You don't need any introduction to this amazing Amazon business tool, but I guess you do want to find out if Helium 10 works in the Australian market.

Well, my answer to that would be Yes. An Absolute Yes!!!

Read our blog answering the question and related queries on whether you can use Helium 10 in Australia or not.

Since its launch, Helium 10 which is regarded as the best Amazon sellers tool even when compared with its competitors like Jungle Scout, has become very popular in the Australian market.

The tool is simple to use and comes with great and the most affordable pricing plans.

So to brief you a bit more about this Amazon sellers suite, Helium 10, let's dive a bit into its features and know how it acts in the Amazon AUS market.

Is Helium 10 available in the Australian market?

First things first. Yes, Helium 10 is available in the Australian market and works great with its optimized categories and features.

The keyword research tool works just as it does in the US market. The only differences you will notice are the results, which are totally based on the taste and choices of the Australian audience.

Helium 10 in Australia

This is an absolute solution if you want a targeted advertising campaign as well as listings as per the search terms of Australian people.

Speaking of features and tools, let's have a look at what Helium 10 tools are available for the Amazon AUS market.

Product Research    Black Box
Chrome Extension
My List  
Keyword Research        Cerebro
Listing OptimizationScribbles (Partial)  
MarketingAdtomic (SP/SB)
Operations    Alerts
Inventory Protector
Refund Genie  
AnalyticsKeyword Tracker
Market Tracker
Helium 10

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Helium 10 tools that perform great in the Australian market

Now that we have seen all the available tools in the Helium 10's Australian market, let's discuss how do they perform for Amazon Australia.

A few sets of tools Helium 10 has got in this region work way better than they do in the USA.

Chrome Extension

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Review

As compared to Helium 10 US, the Chrome Extension that you use in Australia is way better, smoother as well as faster.

This is one of the features of Helium 10 that will help you with your product sales and other related seller categories.

Within just a few simple steps, directly from your browser, you are able to analyze the whole Australian market. Identify a profitable product that suits your Amazon business the best.

This Amazon sellers tool will allow you to analyze consumer buying preferences based on the choices of the Australian audience. You can even have an estimate of sales for the profitable products.

Check 👉 Helium 10 Chrome Extension Detailed Review

Helium 10 Black Box

Helium 10 Black Box

Another powerful tool Helium 10 has got in the Australian market is Black Box. This fantastic tool will fetch all the detailed information required for product research.

The Amazon seller tool, Black Box gathers the product database from all the platforms available such as Google Autocomplete, eBay, YouTube, and others. It then gives suggestions to Amazon sellers with the best and the most profitable products that fit best in their niche.

🔍 Find Hot-Selling Products: Helium 10 Black Box Review!

Helium 10 Trendster

One tool that fits well within the list of most appreciated Amazon seller tools by Helium 10 is Trendster.

A perfect tool to have the sales trend tracked across the vast Amazon marketplaces. With Trendster you can even track the old data to study the seller's capitalization related to product trends.

You can maximize your earnings, while also analyzing the relationship between price, sales rank, and products related factors.

This powerful tool will even suggest you the best seasonal products.

Search Seasonal Products 👉 Helium 10 Trendster Tool

Magnet for Keyword Research

Helium 10 Magnet Review

A tool that is highly appreciated within the Amazon Australia business. You can judge the most frequently used keywords as well as the ones that don't have much competition in the search categories of Amazon customers.

Magnet by Helium 10 is great at providing keywords. Be it the American market or the Amazon Australia market this amazing keyword research tool will gather the data from the global wide Amazon markets present.

Reveal Undiscovered Keywords 👉 Helium 10 Magnet Review

Helium 10 Cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro

Cerebro is amongst those Amazon seller tools that do a lot of work alone, to improve your Amazon selling business.

For starters, it is a keyword research tool, that provides you with the information you absolutely need for product launches. It is also great at increasing the brand visibility and at the same time also analyse the keyword strategies of your competitors.

You can also look for the best-performing keywords for your product category on Amazon as well as on Walmart.

It's the best tool if you want to keep an eye on your competitors as it will show you the rankings of your competitors and even the details related to their products description.

Is it the Best Reverse ASIN Lookup Tool? 👉 Helium 10 Cerebro Review

Helium 10 Misspellinator

It's not just great in Australia but this tool itself is a blessing for the overall Amazon businesses.

The most intelligent tool present other tools by Helium 10, Misspellinator suggests you with the misspelled Amazon keywords.

It is a usual mistake by customers to type the wrong spelling while looking for a product.

Well, Misspellinator here will get you the most common of such misspelled keyword variations, which are also at the highest in terms of search volume.

Having the misspelled words suggested by Helium 10's Misspellinator can increase your product ranking as well as your audience reach.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be a tough task and also one that requires a lot of time.

Having to know your inventory levels and keeping track of them is crucial for one's business. But with Helium 10's inventory tracking tool, all these hassles become smooth.

You can keep an eye on your replenishing products, manage the orders, and logistics, and also get the forecasting of stock levels.

Helium 10's Inventory Management tool is also great at tracking the sales data for your Amazon products.

Read the full review: Helium 10 Inventory Management 🚀

Helium 10 Scribbles

The most powerful tool for optimizing your product listings. The Helium 10 tool, Scribbles is great at suggesting you the relevant keywords for your product description that will get you more traffic on your Amazon business page.

With this, you are even able to have a look at the older drafts and import those listings.

The tool is also great at proving you with a number of keywords that are required within a character limit.

Optimize Product Listings & Keywords on Amazon 👉 Helium 10 Scribbles

Helium 10 Gems

The Amazon URL generator is totally dedicated to the regions you want to target your Amazon product in. GEMS is great at creating URLs for your products within a few simple steps. You just have to select the region you are planning to target your product into and have a few keywords filled out.

This amazing Amazon business tool will get you various types of URLs ranging from Canonical, Add to Cart, and Buy Together as well as Targeted ASIN Search.

With the help of this Amazon seller tool, you can have your Australian customers land directly on your product listing.

Is it the Best Amazon URL Generator? 👉 Helium 10 Gems Review

Benefits of using Helium 10 in the Australian Market

Now that I have briefed you about the Helium 10 tools available in Australia and also know which ones perform the best. Now let's take a look at the benefits you get while using these awesome tools.

Keyword Research

The Australian market performs great when you use reverse ASIN searches to find the keywords.

The keyword research by this technique will make your product rank on a higher scale on the Amazon product listing.

Just as we discussed earlier, you can even search for the best low competition keywords as well the characters of the keyword that you can use to optimize your listings and product description.

Product Research

It's not just in Amazon Australia but Helium 10 has got a product database of over 450 million from around the world.

This category performs the best under the Helium 10 tools and gives a great relief to Amazon sellers while searching for a product that suits them and their choice of niche. Helium 10 will even guide you with the sales rank of a product and even with the reviews.


The analytics feature will study the metrics and suggest you the best selling products. One can also track the sales according to the location and category to have an informed product listing ready.

In addition to all of this, the analytic tools within Helium 10 will also guide you with the positioning and competitive strategies for your product.

And that's not just it, you can even have a look at the profits, market share, and even graphs that will tell the performance of your Amazon product.


You can manage all the updates as well as alerts related to your Amazon business from this single dashboard.

Access most of the features available in Helium 10 such as inventory management, order fulfillment, and even customer service, while also using the same dashboard to add new products to your catalogs and even monitor your competitors.

Have Top Notch Amazon Seller Resources at your Fingertips

Using Helium 10 will grant you access to amazing product research tools to turn your business a boon while you are on your Amazon journey.

Within this tool, you get all the Pro training videos and tutorials that will help you learn all the tools and features available in Helium 10.

Learn about product launching, inventory sourcing, listing optimization as well as the Amazon advertising console.

Pricing Plans of Helium 10 in Australia

Helium 10 Pricing

Currently, Helium 10 offers 25% off if you choose annual billing for your pricing plans.

When we speak of the pricing plans of Helium 10 there have been a few new updates in the features that it provides within the plans. Especially with the tools like Adtomic. At present, Adtomic is available for a separate purchase which is available for $199 per month. You have to purchase this tool separately while already having a subscription plan bought.

Now to give you a clear picture of the pricing plans let's begin with the description of the Starter, Platinum, and Diamond plan.

Starter Plan

  • This plan is available for $29 per month under the annual billing plan. This basic plan is perfect if you wish to learn Helium 10 and know it better for your future Amazon business.
  • It comes with almost every tool present on the website but with a few limitations on them.
  • The Starter plan is a single user plan and tools such as Black Box, Cerebro, and Magnet has got limitations on them.

Platinum Plan

  • This subscription plan is the most used and most popular plan within Helium 10. It comes for $79 if billed annually.
  • The Platinum plan is another single user plan and also the one that has a few limitations on it.
  • You won't get the Keywords Sales tool within this plan and also most of the training material is unavailable.
  • But in this subscription plan, you get to use amazing Amazon tools such as Scribbles, Frankenstein Alerts, Follow up, and Refund Genie, along with many more tools.

Diamond Plan

  • For $229 per month when billed annually, in the Diamond plan you get everything that is available on the website, without any limitations.
  • Also, the Diamond plan is not a single user plan, in fact, you can have 5 users accessing the tool simultaneously. Similarly, you can have 5 seller accounts connected under the Diamond plan.
  • The Diamond plan also gives you access to both the markets Amazon and Walmart. You can have Xray for Walmart, as well as Cerebro, and even Magnet.
  • The subscription plan will even let you use the tools such as Profits and keyword tracker for Walmart. 

Adtomic and Diamond Bundle

The Helium 10 Adtomic and Diamond bundle costs around $349/month. This bundle has everything from the Diamond Plan and additionally, it has got tools that will help you with:

  • Create, manage, and optimize PPC campaigns
  • Clear and actionable analytics
  • A.I. powered suggestions
  • Advanced templates and automation

Additional tools (Add ons)


This tool is available to buy separately for $199 per month (Starting Price), but only with an already subscribed plan.

Adtomic is an A.I. Powered PPC tool that will help you create, manage, as well as optimize campaigns.

Next up is Market Tracker

Market Tracker 360

Available for $500 per month (Starting Price) this tool will help you have access to the most accurate insights that will help you grow your business and also outperform your competitors. Market Tracker is another tool that you will have to buy while you have already purchased a subscription plan.


This is an exclusive training community that will help an Amazon seller scale up faster. This community access is available for $399 per month (Starting Price).  Elite tool will have to be bought in addition to the already existing plan.

Note: The price we have mentioned are based on the US market. The Australian market may see a slight variation depending on the currency rate.

FAQs on Helium 10 in Australia 2024

Which Helium 10 tools perform well in Australia?

Amazon Australia market is a bit different and tools such as Chrome Extension, Black Box, Trendster, Cerebro, Scribbles, Inventory Management, Misspellinator, GEMS, and Magnet work the best than the other available tools on Helium 10.

What are the essential features to use in Helium 10 Australia?

Starting with Activity Dashboard, Helium 10 has got Alerts/Notifications, Campaign Management, Channel Management, Customizable Branding, Customizable Templates, Data Import/Export, and Email Marketing that will help you gain profit in the Amazon Australia market.

What tool is best to seek the high volume keywords in Australia?

You can use Magnet to search for high-ranking keywords in Amazon Australia. 

Is Helium 10 Black Box an effective tool?

Black Box generates its data directly from Amazon, while also tracking sales demand of over 450 million products. So, yes! Black Box can be trusted with its results.

Is there any Helium 10 coupon code available?

You can use BLOGE6M20 and save up to 20% for six months.

Final Verdict | Helium 10 tools in Australia 🦘

Helium 10 can be used in Australia and works great within the Amazon Seller Central. And as per the customer feedback, the customer care service of this amazing Amazon business tool also performs great within the Australian region.

And the most important thing I would suggest to you is to change your location if you are using Helium 10 Australia from some other country. Or even if you are an international seller having his or her business spread across many countries. This is crucial because the Helium 10 website chooses its region on its own. So you will have to change the default country to the country you want to study, in this case, Australia.

Read Detailed ➡ Helium 10 Review

You have got a number of tools to look out for the best product, within the best pricing plans ranging from Starter to Diamond plan.

Also, you can use our exclusive Helium 10 coupon code BLOGE10 to get a flat 10% off on your Helium subscription plans and BLOGE6M20 to get 20% off.

I hope my words were of use and have cleared the doubts you had about Helium 10 tools available in Australia.

If you want me to brief you about any other tool you can leave a comment below. And do remember to check for other articles related to Helium 10 on the website.

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