Helium 10 has been one of the most popular tools that Amazon sellers have been using in order to elevate their game in terms of Amazon selling operations. In this Helium 10 blog, we'll be looking forward to some of the facts that are worth mentioning for Helium 10. In addition to that, we'll also get along some of the coupon codes and links that can help you save some extra bucks while getting along with a Helium 10 plan.

An Overview of Helium 10:

No doubt that Helium 10 has been delivering some excellent tools and features for different parameters, which will be mentioned later in this Helium 10 review. As an Amazon seller, Helium 10 can help manage your inventory, marketing, keyword and product research with listing optimization and finance management.

There is no doubt that Helium 10 has recently become an ace player among the Amazon seller tools, but what exactly does it offer? Here, mentioned below are some of the facts about Helium 10 that an Amazon seller should look forward to:

These facts are more of the essential features that Helium 10 offers. We can categorize them into different parameters like:

  • Product and Keyword Research.
  • Listing Optimization.
  • Finances.
  • Marketing.
  • Learning.
  • Helium 10 GEMs.

So, let's look at the features and how you can use them to help yourself in your online business. The first one on our list is Product and Keyword research, so let's take a deeper look at what it offers.

Helium 10

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Product and Keyword Research:

One of the key features that Helium 10 offers is its Product and Keyword Research; well; there are hundreds of tools that can help in product research and Keyword research, but what makes Helium 10 a better choice is its tech, diversification, and precision. Where most of the tools get stuck around some limited tools and features, there Helium 10 has different features and tools.

Different Tools and Features offered by Helium 10 are:
  • Black Box: For Amazon Product Research and getting along with the search volume.
  • Trendster: Can help you with finding the Amazon trends (Amazon Trends Finder)
  • Chrome Extension (Product Validator): Can be used on Amazon or Walmart

In addition to all the tools offered above, you can also look after some tools for Keyword research (The above-mentioned list was of Product research tool), and the below mentioned are more of Keyword Research tool; let's take a look at what these tools are:

  • Cerebro: This tool basically works on reverse ASIN. All you need to do is get along with the ASIN and hit the search/process button; now, you'll come across some excellent keywords extracted from the ASIN, which can help make things better for your listing.
  • Magnet: This tool by Helium 10 is focused on delivering you some value in terms of keyword research, whereas Cerebro uses ASIN in order to get along with the keyword, and the magnet helps in searching the related keywords for the keyword you just entered (related keyword finder as per the input).
  • Misspellinator: You might have come across spelling errors being made while searching for a certain product; this, as a result, can help you in making your product listed even if someone is writing the wrong spelling. This way, you can even earn money from someone else's mistake.

The second important aspect of our list is Listing Optimization. Well, having good keyword research with different factors involved can help you get your product listed in organic searches. Let's take a look at the features in terms of listing optimization offered by Helium 10.

Listing Optimization:

Listing optimization for Amazon selling can be called off as an excellent way of making better to increase your sales. Talking about listing optimization, it can be termed as the process of performing different operations to improve your product listing for some keywords/organic searches being performed. This, as a result, can help you with getting some excellent ROI on your Amazon selling operations.

Frankenstein: Keyword Processor, the Frankenstein can help you manage keywords, which can help you with several things in Amazon product listings for those keywords.

Scribbles: The tool helps you get along with important keywords that can be used to get along with a better listing of your products, basically making it a top-tier listing optimizer.

Index Checker: The index checker enables you to perform all your listing-related searches for keywords using the ASIN and seller ID done in seconds.

Listing Analyzer: The tool helps you get insights available in a few seconds, making your work efficient.

Audience: This section enables you to get along with different tools and features that, as a result, help in performing audience split testing. This can basically help you make your way better in terms of using the best suitable for you.

Listing Builder: Where scribble also helps you make your way around listing optimization, the listing builder comes out with a new and improved listing optimization, basically an upgraded version.

You can also explore some other important aspects of Amazon selling that can be termed as key aspects, including:

  • Operations.
  • Analytics (Finance).
  • Marketing.
  • Free tools (Including Helium 10 GEMs).

Well, if we take a deeper look into the features, Helium 10 can help you out with several things, as I have mentioned earlier; for example, The operation part can help you out with features such as Inventory management (keeping an eye on inventory levels), refund genie, seller assistant and much more. At the same time, the analytics part includes features like financial analytics, market tracker and keyword tracker. The marketing section includes Adtomic (for automated PPC and product launches) and Landing page builder.

Now, let's look after some other Helium 10 GEMs. You as an Amazon seller can look after features such as PPC Audit, Free Chrome Extension, URL Builder, QR Code generator and Amazon anomaly tracker. Let's take a quick peek at what these different features offer despite being free of cost to Amazon sellers.

PPC Audit: Well, the PPC audit feature can be very helpful for several things, including making a better marketing/PPC strategy; you can even upload your PPC report, which seems like an excellent deal to me in terms of saving your time.

Chrome Extension: No doubt that having a chrome extension to analyze Amazon data can be beneficial to get things done on the go. So basically, you can check out the data in a better manner. It is worth mentioning that the Chrome extension by Helium 10 has over 700,000+ downloads, showing the huge user base of Amazon sellers using Helium 10.

Amazon Anamoly Tracker: This tool basically helps keep an eye on whether any changes might be occurring across Amazon. This basically includes search glitches, etc. This, as a result, can be used for various reasons, such as getting along with the time of listing, keyword operations, and even getting your product on sale.

URL Builder: Well, this section can be considered as one of the main features that are offered by Helium 10 and are often termed as Helium 10 GEMs, this basically includes different tools (six tools), and the tools are listed below:

  • Canonical URLs: This feature can help you make your way around different keywords and use them to create promotional URLs.
  • Add to Cart: The add to cart feature can help you get things done in terms of getting the audience directed to the add to cart with the product in it. This, as a result, can help you with getting better ROIs.
  • Buy Together: Similar to the Add to cart feature, where a single product was getting targeted, the buy together can help you get two or more products added to the cart.
  • Targeted ASIN Search URL: This feature can be used to create a page with the products that you want to see on a specific page, basically creating a page with products (ASIN) that you just inserted. This can be used to make a product with your ASIN (products), in return giving better ROI to you as an Amazon seller.
  • Walmart 2-Step via Brand: This feature can help you with different operations for Walmart sellers, all you need to do is insert the keyword and brand, and congratulations, you are done with finding the keywords related to the input you just gave.
  • Walmart 2-Step Via Seller: Well, similar to the feature mentioned above, you can also search for the relatable keywords using the keywords and sellers for Walmart-related selling operations.

Now that we are all done with almost everything, now comes the last part of the blog, which is the learning part. Where most of the Amazon FBA tools work on delivering some limited services, Helium 10 also offers a learning section that enables you to get along with Freedom ticket, Pro training and academy.

Helium 10

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Learning With Helium 10:

Helium 10 Features

One of the main features that makes Helium 10 a bit different from other available options is that the learning section focuses on giving better ROI and making the user a better seller. Now, if we look forward to the learning section, you can look after sections like:

  • Freedom Ticket (Course by Kevin King tailored for Amazon sellers): It is an 11-week training program that can help you with covering up some of the common mistakes that people usually make while getting along with the Amazon FBA.
  • Pro training (In-depth video tutorial to use Helium 10): The section includes different in-depth tutorials made by Helium 10's team in order to get the best out of you while getting along with the eCom suite (Helium 10).
  • Academy (Tailored course/video tutorials for Helium 10): Similar to what was offered in the Freedom ticket, the Academy section lets you get along with the course/videos that can help you with making your way across different aspects of using Helium 10.

It is worth mentioning that the Freedom ticket by Helium 10 has been delivering some great value in making an Amazon seller better in several aspects. The thing which makes this course even better is its value, as the Helium 10 and Freedom ticket have collaborated to deliver the best to the Amazon sellers; you can take advantage of this; the Freedom ticket, which is worth $997, can be availed at somewhat free of cost while getting along with any Helium 10 plan, which means you can avail this course at a price starting from $39/month. All this can be availed while getting along with the tools and features of Helium.

🔎What is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is an Amazon selling tool that helps sellers across Amazon/Walmart boost their sales by providing them with the data required in doing so. Helium 10 also helps increase the product ranking and ROI.

How much does Helium 10 cost?

Helium 10 offers three pricing plans if billed annually
Three of its pricing plans are Starter pack, Platinum pack and Diamond plan. The pricing of the packs starts at just $29/mo.

What is BSR in Helium 10?

The BSR in Helium 10 refers to Best Seller Rank.
As every product is being sold, Amazon keeps track of them and categorizes or sub-categorizes them accordingly. The sales are driven by tracking and publicizing its best-selling products. Every seller would like their product to rank good enough to appear on the first page as the customer searches.

🔎What can Helium 10 do?

Considering the fact that Helium 10 is an amazon seller tool, it helps you find hot selling products, perform product and keyword research, inventory management, and marketing(PPC). In short, it helps boost your business on Amazon.

🤔Where does Helium 10 get its data from?

All of the data Helium 10 provides is derived from Amazon API. Helium 10 puts its every effort into providing the user the correct data they have been looking for with the help of its inbuilt tools.

💎How do you check volume in Helium 10?

There are three tools offered by Helium 10, which help in keeping a check on product research volume and keyword research volume.
These tools are Magnet 2.0, Cerebro and Blackbox.

How many people can use one account of Helium 10?

The total number of people allowed to use one account depends on the membership purchased. As if it is about diamond members, they can additionally add three users to their Helium 10 account. For Elite members, they can additionally add five users.

Closure: Helium 10 Blog and Facts 2024

Helium 10 can be helpful for several reasons, and the facts about Helium 10 showing how to make yourself a better Amazon seller seems alright to me. If we talk about the features and everything, Helium 10 offers different options for searching relevant keywords, monthly sales, Amazon PPC, easy-to-use User interfaces and much more. Basically, helium 10 can help you out with different aspects of marketing, Product and Keyword Research, Listing Optimization, Finances, and even learning.

Hopefully, this article has helped you clear out some of the questions and queries you might have about Helium 10.

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