Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Helium 10 Project X, a revolutionary roadmap designed to help Amazon sellers navigate the intricate world of e-commerce.

This guide will provide you with a detailed understanding of Helium 10 Project X, equipping you with the knowledge and tools necessary to launch and grow a successful Amazon business. The Helium 10 Project X case study consists of 14 Powerful and knowledge-pack episodes that will help you to scale your earnings on Amazon seller marketplace or Walmart.

Understanding Helium 10 Project X

Helium 10 Project X is a 14-episode case study that provides a step-by-step guide on how to create a thriving Amazon business. Hosted by Bradley Sutton and Tim Jordan, two seasoned Amazon sellers, Project X offers invaluable insights into each stage of launching a successful Amazon product. Helium 10's official videos, where the hosts discuss case studies and guide the viewer about each step to have their Amazon business booming.

Helium 10 Project X

Great news for all Amazon sellers out there! You can dive into Project X directly through the Helium 10 website or their YouTube channel without needing a Helium 10 account.
But remember, to put all that valuable knowledge into action effectively, you'll want to have a Helium 10 plan in your toolkit.

Helium 10

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Main Points to Remember

After thoroughly reviewing Project X, here's what you, as an Amazon seller, need to know:

  • Project X is a goldmine of practical knowledge. It provides a clear, step-by-step guide on how to launch products on Amazon. It's like having a mentor guiding you through the process.
  • Each episode of Project X is about an hour long. This means you'll need to set aside some time to fully absorb the wealth of information each episode offers.
  • As for the investment, you're looking at approximately $5,000 to get started with Project X. And the timeline? Expect to spend about 3-6 months to complete the course.

What can you learn from Helium 10 Project X?

Project X offers a wealth of knowledge on various aspects of Amazon selling. Here's an overview of what each episode covers:

Episode 1: Welcome to Project X: Amazon FBA Case Study

Whether you're just dipping your toes into Amazon selling or you're a seasoned seller, the quest for profitable products remains crucial. So, buckle up and get ready to jot down some notes, because we're about to embark on an exciting journey.

This episode is primarily aimed at beginners unfamiliar with the Amazon business model. It provides a summary of what to expect in the course and shares the experiences of Bradley Sutto and Tim Jordon with launching and running an Amazon Business.

Episode 2: Product and Keyword Research

In the second episode, they delve into product research, highlighting the significance of initiating the process with a focus on keywords for Amazon's Sucess. They also shed light on the crucial aspect of comprehending buyer intent to identify keywords that convert exceptionally well.

Here’s the thing…You HAVE to do the keyword research anyway. Keywords are how you get found on Amazon. Without attaching your product to a keyword you won’t be seen on the platform.

Episode 3: Off-Amazon Product Validation

In this episode, they illustrate how to authenticate products outside the Amazon ecosystem. By demonstrating the use of tools such as Helium 10 Xray and Cerebro to identify high-revenue products that have been validated for demand on platforms like Pinterest, Etsy, and Alibaba.

In this episode, The hosts will use a number of Helium 10 tools (on Amazon) mixed with off-Amazon sites (Pinterest and Etsy) mixed again with a little creativity to determine whether a product/keyword has demand. 

Read More on Episode 3 with real examples and results: https://www.helium10.com/project-x/validate-amazon-products/

Episode 4: Eliminate Risk With Listing Tests

In this episode, you'll learn how to find important information like keyword search volume on Amazon, including competitor data. You'll also learn how to create test product listings and incorporate keywords with the help of Scribbles, a Helium 10 tool.

These tests will tell us how many people are searching for specific keywords as well as how competitive they are by giving us cost-per-click information. This entire process minimizes risk, so you don’t end up spending money on a product that becomes saturated quickly.

Episode 5: Get Data Directly From Amazon

In this episode, we'll guide you on how to verify if your test listing is being indexed for the desired keywords. We'll also walk you through the process of setting up a test PPC (pay-per-click) campaign and interpreting the data you gather.

Episode 6: Plan to Make the Perfect Product

This episode delves into the mindset you need when launching a product. We'll discuss how to select the right product packaging design, determine the product's features and dimensions, and understand customer reviews to enhance your product.

Episode 7: How to Source & Negotiate Anywhere in the World

In this episode, we'll explore RFQs (Request for Quotes), a set of documents that streamline communication with suppliers. We'll also share some insider tips on how to secure the best prices on 1688.com, thereby boosting your profit margin.

Episode 8: Navigating Shipping & Logistics

This episode provides a comprehensive overview of shipping and logistics, including transportation modes, delivery time estimates, and pricing options for various translation modes. We'll also discuss shipping insurance, potential pitfalls, and how holidays can impact shipping schedules.

Episode 9: Spy on Your Competition & Steal Their Best Keywords

This episode helps you execute competitor analysis to find the keywords driving their business. You'll learn the difference between exact match and long tail keywords and how to assess the quality of keywords.

Episode 10: Listing Creation & Optimization

In this episode, you'll learn how to create and optimize your listings, filter the keyword lists, and prioritize keywords. The episode concludes with a trip to a 3PL (3rd party logistics) company, where Bradley Sutton interviews the owner.

Episode 11: Crowdsource Ideas for Perfect Product Images

This episode focuses on one of the most critical aspects of product listing optimization – images. It provides examples of good and bad photos, helping you understand what characteristics and features your pictures should include.

Episode 12: A Combat Strategy for Successful Product Launches

This episode covers multiple aspects of successful product launches, including the theory and philosophy of launching products on Amazon, things to avoid during a product launch, and strategic decisions you can make to tilt the odds of success in your favor.

Episode 13: Success or Failure: Did Project X Find Profitable Products?

This episode reveals the results of a case study product launch using the Project X guidelines. It recaps the initial steps, including keyword research and PPC, and evaluates the project’s performance with the help of Alerts and the Profits tool.

Episode 14: So This Is What a Successful Launch Looks Like

In the final episode of Project X, the hosts review the performance of two case studies. They show product performance in Keyword Tracker, an excellent opportunity to see the tool in action.

Currently, Helium 10 has launched 2 more episodes making it a complete series of 16 episodes. Overall, Helium 10 has got around 24 videos added to the Helium 10 Project X playlist., including the 16 episodes and some bonus videos on the Amazon selling operations and journey.

Bonus Episode: Are Project X Strategies Still Relevant After COVID?

The bonus episode evaluates the viability of the methods shared after COVID-19. This episode also focuses on profitability, brand registry, inventory limits, etc.

Why did Helium 10 come up with Project X?

A certain doubt that comes to one's mind is,

  • Why Helium 10 is taking so much effort and that too for free?
  • Why are the videos simply available on an open platform such as YouTube?
  • And why aren't they asking for any fees for it?

Helium 10's Project X is an informative tutorial series aimed at expanding new-age business techniques and countering misinformation within the industry.

Spearheaded by Bradley Sutton and Tim Jordan, the series seeks to challenge outdated or erroneous industry narratives often perpetuated for self-serving reasons.

Helium 10 Project X leverages the most current information to enhance user experiences and provide a comprehensive understanding of Amazon marketing and product research. It positions itself as an invaluable resource for navigating the evolving landscape of e-commerce and effectively using Helium 10's multifaceted features.

Introduction to the hosts of Helium 10's Project X

Having years of expertise put into one, Bradley Sutton and Tim Jordan have come up with one of the best tutorials that discuss great strategies to have an Amazon product sold in the most effective way.

They have made a list of what products performs the best, which keywords are the ones that will rank for sure, and the vast opportunities that won't cost you a fortune.

Enough of what Project X is about, let's get to know the people who are making it work.

Bradley Sutton - Director of Training at Helium 10
Bradley Sutton – Director of Training at Helium 10

A born entrepreneur, Bradley is widely known for his presentations at both national and international conferences. He is an expert who hosts elite workshops, and live presentations and now has got his own Helium 10 training videos series.

At the age of 19, Bradley started a now million-dollar aftermarket car parts business. And today he is an enthusiast who wants to teach people how to succeed and become a great Amazon seller.

Right before Bradley officially joined Helium 10, he had launched and optimized more than 400 products and trained himself about what's the best way to have the work done and have the products sold.

He has his own motto as well, #crushingit which he continually promotes on his podcast, Serious Sellers Podcast.

Tim Jordan - Author at Helium 10
Tim Jordan – Author at Helium 10

It was not planned for Tim to land himself in the E-commerce industry. He was a firefighter before and was working for a government contractor as a part-time job, while he was also sourcing and doing logistics for the State Dept.

He found a way that made him realize that it was more profitable to have a private label product sold than to have a wholesaling business. Be it the shipping costs or the whole product selling procedure, his methods had targeted a lot of terms of accuracy. The moment he switched to this business he made 7 figures in just 8 months.

Tim then learned to check search volume and to find opportunities that he later applied within his business. He has now come up with multiple brands which are sold under a number of businesses.

Tim has come up with his own concept of Find, Validate, Test, Launch. With his business ideas, he has become an expert in finding products that are in demand of customer search results and are available with less or no competition at all.

FAQs on Helium 10 Project X

What all case studies will be discussed in Helium 10 Project X?

You can learn about and have the overall in-depth study of Helium 10 including keyword research, listing optimization, how to master the sales dashboard along with other high-prioritized tools such as Black Box.

Which Helium 10 tool is best for product hunting?

Xray is a product research tool that is best at giving suggestions from the library of over 450 million products.

How many episodes does Helium 10 Project X have?

Till now the Helium 10 tutorial series Project X has got 16 episodes.

Is Project X available for free?

Yes, Project X by Helium 10 is available for free on both the official Helium 10 website as well as on YouTube.

Has the series covered the post-pandemic market?

Yes, the Project X tools tutorial series by Helium 10 has covered the post covid market in a few episodes.

How can I access Helium 10 Project X?

You can access Project X through Helium 10’s YouTube channel or the Helium 10 website. Both options are free, and you don’t need a Helium 10 account.

Conclusion: Is Helium 10 Project X worth your time?

Helium 10 Project X is an excellent starting point for beginners and offers bite-sized learning for advanced users. With its comprehensive coverage of Amazon selling, it’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to succeed in the e-commerce space.

Project X has been regarded as the most profitable video series for your Ecommerce business. It is a dedicated guide that will get you through with the techniques of competitor analysis and the one that will teach you to calculate competitor intelligence. Not just that but watching these videos will get your product great customer reviews.

If you wish to buy the subscription plans of Helium 10 for a discounted price you can use our coupon code BLOGE6M20 to get an instant 20% discount for the first 6 months or BLOGE10 to get a 10% discount for a lifetime.

We hope our description of Helium 10 Project X was of use. Do visit our website amzmojo.com for more of such amazing Helium 10 articles. 

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