Helium 10 Gems Review 2023: An Unbiased Review of the Best Amazon URL Generator!

Helium 10 Gems Review

Are you looking for a reliable and easy-to-use Amazon URL generator? If so, then this Helium 10 Gems Review 2023 might help you make your final decision.

URLs play an important role in your product's visibility and growth promotion. As for Amazon, it generates URLs for product listings that sellers have no control over. Additionally, creating complex URLs, such as for group products, can be complicated.

This particular problem can be tackled using a top-notch URL generator/builder. They help simplify complex links, including keywords, which make them more understandable for common customers. Proper links can increase your product's ranking as Search Engine algorithms love them.

One such efficient link builder is Gems by Helium 10.

Helium 10 GEMs offer a variety of URL structures that can boost your visibility and sales prolifically. Be it generating URLs based on ASIN or directing traffic straight to your cart, Gems is the tool for you. It can increase your conversion rates and grow your Amazon business.

But is it really necessary, and how can you lay your hands on this premium link generator? Stay tuned to find out!

What is Helium 10 Gems? Helium 10 Gems Review in a Nutshell

Helium 10 Gems

With Helium 10 Gems, sellers can create precise URLs that are optimized for SEO, helping to increase your product visibility and sales. It is an all-in-one Amazon link creator that allows you to quickly and easily create customized URLs for your Amazon product listings. The tool is compatible with two major marketplaces, Amazon and Walmart.

The tool provides sellers with options to generate 6 types of profitable URLs, which include Canonical URL, Add To Cart, Buy Together, Targeted ASIN Search URL, Walmart 2-Step Via Brand and Walmart 2-Step Via Seller.

You can even choose your desired marketplace to create a specific URL for your product listing, so it's easier for customers around the world to find your products in their respective locations. 

The entire process of creating and editing product URLs is very straightforward and easy to do. Within just a few clicks of a button, you can generate links that can potentially increase your products' visibility. You can easily lead your traffic directly to your product pages or cart with the help of this free tool. Yes, you read it right! Helium 10 brings you all these exclusive features totally free of cost.

Features and Working of Helium 10 Gems

Gems by Helium 10 comes with various features, and if you are familiar with the basics of the Amazon marketplace, you can easily use the tool to your advantage. Use a type of URL builder that sits well with your marketing strategy.

You can easily share these structured URLs on various platforms to get indexed and increase your profits. Let's learn about these types of URL builders and how can you use them?

How to use Helium 10 Gems

But before that, make sure to log in or sign up to your Helium 10 account to use the GEMs tool for free. Once done, click on “Tools,” and under the “Free Tools” section, you will find the “URL builder”. Then after you have decided what kind of URL you wish to generate, you will have to choose your marketplace.

Must Know: You must choose the appropriate Amazon marketplace for your item listing in the “Choose Your Marketplace” option. Once you have selected the marketplace, all the URLs created will direct the user to that same website. The default selection is Amazon.com, but you also have the option to select other marketplaces as well.

1. Canonical URL (Amazon)

Canonical URL of Helium 10 Gems

Canonical URL links directly to your product listing and are super SEO-friendly. To create a canonical URL, the tool asks for the five most pertinent keywords to your product and the product's ASIN. Then these keywords are inserted in the URL and spaced using hyphens or colons. This process is very flexible, and you can decide where to place the hyphens or colons.


Follow these steps to create a Canonical URL:

1.After selecting the marketplace, go to the Canonical URL section.

2.Enter the top 5 keywords accordingly and the product ASIN.

3.Click “Generate.”

4.Copy the resulting URL and paste it wherever desired.

2. Add To Cart URL (Amazon)

Add to cart Helium 10 Gems

Add to Cart URLs direct the traffic to Amazon's “Add to cart” page, increasing sales chances. Gems simplify the process of creating this type of URL, requiring only the quantity and ASIN of the product. As soon as customers click on the “Add to Cart” URL, they will be directed to an Amazon page asking if they wish to add the following item to their cart.

Example: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aws/cart/add.html?ASIN.1=B0BBWL8WX7&Quantity.1=1

Follow these steps to create a “Add To Cart” URL:

1.After selecting the marketplace, go to the Add To Cart section.

2.Enter the product ASIN and the quantity you wish your customers to see while adding to the cart.

3.Click “Generate.”

4.Copy the resulting URL and paste it wherever desired.

3. Buy Together URL (Amazon)

Buy Together Helium 10 gems

Making a bunch of similar or relative products is another great strategy you can entice customers with. The Buy Together URL helps you create a link that will add two or more products to the customer's cart. This strategy is highly preferable, which is why you often see the “frequently bought together” section in all product listings. The tool allows you to create a pack of minimum 2 different products, whereas the maximum limit is 4. All you need to do is specify the product ASIN and quantity.

Example: https://www.amazon.com/gp/aws/cart/add.html?ASIN.1=B0BBWL8WX7&Quantity.1=1&ASIN.2=B082LVNHW9&Quantity.2=1

Follow these steps to create a “Buy Together” URL:

1.After selecting the marketplace, go to the Buy Together section.

2.Enter the respective product ASINs and the desired quantity for up to 4 items.

3.Click “Generate.”

4.Copy the resulting URL and paste it wherever desired.

4. Targeted ASIN Search URL (Amazon)

Targeted ASIN Search URL helium 10 Gems

This is another excellent URL generator type that creates an Amazon search page for a few specific products. It is a great way to promote similar or competitive products, as your audience will be impressed by the quality that is being provided. You can share these URLs in listicle articles, youtube videos or social media posts. All you need is to enter the product ASIN, and the tool lets you create a search page for up to 50 ASINs.

Example: https://www.amazon.com/s/?k=‎B0BBWL8WX7%7C+‎B082LVNHW9%7C+B07VTGSC3B&ref=nb_sb_noss

Follow these steps to create a “Targeted ASIN Search URL”:

1.After selecting the marketplace, go to the Targeted ASIN Search URL section.

2.Enter the 10 characters desired ASINs, one below the other, with a maximum limit of 50 ASINs.

3.Click “Generate,” and you will have an Amazon search result page filled with a limited number of products.

4.Copy the resulting URL and paste it wherever desired.

5. Walmart 2-Step Via Brand

Walmart 2-Step Via Brand Helium 10 gems

The next URL generator is for the Walmart marketplaces. The tool takes an interesting brand approach for focusing on particular keywords when guiding traffic to Walmart. All you need to do is enter keywords and the Brand to generate an SEO-friendly URL.

6. Walmart 2-Step Via Seller

Walmart 2-Step Via Seller Helium 10 Gems

Walmart 2-Step Via Seller enables vendors to tailor their products to specific keywords for their customers, keeping the items restricted to the seller and the keyword. This URL generator only requires vital keywords and the Store name to deliver a powerful URL that can be used on all platforms to drive traffic. This is a great strategy that can definitely help increase conversion rates.

Helium 10 Gems Pricing: How can you use Helium 10 Gems?

One of the greatest advantages that make Helium 10's URL generator better than its competitors is its $0 pricing plan. You can put GEMs into action just by creating a free Helium 10 account which will provide you with limited access to the tool along with multiple other awesome features.

Helium 10 premium subscriptions are also very affordable, and looking at the wide variety of functionality that the seller suite software offers, it is worth it. Here are some of their standard plans:

Helium 10 Pricing Plans
  • Starter Plan ($39/month): Basic tools and features for beginners.
  • Platinum Plan ($99/month): For sellers who are looking to grow and expand.
  • Diamond Plan ($249/month): Toolset for experts aiming to scale their business.
  • Elite Plan ($399/month): All the exclusive features for top-tier sellers. 

Top FAQs on Helium 10 Gems

Is Helium 10 Gems really free?

Yes, the powerful link generator is included in the free plan, which you can avail just by signing up with your email.

Why are Amazon URL generators/builders necessary?

URL generators help build URLs that have the potential to increase the product's visibility. It helps construct complex and SEO-friendly URLs with greater ease. Tools such as Gems assist in simplifying intricate URLs with keywords and ASINs, which makes them more understandable for regular customers. Helium 10 Gems URL may enhance a product's ranking since they are favored by Search Engine algorithms.

Helium 10 Gems Review 2023: The Final Verdict!

Overall, Helium 10 Gems is an incredible Amazon and Walmart URL builder tool that will help boost your product visibility and sales. You can definitely promote your product rank with their SEO-friendly and product-specific URLs. You can drive external traffic to your desired page and increase conversion rates based on the chosen URL structure.

Include vital keywords, product ASIN, store name or other slugs in your links, and share them on various platforms. Step up your marketing strategy as an Amazon or Walmart Seller with a true hidden gem by Helium 10.


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