No doubt that Helium 10 has been an excellent choice among Amazon sellers, and the new Helium 10 updates have just made things even better in terms of delivering more accurate and helpful data analytics for Amazon selling operations. The Helium 10 team has been quite consistent so far when it comes to delivering new updates from time to time.

These timely updates include different fields and operations for sales, keyword research tools, product listing, listing optimization, and much more. But this time, it's different; where some of the features already existed in Helium 10 (Older versions); they have now been combined and managed in a single place.

Helium 10 Latest Tools Update 2024

Below mentioned are some of the latest Helium 10 updates that can be useful for Amazon sellers and Amazon selling operations.

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1. Amazon Brand Analytics in Cerebro

Amazon Brand Analytics in Cerebro

The Amazon Brand Analytics in Cerebro is available in Elite and Diamond Plans. In order to get started with Amazon Brand Analytics in Cerebro, you need to connect the Amazon seller central account with Helium 10. You can also explore these features and get analytics based on certain parameters like Amazon Brand analytics on total click share, ABA conversion share, search volume, Sponsored rank (avg.), Sponsored rank (count), along with some of the data and features which were already available earlier.

For example, there might be multiple products being listed on the basis of certain keywords or a broader category, now on the brighter side. Let's consider the keyword collagen powder, but if you come across all the other variations along with the main keyword, you can come across the keyword collagen vegan, which has only got 3 products listed on Amazon, so it's a golden opportunity to get your product listed on that certain keyword as it has got low competition and high conversion rate.

In addition to all this, you can also make your way around some other important data based on the Top 3 ASINs overview for a certain product with the Top 3 Clicked ASINs and the historical data for that certain product/search term.

2. Direct Keyword Exporting from Magnet to Keyword Tracker

Exporting from Magnet to Keyword Tracker

The direct keyword export option is now somewhat very easy to move on with; all you need to do is select the keywords and add them directly to the Keyword tracker; yes, it's that simple. Or you can even track a new product by clicking on Track a New Product and working accordingly. This might sound like a new feature, but can be excellent in terms of saving time since things are now all managed in a single place. 

3. Top 10-15 Organic Keywords for a Niche

Top 10-15 Organic Keywords for a Niche

Being listed on the organic keywords can be one of the primary goals for your Amazon selling operations. In order to get the organic keywords for a certain product or keywords. All you need to work is on the Cerebro and filter across different options to get the best out of the searches for a niche or keyword.

These filters when done accordingly can be helpful in making you come across some of the most relevant keywords while being able to make your way around the list of keywords and make your later marketing and Amazon selling operations accordingly.

4. New On-Boarding Process

New On-Boarding Process

In addition to all the operations that I just mentioned above, the easier onboarding process can be really helpful for beginner-level Amazon sellers. The onboarding process is basically divided into 4 simple steps and these steps include:

  • Connect to Amazon
  • Analyze the listing
  • Find top keywords
  • Track your competitors

In addition to just proceeding with the steps, Helium 10 also gives a small overview of what other topics mean and how can they be useful for your Amazon selling operations, you can also choose different language options, so a global tool underlying all the needed global parameters including the marketplace and language. The Amazon marketplaces that are covered by Helium10 for Amazon selling operation are as follow:

  • North America: United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and Brasil.
  • Europe: Helium 10 covers almost all the Amazon marketplaces working in the Europe region.
  • Asia: Covers all the regions based on Australia, Japan, and Singapore.

5. Estimation Based on How Orders will it take to Rank on Page One

Know Your Estimated Brand Value

All this data can be used in order to make your way around how many orders are needed to be made for getting your product listed on Amazon's search page for your certain keyword/product. Just in case, you are wondering why these estimations are needed, it can be said that for a certain new keyword and product, Amazon uses this data to have a better analysis for a certain keyword on whether the product is what it should be listed on. This basically gives more accurate data on how and what all products and keywords are right on the aim.

6. Sales Heat Map

Sales Heat Map

Having a sales heat map can be really helpful in terms of delivering and understanding which geo locations are performing well and where your efforts can be more fruitful. What even makes this better is the per capita data, this as a result can show you the Gross revenue and the units sold. Overall, a useful feature for Amazon selling operations.

7. Alerts Filter Update

The alerts were something that was already offered earlier in Helium 10 and other similar Amazon sellers tools but the new update can be really helpful in a number of ways. The Alerts offered by Helium 10 can potentially decrease the time which was spent on SKUs separately, since the alerts are now filtered you can get known to what parameters are really you wanna look forward to.

8. Top Root Words in Performing Keywords

Top Root Words in Performing Keywords

In addition to all this, you can also use the listing analyzer for a certain multi-product search. You can do these searches based on the top root words based on filters in terms of competitor rank (Min & Max), Ranking competitors (count), advanced rank filters, and the search volume trend. All this data combined lets you run around the multi-product search while delivering filtered products and word frequency (can be exported).

9. Keyword Tracker to Listing Analyzer

Keyword Tracker to Listing Analyzer

The listing analyzer can be helpful in getting insights around some of the important data, which can show you data around things like Sales Overview, Price, Stock, Review Count, and other important parameters. All this data can be later used in order to work accordingly for more and more.

10. Increased Search Results

Helium 10, in its recent update, has increased the number of search results that were somewhat 200 are now increased to 500, which can show you a broader picture of the searches performed. Well, this increased search results update is only available for Diamond and Elite users.

11. Chrome Extension Widget

The Chrome Extension offered by Helium 10 can be considered among some of the best tools and features that can be used in terms of accessibility. The Chrome extension widget lets you come along with features like Xray – Amazon product research, Xray keywords, ASIN Grabber, Probability checker, Inventory levels, and review insights.

Where all this data was being used with the help of the Helium 10 Chrome extension, which is now all accessible with a widget, which means no more getting along with the extension bar, the widget can be really helpful in easier access for multiple operations.

🚀 Start using the Helium 10 Chrome extension today!

Now that we have covered almost all the new updates let's take a look at the Helium 10s pricing plan.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans – Does Helium 10 Offer Free Trial?

We suggest purchasing one of the paid Helium 10 programs if you want to use it. You may enroll in the New Starter Plan for $37 a month if you wish. This is excellent for beginners with limited marketing demands and just starting out. It's also cheaper than other tools if you're on a budget or starting out.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Well, if we look into the general aspect, most of the Amazon sellers usually choose the Platinum Plan. Still, we would highly recommend getting with the Diamond Plan as these updates are covered up in the Helium 10 Diamond and offer more features that can be excellent for Amazon sellers.

Helium 10 Starter Plan

The Helium 10 Starter Plan costs $39/month and gives access to all the basic features. As the name suggests, the Starter Plan can be an excellent choice for beginner-level Amazon sellers.

Helium 10 Platinum Plan

The Helium 10 Platinum Plan costs $99/month and can be an excellent choice for intermediate-level sellers or beginner-level sellers who seek to get more in terms of features. In simple words, an excellent choice for blooming Amazon sellers.

Helium 10 Diamond Plan

The Helium 10 Diamond Plan costs $249/month and is a good-to-go choice for Amazon sellers who fall in the intermediate Amazon sellers category. Suppose you are someone who is looking forward to exploring around all the updates and premium features offered by Helium 10.

Helium 10 Elite Plan

The Helium 10 Elite Plan costs $399/month and is a good choice for Amazon sellers that can be categorized under the top-tier Amazon sellers, which tend to get more out of this Amazon sellers tool.

Frequently Asked Question about Helium 10

Is Chrome extension available in all the Helium10's plans?

Yes, the chrome extension is available in all the plans, whereas some of the features are limited in the free plan; you can get access to all the features starting from the platinum plan.

Which marketplaces are supported in Helium 10?

Helium 10 supports multiple marketplaces, including the North and South American Markets, European Markets, Middle East & African Markets, Far East, and Indian Markets.

Which plan gives access to Adtomic?

Helium 10s Adtomic is available on the Diamond and Elite Plans.

Can I try Helium 10 for free?

Helium 10 allows its new user to test its features for free. The user can create a free Helium 10 account.

Can I upgrade my Helium 10 plan?

The users can upgrade their Helium 10 paid plan anytime through the Plans section. You can even contact this [email protected] email address for help.

Conclusion: Helium 10 Latest Tools Updates

In the recent update, Helium 10 has come up with some excellent services that can be helpful to Amazon sellers. Where most of the features were segregated are now positioned well while delivering the best accessibility to users (Amazon sellers) as I have just mentioned that these tools can make a positive impact on making better marketing strategies. Helium 10s team has been working consistently every month to deliver better and better for Amazon selling operations.

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