Are you an Amazon seller wondering whether ChatGPT can be a right thing for you? Well, the answer is a big YES, and in this ChatGPT for Amazon Sellers master guide, we will walk you through some amazing tips and tricks, stay hooked till the end! (And stay ready for some surprises)

Amazon marketplace is making drastic changes every month – and the core reasons behind this are customer demands and market trends. Customers now are more aware than ever, infact, they know their rights better, and the alternatives even more better. If one specific seller is not able to match their needs, and are offering cheap products, they now have the option to stick to other sellers.

Isn't this a scary thing for sellers?

It definitely is, but also not – if the seller knows how to make the most out of the technology available out there.

And since we are now talking about technology, how can we miss AI? and how can we even miss ChatGPT?

Launched very recently in the market, ChatGPT is a NLP model developed by OpenAI (The AI masters). The tool works on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer architecture, and is thus highly capable of having conversations with humans in a human-like manner.

But why are we talking about ChatGPT here?

The whole Amazon selling game is speed based, the faster the seller is able to meet customer demands, the quicker it will reach at the top. And ChatGPT, being an awesome AI tool can minimize the time spent on unwanted or least important tasks. Read out this ChatGPT for Amazon sellers article till the end to explore how you can best integrate the AI into your selling operations, for more profits.

How does ChatGPT work?


In simpler words, whenever a user adds any text as a prompt, the tool analyzes the input. It further generates a response based on the pattern of words it has analyzed. For example, if I asked the tool what should be my meal plan for the next month, the tool will generate information based on the words I have added in the prompt. It will learn the whole context of the statement, and will pick up just the best words that will satisfy the prompt.

Since the tool is based on the deep learning model, the words generated are highly human-like. In fact, the deep learning model itself is trained on a large corpus of data. Thus whatever output ChatGPT shares is from whatever it has learned from its training data – books, webpages, and other written sources across the globe.

From its launch date itself, ChatGPT is improving every day. The conversational abilities of the tool are a lot better now as compared to the day it was launched (back in November 2022).

Should Amazon Sellers use ChatGPT for their Operations?

With such an awesome conversational ability and data extraction capabilities, the question that might next come into your mind is – can Amazon sellers use ChatGPT? The answer is yes!

Reason being, for now the tool is absolutely available for free, and it will be free in the coming days as well. Next, the tool offers more relevant and exact solutions to the questions asked, hence, can be your personal AI assistant as well.

ChatGPT for Amazon Sellers: 8+ ways to rock the game!

As mentioned previously, ChatGPT is a goldmine all available for free. By befriending it, you can literally grab the best information. But – you must know your way out. Even for the tool to give you the right information, you must know what must be the right query to ask. That being said, here is a list of prompts you can give ChatGPT as an Amazon seller to excel your selling game (FOR FREE)!

#1 Make new product listings for me (enter the product name)

Out of so many amazing capabilities, the one capability of ChatGPT we loved the most is – it understands any prompt given really well. Now, coming to Amazon sellers, to sell anything on Amazon they need to create a listing first (from scratch). The listing creation part is actually the third step, the first and second ones are – product research and keyword research.

With ChatGPT, you can literally cut off the keyword research part. Reason being, once you enter the above given prompt along with the prompt name, the tool will automatically share a title that you can use in your listing.

You can even ask ChatGPT to create bullet points for the product, followed by descriptions. To make sure the output is accurate enough, always highlight the important features of the tool in the prompt itself for ChatGPT to read.

Also, remember that Amazon is quite strict with character counts when it comes to product listings. You must ask ChatGPT to write titles and descriptions under the specific character count. But since we have used ChatGPT for ourselves, we noticed that the tool still lacks this character count capability, so always make sure to count the keywords before using it all in the listing.

Pro Tip: To get a more optimized listing, ask ChatGPT to follow Amazon's listing formatting requirements, and it will obey you like a disciplined student (for real).

#2 Optimize my listing, take reference from the best Amazon listings

Now, the above scenario was for those who have recently stepped into the Amazon marketplace and are unaware about the know hows. But if you are someone who is already selling a plethora of stuff on Amazon, ChatGPT can be a real game changer for you. Because above it was making a listing with no actual reference, but here the tool will get a real reference as a prompt, hence better output.

Just pick out a few of your Amazon listings, paste it in the query box, and ask the tool to optimize it. You can add high ranking keywords in the query box for the tool to add it to the listing. Or you can even ask ChatGPT to pick the best keywords according to the listing and optimize it all over from scratch.

Pro Tip: Make sure to do keyword research to get high-volume keywords, you can always use Helium 10 and Jungle Scout keyword research tools. The more you will stuff high ranking keywords, the better the optimized listing ChatGPT will give you.

#3 Give me some relevant brand name ideas

Are you someone who is still stuck with what exactly you can name your idea out? Well, with so many awesome brands around with some great names, picking the unpicked yet the great one, can be a real difficult task. But not with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT can actually brainstorm some best, unpicked brand names for your Amazon white label business setup. You simply have to enter the above prompt along with the niche you are working into. For example, if you are thinking of running some cat products on Amazon, you can reframe the prompt as – Give me some relevant brand name ideas for selling cat products on Amazon.

Make sure to add the number of variations as well, for example Give me 10 relevant brand name ideas for selling cat products on Amazon. In this way, the tool will offer you ten unique names, followed by a reason why you should use it as your brand name.

And just after the tool has listed out the names, always do a reverse research on google to stay safe. If the name is yet not picked by anyone, you are all set to go!

Pro Tip: While searching for relevant brand names on ChatGPT for Amazon, always mention the type of product you will be selling, and make sure to describe your business in a statement or two – the outputs hence shared will resonate with your brand tone really well.

#4 Find micro-influencers for my brand

Now that you explored how quickly you can create Amazon listings with ChatGPT, and brainstorm brand name ideas, next comes the real step – marketing. That being said, Influencer marketing is at its peak now, and there are thousands and billions of influencers out there. While macro influencers are on an expensive side, micro influencers are really affordable, and they can give the best ROIs.

So, with ChatGPT you can quickly find micro-influencers/creators from across different social media platforms. You simply have to enter the above given prompt along with your brand name (or the niche you will be working in). If you have specific requirements, like a specific social media platform or the number of followers, make sure to mention that as well.

After hitting the generate button, you will see that ChatGPT has literally listed out the names of the influencers, along with their follower count. The tool will even list out the type of photos/videos these influencers share on the social media platform quite often.

Pro Tip: Once you have found the right influencer for your brand, instantly generate an outreach message through ChatGPT.

#5 Write professional emails for my product suppliers

Creating professional emails from scratch is quite a daunting task, because any friendly tone that goes here and there can actually make or break your contract. Surprisingly, this won't be the case if you use ChatGPT. The tool will literally write professional emails from scratch, by cutting off the unwanted words, and using just the precise ones.

You simply have to enter the right details, for example if you want to place an order for a specific product with specific variations, make sure to add it all in the prompt. You can add the contract details as well for the tool to analyze the situation really well. The tool will thus draft an awesome email within seconds, do the required edits, and send it to your supplier!

#6 Write an email for a listing hijacker who has hijacked my Amazon listing

Listing hijacking is one among multiple serious issues several Amazon sellers face in their selling journey. And listing hijacking often happens to sellers who own the exclusive Amazon buy box feature. What hijackers do is, they try to scrape the listing and sell the same product at a lower price – not the same, but an exact replica, to rank higher.

All thanks to amazing Amazon automation tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, these tools notify sellers instantly whenever any hijacker tries hijacking the listing.

Now, with the help of ChatGPT you can instantly draft a message to that hijacker letting them know that you have spotted the wrong doings. By keeping the tone of the email formal, you can even warn the hijacker about what all actions Amazon might take once you will report the seller.

#7 Write a customer support email (enter the situation)

Customer loyalty can make or break a brand on Amazon. If the customer is loyal enough and trusts the brand a lot, it can bring in a lot of repeat business. And for this Amazon offers every seller best customer support service. But what if we say that by doing just a bit more, you can grab more sales from customers?

Yes, you heard that right!

Amazon surely does the customer support service the best way, but with ChatGPT you can turn the best to awesome. Simply ask the AI tool to draft a personalized response to the customer's query. You can even let the tool know what should be the tone or voice of the email. For example, if the customer is demanding a replacement because he/she received a broken product, you can ask the tool to write an email that is full of empathy.

For better outputs, you can even share the experiences and reaction of the customer's to the tool. ChatGPT will thus understand the situation better, and will draft an email that aligns with the problem professionally.

#8 Create social media posts for my brand (enter the platform name)

Social media marketing takes a lot of energy and creativity if you are a solopreneur managing all your things on your own. But if used ChatGPT, the tool can really be your free social media copywriter. From generating content ideas for Amazon product promotion, to actually writing a post or a caption for scratch – ChatGPT can literally do everything for you.

Simply enter the above given prompt, mention your brand name, any discounts you are offering, and your target audience. The tool will instantly share multiple social media posts and caption variations. If you want hashtags for your posts, you can ask the tool that as well.

Always remember to enter the platform on which you will be posting the photo or captions. Because the tool will draft the content piece accordingly, for example if it's for Facebook it'll keep the caption short and post content more creative, and if it's LinkedIn the tool will give more emphasis to caption content.

Pro Tip: To get better outputs, always enter the tone and target audience of your brand. The more detailed the prompt will be, the more clear and ready to publish the output!

#9 Tell me the pros and cons of the product (copy paste the reviews from your competitors site)

Did you know that ChatGPT can actually do competitor research for Amazon sellers? Yes, you got that right. By simply pasting the reviews your competitors might have received on their products, you can analyze what their customers are liking more, and where exactly the competitor is lagging behind.

For example, if your competitor is selling cat products, copy paste all the reviews the competitor might have received and ask the tool to come up with the pros and cons of the product by taking the reviews as reference.

Understanding what to sell on Amazon is still a tedious task, but ChatGPT can ease your product research part much. For example, we asked the tool to identify new Amazon product trends for our brand. Even though the tool wasn't able to share real-time data, it did share a few methods. Now, these methods can really be a game-changer in a seller's life who is unsure about how he can do product research.

The tool asked the seller to check out the Amazon best sellers list for the specific category. It even asked the seller to read out the customer reviews, use social media for popularity research, and perform competitor analysis – we were honestly quite amazed with the output. 

Pro Tip: The ChatGPT free version comes with extreme limitations, you can always stick to ChatGPT paid plan to perform product research, or use the extension to get real-time information.

Is ChatGPT reliable enough for Amazon Sellers?

Now that we have explored what ChatGPT is really capable of for Amazon sellers, we can undoubtedly say that this tool can be of great help. Any seller can brainstorm exciting product ideas, build their listing from scratch, optimize existing listings, and even pass off the marketing burden to the AI. If used properly, CHATGPT can really reduce a major chunk of the seller's overall business operating cost.

But when it comes to reliability, we are still unsure whether the details offered by ChatGPT are relevant and authentic enough. Because at the end of the day, the tool is simply an AI chatbot that offers human-like solutions to the questions asked.

When it comes to Amazon, the marketplace is making drastic shifts every minute. To compete in the market it is essential to stick to the data that is authentic, and not the ones that are just too general. Amazon seller tools like Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are popular for their data extraction capabilities, these tools scrape data from Amazon in real-time for you to ace the selling game.

Top FAQs on ChatGPT for Amazon Sellers

Can Amazon sellers use ChatGPT?

Yes, Amazon sellers must use ChatGPT for their important business operations like create listing, brainstorming ideas, and social media marketing.

How to use ChatGPT to boost sales on Amazon?

You can create listings, do product research, create social media posts, write professional emails through ChatGPT to boost Amazon sales.

Can I extract real time Amazon data through ChatGPT?

No, ChatGPT is an AI powered chatbot and it does not have access to any real-time Amazon marketplace information.

What are the best ChatGPT alternatives for Amazon Sellers?

The best ChatGPT alternatives for Amazon Sellers are Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Conclusion: Should Amazon Sellers give ChatGPT a try?

The answer is – it's your choice!

As an AI model, ChatGPT does not have access to any specific Amazon marketplace data. If you are new to the Amazon selling arena, ChatGPT can do literal wonders for you. But if you are someone who is in search of precise information, and just want to take data-backed actions – simply stick to the best Amazon seller tools out there.

Here are the best Amazon seller tools for easing out your selling operations

1.Helium 10
2.Jungle Scout
3.Viral Launch

However, in this ChatGPT for Amazon sellers post, we have made sure to give you enough prompts that you can use as a seller. Make sure to use any of the prompts above, and if you have enough time, try having some good conversation with ChatGPT. It will literally take off the heavy burdens of marketing and SEO from your shoulders. And, know that the tool is still learning, still evolving, so let's wait for what's in the future!

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