New to using Helium 10? Don’t know what measures should be taken to upscale your Amazon selling operations using Helium 10? Well, Helium 10 Academy covers it all. Just in case you are wondering why not look forward to Freedom Ticket by Kevin King? It is worth mentioning that Freedom Ticket and Helium 10 are different from each other and focus on different aspects of Amazon's selling operations.

In this Helium 10 Academy review, I’ll be covering all the important aspects of Helium 10 Academy and how you can use it for upscaling your Amazon FBA game.

Let’s have a deeper dive into the Helium 10 Academy Review!!

What is Helium 10 Academy?

Helium 10 Academy is a course designed and tailored to work across different aspects like Keyword research, Product research, Listing optimization, Marketing, Operations, etc using Helium 10 Seller Suite. The course looks forward to all the important aspects of getting started with Helium 10.

One of the key aspects of getting along with the Helium 10 Academy is that it is completely free to use, whether you are an active Helium 10 user or not, you can get started with Helium 10 Academy without any hassle.

Helium 10 Academy Review

How to get Access to Helium 10 Academy?

Getting access to Helium 10 Academy is pretty simple and the plus point is that you don’t need to pay any price until and unless you are looking forward to the certification which will cost you around $77. Now let's focus on the Helium 10 Academy and how you can get started with the process of starting your Helium 10 operations with a great scale:

  • Get along with Helium 10’s official website.
  • Lookout for the resources section, and select the academy section on Helium 10.
  • After that, you will be redirected to the Academy page which will have you get started with the signup process.
Helium 10 Academy
  • After completing the signup process, you’ll be logged in to the Helium 10 Academy page where you can see different parameters being covered.
Helium 10 Academy Lessons

Some of the lessons that are covered under Helium 10 Academy include:

  • Introduction to Helium 10’s Software Tools (Free)
  • Helium 10’s Complete Product Research Course (Free)
  • Helium 10’s Complete Analytics Course (Free)
  • Helium 10’s Complete Keyword Research Course (Free)
  • Helium 10’s Complete Listing Optimization Course (Free)
  • Helium 10’s Complete Marketing Course (Free)
  • Helium 10’s Complete Operations Tool Course (Free)
  • Certification Exam ($77)

Now select the lesson under which you would like to learn and explore. I would recommend starting as per the sequences, but if you are interested in a separate topic, you can look forward to selecting and learning it accordingly.

Helium 10 Academy Course Curriculum

Now, upscale your overall Amazon selling operations that can help in making things better for Helium 10, so whatever your choice of preference is, just get started with learning more about Helium 10.

Let’s now get started with the chapters and lessons that are covered under the Helium 10 Academy.

Helium 10 Academy Chapters and Lessons

Helium 10 Academy covers all the important aspects of whatever is covered under different Helium 10 as your Amazon sellers tool. As I have already mentioned above the Helium 10 Academy covers 6 different parameters or topics, these include:

Product Research CourseAnalytics CourseKeyword Research Course
Listing Optimization CourseMarketing CourseOperation Tool Course

The Helium 10 Academy also includes the Intro to Helium 10’s software tool section which is more like a pilot section before you start the course.

Videos that are included under these topics are mentioned below with their respective topics.

Videos in Introduction to Helium 10’s Software Tool

The videos included in this section includes the option to familiarize Amazon sellers/users with Helium 10, the video lessons covered under this include:

  • Introduction to Helium 10's Powerful Tools
  • Helium 10: An Extensive Suite of Tools
  • Manesh’s Journey in 6 Video Parts

Videos in Product Research Course (Helium 10 Academy)

Videos in Product Research Course

The product research course covers all the important aspects of how product research can be done using Helium 10’s Chrome Extension, Black Box, and Trendster Tools. The Product research course under Helium 10 can help you find product opportunities with smart filters, uncover winning product ideas, understand product and customer insights, how you can forecast a sales trend for sourcing decisions, and other similar parameters.

The whole section comprises more than 20 videos which are further sub-categorized across several topics.

  • Part 1: The Helium 10 Chrome Extension
    • Lesson one: Chrome Extension Overview
    • Chrome Extension’s Xray
    • Chrome Extension’s ASIN Grabber
    • Chrome Extension’s Inventory Level
    • Chrome Extension’s Review Insight
    • Alibaba Supplier Finder and Demand Analyzer

Checkout: The Helium 10 Chrome Extension Review

  • Part 2: Black Box
    • Introduction to Black Box
    • Black Box’s Product Tab
    • Black Box’s Keywords Tab
    • Black Box’s Competitor’s Tab
    • Black Box’s Niche Tab
    • Black Box’s Product Targeting Tab
    • Black Searches in International Markets

Learn to find Hot-Selling Products: Helium 10 Black Box Review

  • Part 3: Trendster
    • Introduction to Trendster

Search Seasonal Products: Helium 10 Trendster Review

Videos in Analytics Section in Helium 10 Academy

Videos in Analytics Section in Helium 10 Academy

The videos included in the Analytics section comprise Keyword Tracker, Market Tracker, and Profit to Shape. The modules in the Analytics section work on simplifying the process of monitoring and running thorough tracking for Amazon products ranking, measuring and analyzing the profitability, tracking organic and sponsored ranks, and much more.

The course overall will help you in being able to monitor the important key metrics and data crucial. These videos include:

  • Part 1: Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker
    • Keyword Tracker Overview
    • How to check your rankings up to 24 times a day?
    • How to track competitors' rank?
    • Why is the Keyword tracker different than what I see on Amazon?
    • Why is my rank fluctuating?
    • Instant historical keyword ranking
  • Part 2: Helium 10’s Market Tracker
    • Market Tracker Overview
    • Market Tracker, Creating a Market
    • Analyzing a Market
  • Part 3: Profits
    • Profits Introduction and Review
    • How to use the product tabs
    • How to use the inventory levels tab
    • How to use the expenses tab
    • How to use the refunds tab
    • Profits for Walmart
    • Profits business reports

Videos in Complete Keyword Research Section

The videos included in this topic include Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator, this, as a result, can help in understanding and focusing on different aspects like searching high-volume search terms that are relevant for listing, keywords that hold potential to upscale your sales on Amazon selling operations.

Videos in Complete Keyword Research Section

The video parts include the following:

  • Part 1: Magnet
    • Magnet Overview
    • Understanding where the keywords come from
    • Using the Magnet to Identify Top-level Information
    • Exporting results from Magnet
    • Making the best use of filters
    • Magnet for Walmart

Reveal Undiscovered Keywords: Helium 10 Magnet Review

  • Part 2: Cerebro
    • Cerebro Overview and Importance of Search Volume
    • Where do the keywords come from
    • How to find the keywords related to a listing?
    • How to find the best keywords by analyzing competitors’ listings?
    • Analyzing your own listing, How to export results
    • Common words and other functions
    • 3 different subtopics over Walmart's selling operations.

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  • Part 3: Misspellinator
    • Misspellinator Overview

Videos available in Listing Optimization Course

Listing optimization is undoubtedly one of the most important operations to look forward to when you are working on Amazon selling operations. The course comprises how you can use the list of keywords in such a manner that can turn into a traffic generator while making sure that your products are coming up in the search results for your keywords.

Videos available in Listing Optimization Course

The videos include:

  • Part 1: Frankenstein (Complete Overview)
  • Part 2: Listing Builder
    • Listing Builder Introduction and Overview
    • Create a listing from Scratch using Listing Builder
    • Optimizing an existing listing using Listing Builder
    • Syncing listing to Amazon Seller Central
    • Using Listing Builder to Analyze Competitors Listing
    • Add Subject matter to my listing using Listing Builder

Learn: How to use Helium 10 Listing Builder?

  • Part 3: Index Checker
    • Index Checker Overview
    • What to do if not Indexed?

Know: What Is Helium 10 Index Checker?

  • Part 4: Listing Analyzer
    • Listing Analyzer Overview
    • Single and Multiple Product Research with Listing Analyzer
    • Media Comparison
  • Part 5: Audience
    • Audience Overview
    • Interpreting Audience Results

Videos available in Marketing Operations Course

There are different videos available under the marketing operations course with different sub-topics being covered. The videos covered under this category basically focus on how Amazon sellers can harness the power of ads, portals, etc. to get the highest revenue possible.

Videos available in Marketing Operations Course

The videos available in the Marketing Operations course include the following:

  • Part 1: Adtomic
    • Adtomic Overview
    • Adtomic Ad’s Manager
    • Creating Campaigns using Adtomic
    • Creating Rules for Keywords
    • Creating Rules of Negative Keywords

Know: How Do You Use Adtomic?

  • Part 2: Portals
    • Portals Overview
    • Profits and Intros to Landing Page
    • Creating a Product Warranty Page
    • Creating a button tree page
    • Creating a product sales page
    • Landing page featuresIntro to product inserts and creating product inserts
    • QR Codes overview with stats and scanning
    • Setting up Zapier and much more

Videos available in Operations Course

The operations are pretty important aspects of Amazon's selling operations, the key parameters that are covered under this category include Amazon reimbursement process, email automation, protecting the inventory from coupon stackers, protecting the products from being oversold, and much more.

Videos available in Operations Course

The videos that are included in the course of the operations are as follows:

  • Part 1: Alerts
    • Alerts Overview
    • Choosing which alerts you wanna see
  • Part 2: Follow up
    • Introduction and Overview
    • Configuring your settings
    • Intro to automation and message templates
    • Enable tracking for ratings and reviews
  • Part 3: Refund Genie
    • Complete overview
  • Part 4: Helium 10 Mobile App
    • Overview
    • How you can perform product research using Helium 10 Mobile app?
    • Profit tabs in Helium 10 mobile app
    • Adtomic and Alerts on mobile app
    • Webinars, guides, and news
    • Keywords (BETA)

👉 Step-by-Step Guide to Download Helium 10?

My prior experience with the Academy was great overall since I was able to learn the things which came across during my journey as an Amazon seller. For example, if I’m stuck on a certain part like keyword research and product analysis, the Helium 10 academy helped to overcome and understand more about these different parameters

FAQs on Helium 10 Academy 2024

Is Helium 10 Academy free to access?

Yes, Helium 10 Academy is completely free to use, whether you have an existing Helium 10 account or not.

Do I need an active Helium 10 account for Helium 10 Academy?

No, just in case you don’t have a Helium 10 account, you can signup for the Helium 10 Academy separately at no cost.

How do I access Helium 10 Academy for free?

If you are not an active Helium 10 user, you can signup for the academy for free, so basically, you can follow the following path Helium 10 Homepage >> Resources >> Academy, the signup is free and the new account be made irrespective of you having a Helium 10 account or not.

What are the topics covered under Helium 10 Academy?

The academy covers 7 different modules excluding the certification exam, the topics include Intro to Helium10, product research, analytics, keyword research, listing optimization, marketing course, and operations tool.

Conclusion: Should I try Helium 10 Academy for my Amazon and Walmart Business?

So, far I wasn’t able to find any downsides in getting started with the Helium 10 Academy, since the course was completely free, learning more about how to use Helium 10 can be of great value. Where most Amazon sellers get stuck around aspects like Keyword research, product research, listing optimization, etc. the course can add value while teaching how you can use Helium 10 to work across all of these parameters.

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Well, I can say that I was very keen to learn more and more about different aspects of Amazon and Walmart's selling operations along with the process of how things can be using Helium 10, the experience was good. Just in case, if you opt-in for a certification, all you need to do is pay $77 and complete an assessment and you now have got yourself Helium 10 Academy certified.

Helium 10

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