Many product research tools are available online for FBA sellers to choose from. These tools help sellers find profitable products based on product reviews, profit margins, and other factors. These tools have various functions that help them do product research to find the right product for their FBA store.

Helium10 is an all-around suit for Amazon FBA, with tools for SEO, product research, refunds, fraud protection, and inventory management. In this article, we will look at How to Download Helium 10 and Install it on your phone also we will see what are the benefits of this amazing product research tool.

Instructions for downloading and installing Helium10 on Google Chrome

Helium10 on Google Chrome is a free extension and does not require much time to download. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can download and Install Helium 10 Amazon sellers Chrome Extention for your browser.

  • Download and Install Google Chrome on your PC. If you already have it you can skip this step.
Helium 10 Free extension
  • Download and Install Helium 10 chrome extension from the Chrome Webs Store
Helium 10 extension
  • Register or Login to your Helium10 account.
  • After that go to the Tools dropdown menu and click on the X-Ray tool and the blue ‘Add to Chrome’ button.
  • You are ready to launch the Helium10 tool which you can do by clicking on the extension.

This is how you can download and Install Helium 10 extension on your Google Chrome browser.

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Helium 10 is a top-notch Amazon seller software for overall selling practices, it includes various tools for product research, keyword research and much more.

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Unique Features of Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium10 offers a lot of functionality to its users and is considered to be an all-rounder app by many Amazon sellers. Some of the notable features include:

  • XrayHelium10's Xray and Xray for Walmart give instant access to market data to find lucrative product opportunities.
  • Profitability Calculator: With Helium 10's profitability calculator instantly calculate your profit margin based on weight, FBA fees, dimension, and freight cost.
  • BlackboxBlackbox is Helium 10's Product Search Engine. Find high-demand, low-competition products with this product search engine tool.
  • Cerebro: Find any Product ID with Cerebro. Leverage your competitor's keywords to boost your sales with Cerebro.
  • Magnet: Find high-volume, highly relevant keywords for Amazon and Walmart with Magnet.
  • Frankenstein: Clean up keyword lists quickly and save time on keyword list management to optimize traffic.
  • Listing Analyser: With this tool, you can access an in-depth optimization checklist for your product listings. This tool will help you leverage your competitor's strategy and see how your products compare.
  • Inventory Management: As the name suggests, this tool helps you to manage your inventories so you never have to worry about unfulfilled orders again!
  • Refund Genie: Refund Genie is an Amazon Refund Manager that helps you process quick and accurate reimbursements for lost or damaged inventory.
  • Seller's Assistant: Helium 10's Seller's Assistant is an Amazon Feedback Software that automates the review process. This tool helps to increase sales through reputation management and quick replies to reviews.
  • Profits: Profits is Helium 10's sales tracker for Amazon and Walmart that gives you all the important data in one place. The new and improved tool can review gross profit data to keep track of sales trends and manage aspects like orders, sales, ROI, profit margin, promotions, and refunds. It even gives you restocking suggestions based on these trends.
  • Market Tracker 360: Market tracker 360 is Helium 10's competitor analysis tool that can do competitor research in real-time, giving you in-depth insights into ways to achieve better productivity and revenue.

These are some of the many amazing features of the Helium 10 chrome extension that you can get depending on your subscription.

Step-by-Step Guide to download and Install the Helium10 Amazon Sellers App

Helium10 Amazon Sellers app is a beneficial tool for FBA sellers. This tool gives insight into key metrics that you can monitor with ease and you also get regular updates on new features and products. Below is the detailed guide on downloading and installing the Helium10 Amazon sellers app on your mobile device.

  • To download the Helium10 app from your app store (Android/IOS) search for Helium10 Amazon Sellers App on your store and download the app on your device
Helium 10 Amazon Seller App
  • Connect your Amazon account to helium 10. To use the application, you're required to connect an Amazon Sellers account to your Helium 10 account.
Sign Up on Helium 10 App
  • Log into your Helium10 application using your account credentials. If you already have an account you can log in simply by entering your credentials, or if you have forgotten your password you can use the Magic link where a link is sent to your registered email.
Helium 10 Tools
  • After logging in, to access tools click the tools button in the footer navigation to complete the setup process. This header bar also contains tools like Alerts and Keyword Tracker.

This is how you can simply download and Install Helium 10 on your phone.

Notable Features of Helium10 Amazon Seller's App

After downloading Helium 10's Mobile application you can access features like

  • Profits: Similar to the chrome extension, Helium10 offers the profits tool on the phone so you can track trends and stay up to date on your winning products. This will also help you forecast sales and make sourcing decisions accordingly.
  • Product performance: Track your product's performance in different time frames with this feature on the Helium10 app. Use the data to shift your business strategy in real-time and on the go with this analytics feature.
  • Barcode Scanner: With the Barcode scanner tool you can find products to sell easily by sharing products from Amazon. Use tools like Xray and Blackbox to find winning products and pull traffic through keywords from Cerebro and Magnet tools.

These are some of the notable features of the Helium10 Mobile App depending on your subscription.

Helium10 Payment Plans for Chrome Extension and Mobile App

The Helium10 Chrome Extension and Mobile App provide various payment plans and features.

Pricing Plans of Helium 10

Start your Business

The Start Your Business plan starts at $99 per month and offers features like access to Freedom ticket, and Product Research tools like Blackbox, Xray, and Xray for Walmart. This pack also offers access to keyword research tools like Cerebro, Cerebro for Walmart, Magnet, and Magnet for Walmart. In Listing optimization tools the plan offers listing analyzer access to 50 uses and gives limited access to the listing builder with no Amazon Sync and also gives access to Frankenstein.

In operations, you get access to only Alerts on 20 products, 5,000 emails follow up, and inventory management of up to 40 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units). In Analytics it offers a market tracker for up to 3 markets, a Keyword tracker for up to 500 words, and a keyword tracker for Walmart for up to 1000 words. This pack only offers access to a single user.

Scale your Business

The Scale your Business plan starts at $279 per month and offers to track for 200 products with access to 5 seller accounts. This pack gives users access to Freedom Ticket, Amazon PPC academy, and Exit Ticket in training. In product research, the pack gives access to Black Box, Xray, and Xray for Walmart. In Keyword Research, users get access to Cerebro, Cerebro for Walmart, Magnet, and Magnet for Walmart.

In Listing Optimization, users get access to Listing Analyser for up to 150 uses, Listing Builder, and Frankenstein. In Operations, users get access to Alerts on 200 products, 15,000 emails follow up, access Refund Genie, Inventory Management, and Business Valuation. In Analytics, users get access to Market Tracker with up to 5 markets, access to profits and profits for Walmart tool, Keyword tracker with a word limit of 2,500 keywords, and Keyword tracker for Walmart with a word limit of 250 keywords.

Supercharge your Business

The Supercharge you Business plan starts at $1299 per month and offers tracking for 5000 products with access to 25 seller accounts. In Training, it gives access to Freedom ticket, Amazon PPC Academy, Exit Ticket, Monthly Expert Training, In-person Workshop, and access to the private Facebook group. In Product Research, users get access to Blackbox, Xray, and Xray for Walmart.

In Keyword Research, users get access to Cerebro, Cerebro for Walmart, Magnet, and Magnet for Walmart. In Listing Optimization users get access to Listing Analyser for 300 uses, Listing Builder, and Frankenstien. In Operations users get access to Alerts on 5000 products, 50,000 follow-up emails, and access to Refund Genie, Inventory Management, and Business Valuation. In Analytics users get access to Market Tracker with up to 15 markets, access to profits and profits for Walmart, a Keyword tracker with up to 10,000 keywords, and 250 keywords for Keyword tracker for Walmart.

Top FAQs on How to Download Helium 10 and Install it

Is Helium10 free on the Google Play store?

Yes, the Helium 10 app is free to download from the Google Play app. All you have to do is download and Install Helium 10 and log in with your credentials to use the app.

Where can I find the Helium10 Chrome Extention?

To find the Helium 10 extension, go to Google Chrome Store and search Helium10. Down
load the extension and log in to use the extension.

Does the Helium 10 mobile app offer different features from the Chrome Extension?

Yes, Helium 10 mobile app offers features like Barcode Scanner that are not available on the Google Chrome Extension.

Conclusion on How to Download Helium 10!

In this article, we saw how you can download and Install Helium 10 app or Helium 10 chrome extension. The feature-rich all-rounder FBA tool is a must-have for Amazon Sellers who are looking to either start their FBA journey or looking to scale their business. Both the app and the chrome extension offer tremendous functionality for the price with features that can help sellers to stay ahead of the game.

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