Are you an Amazon FBA seller who's always on the lookout for ways to make more sales and stay ahead of the competition? If so, then you should definitely check out this article for 11 Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions!

Google Chrome is the most popular browser, and as an Amazon seller, you are likely to spend a lot of time on it. You do your research, optimization and other business growing tasks with so much effort. But Chrome extensions help you do that way faster and better.

Chrome extensions are little add-ons that let you improve your functionality and productivity. These small tweaks can significantly impact how you use the internet, especially when it comes to e-commerce businesses and selling on Amazon. You'll love these awesome Chrome extensions that will help you become a more skilled and successful Amazon FBA seller.

Checkout the List of Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions

In this blog post, we'll learn about these chrome extensions and how their work will skyrocket your Amazon business within no time. Checkout the list of our handpicked Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions and pick the one that suits you the best!

1. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 Review

Helium 10 is one of the most efficient seller's suite software in the market. It offers a powerful chrome extension that brings all its workaholic tools to one place and increases productivity. The extension lets you get valuable insights into crucial data such as competition, demand, opportunity and other useful metrics. 900,000+ sellers are using it to grow their businesses.

Features of Helium 10 Chrome Extension:

  • Alongside doing extensive product and keyword research directly from your browser, you can even get a comprehensive overview of consumer demand.
  • You explore a wide variety of products to seize the winning opportunities.
  • Apart from the crucial data, you will also get to see your potential product's detailed reviews and sales estimates.
  • It becomes the best product research tool, with users gaining access to more than 450 million product ASINs.
  • Sourcing becomes all the more easy with its global supplier database.
  • Estimate profits and ROI while you keep an eye on your competitor's inventory.
Helium 10

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Pricing of Helium 10 Chrome Extension:

Helium 10 Chrome Extension lets you do a lot more at really affordable prices. The web app has three pricing plans and each one of them provides you with the product research extension.

2. SellerApp Chrome Extension


SellerApp‘s Chrome Extension is another one of the most helpful browser add-ons that an FBA seller must have. It extracts valuable real-time data that will come in handy to grow your business. You will not only get to scrutinize products and keywords on the product page itself, but you also get to compare potential products. The tool becomes a one-stop destination for all your seller needs.

Features of SellerApp Chrome Extension:

  • Apart from extensive research, you will get to analyze the entire data, track it and form successful strategies which all contribute to your growth.
  • With the help of Product Analyzer, you will get to extract valuable data on a particular product of a specific niche.
  • After you have chosen your next successful product, you take the help of Product Intelligence or Trends to know other important information.
  • There will also be a section labeled as Product Keywords which will give you an overview of “keywords, Keyword Relevance Score, LQI Score, and Cost Per Click.”
  • Not just that, you can stay ahead in the game with the help of keyword tracking.
  • Other valuable tools of the SellerApp Chrome extension are the FBA Calculator and Listing Quality Analysis.

Pricing of SellerApp Chrome Extension:

SellerApp offers a free package for sellers who are just getting started on their journey. You can also opt for their Pro lite and Professional package each of which offers a 7-day free trial.

3. Jungle Scout Browser Extension

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout ranks as one of the best product research tool-set out there, and its Browser extension helps sellers analyze a product's potential in no time. You can bring the powerful extension into action just by installing it from the browser (Chrome and Firefox).

Features of Jungle Scout Browser Extension:

  • You will get to view the product's potential, analyze sales estimates and get reviews to know all about your new star product.
  • The extension provides you with valuable product insights such as “product demand, competitive data, and profit projections” straight from Amazon's database.
  • They have an AccuSales algorithm that analyzes around 1 billion data points every day, which gives you accurate real-time data and omits the guesswork.
  • Another feature that makes Jungle Scout shine out is its Opportunity Score which helps sellers make ultimate product decisions.
  • You can directly view and customize the display ASIN metrics on the amazon product page.
  • View the graphical breakdown of reports on Seller Central.

Pricing of Jungle Scout Browser Extension:

You get the best of AMZ sellers tools with Jungle Scout pricing plans. The Suite package which is a three month subscription will cost the users $149. You can even go for a yearly subscription which is three different packages.

4. Keepa


One of the most versatile browser extensions out there. Keepa is compatible with 5 of the most famous browsers, which include Chrome, Mozzarella Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari 14. Keepa is the best tool there is to track a product's price drop. Considering all its features the extension is a powerbomb.

Features of Keepa:

  • The tool lets you access the descriptive historical price charts of over 3000 million products.
  • You can set a limit and thus steal hot deals by getting availability alerts.
  • You can even compare prices by sellers on a global level.
  • The tool has a Deal section that gives you an overview of the latest price drop, which can be filtered as per your chosen category.
  • You can search products by ASIN and title, and track them with the help of Keepa.
  • Sellers get to access premium data, product viewer, best sellers, top-selling merchants list, and the category tree, making Keepa one of the most powerful Amazon product search tools.
  • As for Price tracking, you get to see the average price and historical values to make the most profitable choice.

Pricing of Keepa:

The Extension is pretty much free for initial use. But you need to buy their monthly subscription worth 19€/ month to access all its features.

5. AMZScout Pro Extension


Whether you are a professional seller or a beginner, AMZScout works for everybody. The Pro Extension allows you to check the product's potential and do competitive analysis.

Features of AMZScout Pro Extension:

  • Based on solid sales estimates the tool helps you locate the most profitable products.
  • You can also estimate your revenue as a newcomer in your desired product category.
  • To simplify the shipping process, the extensions enable you to find verified local and global suppliers.
  • The Visibility Score lets you get an idea of the future competition so that you can be well prepared for it.
  • You even get to compare suppliers based on their business activity to choose the best one.
  • The tool lets you find and add your competitor's product to your inventory.
  • Not just that, you can also track your competition's sales, rank, pricing, keywords, and stock levels.
  •  You can export the CSV and later analyze the data in your own spreadsheet.

Pricing of AMZScout Pro Extension:

The Pro Extension pricing plans are also quite reasonable. You can get its yearly package for $279.99/year, and lifetime access is available for $599.99. Both packages only consist of the learning aid and the Pro Extension.

6. Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Reviews

Viral Launch Offers Market Intelligence that can be accessed by users with their launchpad or the Chrome extension. The browser add-on is one of the best for effective product research. As the database is built on real-time sales estimates and historical data, the product success rate is sky-high. You often get confused even after knowing all the crucial metrics on whether or not to source the product. This is where the extension's 5-star validation becomes helpful.

Features of Viral Launch Market Intelligence:

  • Understanding the market becomes an easy job with the help of Viral Launch's sales estimate, pricing and review trend data.
  • As a seller, you can determine the profit and expenses beforehand with the use of the software's built-in calculator.
  • Not just that, the prices are super affordable, including “billions of real Amazon data points” from all categories.
  • The competitive research will help you get proper insights and stay ahead in the game.

Pricing of Viral Launch Market Intelligence:

You can purchase the Viral Launch packages at very affordable prices. It can even be sorted by a monthly or yearly subscription. The monthly pricing of the Essentials Pack is $69/mo, the Pro Pack is worth $99/mo and finally the Pro Plus Ads will cost you $199/mo.

7. DS Amazon Quick View (& Extended Version)

DS Amazon Quick View Reviews

Among the very many, the DS Amazon Quick View extension is known for enhancing productivity. It works for the e-commerce giant Amazon, but you can use its extended version to surf through other ecommerce platforms as well. The usage of the extension is as simple as it can get. You can simply hover over the desired product and quickly get all the relatable information about it.  It can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Features of DS Amazon Quick View:

  • The information provided also includes the Amazon ranking as well as competitive analysis.
  • The extension is very user-friendly and is suitable for anyone in the Amazon Arbitrage business.
  • It will support all Amazon domains and even displays the product price history.
  • You can also view the Keepa graphs to get valuable insights.
  • And additionally, if you have the Keepa subscription, DS Quick View will show you the BSR data.
  • It also offers the lowest FBA prices of products, displays products that are without BuyBox, and lets you easily copy the product title.
  • You also get various filters to get the most profitable products.

Pricing of DS Amazon Quick View:

The extended version offers a paid subscription, but makes the experience much more profitable.

8. The Camelizer

Camelcamelcamel Reviews

CamelCamelCamel is one of the top price trackers that sellers have been introduced to. The Camelizer is its browser extension which grants you instant access to the salient features of CamelCamelCamel.

Features of Camelizer

  • The browser extension works with Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Apple Safari.
  • It tracks a very wide variety of products and lets you know when the prices drop, this gives sellers a chance to seize opportunities and beat the competition.
  • It lets you see the historical price charts of the product so that you can see its performance and estimate the profits.
  • Directly accessing the price factor from your browser not only saves you a lot of time but gains you a significant advantage.

The Camelizer Pricing

The extension is totally free, and you won't have to purchase any premium subscription to access the best features.

9. Scope by SellerLabs

Sellerlabs reviews

Next on our list is the product and keyword research chrome extension by SellerLabs, Scope. The extension lets sellers know a keyword's true potential by verifying the sales a certain keyword can generate for a particular product. Scope is one of the best for keyword rating and analysis. That is where it supersedes its competitors and becomes dominant.

Features of Scope by SellerLabs:

  • Scope is also capable of providing definitive product details, historical data, FBA fees and expenses, and more.
  • You get to check a specific keyword's ranking and also identify your earning potential as a seller.
  • The extension lets you organize the product listings to make analysis a much simpler task.
  • As for keyword research, find relatable keywords and export them to filter the most profitable ones.
  • The Score tool gives you accurate information and makes the extensions totally worth its cost.
  • It has become an all-in-one browser extension that covers it all: Keyword research, Competitive research, Product analysis and Data organization.

Pricing of Scope by SellerLabs

Firstly SellerLab offers a 30-day free trial which makes it totally worth it. But for its pricing plans you can choose them according to your annual sales.

10. Unicorn Smasher Pro

Unicorn Smasher

Brought to life by the makers of AMZ Tracker, Unicorn Smasher is one of the most premium chrome extensions. The Pro extension is available in countries such as the USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and Canada.

Features of Unicorn Smasher Pro:

  • It allows the users to do comprehensive product research by providing data insights such as prices, bestseller ranks, reviews, ratings, estimated sales, and others.
  • Research becomes more manageable with the help of its “ultra-organized dashboard,” which displays all the data in a systematic manner.
  • The tool also delivers genuine sales and revenue estimates for better profitability.
  • For the final decision, you can refer to the opportunity score.
  • Other features provided by Unicorn Smasher include Canonical URLs, Variation statistics, AMZ Tracker integration, Quick links, fulfillment details and much more.

Pricing of Unicorn Smasher Pro

You can purchase the Unicorn Smasher Pro Chrome Extension for lifetime by making a one-time payment. The Basic Plan worth $49 includes 1 mina account and the Original Plan available for a discounted price of $99 provides 1 Main account + 2 Sub account. Then the most popular, the Suite package, is worth $159.00 and offers 1 Main account and 4 Sub accounts.

11. Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker

AMZDataStudio Reviews

Last but not least, we have the Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker brought to you by AMZDataStudio. Considering all its features, the extension becomes a must-have.

Features of Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker:

  • The extension helps sellers do excellent keyword research with high accuracy.
  • You can do keyword indexing and check their ranking position in bulk and get the results within seconds.
  • It searches the best keywords based on their relevance, ranking an exact search volume on Amazon.
  • You can also discover search terms that are not considered appropriate or relevant by amazon to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Research any keyword for all ASINs to know their profitability rate.

Pricing of Amazon KW Index and Rank Checker

Another advantage of the extension is that it is free.

The extension works in major Amazon marketplaces and does not require sellers to buy any subscription, which makes the situation a win-win for all FBA sellers.

Top FAQs on Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions

Is AMZScout better than Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout and AMZ Scout are product research tools at the top of their fields. Jungle Scout offers more functionality because it has more active tools as compared to AMZScout. But on the other hand, AMZScout has a significantly more extensive database as compared to Jungle Scout. You can check out the complete compression here: Jungle Scout Vs. AMZScout Review 2022.

Is Unicorn Smasher a free tool?

Yes, it has been developed by the makers of AMZ Tracker. Unicorn Smasher is an excellent product research tool that is totally free of cost. 

Is Helium 10 accurate?

Helium 10 is said to be 74% accurate, which is a little less compared to its competitors. But then you get a lot of additional features with Helium 10 that makes your FBA journey much easier and more profitable

What is Amazon Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is one of the best Amazon-selling suite software, which is very helpful for AMZ sellers. It offers various services such as product discovery, market intelligence, keyword research, competitive analysis, listing analysis, keyword management, and more. And you get all of these top-notch features at very affordable prices. Check out our Viral Launch Review 2022.

Final Verdict on the Best Amazon Seller Chrome Extensions

As an Amazon FBA seller, you have to stay on top of your game at all times. There's no time to relax and take it easy; the competition is always growing, and you have to evolve with them. If you want to stay ahead, you need to use every tool at your disposal. Fortunately, there are a number of Chrome extensions that can help make your life as an Amazon seller much easier. Offering functions such as inventory management, order management and more, these extensions will make your life as an Amazon FBA seller much simpler.

These browser add-ons will give you access to valuable data, track your performance, and much more. Though some of the extensions are free, some need a subscription, but each one is totally worth it. You need to sort out your requirement and choose the extension that works for it.

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