What is Helium 10 Project X? Ultimate Video Series for AMZ Sellers📦

Helium 10 is great at providing learning tools and helping Amazon sellers with a number of videos and articles already present on their website.

So what makes Helium 10 Project X so different?

I will be guiding you through the very details of this newly launched series of tutorial videos by Helium 10.

Helium 10 is regarded as the most innovative keyword research tool amongst Amazon sellers. It has become a great Amazon business tool over the period of time and has left other product research tools such as Jungle Scout behind in many aspects.

And recently to provide greater knowledge to their users, Helium 10 launched a series of videos called Project X.

What is Helium 10 Project X?

Helium 10 Project X

Helium 10’s official videos, where the hosts discuss case studies and guide the viewer about each step to have their Amazon business booming.

The keyword research tool has kept all the videos free of cost, in which they will be having new methods discussed, which can be of use for both the new sellers as well as the old and established Amazon business owners.

This video series will get you all the in-depth case studies related to a profitable product. New risk free techniques, along with research and testing methods mentioned in Project X will help you build your Amazon business better.

And not just that but you will learn various creative processes along with having the knowledge of good and bad steps that could have your Amazon Busines affected.

Helium 10’s Project series is all about tips and tricks for finding the best ways to have your products introduced to a customer and have them sold out in the easiest way possible. The best hacks, from the prompt experts, that is what Project X is.

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What can you expect from Helium 10 Project X?

You might have already used the provided methods of product selling by Helium 10 under its learning tools section. But Project X will have your perspective towards the available tools totally changed.

Along with having the tools discussed, you will gain knowledge of finding new ways to grab the latest opportunity related to the product.

Get a better idea of which product market is the best with a poor competition rate and is still high in demand. 

From having your mind cleared with the clutter of finding a new product for your Amazon business to managing the logistics you will have thorough guidance from Helium 10’s training director Bradley Sutton and Tim Jordan from an E-commerce company Private Label Legion.

Both the hosts have made a step-by-step guide to having you enlightened about finding a new product with the research technique they personally came up with.

Meanwhile, the videos will even show the deep plannings that are required to develop a whole process of getting a product onboard.

If you are worried about the sourcing of a new product, Bradley and Tim will share their experience of the procedure, from start to end.

Other topics that will be discussed in the Helium 10’s video tutorial are finding the supplier, ordering products, and even easing the process of logistics.

You will learn about negotiating deals with a supplier, and some practicals revolving around the same topic. Similarly, the hosts of Helium 10 Project X will take over the process that is required at the time of ordering a product.

Get tips on how to have your Amazon product delivered to your warehouse in the quickest way possible. Know the steps of arranging the logistics that will make your shipping stress-free.

A few more details that will be discussed during the tutorial will definitely give you a clear picture of the creation of your product listing by having them arranged systematically on the selling platform.

Also, all the strategies that are required to have your listing optimized are also briefed in Helium 10 Project X. Remember you just don’t put words out in the description, but you have to arrange them in a manner that the customers will be dragged towards your Amazon product list. So to have a better understanding, a few testing methods have also been shown for building your product listings. This is something that is certain to have your sales boosted right away.

Today Amazon provides a number of ways to have your products sold on its platform. It ranges from Retail arbitrage, Online arbitrage, Merch by Amazon, and Wholesale.

Targeting this query, Bradley and Tim will also be talking about the Private Label business model. For those unaware of this model, it is simply the creation of a brand that allows the seller to launch their own brand and then take over full control of that same brand on the business website of Amazon.

This is efficient while creating a unique product and even having them customized for your Amazon market.  

Having the latest methods discussed for launching a product, you will surely get indulged in the video series by Helium 10. If you are already using a few methods like freebies and coupons, you can also gain a bit of knowledge if they are still in trend or not.

And the best part about Helium 10 Project X is that you will have all the latest techniques discussed while also getting an idea of their variations. This means, even though your competitor has already approached the discussed techniques, you can still come up and try them with your own version that defies the already existing one.

This will help you know the best practices that will have your products bring you great sales for a long duration of time.

Know the best tricks to use the features of Helium 10 like the Chrome extension that will have your Amazon product stand out from the already existing rush on the internet.

Checkout 👉 Helium 10 Chrome Extension Review

If you are afraid of taking a leap and trusting the tool, you should definitely go for this tutorial as it will share a brief about risk management on Amazon. The video will teach you about how to have your product sold with the lowest risk rate possible and also make you learn about finding an Amazon product that people are actually looking for.

You can later test your variation of ideas before you actually step up for a large financial chunk of the product. 

Playlist – Helium 10 Project X

Why did Helium 10 come up with Project X?

A certain doubt that comes to one’s mind is,

  • Why Helium 10 is taking so much effort and that too for free?
  • Why are the videos simply available on an open platform such as YouTube?
  • And why aren’t they asking for any fees for it?

Let me get you off of that weary mind.

A simple answer to that will be, Helium 10 wants the new age business techniques to expand. They know that the business trend has changed a lot in the last decade, and especially since the pandemic.

Now regions, where people didn’t know much about Amazon, are demanding the Amazon PPC tool to be launched as soon as possible.

But coming to a more personal level, both the hosts of the Helium 10 tutorial series, Project X, Bradley, and Tim feel that a lot of misinformation is being spread about this industry.

Most of the information is fake or in other cases, it is outdated and is of no use. They also feel that the motives behind fake news about this industry have some selfish reasons. 

Having this video tutorial series by your side will make your user experience more amazing. With the latest and the most up-to-date information available about the variety of features on Helium 10, Project X is a deep dive into the study of Amazon marketing as well as product research.

Why did Helium 10 choose Amazon?

One might think that besides Amazon there are a lot of other websites that could have been targeted by Helium 10.

Well, the reason behind choosing Amazon as their primary business website is not just one, but a lot.

First of the few would be that the FBA is great at customer service and solving the queries related to logistics. Then Amazon is a great platform for startups as it provides great traffic to each of its product businesses.

The platform even provides a number of features that fetch more traffic or is somehow profitable for a number of businesses in some or the other way. They have got an array of tools such as Amazon seller central, Amazon sellers deal,  Amazon advertising campaigns, and more of such amazingly countless tools that make the product selling easy and fast.

Introduction to the hosts of Helium 10’s Project X

Amazon Logo

Having years of expertise put into one, Bradley Sutton and Tim Jordan have come up with one of the best tutorials that discuss great strategies to have an Amazon product sold in the most effective way.

They have made a list of what products performs the best, which keywords are the ones that will rank for sure, and the vast opportunities that won’t cost you a fortune.

Enough of what Project X is about, let’s get to know the people who are making it work.

Bradley Sutton - Director of Training at Helium 10
Bradley Sutton – Director of Training at Helium 10

A born entrepreneur, Bradley is widely known for his presentations at both national and international conferences. He is an expert who hosts elite workshops, and live presentations and now has got his own Helium 10 training videos series.

At the age of 19, Bradley started a now million-dollar aftermarket car parts business. And today he is an enthusiast who wants to teach people how to succeed and become a great Amazon seller.

Right before Bradley officially joined Helium 10, he had launched and optimized more than 400 products and trained himself about what’s the best way to have the work done and have the products sold.

He has his own motto as well, #crushingit which he continually promotes on his podcast, Serious Sellers Podcast.

Tim Jordan - Author at Helium 10
Tim Jordan – Author at Helium 10

It was not planned by Tim to land himself in the E-commerce industry. He was a firefighter before and was working for a government contractor as a part-time job, while he was also sourcing and doing logistics for the State Dept.

He found out a way that made him realize that it was more profitable to have a private label product sold than to have a wholesaling business. Be it the shipping costs or the whole product selling procedure, his methods had targeted a lot of terms of accuracy. The moment he switched to this business he made 7 figures in just 8 months.

Tim then learned to check search volume and to find opportunities that he later applied within his business. He has now come up with multiple brands which are sold under a number of businesses.

Tim has come up with his own concept of Find, Validate, Test, Launch. With his business ideas, he has become an expert in finding products that are in demand of customer search results and are available with less or no competition at all.

FAQs on Helium 10 Project X

What all case studies will be discussed in Helium 10 Project X?

You can learn about and have the overall in-depth study of Helium 10 including keyword research, listing optimization, how to master the sales dashboard along with other high prioritized tools such as Black Box.

Which Helium 10 tool is best for product hunting?

Xray is a product research tool that is best at giving suggestions from the library of over 450 million products.

How many episodes does Helium 10 Project X have?

Till now the Helium 10 tutorial series Project X has got 16 episodes.

Is Project X available for free?

Yes, Project X by Helium 10 is available for free on both the official Helium 10 website as well as on YouTube.

Has the series covered post pandemic market?

Yes, the Project X tools tutorial series by Helium 10 has covered the post covid market in a few episodes.

Conclusion: Is Helium 10 Project X worth your time?

If you are an Amazon business owner be it anything a pet products seller on Amazon or even the one selling computer accessories, you should definitely opt for this tutorial. It will have you guided with the most intelligent customer retention techniques, and explain you about the array of features Helium 10 has got by discussing each and every basic feature as well as the premium features. The series will make you confident enough for your business endeavor.

Project X has been regarded as the most profitable video series for your Ecommerce business. It is a dedicated guide that will get you through with the techniques of competitor analysis and the one that will teach you to calculate competitor intelligence. Not just that but watching these videos will get your product great customer reviews.

If you wish to buy the subscription plans of Helium 10 for a discounted price you can use our coupon code BLOGE6M20 to get an instant 20% discount for the first 6 months or BLOGE10 to get a 10% discount for lifetime.

We hope our description of Helium 10 Project X was of use. Do visit our website amzmojo.com for more of such amazing Helium 10 articles. 

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