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AMZScout is a comprehensive toolset designed especially for Amazon sellers. To locate “profitable, low-competition products,” the web app lets FBA sellers do productive product research. This advanced software also comes in handy for product and keyword listing. Its Pro AMZScout Chrome extension is one of the salient features that make the web app rank among the best. The seller's suite software has a lot to offer, along with valuable free tools.

AMZScout Coupons, Exclusive Black Friday Deal and Discount Offers 2024

The limited-time deal of Black Friday is quite a catch that no seller can afford to miss. Three bundle packages are available at a very high discounted price this particular season. Let's know all about this all-in-one Amazon seller's bundle and its latest deals in detail.

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Get started with AMZScout for free using our special AMZScout Coupon Offer

Listed below are the most recent AMZScout Coupons Valid for 2024

🤑 Latest AMZScout Coupon: AMZScout’s Black Friday Limited-time Deal and save up to $1000

🔥 AMZScout Promo Codes, Deals & Offers: 5

🎁 AMZScout Coupon Offer: Save up to 30% Sitewide on all pricing plans

How to Use AMZScout Coupons? (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • Click on the “Grab The Deal” button present on this page

This will take you to the official page of AMZScout where you will be able to view all of their features and pricing plans.

  • Go to the official page and opt to “Sign In”
AMZScout Coupon Codes

This will be present on the top of AMZScout’s official homepage. You need to sign in to get access to its free features.

  • “Sign Up” or “Sign In” using your email account
AMZScout Promo Codes

Log in to the software using a new account or an already existing account.

  • Press the “Get full access to AMZScout”
AMZScout Coupon Offers

As soon as you log in, you will get access to free tools and features. Now opt for “Get full access to AMZScout” to explore its premium pricing plans.

  • Choose your desired pricing plans and press “Buy Now”
AMZScout Deals

From the available pricing plans, you can choose the one that suits your business type the best. After you have decided, you can simply move forward by pressing the “Buy Now” button.

  • Follow up by adding your payment method and details
AMZScout Discount Codes

After your plan selection, you can add the payment details, and your offer will be visible on the screen based on availability. And just like that, you got yourself the discounted premium version of AMZScout hassle-free.

AMZScout Coupons and Exclusive Discounts 2024: Limited-time Black Friday Deals

AMZScout Coupon OffersAMZScout Coupon Offer DetailsAMZScout Coupon Codes
AMZScout DiscountUp to $1000 OFF on Bundles (Black Friday Offer)Get Deal
AMZScout Promo OfferUp to 30% OFF SitewideGet Deal
AMZScout Discount OfferGet Free Amazon FBA Calculator (Sign-up with your email)Get Deal
AMZScout Coupon OfferStart for Free (Sign-up Now)Get Deal
AMZScout Promo10 Day Money Back GuaranteeGet Deal

AMZScout Review 2024: What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is a sweet set of tools that helps Amazon Sellers by eliminating the hard work and guesswork for finding winning products and expanding the business's profitability. It is a Product Research Tool that is accessible as a web application and is very user-friendly. It can help sellers to get the most profitable products on Amazon, which can later be converted into high profits. 

This Amazon tool can help you perform detailed and broad-spectrum product research by which you can find low-competition winning products. It also kicks out the headache of optimizing keywords and product listing. The tool is a productivity enhancer and works in favor of all AMZ sellers.

The all-in-one toolkit offered by AMZScout is very effective and can be easily used by newbies. It serves Amazon sellers with Historical Pricing data and product rankings over time. It can also be used to evaluate product listing quality so that sellers can accurately predict their sales numbers from month to month. You will also be able to calculate expenses and fees, giving you a clear picture of your expenditure. The tool was designed to help individuals and companies to boost their AMZ business to greater heights.

AMZScout becomes a must-have for all Amazon Sellers because of 3 main reasons:

  • To find new product opportunities and do product research
  • To use its enormous Database option for data mining.
  • To perform Amazon market analysis and competitive research.

You can also experience the effectiveness of AMZScout via the AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension, which can be accessed for free. You can even use the AMZScout web application, which is more extensive than the chrome extension.

AMZScout Features: How does this selling suite software benefit FBA sellers?

We have tried to classify all the workaholic tools offered by AMZScout in the following section, by which you can quickly understand their individual benefits. These tools can be categorized into three main sections, namely, Product research tools, Keyword and product listing tools and Free tools.

Let's have a look at each one of them in detail:

#1 Amazon Product Research Tool

AMZScout PRO Extension:

With this chrome extension, you can easily find profitable products and even perform competitive analysis. You can also check the expected income generated by a new seller in the specific existing niche. Plus, you can also access its local and global verified suppliers database and compare their ratings to choose the most reliable one.

AMZScout Product Database

AMZScout offers a massive database of over 600 million Amazon products. And to sort this enormous data, they provide 16 advanced filters to help sellers narrow down the best and most profitable products. The search filters are based on category, weight, price, estimated revenue, keywords rating and others.

Product Research Software

With this feature, Sellers can check out the minimum price and calculate the ROI and the fee charges on the product page itself. In this way, you can remove products with high competition or low margins.

Amazon Quick View

With this feature, you can see critical data such as Margin, BSR, ASIN, Size, etc., right on the Amazon web page. You can also compare two individual products and select the most profitable one. This extension will provide very insightful information and also save you time.

Keyword & Product Listing Tools

With AMZScout's keyword research tool, you can easily find hundreds of relevant keywords for your desired product. These keywords help you to save the cost of running PPC ad campaigns by identifying the phrases which are being searched by the customers on Amazon.

Reverse ASIN Lookup

This feature is pretty similar to Keyword research, the only difference is that in Reverse ASIN Lookup, you use product ASIN numbers to snap up competitors' keywords to improve listing on Amazon.

Keyword Tracker

Then you have the Amazon Keyword Tracker, which lets you check out the organic keyword rank and track its history, and compare it with the competitors' keywords. You can use the Amazon index checker to ensure that your products are indexed successfully and see the rank in the search results.

Free Tools

Amazon FBA Calculator

The AMZScout FBA Fee Calculator is a free chrome extension that you can use to find the fees and other required data for any product. Also, there are several fees involved in Amazon selling which this tool takes care of.

Amazon to eBay Compare

With this extension, you can compare product prices and get the link for the same item on eBay. Well, that's something that will make your dropshipping business more profitable.

Stock Stats

This particular tool works as an Amazon stocks spy as it will let you see your competitor's information for a specified time period allowing you to check out their plans in advance. You can also view this data without leaving the product page.

Sales Estimator

Amazon Sales Estimator will come in handy when you need the information to help predict sales numbers for products from various niches. You can start from the Amazon home page and enter the name of the item which you wish to find. You can also sort the search results to find specific products.

Amazon Quick View

Another free extension is Amazon Quick View. You can quickly compare the items right from the Amazon pages. It provides you with all the necessary data without putting in much effort and helps you select the winning products.

Amazon Super URL Tool

With this feature of AMZScout, you can create smartlinks that improve your Amazon ranking and also boost sales. This tool can also help you to increase your conversion rates by creating an engaging interface for the customers.

AMZScout Special Offers: Exclusive Black Friday Deals!

The special Black Friday deals by AMZScout are available for a limited time. They are offering their users some irresistible features and items included in the Bundles Pack. The bundle will surely include the basic product and keyword tools. Apart from that, an informational “step-by-step 32-video seller's course” is something you would not want to miss.

A collection of 9 knowledgeable guides that covers crucial topics, such as product analysis, supplier search and how to improve your listings, is also available. You will also get “Expert product analysis and research” on any criteria you desire. Now, let's check out some of these discounted pricing plans:

  • AMZScout Toolset 3 months ($149): The small bundle is currently available at a discounted price of $149, and you save a total of $695. They even grant you 3 month of access to the exclusive toolset, the worthy seller's course and also brings along 5 of those educational guides.
  • AMZScout Toolset Annual ($399): This particular toolset lets you save $1,030 and will only cost you $399. You get the toolset for a year's usage, the entire seller's course, 9 valuable guides, and 1-Product analysis.
  • AMZScout Toolset Annual ($649): Lastly, we have our mega-savings pack up for $649, saving you approximately $1,000. You will be able to use their efficient toolset for a year, get their seller's course, access all 9 guides, and also get 2-Product analysis. The cherry on the top is their offer for users to get 2 customized product reports. Could this deal get any better?

AMZScout Pricing Plans: Is AMZScout an Affordable SaaS?

AMZScout Pricing

AMZScout offers pricing plans based on a monthly, annual and lifetime basis. There are two different pricing plans which, of course, differ in terms of the features they offer.

With the Pro Extension Plan, you can access AMZScout pro extension and their special learning aid. You can get the PRO Extension for $279.99/year.

And with the Amazon Seller's Bundle, you should get to see the following features:

  • PRO Extension
  • Exclusive Amazon Insights
  • WebApp Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Quick View
  • FBA Calculator
  • Stock Stats

The monthly subscription to Amazon Seller's Bundle costs $49.99/month. At the same time, its Annual subscription costs $399.99/year. You can also lay your hands on the lifetime deal, which is available for $1599.99.

The AMZScout Pro Extension is currently supported in 11 countries which are France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Japan, Spain and Canada.

Pros and Cons of AMZScout Coupons & Promo Codes


  • Provides you with reasonable Accurate Sales Estimates.
  • It comes with a Free trial.
  • It helps Sellers to find winning products in unsaturated markets.
  • Get data and insights on any product currently being sold on Amazon.
  • It offers a large number of guides, videos and tutorials for beginners.


  • Free Trial is only for the web app.
  • Video Tutorials are Mainly for Beginners.

Top FAQs on AMZScout Coupons & Promo Codes 2024

Are the Black Friday discounts still valid even after the campaign ends?

Yes, you should definitely try using discounts and coupon codes even if the sale is over, as there are chances that companies will leave their campaigns running for a longer duration than expected.

What are the free tools offered by AMZScout?

AMZScout offers various research and listing optimization tools, but apart from that, it also offers a few free tools. These include Amazon FBA Fees Calculator, Stock Stats, Sales Estimator, and Amazon Super URL Tool.

Does AMZScout offer a free trial?

Yes, AMZScout is made available for its users free of cost. You will get to check out their chrome extension and specific features for $0. But after you have been amazed by its functioning, you can upgrade your subscription at any point of time.

Where will you find the best AMZScout discount offers and coupon codes?

AMZmojo provides you with the latest deal and offers available for any service or tool.

Can you use various AMZScout discounts and offers at the same time?

No, users can only opt for one of the discount offers at a time.

Final Verdict: Take Advantage of the Black Friday Sale and Get Heavy Discounts!

AMZScout offers a complete suite for Amazon Sellers, which is super easy to use. It delivers a wide range of features to help FBA sellers find and list the most profitable products. It is a reliable product research tool and turns out quite a deal when compared to its competitors.

It has an intuitive interface that beginners will find simple to operate. Apart from that, the learning aid provided by AMZScout is very beneficial for new sellers. Another remarkable feature is the Pro Chrome extension, which saves you a lot of time by doing product research on the product page itself. And how can you forget the customization and filter options.

The reviews that the web service received are quite charming. Additionally, its pricing plans are also equally affordable and reasonable. Considering all the factors, AMZScout is undoubtedly the tool to scale your FBA business.

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