Don't know which TikTok Ads spy tool is best for your marketing and dropshipping business? Well, in this blog article we'll be looking forward to some of the best TikTok Adspy tools in the market that can be useful for searching the hot products for your selling operations. Even if you are an Amazon seller, these TikTok ad spy tools will be helpful in performing in-depth analysis for competitive ad analysis along with understanding what the current trends are.

The TikTok ecosystem is presently being utilized by dropshippers, ecom sellers, affiliate marketers, and content creators to expand their overall marketing campaigns and sales. Having such a high engagement ratio and a massive active user base, TikTok may be a game changer for you, but it won't deliver the best results unless and until you organize your marketing and advertising efforts more appropriately and systematically. Having TikTok Ads spy tools by your side can be beneficial in many ways.

These Adspy Tools can be of great use for:

  • Ecom Sellers
  • Dropshippers
  • Internet Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Content Creators

Now that, we have got an overview of some of the points like who can use these TikTok ad spy tools, what a TikTok ads spy tool has to offer? Let's get started with a list of the best TikTok ad spy tools in the market.

8+ Best TikTok Adspy Tools

With the boom in ecom and dropshipping business operations, ad spy tools have also seen an uptrend. Since there are hundreds of Adspy tools available in the market, the confusion part is very much okay. As a marketer or a dropshipper, you can use the tools to keep an eye on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and much more.

If we focus on TikTok alone, this social media platform has emerged as an excellent resort for better reach and engagement. This, as a result, opens a huge opportunity for marketers, ecom sellers, and dropshippers. Here is a list of the best TikTok Adspy tools:

#1 PiPiADS | Best TikTok AdSpy Tool

PiPiADS Reviews

No doubt, that PiPiADS has emerged as one of the best TikTok adspy tools in the market. One of the major reasons that makes PiPiADS an excellent choice overall is due to its one of the largest collections of TikTok ads, whereas, in addition to all that, PiPiADS also offers an extensive list of features including the TikTok search, Product search, Etsy Product research, Advertiser details, and even a Shopify tool.

The Shopify tool along with all the features make PPSPY a good choice overall, this single chrome extension alone lets you explore and analyze some of the important data from your competitors including the total number of products that are listed on that certain website, Facebook Pixel, Tiktok ID and Live Sales can be considered as one of the other important features that make it an excellent choice overall.

PiPiADS also offers a free plan, so just in case you just want to explore the interface and have an overview of the basic features, the PiPiADS free plan will be an excellent choice for you. In addition to all this, if you want to get a taste of all the premium features offered by PiPiADS, you can try the PiPiADS $1 trial which gives you access to use all the features of the chosen plan for 3 days.

PiPiADS Pricing Plans

PiPiADS Pricing Plan

PiPiADS offers 3 different pricing plans that are tailored for different level of ecom sellers, marketers, and dropshippers.

  • PiPiADS Starter Plan: The PiPiADS Starter plan costs $77/month, the starter plan is an excellent choice for beginner-level users that have limited use of the features offered by PiPiADS as a Tiktok ad spy tool. The Starter plan gives you query results show of 200 ads, 50 ad details per day, 50 product details per day, and unlimited winning product searches for your competitive ad analysis.
  • PiPiADS VIP Plan: The PiPiADS VIP plan costs $155/month and gives you access to query results showing 1000 ads, 200 ad details per day, 200 product details per day, 200 advertiser details per day, and much more. You can also use the $1 PiPiADS trial to explore the features offered in the VIP plan.
  • PiPiADS Pro Plan: The PiPiADS Pro Plan costs $263/month and gives you access to all the features that were offered in the VIP Plans, in addition to that, it is worth mentioning that you get query results show of 3000 ads along with 1000 ad details per day, 3000 product details per day and 1000 ad details per day, unlimited winning products and user access of 5 users.

PiPiADS also offers an enterprise plan, just in case you are not fully satisfied by the features offered in the plans mentioned above or want more in terms of numbers (search queries, advertiser searches, etc.).

PiPiADS logo

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#2 Admego


Getting at the top with the top 3 TikTok Ads Spy tools, Admego is a specialized TikTok ad library and insight tool that is expertly curated to provide high-quality data and insights for businesses looking to grow their presence on TikTok. Unlike other ad libraries and ad spy tools, Admego simplifies data, making it easy to understand and utilize for your business needs.

Admego stands out in the crowded market of ad spying tools with its unique features and user-friendly interface. In addition to all this what makes Admego even better is the Admego free trial without any credit card details required, this makes it easier for users to explore the features offered by Admego without indulging into any financial commitment.

Admego offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool for businesses:

  • Admego provides high-quality data, ensuring you have the most accurate and useful information at your disposal.
  • You can perform unlimited searches, allowing you to explore as many ads as you need.
  • If the ad you are looking for is not available, Admego will fetch it for you.
  • Admego offers product ranking, helping you understand which products are performing well.
  • The platform is designed with a modern user interface, making it easy and efficient to use.

Admego Pricing Plans

Admego Pricing Plans

Admego offers three pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

  • Basic Plan: This is a free plan designed for beginners. It offers 10 ad searches per day, 5 ad views per day, and 5 winning products per day. It also includes email support.
  • Creator Plan: Priced at $37 per month, this plan is designed for users making $500+ per month. It offers unlimited ad searches, ad views, and winning products. It also includes live chat support.
  • Pro Plan: Priced at $67 per month, this plan is tailored for professionals making $2000+ per month. It offers everything in the Creator plan, plus priority support, access to new features, and data & feature requests. It allows for 1-5 seats.
Admego Logo

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#3 Anstrex Instream

Anstrex Instream

Anstrex InStream, securing a commendable position as the second-best TikTok Ads Spy Tool, is a superior ad intelligence tool that offers extensive insights into in-stream video ads, particularly on TikTok. Showing statistics with over 5 million ads, spanning 32 platforms, 156,000+ advertisers, and 58 countries.

Anstrex InStream offers a comprehensive perspective of in-stream video ads, especially on TikTok, a platform that is experiencing rapid growth with a highly targeted demographic. It also provides access to top-converting landing pages, giving users a competitive advantage. The tool is currently free during its beta phase, presenting a great opportunity for marketers to explore its features. Some of the features offered by Anstrex Instream include:

  • Tracks thousands of native and push advertising campaigns.
  • Focuses on in-stream ads on TikTok, offering a large user base with highly precise demographic targeting.
  • Anstrex Instream delivers ads that are relevant to e-commerce and mobile app/games verticals.
  • Provides access to top-converting landing pages.
  • Free to use during its beta phase.

Anstrex Instream Pricing

Anstrex Instream Pricing

Anstrex Instream costs around $69/mo/user and gives access to all the TikTok Adspying features and tools.

#4 BigSpy | Tiktok Ads Spy Tool that works on Multiple Social Platforms

BigSpy Review

BigSpy is a TikTok Ads spy tool that allows marketers, dropshippers, eCom sellers, etc. to search for various ads that are running across a certain social media platform. Its database includes a lot of ads of all sorts. BigSpy is often referred to as one of the ad spying tools with an ad database with the greatest number of ads. The tracking can be performed based on certain parameters including conversion rates and competitors' ad traffic.

In addition to functioning on TikTok, BigSpy works on a variety of websites including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many others. The functions and pricing of BigSpy's ad spying tool are comparable to those of other tools with a wide range of platforms. Bigspy offers a set of certain features that can help you with:

  • Getting Ad Ideas for your Ad campaigns
  • Running analyses on Playable Ads
  • Analyzing the ongoing trends in the market
  • Have a Huge Database of 1 Billion+ Ad
  • Includes trending ads which can be filtered using advanced filter options.

BigSpy Pricing Plans

BigSpy Pricing Plan

BigSpy offers 3 different pricing plans which are tailored based on the Basic, Pro, and VIP Enterprise Plans.

  • Bigspy Basic Plan: The BigSpy Basic Plan costs around $9/month and gives access to switch industries for 3/month for Facebook & Instagram, with 20 queries per day, 25 tracking ads, 25 downloads, and many more.
  • Bigspy Pro Plan: The BigSpy Pro Plan costs $99/month and gives access to all the features like searching unlimited queries with ads tracking of 250 ads daily with 250 downloads, unlimited search filtering, limited features ads, and ad ideas with online support.
  • Bigspy VIP Enterprise Plan: The BigSpy VIP Enterprise Plan costs $3600+/year, the VIP Enterprise plan gives you access to all the features offered by other plans. In addition to all this, all the features that were limited in the other plans are now unlimited, the VIP enterprise plan also gives you access to Unlimited equipment, online support, multi-account sales, and Special team support.

#5 Minea

Minea Reviews

Minea is an ad spy tool that works on TikTok as well as other social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Using Minea as an ad analysis tool, you can therefore monitor ads on multiple platforms and achieve a better level of reach and content production.

The clean user interface along with multiple features make Minea a good-to-go choice overall. Minea offers its features to search for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tiktok. If we look into the TikTok perspective, Minea has been a popular choice among marketers, dropshippers, and ecom sellers. Following are the pricing plans offered by Minea.

Minea Pricing Plans

Minea Pricing Plans
  • Minea Lite Plan: Minea offers a Lite Plan that costs €0 and gives access to research credits of 250 while being able to perform all the operations over Facebook ads, Influencer placements, Snapchat ads, advanced filters, and a chrome extension. So, the Minea Lite Plan is basically a free plan that can be of great use to new users who tend to explore the features offered by Minea.
  • Minea Starter Plan: The Minea Starter Plan costs around €49/month and gives access to 10000 research credits, Facebook ads, influencer placements, Snapchat ads, advanced filters, chrome extension, details of ads, and placement are some of the features offered in the starter plan.
  • Minea Premium Plan: Minea Premium Plan costs around €99/month and gives 100,000 research credits along with all the features that were offered in the starter plan, in addition to that, the Minea Premium Plan also gives access to some additional features such as Shop analysis, Pinterest ads, and TikTok Ads. The Premium plan offered by Minea is the best/highest-tier plan.
Minea logo

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#6 Dropispy | No.1 Dropshipping Ads Database

Dropispy Reviews

Dropispy has been one of the earliest ad spy tools in the market, Dropsipy offers some excellent features in terms of giving a detailed analysis of the ads campaigns that are being listed on Social platforms like Facebook, currently, Dropispy is operational only over Facebook, and do not perform ad campaigns analysis over TikTok or other social media campaigns. Some of the key features offered by Dropispy include:

  • Huge database of ads and eCommerce ads, Dropipsy has a database of 50M+ ads and is updated on regular basis.
  • Find Trending products, Dropispy offers this feature to make your way around products and ads that are performing great in terms of ads campaigns backed with other important data.
  • Advanced Filters offered by Dropispy can be really helpful in performing a very targeted ads analysis since these filters can be of great use for dropshippers and marketers in terms of geo-location-based targeting performing ad analysis under certain categories.

Dropispy Pricing Plans

Dropispy Pricing Plans

Dropispy offers 3 different pricing plans including the free plan, the plans are as follows:

  • Dropispy Free Plan: The Dropispy free plan offers unlimited credits per month but with only basic filters, and unlimited downloads. Whereas features like advanced filters, access to the shop spy tool, and recent ads are not available in the free plan.
  • Dropispy Premium Plan: The Dropispy premium plan costs $29.90/month and gives access to 150,000 credits/month, where the free plan was offering limited features, the Dropispy premium plan gives access to features like access ad spy tool, basic filters, unlimited downloads, advanced filters, access to shop spy tool and recent ads.
  • Dropispy Business Plan: The Dropispy Business plan costs $249.90/month and gives 1,800,000 credits per month along with all the features, both basic and premium features. The Business plan can be an excellent choice for dropshippers, ecom sellers, and marketers that have a big business or have a team.


AdWins Reviews

AdWins can be considered among some of the latest TikTok ad spy tools in the market. Well, it is worth mentioning that AdWins have got huge data in terms of ads library, these include 10 million TikTok ads for performing an in-depth analysis over dropshippers. The tool is comparatively new but offers a clean interface along with a huge database of video ads running over TikTok. Here are some of the features offered by AdWin:

  • Advanced filters, such as Tiktok Ads spying tool, AdWin offers some excellent services for performing an in-depth analysis of the available ads, you can perform your search based on categories like Ecom, App, and Games. Other filter options are further subdivided into Basic, Advanced, and Last seen. You can also perform a search based on certain parameters like keywords, advertiser name, domain URL, and ad text.
  • Users can look for promoted goods, which basically lets you getting along with data such as Goods, Price, Number of ads running over that certain goods, ad impressions, popularity, Like rate, duration, and latest ads on that certain ad.
  • Advertiser section, you can search for advertiser section which lets you search over basic filter options including the country, ecom platform, and the number of ads. Whereas you can look into some other info as well such as advertiser name, Impression, popularity, duration, time period, newest ads, and an option to save the ad running.

AdWin Pricing Plans

AdWins Pricing Plans

AdWin offers 3 different pricing plans including the Basic, Pro, and Team Plan. The plans are as follows:

  • AdWin Basic Plan: The AdWin basic plan costs around $49/month with 200 ads/advertisers per query, viewing 50 ad details per day, 50 advertiser details per day, 1 user login, etc. For small-scale business owners or solopreneurs, AdWin Basic Plan will be an excellent choice to move on with.
  • AdWin Pro Plan: The AdWin Pro Plan costs $99/month along with 1000 ads /advertisers per query and 200 ad details per day, the Pro Plan also gives access to viewing 200 advertiser details and 200 promoted good detail per day and 1 user login.
  • Team Plan: AdWin also offers a team plan which costs around $169/month, and gives access to 3000 ads/advertisers per query, and viewing 1000 ad details per day. You can also view 1000 advertiser details per day, 1000 promoted goods, and 5 user logins.

#8 PowerAdSpy | A Powerful Adspy Tool for All

PowerAdSpy Reviews

Poweradspy has emerged as a popular choice among affiliates, but not only does it offer its services for affiliates but can be used by ecom sellers, dropshippers and marketers. PowerAdSpy has been a powerful choice as it can perform operations over multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Google ads, Pinterest, Reddit, Quora, and much more. The easy-to-use interface can be considered among some of the key features that PowerAdSpy has to offer.

PowerAdSpy Pricing Plans

PowerAdSpy Pricing

Poweradspy offers 7 different pricing plans if we include the PowerAdSpy free plan. Following are the plans offered by Poweradspy:

  • Poweradspy Free Plan: Costs $0 and gives 100 Searches/1000 Ads for 10 Days
  • Poweradspy Basic Plan: Costs $49/month while giving access to platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.
  • Poweradspy Standard Plan: Costs $99/month while giving access to platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • Poweradspy Premium Plan: Costs $149/month while giving access to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest.
  • Poweradspy Platinum Plan: Costs $249/month while giving access to Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, Youtube, and Pinterest.
  • Poweradspy Titanium Plan: Costs $299/month while giving access to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Pinterest, Quora, Native Ads, and Reddit.
  • Poweradspy Palladium Plan: Costs $349/month while giving access to Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Reddit, Quora, Google Ads, and Pinterest.

Top FAQs on Best Tiktok Ads Spy Tools

How can I see other people's TikTok ads?

You can use multiple TikTok ads spy tools like PiPiADS. Well, these tools offer an in-depth analysis of important parameters such as ad impressions, like rate, geo locations, and much more.

Why using a TikTok Adspy Tool can be helpful for your business?

TikTok ad spy tools basically work on running an in-depth analysis over based on some important parameters, such as the locations, time duration of ads (overall time since the ad live), ad spend, and much more. This as an end result can help in making better marketing strategies, etc.

How does the TikTok algo works?

TikTok algorithm works on certain parameters including user interactions, likes, shares, the account follows, and other similar things. In addition to that, other factors can also affect Tiktok videos but, the above-mentioned are the important ones.

Are TikTok ads profitable?

Yes, Tiktok ads are profitable as these short-form videos are meant for better engagement, you can use these ads to work accordingly for your business, marketing, and other similar operations. In addition to that, if you look into the organic growth, you can come across other perks as well including collabs, sponsored deals, etc.

Best TikTok Adspy Tool for Amazon Sellers | Hunt for the Best

As mentioned before the TikTok ad spy tools can be really helpful for dropshippers, marketers, ecom sellers, and social media influencers. The list of Best TikTok ad spy tools that I have mentioned above is based on certain parameters such as intellectual filtering, search tools in it, the user interface, and the ease of searching for hot-selling products.

The best tool so far that I have used is PiPiADS, the easy to use interface with advanced filter options can be considered among the biggest pros of using PiPiADS, in addition to all that, what really makes PiPiADS a standalone TikTok ad spy tool from others is the Etsy product and advertiser search and analysis.

Other than that, the tools that are mentioned above are all listed in the terms of the parameters that can be really helpful for Amazon sellers, dropshippers, marketers, and social media influencers.

Hopefully, this article on the best TikTok ad spy tools has cleared some of the common questions that you might be dealing with, in addition to that, most of these tools offer a free trial or a $1 trial so, in order to get the perfect ad spy tool for you, I would highly recommend you to try the ones you feel like trying.

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