Whether you are new or a regular online shopper, checking reviews while buying products is a must, right? But what if the reviews on online platforms like Amazon are fake? Yes, you heard it right. Several eCommerce websites have suspicious reviews, so customers get confused about whether to get the product or not!!

To avoid fake and spammy reviews, review analyzers like FakeSpot and ReviewMeta help savvy shoppers to spot fake reviews!! In this guide, let's have a detailed comparison between FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta, two popular Amazon review checkers that will help you save time and money!!

FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta can help you identify these fraudulent sellers and recognize product listings that are inundated with fake reviews.  ReviewMeta and Fakespot are valuable online review analysis tools. While ReviewMeta is exclusive to Amazon, Fakespot works on multiple e-commerce websites such as Best Buy, eBay, Walmart, and Amazon. Although Fakespot is more user-friendly, ReviewMeta provides a more comprehensive analysis.

If you're a keen online shopper, you may rely heavily on customer reviews to determine whether a particular product or service is worth your time and money. However, not all reviews are created similarly, and it can be difficult to separate genuine feedback from fake ones.

This is where tools like FakeSpot and ReviewMeta come in – both are online platforms designed to analyze and evaluate customer reviews on various e-commerce sites. In this blog, we'll explore across the features and differences between FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta, and discuss how they can help you make smarter purchasing decisions.

Numerous E-commerce websites are teeming with fake reviews, spanning from positive to negative. As a result, it becomes arduous to differentiate between authentic and phony reviews. ReviewMeta and Fakespot are some of the tools available that claim to aid in this predicament, but their efficacy remains questionable.

So, let's dive deep into the FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta guide that will help you decide which tool is right for you!!

What is FakeSpot? FakeSpot Review 2024

FakeSpot Review

FakeSpot is a free AI review checker tool that detects fake reviews and scams which in turn helps online shoppers to spot fake reviews and make more informed purchasing decisions. It is an amazing tool, ideal for both shoppers and businesses to spot fake reviews. Apart from assisting shoppers, Fakespot also offers businesses valuable data that can aid them in enhancing their products and services. By utilizing the website, businesses can pinpoint which products are more likely to be linked with fraudulent reviews and gain knowledge on how well customers perceive their products.

FakeSpot is a free tool that examines reviews on multiple prominent retail websites and marks ones that are suspected to be fraudulent. The software employs several criteria to detect suspicious reviews, such as writing patterns, generic phrasing, and odd capitalization usage.

Furthermore, FakeSpot not only verifies the authenticity of reviews but also examines the reviewer's track record to identify any patterns of posting fake reviews. It takes a few moments to conduct a FakeSpot analysis before making a purchase, which can prevent you from purchasing a low-quality product.

FakeSpot is supported on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Bestbuy, Shopify, SEPHORA, and many more. Fakespot has your back when shopping online at home or on mobile, with a secure shopping experience seamlessly integrated with Chrome, Firefox, iOS, and Android.

Fakespot for Chrome is the latest and improved version of our industry-leading eCommerce extension! They currently support the popular US-based English language eCommerce platforms. Here are the features:

  • Instant Fakespot Guard seller ratings while shopping
  • Instant Fakespot Grades detect fake reviews while purchasing online.
  • Search Result Sorter and Filter feature will allow you to sort and filter by the best quality.
  • Highlights will let you have an idea about what the reviews are, along with using our proprietary artificial intelligence analysis.
  • You can use Fakespot with either a Google Account or create a Fakespot Account to keep complete track of your product searches, receive trusted offers from our partners, and get major product updates.

How does FakeSpot Work?

How Does FakeSpot Work

FakeSpot is equipped with a powerful system that scrutinizes both reviews and reviewers. It sifts through vast amounts of data to detect unusual purchasing patterns, poor grammar and spelling, and suspicious activities like inconsistent dates and an excessive number of reviews.

Once the analysis is complete, FakeSpot presents shoppers with an overview of the reviews, making it easier to determine their reliability. FakeSpot provides an in-depth analysis of a particular product and detects whether the review is reliable or not!! Here are a few simple ways that will help you understand how Fakespot works:

  • Shop your way: These cutting-edge AI engines work behind the scenes to alert you as you shop.
  • Weed out scam artists: We all know fake sellers know how to look good and sell products online using fake reviews, but they can’t fool Fakespot Guard.
  • Find Best Deals: Fakespot provides secure shopping, saving time and money.
  • Install: Lastly, you have to add Fakespot to your browser for free and get the truth about products, reviews, and sellers before you buy.

FakeSpot Pros & Cons

FakeSpot is a convenient and user-friendly tool that helps you to analyze positive and negative reviews on e-commerce websites like Amazon.com and Best Buy. Let's have a glance at Fakespot Pros & Cons below:


  • Spots analyze and identify fake reviews helping you out when buying stuff online.
  • FakeSpot can be used across the internet and works with almost all major retailers.
  • It gives you some information on how they calculate their letter grade
  • Works on several eCommerce platforms,
  • Allows you to analyze reviews and shows you similar product listings with lower pricing and ratings.
  • Easy-to-use extension and analyzer
  • Protects you from getting ripped off when shopping online
  • FakeSpot is available on iOS, Android, Firefox, Safari
  • Blend seamlessly with the website, easy to install and use
  • Easy to use interface and provides thorough information


  • Fakespot does not review any products or companies but only grades the product reviews.
  • The letter grading system can be a bit confusing.

What is ReviewMeta? ReviewMeta Review 2024

ReviewMeta Review

ReviewMeta.com is an entirely free web tool that goes through millions of reviews and helps to decide which ones you should trust. You need to copy and paste the URL for the particular Amazon product into the search bar on ReviewMeta.com for a complete analysis.

This Chrome Extension helps smoothens this procedure by providing you with a regulated rating for each product based only on the most reliable reviews and showing it directly at the top of your browser.

ReviewMeta lets users conveniently input Amazon product links for swift evaluations and adjusted ratings. Additionally, if you prefer, you can add an extension to Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers. However, if copying and pasting URLs has become tiresome, you can easily download and install the streamlined mobile app, which is available on both Android and iOS devices.

For example, if ReviewMeta detects a product with 5-star reviews posted within a brief period, it will raise a red flag. In general, ReviewMeta proves to be an incredibly beneficial tool for individuals who heavily depend on online reviews to make buying choices. Suppose you are looking for a new phone or searching for an air conditioner, ReviewMeta can aid in differentiating reliable information from unreliable sources.

While shopping on Amazon, it is crucial to detect which reviews are reliable and which are fake. ReviewMeta is a tool specially designed for Amazon shoppers that analyzes reviews on various products and detects which reviews are genuine by providing ratings for specific products.

If you want a deep insight into a specific item, ReviewMeta can offer valuable insight to assist you in making a better-informed choice about whether to buy it or not. Furthermore, ReviewMeta presents a comprehensive analysis of the product's scores across various platforms, such as Amazon Reviews, Goodreads, and many more.

How does ReviewMeta Work?

How Does ReviewMeta Work

ReviewMeta provides all reliable review data of any product, which helps the buyer get a clear picture of whether to buy the product or not!! If you want to see their adjusted rating directly as you shop on Amazon, click their icon to open a complete review analysis in a new tab. Here are the simple steps for how it works:

  • First, you have to simply browse Amazon. While viewing a particular product, the extension will display the adjusted rating and color based on the authenticity of reviews. If you'd like to see a complete detailed report, click the icon!
  • ReviewMeta also helps you weed out biased or dummy reviews and leave you with the most honest feedback.
  • After weeding out, the extension reads the current URL to ascertain which product you are viewing so it can show you the corresponding information that we have on that product.
  • Lastly, it tells your website to hide the notification about installing the extension since you already have it installed!

It detects a β€œPass,” β€œWarn,” or β€œFail” grade for the reviews. Additionally to the grade, the report displays an adjusted rating in comparison to the original rating. This process eliminates dubious reviews that carry an excessive amount of weight or bias, resulting in a more accurate average rating. The adjusted rating provides shoppers with a simple estimation of the product rating without the influence of deceitful reviews.

ReviewMeta Pros & Cons

ReviewMeta provides a high number of suspicious or fake-sounding ratings or comments. It will help you remove fake reviews and give the product a new score, which is supposed to be more accurate. Here are some ReviewMeta Pros & Cons:


  • Allows you to peer through the giant smokescreen of manipulated data that is Amazon's stock and trade  
  • The grading system is straightforward, which helps any shopper quickly understand it
  • It enables you to see all the metrics used to score reviews and ratings
  • It shows average ratings if the fake review doesn't exist
  • The copy-and-paste system is easy to use and understand
  • Great extension, completely free to use
  • Best extension to check numerous fake Amazon reviews


  • The badge with the adjusted review score doesn't appear on the pinned extension.
  • Only designed for Amazon

FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta: Similarities & Differences

Used For Amazonβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Free Toolβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Product Scoreβœ”οΈβŒ
Chrome Extension Available  βœ”οΈβœ”οΈ
Alternative Listing At Lower Pricesβœ”οΈβŒ
Adjusted Rating Availableβœ”οΈβŒ
Compatible With Mobile Appsβœ”οΈβœ”οΈ


Both FakeSpot and ReviewMeta provide similar functions and help you detect and analyze fake reviews given on various products on Amazon. Check out some similarities between FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta:

1. Pricing

Online shopping reviews can be a valuable resource for making informed decisions. However, with countless reviews over the internet, it can be tiring to figure out which ones are credible. Fortunately, Fakespot and ReviewMeta offer solutions. These tools analyze reviews and determine which ones are genuine and which ones may be fraudulent.

Both FakeSpot and ReviewMeta are free tools with no hidden fees or costs. Although these companies make profits, it is not through downloading or installing their programs. Instead, they generate revenue by selling ad spaces on their websites or by earning a small chunk of commission when you buy through a third-party link, or some other revenue models we might not be aware about.

2. Accessibility

Moreover, you can access both FakeSpot and ReviewMeta on their website and through browser extensions and mobile apps. FakeSpot can be installed as a Chrome or Firefox extension, while ReviewMeta offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Additionally, both platforms offer mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, allowing for convenient review analysis on the go. All of these options are available in English.

Another similarity between FakeSpot and ReviewMeta is that both highly rely on artificial intelligence to analyze reviews, which helps them improve and identify fake reviews before buying.


There are distinct differences between FakeSpot and ReviewMeta, even though both tools can analyze reviews and identify fake ones. The most noticeable difference between these two tools is that while they can perform the same function, they operate in slightly different ways, which are as follows:

1. Marketplaces Covered

FakeSpot helps you analyze reviews on a major online platform apart from Amazon. If you want to compare products, then FakeSpot will help you get the best results and is supported on platforms such as:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Sephora
  • eBay
  • Shopify

Whereas, ReviewMeta analyzes reviews on various Amazon marketplaces, which include:

  • Amazon US
  • Amazon Canada
  • Amazon India
  • Amazon Brazil
  • Amazon China
  • Amazon Japan
  • Amazon France
  • Amazon Australia
  • Amazon UK
  • Amazon Mexico
  • And various others

Features & Functionality

FakeSpot not only analyzes reviews, but it also includes various other additional features, which include:

  • FakeSpot Guard: This functionality enables you to easily detect dubious sellers. Reliable sellers will be labeled as Approved, while those with a caution mark should be approached with caution when purchasing from them. Additionally, you may receive a suggestion to purchase an identical product from a different seller with a superior reputation.
  • Review Analysis: Upon analyzing reviews, you will be presented with the key takeaways that are consistent throughout the reviews. This will allow you to gain insight into the quality, price, packaging, and competitiveness of the product.
  • Offers: Now you can check other product listings of the same item across the internet that have lower prices. In this way, you can avoid waste of money and get the best product at a low price.

On the other hand, the ReviewMeta tool does not offer additional services, and it does not provide any trust score or rating to sellers. It is basically for shoppers who want to get a product and need to decide whether a product is reliable or not.

Ease Of Use

FakeSpot comes with a user-friendly interface but can be confusing since the letter grades signify the quality of views and not the product's quality. The evaluations do not appraise products but concentrate on product appraisals.

However, by inputting a URL into FakeSpot's analyzer, you can promptly determine the genuineness of product customer reviews. The analyzer will generate a review grade ranging from A to F based on the customer reviews.

FakeSpot is appropriate and easy to use because of being a Google Chrome extension. Apart from this, it also lists the number of highlights while browsing products and also suggests the right price and better products.

It comes with an easy-to-use grading scale such as A and B which tells that you can trust that review, whereas C means it is not so reliable. On the other hand, D & F means most of the reviews are not trustworthy.

ReviewMeta, on the other hand, helps you to spot and analyze fake reviews on the Amazon platform. Plus, you can also see the adjusted product ratings which also enables you to remove suspicious reviews.

You need to visit ReviewMeta, paste your Amazon product page URL, copy the URL of the page, and the extension reads the current URL to ascertain which product you are viewing. It removes and replaces the ratings with new product scores on the website.


Both FakeSpot & ReviewMeta are reliable, but they work on different algorithms to detect whether the product review is genuine or fake. However, both of the tools rate a particular product as FAIL or PASS.

FakeSpot is a tool that examines data for suspicious patterns to identify whether reviews are genuine or fabricated. It strives to restore credibility to the internet by safeguarding consumers against phony and misleading content.

FakeSpot helps you to avoid low-quality suspicious reviews. With just a few clicks, it can scrutinize Amazon product or service reviews and assign them a letter grade based on their reliability. The tool employs a sophisticated algorithm that undergoes numerous tests to evaluate the authenticity of reviews. While the algorithm isn't infallible, the creators ensure that they meticulously review their data to maintain the utmost precision.

On the other hand, ReviewMeta is specially designed for the Amazon platform and generally helps to inform customers about the product's reliability and the nature of reviews. Not only do they devalue low-quality reviews, but also delete fake reviews by detecting reviews posted by numerous purchasers.

ReviewMeta is upfront about its review analysis process as they disclose the criteria they use to determine authentic reviews. Their goal is to promote transparency and establish trust with their audience by revealing what goes on behind the scenes. Nevertheless, it should be noted that the ratings provided by ReviewMeta are not necessarily precise. Their method is merely an approximation and may not be entirely accurate. They do, however, present an evaluation of current reviews and an unbiased interpretation of those findings in English.


FakeSpot and ReviewMeta both tool offer free browser extensions on Chrome and Firefox. Using FakeSpot, a Google Chrome extension, helps you get detailed analysis and get a proper grade to analyze whether the product is genuine. This tool is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Apart from this, you can also get detailed information on the details of a seller available on the webpage.

On the other hand, ReviewMeta provides a free Chrome extension that you can install right into your browser, which shows adjusted results. Moreover, if you want detailed information, you need to click the extension button, and it will provide a full report of the site.

Moreover, by using this ReviewMeta extension, you can get detailed analysis and also get instant access to iOS, and Android apps.

Customer Support

FakeSpot and ReviewMeta both provide exceptional customer support. If you need any assistance, feel free to reach out to Fakespot customer support via email or phone number. Send them a message or inquiry, and they will promptly respond. Their customer support team is top-notch and can also help explain why certain reviews may be suspicious.

On the other hand, if you have any queries, you can contact ReviewMeta, as they provide excellent customer support. However, they also help educate customers that reviews are suspicious and not natural. They provide prompt customer support available.

FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta: Which one should you choose?

So, now that you have come to know both FakeSpot and ReviewMeta clearly, what are the differences and similarities, you can decide which tool is the best for you when browsing the internet for products.

We will recommend you choose FakeSpot, which will help you to avoid fake reviews, plus it will also suggest similar product listings with low pricing.

With this tool, you can easily avoid unreliable product reviews and spot fake sellers before purchasing online. Now you can shop online with confidence without getting spammy fake reviews over the internet. Essentially, you'll be able to steer clear of untrustworthy product reviews and potentially save money on your purchases.

Whereas, ReviewMeta works only on the Amazon platform and isn't compatible with other online stores. The best part is it provides you with enough data that will help you understand adjusted product ratings and scores such as Pass, Warn, and Fail, which are easy to understand for buyers. But it would be best if you kept in mind that the scores and ratings are only a reflection of the overall reliability of the reviews left by reviewers/buyers. It is always recommended to see the ratings and grades of the reviews before analyzing the product quality.

Top FAQs on FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta 2024

FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta: How Do They Make Money?

In general, these websites generate revenue through advertisements. This may involve offering advertisers special privileges or affiliate links which allow them to earn commissions from your purchases. Occasionally, they may also offer promo codes for which they receive a commission

ReviewMeta Vs. Fakespot: Are They Legit And Reliable?

The answer isn't clear. According to both, ReviewMeta and Fakespot, their algorithms solely rely on patterns to identify potentially fraudulent behavior and cannot provide a definite assurance regarding a product's reviews' authenticity. Thus, their analysis serves only as an estimation. Both of them rate a product denoting as FAIL or an F based on the algorithms, and that product will be legit

How to notice fake reviews on Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and other sites?

There are various ways to determine whether a product review is fake on Amazon or other sites, which include poor grammar and spelling, exaggerated claims by the apparent buyer, and unverified reviews.

FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta: Website, Chrome Extension, Or App?

Both FakeSpot and ReviewMeta come with a free Chrome extension for easy access. If you are looking for a mobile app, FakeSpot is an excellent choice.

Final Verdict: FakeSpot Vs. ReviewMeta

Large eCommerce platforms have tons of reviews about a particular product, but the question is should you trust every review? No guys, always make sense before buying any product from online platforms like Amazon.

Both FakeSpot and ReviewMeta are excellent review analyzing tools, and can easily spot fake reviews. But if you want my recommendation, then there is a win-win situation for both tools. FakeSpot provides you with a slew of essential features, like adjusted ratings, showing you where your product is listed saving you time and money.

On the contrary, ReviewMeta is a great Amazon review analyzer that helps you check review authenticity. Both the tools work on different algorithms, but you should always make your own decision and don't fully trust any kind of review checkers.

Hope you liked reading the article. If you have questions, please leave them in the comment section below. Which is your favorite between FakeSpot and ReviewMeta? Share your thoughts below.

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