Wondering what Helium 10 Freedom ticket have to offer? How can it help you in your Amazon selling operations? In this Helium 10 Freedom ticket review, we'll be covering all the important aspects of how can you use this Amazon FBA training course while getting the best results for your business operations. In addition to that, we'll be covering all the important aspects across the things that make Freedom ticket an excellent choice for you to learn more in terms of upscaling the business.

Let’s have a deeper dive into the Helium 10 Freedom ticket review and understand what makes it a suitable choice among Amazon sellers and specifically beginner and intermediate-level Amazon sellers.

What is Helium 10 Freedom Ticket? Freedom Ticket Review

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Review

Freedom Ticket by Helium 10 is created by Kevin King, which is a reliable course and offers the potential to achieve 4 to 5-figure sales on Amazon. With Freedom Ticket by Helium 10, Amazon sellers have shown some exponential growth in order to expand your Amazon business. Helium 10 is a well-known name in the Amazon FBA world and the Freedom Ticket course is created by Kevin King.

Key Takeaways of Helium 10 Freedom Ticket

  • More than 60 videos in the course to upscale Amazon selling.
  • Covers all the basic topics for Amazon Selling Operations.
  • 11 Weeks of Training.
  • Notes and Review slides added in every module.
  • Great Amazon sellers courses for Beginner level and Intermediate Amazon sellers.

Helium 10's Freedom Ticket is a trustworthy Amazon FBA training course that offers the chance to increase your sales on Amazon. With the help of Kevin King's course, you can learn how to maximize your profits and grow your Amazon FBA business. Helium 10 is a reputable brand in the Amazon FBA sphere, and Kevin King's Freedom Ticket course can provide the knowledge to take your business to the next level.

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Who is Kevin King?

Kevin King, an experienced and successful e-commerce entrepreneur, has created the Freedom Ticket course for Amazon FBA Business. With over two decades of selling products online since his start on eBay in 1995, Kevin is now providing Amazon FBA seller training to help the next generation of e-comm giants.

Since 2015, Kevin King has been offering a wide array of products through Amazon, resulting in millions in revenue. His expertise in marketing, coupled with the skill of simplifying complicated concepts, has made him a leading authority in Amazon sales. His course is a testament to this.

Access Helium 10 Freedom Ticket at $72/Month (Discounted Price)

Access Helium 10 Freedom Ticket at Discount

The reason I have added the cost and everything is due to the cost of using Freedom Ticket, where buying Freedom ticket separately will be costing you around $997 for the course, whereas the starting plan will be costing you $99/month and $72/month if selected annually with our exclusive Helium 10 coupon code, overall for 3 months costing you around $300 at max and since the course will be completed in 11 weeks, it a win-win situation for Amazon sellers.

Who can use Helium 10 Freedom Ticket?

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket can be used by almost every stage of Amazon sellers, this basically includes beginner, intermediate, and advanced level Amazon sellers. For newbie sellers, Kevin King's course provides great learning resources such as Introduction to Amazon FBA, DOs, and DONTs when starting an FBA business, and other relevant topics. In short, Helium 10 offers excellent insight for newbies, but there is much more to explore.

In addition to all this, I have already come across some intermediate to advanced-level Amazon sellers that might sound like not needing the Helium 10 Freedom ticket but found Helium 10 Freedom ticket to be an excellent course to learn a few new things. Overall, Helium 10 Freedom ticket is one of those few Amazon-selling courses in the market that is suitable for all Amazon sellers.

What lessons are offered in Helium 10 Freedom Ticket?

As I have already mentioned earlier, the Freedom Ticket is an 11-week course that covers almost all the important aspects of selling on Amazon, Kevin King has tried to cover almost everything for Amazon selling, these chapters according to the week are as follows:

  • Week 1: Intro to Selling on Amazon
  • Week 2: Basics of Selling on Amazon
  • Week 3: All about Money
  • Week 4: Finding a Product to Sell
  • Week 5: Getting your product made
  • Week 6: Freight & Logistics
  • Week 7: How to makes Sales on Amazon
  • Week 8: How to create your Sales Page
  • Week 9: Launching your Product
  • Week 10: Using Amazon Advertising
  • Week 11: Selling on Walmart.com
What Kevin King has to say about Helium 10?

“Helium 10 has everything you need. There are literally hundreds of software tools for Amazon sellers, and I have tried most of them. But in my opinion, there is only one tool that matters for serious sellers: Helium 10. Helium 10 has everything you need in one tightly integrated set of advanced tools to source, create, and maintain million-dollar listings on Amazon.” – Kevin King

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Pricing Plan

Amazon sellers can get access to Freedom Ticket in two different ways, this includes:

  • Using Helium 10: Looking for the most affordable way to get access to Freedom ticket? Well, Helium 10 is the way to that. Helium 10 Start your business Plan starts at a cost as low as $72/month, which is pretty affordable for a complete way to get access to the lessons and everything on the go.
  • Individually buying Freedom Ticket: It is worth mentioning that users can also buy Freedom tickets separately without Helium 10, but the course costs $997, which is way more than Helium 10 Freedom ticket course. Overall, choosing Helium 10 would be the right choice overall for Amazon sellers as the 11-week long course would cost somewhat around $300, which is almost 60% lesser than the original price.

How to Access Helium 10 Freedom Ticket?

Getting access to Helium 10 Freedom ticket is quite easy and can be done in a few simple steps, all you need to have is a Helium 10 account, and once you have it, you can get along with the following steps:

  • Log in to your Helium 10 account, or sign up using the Helium 10 coupon code mentioned above; it is worth mentioning that in order to get access to Helium 10 Freedom ticket, you need to have a paid plan, and it doesn’t even matter that whether it is Start your Business Plan or any other plan.
Access to Helium 10 Freedom Ticket
  • After you have logged in to your account, you can select the tools options in the header menu and look out for the learning section and select the FBA Training.
Helium 10 Freedom Ticket FBA Training
  • Once, you have logged into your Helium 10 account and selected the FBA training option, you are good to go in order to start your Helium 10 Freedom Ticket review.
Start your FBA Training with Freedom Ticket
  • Now click on the view course and start your course and upscale your Amazon selling operations by learning more in the particular aspect.

The Modules that are offered in the Freedom ticket are as follows:

Why selling on Amazon is a good opportunity?What is a private label?Basic Business requirementsWhat to expect when you are selling?What $5k investment do selling on Amazon?
Using the profit first calculatorHow Amazon business are valued?Where to find product ideas?Reviews and Competitive ResearchProduct Evaluation Spreadsheet
Managing Cash Flow12 Common rookie sourcing mistakesCreating a unique product from scratchHow to create a sales page?Analyzing the competitor listing using Helium 10
Using Amazon posts and Press ReleasesWhy sponsored ads are important?Campaign placementsPPC campaign optimizationFreedom ticket certification test
Selling on WalmartSetting up Walmart AccountListing optimization for WalmartWalmart PPC campaignsRanking your products on Walmart

The course also includes other modules as well, overall Freedom Ticket has around 50+ modules for Amazon and Walmart selling operations. Even though it is worth mentioning that most of the modules are oriented toward Amazon selling operations, Week 11 is fully dedicated to Walmart.

My Experience with Helium 10 Freedom Ticket

Like most of the Amazon sellers that came across Freedom Ticket by Kevin King, my experience was positive as well, the modules offered by Freedom Ticket were all set for Amazon sellers. The introductory modules are best suitable for beginner-level Amazon sellers as it covers everything from the scratch.

As an intermediate-level Amazon seller myself, I was having knowledge in terms of starting off my business but some crucial points were still unclear, or I can say that I wasn’t well aware of such as ranking products, where to find the right product ideas, etc. The footage was of high quality, with a pleasing backdrop. Furthermore, Kevin King articulated the material in an understandable way, using language that was easy to comprehend, even for those without a college education.

Overall, I would recommend giving the course a try since it not only covers almost all the important aspects of Amazon selling but also covers the Walmart selling part as well, as a result, this can open better opportunities in the business.

Student Reviews on Freedom Ticket

We examined the comments from earlier students of Kevin's course who had used the Freedom Ticket. Generally, they all had positive feedback to give regarding their collaboration with him while taking the program.

A number of them stated that they had increased their Amazon income within a few months of finishing the course, while others contended that the cost was well worth it in the long term. Besides, many of them commended Kevin as an “anti-guru,” as he was forthright and honest with his advice, not shying away from disclosing the realities of the business, both good and bad. Overall, if we consider the ratio of reviews found on the course, it can be said that almost 80 – 90 percent of the reviews were positive and as I have mentioned above some of them doubled their overall income in Amazon selling operations which is quite remarkable.

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Pros & Cons


  • Money back guarantee on Freedom Ticket
  • 11 Weeks of Course for Amazon and Walmart selling
  • Covers important topics like PPC, Inventory management, Keyword research, etc
  • Course is free for Helium 10 users.


  • The price is high for the course if bought without Helium 10 subscription.
  • No guarantee in terms of a particular goal
  • Very little live interaction

Top FAQs on Freedom Ticket by Kevin King

How to get Freedom ticket for free?

You can get free access to Freedom ticket by getting along with the Helium 10 subscription, Helium 10 users can get access to freedom ticket from Start your Business Plan and above.

How much time would it take to complete Helium 10 Freedom ticket?

The Freedom Ticket is an 11-week course designed for Amazon and Walmart sellers, even though the course is designed for a timespan of 11 weeks but students can finish the course earlier depending on themselves.

Are there any dedicated modules for Walmart sellers?

Yes, the Freedom Ticket has a dedicated one-week module for Walmart selling, sellers that seek to learn and expand across the Walmart marketplace can take full leverage of this course.

Who created the Freedom Ticket course?

The course is designed and created by Kevin King, a 7-figure and renowned Amazon seller with experience of decades, he started his journey from eBay in 1995 and grew across other marketplaces.

Can I take multiple retakes on a single module?

Yes, users/students can take multiple retakes on modules in the Helium 10 Freedom Ticket without any limits and restrictions.

Conclusion: Helium 10 Freedom Ticket Review

Helium 10 Freedom Ticket is an excellent choice for Amazon sellers or anyone who seeks to step into the world of Amazon. With over 50+ modules designed for Amazon and Walmart, users can take good leverage of it in order to upscale their business. In addition to all this, Helium 10 Freedom Ticket is an excellent resort for beginner to intermediate level Amazon sellers who are just starting off their journey and seek to get better in terms of some of the unexplored verticals from their part such as product listing, PPC automation, etc.

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