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No doubt that, Helium 10 provides the best tools available to Amazon sellers. It has been just an amazing tool for all the Amazon sellers out there, more of the #1 Amazon seller suite in the market, Sellers can use all the set of tools offered by Helium 10 and grow their business across multiple aspects. As an Amazon seller, getting an Amazon seller suite that can help you manage all your operations at a single place can be a game changer and getting some tools for free, sounds like a cherry on top. In this blog post on how to use Helium10 tools for free, we'll be looking forward to the free tools offered by Helium 10 that can be a leverage for all your Amazon selling operations.

Helium 10 offers an all-in-one software suite, which is designed just for Amazon sellers to help them succeed in their business. But it does also offer a set of free tools to anyone who is willing to start their Amazon seller business journey.

Also, they do have a free trial which is free-to-use forever with few limitations on the uses of each tool. So since it is free to use forever, let's look at How can you use Helium 10 tools for free?

We will also explore these free Helium 10 tools in detail and later also see whether they are worth it or not.

How to Use Helium 10 Tools for Free?

Helium 10

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1. Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Helium 10 Amazon Keyword Research Tool

Amazon marketplaces is also a search engine for products, and if you use the Amazon Keyword Research tool by Helium 10, you can find the most relevant keywords to optimize your listing. These keywords can improve your product visibility and increase your traffic and sales for your product by convincing Amazon’s A9 algorithm to boost your product ranking for the most profitable search terms.

With this free tool of Helium 10, you can uncover thousands of longtail, exact match, and broad match keyword opportunities for your PPC campaigns. You can also spy on your competitors’ keyword strategy by doing a reverse ASIN search.

Plus, you can also increase your sales by getting on-page organic traffic by running effective sponsored campaigns, which can help your sales grow by keeping your product ranking at the top. This Free tool by Helium 10 will also keep your product more relevant by providing you with the most relevant keywords, which can drive traffic from all the actual customer search queries on Amazon.

How to use Keyword Search on Amazon Keyword Research by Helium 10?

To use this Helium 10 free tool, you have to enter the seed keyword and discover thousands of long-tail keywords and key phrases variations that contain your seed keyword. Your search will also return relative search volume, the estimated number of competing products, along with the match type. You can then use the keywords insights and optimize your listings which will provide your product with greater visibility and ultimately drive more traffic to your product page.

2. PPC Audit

Helium 10 PPC Audit

Amazon PPC is nothing but advertising on Amazon. An Amazon PPC advertising campaign targets customer searches and products and seeks to place an Amazon Ad in a high visibility place.

When you choose to set up your Amazon PPC campaign, you will have to decide to target your ads in three different ways. You will have to focus on keywords, products, ASINs or Amazon categories. And then, you have to determine how keyword matches on Amazon will occur, and for that, you can have a specific approach using three techniques. Either you can use a ‘Broad match,’ or ‘Phrase match’ or ‘Exact match.’

And with this Free tool of Helium 10, you do a Campaign Analysis which can give you a clear picture of how your campaigns are working. Plus, you can also see how close you are to your Target ACos score. You can also use the search term analysis of this free tool and analyze your search terms to find wasted spend on it. You can also do a Keyword Analysis and optimize the performance of the keywords on which you are bidding on. Additionally, you can also do a Duplicate Keyword Analysis, which can quickly find the keywords you may be bidding against yourself on.

3. Helium 10 Chrome Extension

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

This is a free Helium 10 Chrome Extension, which is absolutely free to download from the chrome web store and provides excellent features. It provides you with a suite of 5 powerful time-saving tools. All of these tools provide you with a fine-tuning of research, validate your product ideas, find all the lucrative sourcing opportunities, and plan for seasonality, revolutionizing competitor research and estimation of profit.

With this super powerful and convenient chrome extension, you just require one single click in your browser, which will provide you instant access to:

  • Xray: You will get instant access to market data, and you can get lucrative product opportunities.
  • Profitability Calculator: This feature will calculate your profit margins depending on weight, FBA fees, dimension and freight cost.
  • ASIN Grabber: With this feature, you can copy ASINs in bulk and create targeted ads.
  • Inventory Levels: You get an instant view of inventory for any product on Amazon.
  • Review Downloader: This will give you an insight into what customers are saying about your products and also help you to fine-tune your listings which will help you to make better-informed decisions.

4. Helium 10 Gems (URL Builder)

The Helium 10 Gems is a free tool that you can use to send potential customers to your Amazon or Walmart product listings via unique URLs. This tool is actually one of the free tools, which you can access by clicking on Tools and then free tools and then URL Builder.

With Helium 10 Gems, you can create 6 different types of URLs. These will be specific to a marketplace, depending on where you want the customers to go. These includes:

  • Canonical: With this feature, you can send customers right to the product listings and also to the correct Amazon Marketplace.
  • Add to Cart: This will send customers directly to the Add to Cart page.
  • Targeted ASIN Search: This feature will create an Amazon search page with products which are corresponding to the ASINs you specify.
  • Buy Together: This will automatically combine two or more products that you specify and sends the customer to the Add to Cart Page.
  • Walmart 2-Step Via Brand: This feature replicates the search string for a target keyword and brand when it sends customers to a Walmart search result page. And then, the customer can click on a specific product listing.
  • Walmart 2-Step Via Seller: This feature replicates the search string for a target keyword and seller when it sends customers to a Walmart search result page. And then, the customers can click on a specific product listing.

5. QR Code Generator

Helium 10 QR Code Generator

This feature will help you create QRs, which will give instant access to the information you need to reach your target audience.

QR Codes are actually a great way to increase traffic to your site, but they can help you to do much more like:

  • This will help customers to interact and recognize your brand and also follow it.
  • It also serves you as a promoting material and enhances your selling opportunities.
  • It helps you to reach your targeted audience.
  • You can use it to improve your feedback on products.

And to create a URL with the Free Helium 10 URL Builder is quite easy.

  • You first only have to create Choose the URL destination where you want to take your customers, a thank you page, a product warranty or email signup for future deals.
  • Then choose your QR code design which will reflect the aesthetic that makes your brand unique and memorable.
  • And now, Start sharing your QR code on product packaging and keep your customers informed and stay connected to them.

6. Amazon Anomaly Tracker

Helium 10 Amazon Anomaly Tracker

Amazon Anomaly is actually a rare phenomenon that occurs where your consistently ranking product keywords quickly start unranking while, in some cases, it completely disappears altogether. Though fluctuations do happen and sort themselves out, it is considered an anomaly when there is a sharp difference in data that cannot be obtained by chance.

Now let’s check out how you can use free Amazon Anomaly Tracker Tool: 

  • First check your Helium 10 Keyword Tracker ranks which will give you an idea about if you are no longer ranking for keywords on which previously consistent.
  • Then use Index Checker to check out if products are still indexing and visible to potential buyers. Then you can also see how many of your keywords have been affected by the abnormality.
  • Check your Helium 10 Alerts to see which are the other factors that contribute to changing your searchability or category change.
Helium 10

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Other Free Tools of Helium 10

FeaturesFree usage Limit
Black Box20 Uses
Trendster30 Days free
Magnet22 Uses per day
Xray50 Launches
Cerebro2 Uses per day
MisspellinatorUnlimited usage
AlertsUp to 2 ASINs
Frankenstein30 Days free
Scribbles30 Days free
Index Checker6 Uses
Inventory ProtectorUnlimited Usage
Keyword TrackerUp to 20 keywords
Refund GenieLimited
Profits30 Days free
Market TrackerUp to 1 market

So as you can see, you can access most of Helium 10’s tools when you sign up for the free plan. But there are a few limitations on each of the tools under the free usage. So it is better to first watch the video tutorials and Pro training videos first which will allow you to get the most out of this excellent tool.

What are the Helium 10 features which you cannot use for free?

Helium 10 is a premier tool and not all things come in free which are:

Freedom TicketOnly comes with the paid plans
Follow Up Email AutomationOnly comes with the paid plans
PortalsOnly comes with the paid plans 
ADS (For managing PPC)Only comes with the Diamond and Elite plans
Multi-User LoginOnly comes with the Diamond and Elite plans
In-Person WorkshopsOnly comes with the Elite plans
Private Facebook GroupOnly comes with the Elite plans
Monthly Expert TrainingOnly comes with the Elite plans

Can you use Helium 10 for Free?

Yes. The Free plan does not expire and is free to use forever. But the users should remember that their limitations with this free trial will not give you the full exposure of Helium 10, so it is better to subscribe to the paid plans.

Do you require a Amazon Seller account to use Helium 10? 

If you do not have a professional seller account with Amazon, you cannot connect a Seller Token to a Helium 10 account. Though you can still use Adtomic to manage your PPC campaigns without a Seller Token, but their as well you have to authorize your PPC token.

From where does Helium 10 gets its sales data? 

The Data associated with Profits is deduced from Amazon's API, which represents the actual Amazon data. And for all other data, the helium 10 team monitors and parses extensive data daily and then transforms the raw data through multiple artificial intelligence and machine learning models.

Are Amazon glitches real?

Amazon glitches, which are also known as anomalies, are actually very real though rare. But it is important for sellers to understand and stay on top of any of these potential anomalies that can affect your ability to index on Amazon.

Which marketplaces does Amazon Keyword Research by Helium 10 support?

Currently, the tool Amazon Keyword Research by Helium 10 supports Amazon USA, Germany, France, UK, India, Italy, and Spain.

How to cancel Helium 10 free trial? 

There is no such option to cancel the free plan as there are no credit card details needed to sign up. Also, if you don't want the Helium 10 extension showing up on Amazon, you can just turn it off. You can head to the extensions in Chrome and find Helium 10. Then toggle off the extension.

Can you take the Freedom Ticket course for free? 

No. The Freedom Ticket Course comes included with all the paid plans only. So if you choose the paid plans, there is no need to go for separate purchase. But if you still want to purchase it, the cost for standalone access is $997.

Conclusion: Are Helium 10 free tools really worth it?

The Helium 10 free tools come with free access but on a limited basis, as described in our review. On the contrary, we will say that not everything comes along free. So here is the case, Helium 10 is such a vast tool; not everything is going to come down for free usage.

In short, We will say that Helium 10 is definitely worth every penny. All the Amazon sellers who have used this tool have grown and said that it has benefited their business and helped them grow. But if you go only for the free tools, you will not be able to take complete advantage of this tool and end up only on a few of its basic features. And if you consider the paid subscription, you will certainly come across the best features of Helium 10 and always stay ahead of your competitors.

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