This article is all about DataHawkReview, which is going to deliver all the critical insights about this fantastic Amazon tool.

DataHawk, as the name goes, is a tool that presents data to Amazon Sellers in easy and fully customizable KPIs and dashboards, which are much different than the traditional reporting and simplifies the data as well through which they can simplify their data management and workflow make their business even more productive.

After all, Amazon Sellers do require data at the forefront about all their business metrics through which they can make better-informed decisions and also improve their sales.

Data Analytics play a vital role for Amazon Sellers as they can track their keywords, know about BSR rank, and many other actionable insights which are going to help their business grow and fetch them more revenue.

But how does DataHawk stand in all of this? Let's check out more in our DataHawk Review.

What is DataHawk? DataHawk Review at a Glance

Datahawk Reviews

As explained earlier, the DataHawk is an analytics tool that provides actionable and key insights to Amazon and Walmart sellers through which they can know about how their business is performing and which things to improve on.

The tool measures and monitors the performance of the product and its finances and advertising all in one place. It has automated the entire process of data collection, and you can access it from numerous BI tools or managed cloud services within seconds.

DataHawk also has got an AI assistant which allows you to find the needle in the haystack through which you can optimize and improve your sales. It allows you to monitor product rankings and performance, do product research, analyze market data and competition data and much more.

This fantastic SaaS analytics tool has many users from all over the globe as it supports many of the major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and eBay. It allows you to measure your performance baseline, where you can evaluate visibility and search performance. The tool also provides you with better insights into your sales and advertising data.

DataHawk has also streamlined the process of data collection as it helps in storing, exporting and even visualizing data which can save you time that can go into collecting data. You can easily export this data and then access it in a managed cloud warehouse.

It also offers quick alerts and recommendations through which you can stay alert and prevent loss in revenues. Moreover, it offers unique AI alerts which can give you a competitive edge and even detects anaolmize, if any!

So how does DataHawk offer so much? Well, let's know more in our next section

Key Features of DataHawk | What does DataHawk Offer?

In this section, we are going to talk more in-depth about the various features offered by DataHawk.

#1 Reports and Data Automation

The first and foremost feature of DataHawk provides you with Amazon and Walmart Data Reports which you can easily generate or even schedule data exports into spreadsheets or PDF sheets format. Through these reports, you can get detailed reports on all your Amazon and Walmart products, Keywords, Finance, BSR, and even advertising data.

The tool provides you with over 30 types of reports through which you can analyze almost everything and measure and improve your performance. You can schedule this task as well and get timely updates about key metrics of your business. For advanced analytics, you will have to purchase the Analysis Credits through your account's subscription and billing page.

What do DataHawk Reports and Data Automation help you with?

  • You can track search results data and know keyword competitiveness.
  • You can even know organic keyword ranking and search performance.
  • It will also allow you to evaluate advertising performance and campaign efficacy.
  • You can check out the market share and competitive dynamics of products.
  • Last but not least, you can even access keyword recommendations and boost your SEO performance.

#2 Database Tables

DataHawk is a unified Data Platform for Amazon and Walmart, which has powerful features that automatically collect and consolidates accurate data and presents it into easy-to-understand tables. Its technology allows it to extract and ingest massive amounts of data, that too for multiple APIs and publicly-available data. For this, the tool has an automatic data collection and storage feature that can store all your e-commerce data.

You also get access to dozens of structured and easy-to-use tables and datasets covering numerous metrics regularly stored and quickly getting them delivered to your centralized managed database. This maximizes the data coverage and prevents any data loss as well.

The tool will offer you easy-to-understand and normalized data with Pre-Modeled and Enriched Tables to help you understand better. Moreover, this database offered by DataHawk is going to add more value to scalable, automated data collections. It unlocks the ability to build advanced custom dashboarding if you integrate it with any BI tool.

#3 Keyword Rank Tracker

Who does not want to track keywords that boost their business performance? And with DataHawk, this work simply isn't problematic at all, as the tool will provide you with the latest data you require to monitor and improve the visibility of your products to bring in more sales.

DataHawk allows you to monitor organic and sponsored keyword ranks, which can improve your SEO performance and enable smooth Amazon rank tracking. You can check out historical keyword ranking for any product and then benchmark your performance against your competitors to know where you stand. You can have the edge over competitors as it provides you to Optimize Your Product Listings.

The DataHawk's Rank Tracker Tool for Amazon will enhance your ACoS and make you profitable sales and boost your organic rank by finding the top keywords. Moreover, the tool also allows you to gain valuable insights into the A9 algorithm through which you can crack the correlation between sales, listing changes and advertising efforts by decoding Amazon's A9 search algorithm.

#4 Sales Rank Tracker

With this feature, you can monitor the sales performance of Walmart and Amazon products by tracking daily changes in sales rank or BSR. You can find and track the top-performing brands and then, with the help of a line graph visualization, study more about the product sale's rank average and changes occurring over a time period. Through this assessment, you can find the daily sales velocity and then correlate it with your sales rank and understand how listing changes have an impact on your ranking.

You can also export or schedule “Amazon Top 100 Selling Products” reports for various categories and subcategories to know about critical metrics like ASIN, Review, Rating, Price, and Prime Status. Plus, it allows you to check out historical BSR data to learn more about the trends and patterns for Amazon or Walmart, through which you can analyze how sales are impacting your sales ranking. You can even compare the sales rank of their products to similar products on Amazon to know where your products stand. With Real-time Sales Rank Alerts, you can track the drop out of the Top 10 BSR or when a product's BSR reaches a specific value.

#4 Keyword Research Tools

This is among the most sort after features in any Amazon Selling tool. And here as well, DataHawk does not disappoint you as it provides you with the best in class optimization features you need to find the most profitable keywords for your Amazon Business.

The DataHawk Keyword Research tool provides you with more data-drive Keyword research through which you can find the keywords which can increase your organic ranking of the Product. Plus, it also helps in enhancing the SEO by using the Product ASINs to monitor the usage of the keywords across your niche and then target them. In short, with the keywords offered by this tool, you can increase the visibility of your Amazon products.

It will also enhance and strengthen your PPC strategy by providing you with all the relevant keywords before you bid for them to ensure a productive ad strategy. You can also take the help of AI-generate difficulty scores to find the keyword efficacy and analyze their search volume, price and more.

#5 Listing Optimization Tools 

Another most sorted-after feature is Listing Optimization, and here as well, DataHawk has got you covered! So with the DataHawk's Listing Optimization tool, you can optimize your product listings and increase their visibility to boost your sales and organic traffic.

For this, DataHawk offers you a Listing analysis dashboard along with an AI-generated listing quality score. With this tool, you can optimize all the critical aspects of your Amazon or Walmart Product listings by generating a Listing score and finding out customer search history data. It will help you to monitor the rankings of your listings and improve upon the weaker areas of your Listing through the quality score. It will also dispense premium keyword reports to have the edge over your competitor's listings.

The tool will also help you to check out how the product listings perform over time by offering you personalized recommendations which are totally dependent on the Listing and optimizing it. The Listing Quality Score will aid in receiving suggestions on how you can optimize the content of your Amazon product listings.

#6 Amazon ASIN Tracker

Forget the days of spending hours collecting data from Amazon Seller Central, as DataHawk is here to provide you automatically all you need in one single place.

It will notify about the minute changes in any product's title, image, bullet points, or description. Along with this, it will also protect you from hijacking alerts from unauthorized sellers who try to steal your product version. Moreover, it also offers you a review alert feature where you can respond to negative or poor reviews immediately and protect your business reputation and even build it.

You can have proper Product Analytics with DataHawk, as it can track changes in price, ratings, bestseller ranks and other metrics over a period of time. You can also track the product ranking of an ASIN across different categories with its Sales Rank Tracker. It also has a feature where you can learn more about Historical Buy Box winners, and this can help you to determine your strategy and maximize your chances of winning it!

The real-time actionable insights offered by DataHawk are going to help you track and optimize the product changes and also aid in real-time reporting of sales growth generated by various ASINs. It will offer you the latest and most up-to-date information about your product listings.

#7 Buy Box Tracker

Ultimately your goal as an Amazon Seller is to win the buy box, and DataHawk help you do exactly that. It allows you to track changes for any ASIN's Buy Box winner on Amazon or Walmart. It will provide you with a list of the Buy Box Seller list, the win rate per seller and price variance quickly.

This information can allow you to track the number of sellers competing for and winning the Buy Box and a more accurate manner. Plus, you can also track the price variance and know how pricing has evolved for a particular product which can help you find the difference between your expected costs and actual costs.

You can also track the current Buy Box owners along with the previous owners and know more about the tactics they have used to win it. You get to know the Win rate as well as you can identify the Buy Box winner over a select period of time to know more about their pricing strategies.

#8 Profit and Loss Tracker

This, we would say, is a must-have feature for any analytics tool. And with Datahaw's Profit and Loss Tracking, you can check out your sales performance by analyzing your Amazon sales, costs and also profitability.

It comes with a separate profit & loss dashboard through which you can track your revenues and expenses by finding which of your financial actions are yielding greater results and driving consistent profits.

When you track daily changes through DataHawk, you can know your sales metrics better and a lot easier by analyzing sales data in intuitive dashboards through which you can assess the profitability of your products and find which ones to improve on.

Even it helps in managing your business as you can check out your product sales and get a historical overview of your financial KPIs right on your dashboard to check out the top 10 selling products which contribute significantly to your overall business growth.

You can further export this business data and export to your business tools to have a greater and more in-depth analysis of your data trends and understand more about them.

#9 Best Sellers Rank Browser

This is a unique feature by DataHawk that lets you monitor and analyze market dynamics along with browsing the top 100 Selling products on Amazon over 20,000 categories and optimize your sales rank and Amazon Best Seller Rank.

It allows you to Browse the Best Selling products through which you can know about how products rank in various categories with real-time data such as sales rank, competitiveness, reviews and a whole lot more. It even allows you to find the market dynamics of top sellers, and then you can evaluate their performance and implicate the same in yours to improve your product sales.

You can also analyze Historical BSR data and collect this information about product titles, number of customer ratings, and average ratings for the top 100 selling products in every category on Amazon and Walmart.

#10 Product Alerting Tool

This feature will keep you updated with the latest information about the products you have in your inventory and also know about the changes happening in your listings. The tool provides you with customizable alerts that are designed to provide you with a competitive edge and maximize your productivity.

DataHawk offers Customizable Alerts to Monitor Amazon or Walmart Product Activity through which you can take active and reactive alert measures to address any susceptible changes timely. Following are the Product Alerts offered by DataHawk:

  • Product Listing Alerts
  • Sales Rank Alerts
  • Price Change Alerts
  • Out-of-Stock Alerts
  • Buy Box Alerts
  • Sellers Alerts
  • Rating Alerts
  • Hijacker Alerts

You can even personalize your alerts where you can schedule your alerts depending on the customs rules or various triggers set by you on a product to track and respond to them. Also, with the Rating Alerts, you can safeguard your brand reputation.

#11 Hijacker Alerting Tool

This feature from DataHawk is going to protect your Amazon and Walmart listings from hijacking as it sends you instant alerts when your software detects any suspicious activity. 

DataHawk Hijacker Alert will monitor your listings 24/7 and it scans millions of data points through which you can know about any of the other sellers who offer counterfeit versions of your product on your listing. The tool will instantly notify you about when you lose the Buy Box as well. 

You will be also notified about when a new seller hijacks the Buy Box and you can also know about how they win it. You can also respond to these concerns timely which can save your sales as well. 

#12 Review Alerts 

This tool will help you to safeguard your business reputation and increase the number of positive reviews you get. DataHawk Review alerts will offer you real-time alerts about any review variations and also monitor your private label product reviews 24/7.

It will also allow you to track the evolution of your Product listing Reviews and then correlate the data with your sales growth to make your Best Seller Rank better. Here as well, you have the option of customizable reports where you can schedule alerts and get an email notification about any bad reviews.

With this Review Tracker feature, you can track reviews of your listing in real-time and optimize your business performance. It will also aid in increasing your positive product reviews, and you can check out the key areas to improve upon.

#13 Sales Estimator Tool 

DataHawk claims to offer the most accurate Amazon Sales Estimator Tool, which can estimate the units sold and sales made. It can offer this data for any Amazon product during the last 30 days with its AI-computed Amazon Sales Estimation Tool.

Through this tool, you can predict your sales estimates better and know how the top-selling products perform. It will allow you to make every sale count by letting you know which SKUs to focus on and how many units you need to produce.

It provides its estimation based on Amazon Sales Rank for any product within the top 100 Bestsellers of any Amazon category. It even offers Sales estimates based on Amazon Reviews through which you can know more about your product evolution.

DataHawk Pricing Plans – How much does DataHawk Costs?

Datahawk Pricing

DataHawk works on a Freemium model where you get a Free plan with limited functionalities which you can easily use for a lifetime. For the paid plans, you will have to avail yourself of their pricing plans.

DataHawk has not disclosed its pricing plans.

  • The DataHawk pricing is based on annual subscription costs, and then the cost is broken down into a fixed software platform free, along with the cost of the customizable credit.
  • It has requested users to sign up for a demo and know its pricing plans.

Which Business Intelligence tools does DataHawk Integrate?

Power BIGoogle Sheets
SnowflakeMicrosoft Excel
Data StudioMetabase
Adobe CampaignQlik
AlteryxAcryl Data
Azure Data FactoryTableau
Ab InitioAmazon QuickSight

Top Alternatives of DataHawk

#1 Jungle Scout | DataHawk Vs Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a premier Amazon Tool that is known for its accuracy. The tool offers more robust insights to sellers, which they can leverage on and make better-informed decisions. When you compare DataHawk with Jungle Scout, the latter holds a stronger hold than the former because of the following key aspects:

  • DataHawk is more of a tool that offers you data, whereas Jungle Scout is a tool that gives you key metrics along with the solution for those issues which are hard to find. By incorporating Jungle Scout and leveraging its accuracy, you can take your business to a whole new level.
  • Jungle Scout also helps you with its Inventory Management Solutions which you don't get in DataHawk.
  • You have a robust Jungle Scout Chrome Extension through which you can successfully carry out the day-to-day activities of your Amazon Business.
  • The Jungle Scout Academy is something that helps in learning about the key aspects of Amazon Selling Business which even the newbies can learn and work out well.
  • Jungle Scout has cost-effective pricing as well and comes with a Free trial as well.

#2 Helium 10 | DataHawk Vs Helium 10

Helium 10 needs no introduction when we talk about Amazon FBA Business. This tool has everything required to make your Amazon Selling Journey easier.

When you compare it with DataHawk, well Helium 10 has more robust features and is also highly accurate. The tool offers key insights on various Amazon selling metrics, which can give you a competitive edge over your competitors. 

Well, Helium 10 has a plethora of features like Black Box, Cerebro, Magnet, Xray, Trendster, Profits, Adtomic and many more, which make this tool a robust one. About its pricing, well, it starts at $39/month and goes up to $209/month.

DataHawk Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Datahawk Testimonials
Datahawk Testimonials2

Which are the marketplaces supported by DataHawk? 

DataHawk supports various marketplaces, which include – the US, UK, India, Japan, UAE, Turkey, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Netherlands, Italy, China, France, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, and Canada. For Walmart marketplaces currently supports only the US digital marketplace.

How does DataHawk help?

DataHawk is a tool through which you can have a proper analysis of your Amazon selling business through which you can increase your sales, optimize your margins, gain valuable insights on Amazon and boost the overall productivity of your business.

Does DataHawk offer a Free Trial?

DataHawk is not offering a Free Trial; instead, it offers a Freemium plan. But it does request its users to request a demo and learn more about its pricing.

Do you have to connect your Amazon or Walmart Account to use DataHawk?

It is not mandatory to connect your Amazon or Walmart Seller or Vendor Account to use DataHawk Product Data, DataHawk Organic Search and DataHawk Market Intelligence. To use the DataHawk Finance and Ads, you will have to integrate your Amazon Account.

Conclusion- Does it provide you with Hawk-Eyes for your Amazon FBA Business? 

Even though the tool was just launched in 2017, it has managed to get a wide reorganization for the features it offers. The tool offers you a variety of features which we discussed in our DataHawk Review. And after that we can conclude that it is a robust tool that can provide you with good insights about key metrics concerning your Amazon business. It has also managed to become among the leading SEO and product data analytics solution on the market. And with over 21 marketplaces supported, 

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