If you are looking for sound accounting software that will help you sort your financial insights and manage your accounting data then you will find no better match than Fetcher. Check out our Fetcher Review 2024 to know all about this fantastic software. 

Accounting and bookkeeping are essential for all FBA sellers. And if you don't give these valuable insights a proper dressing, you might end up in the hot soup. This is why a software like Fetcher is necessary to manage your data and later make critical financial decisions based on it. 

Note: Fetcher is no longer active and has been shut down officially. But you can get its functionality and features in other selling suite softwares like Sellerboard

Let's learn about the features and functionality of Fetcher and know if it is truly worth your hard-earned dollar.

Fetcher Review 2024: What is Fetcher?

Fetcher Reviews

Fetcher is a cloud-based software that is designed to help you sort AMZ accounting and get financial insights. It was founded back in 2015 by Greg Mercer. He along with a world-class team of professional Amazon sellers, software engineers, and data experts developed this accounting software. 

It works as a profit analysis software that helps you determine profitability and know your personal business standings. It will help in product selling, getting financial reports, and also getting to know crucial data. It makes accounting information more manageable and customizable. 

It has a lot of salient features that any Amazon seller can benefit from. Firstly it helps in product breakdown based on their ASINs. You can easily perform PPC as well as sales analysis. You get to track the product promotion and even estimate the real costs. Managing Amazon fees and expenses becomes a lot easier with the help of Fetcher. 

Apart from that, refund tracking, cost comparison, COGS analysis, complex calculations, and Profit and Loss statements are other benefits of this top-notch accounts management software. It is the best way to know your FBA account status in the simplest format. 

Within three steps, you can get Fetcher to its full-fledged action. Sync your FBA account, let it collect your historical data and just relax while you enjoy the accurate financial metrics. The pricing plans are also quite affordable based on their wide-scale functioning.

Fetcher Features 2024: Is Fetcher the Best Accounting Software? 

Fetcher Features

Fetcher offers accounting services, financial insights, inventory management, data segregation and other helpful services. It delivers such available insights, which are a must-have for all FBA sellers. Let's learn about all of them in detail. 

  • Accurate Metrics: One of the reasons why so many sellers trust Fetcher is its accuracy and efficiency. Within every 5 minutes, the SaaS runs synchronized calculations to accumulate and display all the crucial data. You can break down the product report to track and analyze individual prospects. To tally the income and expenses you can refer to the Profit and Loss Statement. Sales, reimbursements, promos, and refunds are all included in the revenue data. “Document order fees, inbound shipping, recurring fees, cost of goods, and others are provided by the accounting software. 
  • Data Tracking: You can view the profit, sales and all their listing-related data carefully classified in graphs and tables. You can also dive deeper by analyzing the data broken down using the time range option. It also tracks all the expenses so that users can get a proper picture of all that is going on. Tracking returns and refunds are also one of its jobs. 
  • Understandable Dashboards: All the data tracking and insights are displayed in beautiful formats using graphs, charts, tables etc. These vital data points can further be scrutinized and can positively impact your business decisions. The collective view of sales figures and the percentage is very helpful.
  • Profit and Loss Statement: The statement is provided in two sections one being your revenue and the other one being expenses. Apart from that, if you wish to see your ad campaigns spend, you just scroll down a little to see the sales, refunds, reimbursements, promos, etc. Regardless of your Amazon management type (FBA and FMA), it shows crucial data under expenses. This includes COGS, Inbound shipping and reshipping, order fees, tax, PPC and recurring fees. The representation is so precise and understandable that you won't need any other tool to help you sort out the aftermath. 
  • Marketplace Coverage: The marketplace coverage of Fetcher is somewhat limited, yet it covers all the major regions. As per sources, the accounting software supports “all North American (US, CA, MX), and European (UK, DE, FR, ES, IT) marketplaces.” Not just that, you can connect as many seller accounts as you want. 
  • User-Friendly: Due to its ease of use, Fetcher enables new users to quickly take advantage of all of its features. The program also does a great job of ensuring that the user has fast access to precise and current critical metrics through synchronized calculations. Everything is organized into clear, simple reports and visual representations that are easy to analyze. This is not only great for productivity but also prevents the clutter of too many calculations and insights. 
  • Privacy and Security: This is a factor of great concern as the leaking of your financial information can affect your business rigidly., Fetcher uses the same OpenSSL AES encryption as banks, big financial institutions, and other high-security organizations. As a result, you may be confident that there is almost no risk that unauthorized parties will access your data. 

Why do you Need Fetcher for your Amazon Business?

It not only tells you about your business finances but also gives you a good summary of all that is working. You increase sales and sell more products by knowing what is contributing and what can contribute to business growth. 

Sellers know that data tracking and recording is a time-consuming task. Not just that, managing everything in your excel files and the seller's central account can be quite messy. But with their dashboards, P&L statement and per-product breakdown, everything becomes too easy. As per their survey, sellers are able to save 14 hours a month on average because of Fetcher's functioning. 

With its real and accurate business metrics, you don't have to run 10 places, simply collect crucial data in one place and analyze it. This will lead to smart and more thoughtful business decisions, eventually leading to business growth

Is it a Better Accounting Software? Things to Know before you Buy Fetcher

Though the software is quite helpful, it does have few things that can be added or improved. The specifications are based on sources, reviews and experiences. 

As a professional Amazon seller, it is only necessary to expand your business to various marketplaces. Here is where the software lacks; you won't be able to merge your data across marketplaces. Users will have to switch alternatively when they want to compare insights and know the data of a particular marketplace. 

It is automated for most of the part, but then essential scouting metrics such as sales tax are still not covered. You might have to work a little extra here, but other than that, it won't give you a chance to complain. The historical data insights it provides are limited to a particular period. And imagining you have been in the game for quite some time might help you know your full potential. 

The software is solely for accounts tracking and financial insights, but it would have been good if it delivered a set of free or additional tools that may have come in handy for FBA sellers. Nevertheless, Fetcher is still loved by its users, and the reviews and customer response are awesome. 

Fetcher as of now is not in the run of accounting softwares, it has been totally shut down. You can opt for sellerboard for carrying out accounting operations from the button below.

Pricing Plans: How Expensive is the Fetcher Subscription? 

Now the pricing plans of Fetcher are another one of its advantages. As compared to its competitors, the deals are very reasonable and pocket-friendly. Firstly you can get a 1-month free trial regardless of the plan you choose, and you don't need to give up your credit card details which means it is totally free. 

You can just sign in within a minute and take advantage of its attractive features. The plans are divided based on the monthly order quantity. Each plan has its own cost, and depending on that are the included features. 

  • Startup: The package is available for $19 per month and is suitable for up to 2500 monthly orders. 
  • Business: For up to 5000 orders in a month, the Business package is a great deal. It is available for $39. 
  • Enterprise: Lastly, the $99/month package works best, as it has no restrictions, and you can have unlimited orders. 

Apart from the basic features, all the packs include the following ones: 

1.24×7 support by Fetcher.

2.One-on-one onboarding for a better experience.

3.Top-notch security and privacy because they prioritize you above all.

4.Get innumerable seller central accounts to sync in.

5.Support international marketplaces, including US, Ca, MX and all EU marketplaces.

Alternatives of Fetcher:

A2X Accounting– A2X Accounting is another accounting software that is super effective and user-friendly. The fact that A2X works with virtually all of the main ecommerce platforms is its most significant advantage; this includes Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, etc. Consider A2X Accounting if you're an Amazon seller who demands flawlessly balanced books and prefers a more streamlined user interface. Its exact, dependable, and automatic Gold Standard accounting accuracy aids in your company's growth and progress. Accounting for COGS and FBA inventory can be done using flexible accounting software. 

QuickBooks– QuickBooks is a highly effective software that has been built specifically for bookkeeping and accounting. With the aid of this SaaS, you can automatically keep tabs on your earnings and outlays, pay contractors and staff, and know your status. Bill administration, customer invoices, maximizing tax deductions, running reports, and other services are among the features that will help your Amazon business. The software even assists you with advanced accounting, virtual bookkeeping, payment, time-tracking, and e-commerce. It is a great deal for all FBA sellers.

Top FAQs on Fetcher Review 2024

What accounting software should FBA sellers use? 

There is a wide variety of accounting software available in the market. And considering how much financial insights and data conservation is needed in an FBA business, accounting software is necessary for all sellers. You can definitely consider Fetcher (it has been shut down), A2X accounting or Zero, but for a detailed perspective, check out our 7 Best Accounting Software for Amazon FBA Sellers 2024

Does Quickbook support inventory management?

Yes, QuickBook is one of the best accounting software that can easily be connected to your seller's account. It provides everything essential to manage your inventory. You can track the inventory status, receive stockout alerts, get a sales/expenses overview and do a lot more. 

Is Excel good for FBA accounting? 

Data entry and management via Excel or spreadsheets is the traditional method. It is effective and by far the cheapest. But then there are disadvantages as well, and it cannot cope with modern-day insights. Automation, data accuracy, productivity, and multiple such factors tell why accounting software is better than excel. 

What is Taxomate? 

Taxomate is a fully automated solution that works for four major e-commerce giants: Amazon, Shopify, Walmart and eBay (Shopify and Walmart are yet to be added). This cloud-based accounts integration software helps combine eCommerce transactions into a single invoice for enhanced understanding and productivity. It connects your eCommerce sellers' accounts to accounting software such as QuickBooks, Zero and Wave. Check out our Taxomate Review 2024 for better insight. 

Conclusion: Fetcher Review 2024 | Is Fetcher Still Working or Not?

Accounting software are of great help for all Amazon sellers. And Fetcher is a cloud-based software that is designed to help you with sort AMZ accounting and get financial insights. It makes accounting information more manageable and customizable.

It has a lot of salient features that any Amazon seller can benefit from. Refund tracking, COGS analysis, complex calculations, Profit and Loss statements are crucial insights that software delivers. Its pricing plans are very affordable and reviews are very positive. Considering all that there is, Fetcher is definitely worth a shot.

But, unfortunately Fetcher that has claimed the title of one of the best cloud-based accounting software has stepped out of the league, sadly it is no more in the working, we have to opt for an alternative accounting software.

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