out other stores by the help of other affiliate programs like CJ, Skimlinks, Target, Walmart, Wayfair, and ShareASale.

The tool, in short, does the ground work for you by helping you explore more Affiliate programs from sources you might not even have imagined. You can test new programs, diversify your revenue streams, and become less dependent on just a marketplace.

Instant Product Unvailability Notifications

Like mentioned previously, apart from displaying alternatives, AMZ Watcher is even best with notifications. The tool instantly gives Affiliates daily email notification about any unavailable product (that you might have promoted on your blog). This feature basically helps users minimise the overall time a broken link will stay on their blog space.

Quick Data Export

Now that you have got the data of broken links, unavailable links, and alternative links, it's the time to export it all – and this feature will certainly help you with that. You will just have to click on the export button. And additionally, you can even make changes in the reports (what you need, and what you don't). After making these changes, you can send the report to your assistant and they will further make the changes on your blog (or simply do it yourself).

Effortless Tracking and Analysing Process

Last comes the tracking and analysis process – do know that analyzing broken links is not just a one day or one month thing, in fact if you are into affiliate marketing, you will need it every time. And here's where AMZ Watcher comes to the escape. Through the tool's intuitive dashboard you can quickly go through your whole Amazon affiliate site portfolio.

You can track the health score of your links, explore how best (or poor) your projects are doing, and at the end analyse the tiny details by the help of reports shared by the tool.

The best thing about AMZ Watcher is it supports all major International Amazon Stores. Also, it is super compatible with popular plugins (link management, cloaking, and geotargeting) like geniuslink, EasyAzon, Amazon OneLink, Thirsty Affiliates, and AAWP.

To help users know more about what best they can expect from AMZ Watcher, the tool is now offering every user a free report. And if it's free, why not get one for your website? To access this, you will have to visit AMZ Watcher official website, enter your website name in the search available there, and hit the Get Free Report button.

Now, the tool will instantly crawl all your web pages, and will even give you quick information about when and at what time the site was started. It will give crawl details, along with other live site metrics like – pages checked and links processed.

If you scroll down, you will see the tool has literally scanned all your web pages. Know there are filters available here: all, available, unavailable, and 404. If you click on Available, the tool will list out all the available items, and the same goes with the unavailable filter, the tool lists out unavailable items. Whereas, when you click on 404, the tool will give you a list of products that are nowhere seen on Amazon – there are no reviews at all.

Missing affiliate ID is even a major concern of all affiliates, and for that reason, there's a filter available here. Through this filter, website owners can explore specific products they have promoted but their affiliate ID is missing there.

For all unavailable and 404 products, the tool can find alternatives, with the Alternative Finder feature available on the dashboard. Lastly, viewers can even export all the details to a CSV file and use it to make instant changes on their official website.

AMZ Watcher Free Tools | Free to Use Affiliate Tools

Apart from the AMZ Watcher features mentioned above, the tool even gives users access to multiple affiliate tools for free, like:

AMZ Watcher WordPress Plugin

Do you own a WordPress site and are promoting Amazon products on your blogs from here? If yes, AMZ Watcher has got you covered with an amazing plugin. Through this plugin, you will get access to all the features of the tool (web version) inside your WordPress site. You can keep a track of all the broken links from your WordPress dashboard itself.

Generating Amazon affiliate links might be a tedious task for beginners, but AMZ Watcher does this all for free. You will just have to enter Amazon Link URL, your affiliate tag, and the link text: the tool will further give you the final link URL which you can either open in a new window or simply copy it to your clipboard.

AMZ Watcher Affiliate Earning Calculator

Yet another best free tool by AMZ Watcher is the affiliate earning calculator through which affiliates can quickly figure out whether the niche they want to step in would be profitable or not. Affiliates just have to follow a few steps here, like – choose the Amazon country, select a category they want to step in, enter all your site data, and monthly traffic data. The tool will further list out affiliate earnings estimates – both direct and indirect, and even total commissions.

Last comes the broken links calculator tool by AMZ Watcher that literally helps affiliates explore how much they are losing out on sales all because of the broken links placed on their website. Over here, you will just have to enter the number of websites you earn, how many commercial articles there are, and average number of links a commer cial article has. You will also have to enter how much your websites are making, and if 10-20% of the links are broken – the tool will automatically list out the dollars you missed out on.

AMZ Watcher Pricing Plans | AMZ Watcher Free Trial

AMZ Watcher Pricing Plans

With so many features on the table, you would definitely think that AMZ Watcher is an expensive Amazon affiliate link checker – but the reality is a lot different. But first thing first, do know that AMZ Watcher does offer a free plan, also they have come up with a 7 day free trial period. In this period, if the user is not happy with the services offered, they can claim a refund. To add more, AMZ Watcher even runs multiple special offers many times a year (so stay tuned, we will cover them all!).

AMZ Watcher Starter Plan – $19.95 per month

  • $16.63 if paid annually
  • Check 5,000 pages per month
  • Explore 3 websites
  • Find low quality products, broken, wrong, and missing links
  • Search international products
  • No cap with daily page check limits

AMZ Watcher Standard Plan – $35.95 per month

  • $29.96 if paid annually
  • Check 10,000 pages per month
  • Explore 5 websites
  • Monitor both website and YouTube channels
  • Search for alternatives to Amazon products
  • Find low quality products, broken, wrong, and missing links
  • Search international products
  • No cap with daily page check limits

AMZ Watcher Portfolio Plan – $49.95 per month

  • $41.63 if paid annually
  • Check 20,000 pages per month
  • Explore 10 websites
  • Monitor both website and YouTube channels
  • Search for alternatives to Amazon products
  • Find low quality products, broken, wrong, and missing links
  • Search international products
  • No cap with daily page check limits
  • Priority support available

AMZ Watcher Tycoon Plan – $124.95 per month

  • $104.13 if paid annually
  • Check 50,000 pages per month
  • Explore unlimited websites
  • Monitor both website and YouTube channels
  • Search for alternatives to Amazon products
  • Find low quality products, broken, wrong, and missing links
  • Search international products
  • No cap with daily page check limits
  • Priority support available

Apart from these many pricing options, AMZ Watcher also offers customised plans (enterprise plan). You will just have to contact the sales team, and they will help you with more specific or even a big team to help you out with your link checking needs.

AMZ Watcher Customer Support Service Review | Is the team prompt enough?

AMZ Watcher is undoubtedly power packed with multiple tools and features for affiliates, but when an affiliate gets stuck anywhere, is the team available to help them out? The answer is YES. The team offers priority support to users who have bought the Portfolio and Tycoon AMZ Watcher plans. And for normal users, there is a knowledge base section available right on the official dashboard where the team has covered all the ins and outs of the tool. From FAQs, How-to guides, to WordPress plugin related queries – you can find it all over here by just a few clicks.

There's even a live chat feature available at the official dashboard for users to get quick assistance from the team. If the query is something very urgent and technically inclined, the user can even reach out to the team via their official email address, and the revert window here is of 25-90 minutes.

Pros and Cons of AMZ Watcher Review

  • AMZ Watcher Pros
  • Explores Amazon broken links within few seconds
  • Highly affordable pricing plans
  • Gives free website analysis
  • 20% off with annual billing
  • Highly intuitive dashboard
  • Trusted by Amazon associates across the globe
  • Best positive testimonials
  • Easy to use
  • Offers priority – live chat and email support.
  • an add more features.

Top FAQs of AMZ Watcher Review 2024

What is AMZ Watcher?

AMZ Watcher is a popular Amazon Affiliate Link Checker Tool used and trusted by over thousands of Amazon associates across the globe. The tool is highly affordable and even comes with multiple free tools for users to ace their Amazon affiliate journey.

What can I do with AMZ Watcher?

With AMZ Watcher you can check out Amazon affiliate broken links, generate affiliate links for your website, and also calculate your affiliate earnings.

Can I use AMZ Watcher for free?

Yes, AMZ Watcher offers a free forever plan, however, they do have come up with a 7 days free trial period.

How to find broken Amazon affiliate links with AMZ Watcher?

You don't manually have to find any broken links on AMZ Watcher, you will just have to enter your official website, and the tool will automatically crawl through all your web pages and will list out the broken Amazon affiliate links within a few minutes.

How much does AMZ Watcher cost?

AMZ Watcher is a highly affordable Amazon Affiliate Link Checker Tool; the Starter plan is priced at $19.95 per month, Standard at $35.95, Portfolio at $49.95, and Tycoon plan at $124.95 per month.

Is AMZ Watcher worth it?

Yes, with so many positive reviews from Amazon associates across the globe, AMZ Watcher is definitely worth every penny spent.

Do AMZ Watcher have any daily page check limit?

No, AMZ Watcher doesn't have any day page check limit, everything here depends on the pricing plan you have selected.

Do I need to install the WordPress plugin to use AMZ Watcher?

No, AMZ Watched is a standalone tool, however, there's also a WordPress plugin available for WP site owners with which they can get access to the web features all inside their WordPress site.

What is AMZ Watcher Amazon alternatives finder?

AMZ Watcher alternatives finder is a new feature by the tool (still in beta mode) through which website owners can explore alternatives to unavailable Amazon products.

To come to a conclusion, with such a massive user base, and access to free tools – AMZ Watcher is worth every penny for bloggers and website owners who have been struggling with broken link issues. The tool literally scans out broken and unavailable product links all within a few seconds, which either way you would have spent hours on. And to not miss out on the pricing plans, even if you buy the starter plan that is priced at $19.95 per month, you will be able to check 5,000 pages a month of up to 3 projects (isn't this too good?).

Also, if you own multiple websites, the team even offers customised support with its enterprise plan, what else do you need?

The free tools by AMZ Watcher are literally free to use, in fact you can give them all a try, right away. So, what are you waiting for? It's not that time of the year where you should crib about your lost revenue, make the most out of AMZ Watcher, and do let us know how your experience with the tool was/is!

Are you a new Amazon affiliate marketer confused about where to start it all? Stay tuned to AMZMOJO, we have got you covered!

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