Are you an entrepreneur looking forward to scaling your business on Amazon? Probably you might have heard about Helium 10 much. And this article is all about one of the amazing features of Helium 10 – Trendster. Read out till the end to explore what Trendster is all about, and what best you can do with this tool!

Launched back in 2015 by e-commerce sales expert and thought leader Manny Coats, and Guillermo Puyol, Helium 10 is a go-to platform for many Amazon sellers wishing to scale their business. The platform was launched with one important goal; to help sellers rise to the top.

Both the founders had been actively engaged for years in e-commerce communities online, even before the launch of Helium 10. Being Amazon sellers themselves, they used their selling opportunity as their testing ground. The aim was to solve all the issues sellers quite often faced while selling things online. And Helium 10 was basically a software that addressed the numerous and ever-evolving needs sellers had.

Back then, Helium 10 started with an innovative listing optimization tool but now it's just more than that. Let's say, it's the most complete Amazon sales software solution available out there in the market.

Stating out numbers, Helium 10 has over 1M+ users worldwide and 500k+ active chrome extension users. The platform processes 2 billion+ data points daily and supports 20+ marketplaces.  Undoubtedly these numbers are HUGE, but what's more exciting is the tools that have made these numbers come possible.

That being said, one such tool that has helped Amazon sellers for over years now is Trendster. In this article, we will cover some particular features of Trendster, how best you can access Trendster, and lastly what makes Trendster stand unique from Google Trends, Read now!

Detailed Helium 10 Trendster Tool Review

Every seller clocking 1M+ revenue is well aware of the Helium 10 suite of tools. In simpler words, we can say Helium 10 to be the only one end-to-end amazon growth and management tool that has managed to offer everything a seller would need under a single subscription. To give you a quick sneak peek, with Helium 10 you can do:

  • Listings optimization.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • SEO.
  • Amazon PPC management.
  • Inventory management.
  • Product validation.
  • Keyword research.
  • Trend research.
  • Fraud protection.
  • Refunds.
  • Landing pages.
  • Sales analytics.
  • Email automation.
  • Listings hijacking protection.

You can now see that Helium 10 literally solves Amazon seller's each and every business issue. And the good news is its Amazon Price and Sales Trends Tracker – The Trendster Tool. This tool allows Amazon sellers to identify seasonality in beautifully intuitive graphs. Plus, it even allows sellers to spot evergreen products they can hold, and what would sell amazingly during the festive season. If used properly, sellers can get a quick idea about which products sell best on Amazon at which time of the year, and how much sales revenue they can expect at that time.

All that a seller needs to do is enter product ASINs and keywords to get accurate results in 2 seconds. The maximum search a seller can do at a time on the Trendster tool is four. Moreover, sellers can even check different marketplaces and explore new opportunities outside a specific geographical area. Hence, it's clearly visible that sellers can explore a plethora of opportunities of not just a place, but more and target new audiences quickly.

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How to Get the Trendster Tool? Which Helium 10 Plan to Buy?

The best part about the Trendster tool is it is available with all Helium 10 pricing plans:

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

And if you are still confused whether Helium 10 or Trendster would work for you or not, you must try out the free to use Forever Helium 10 plan, or purchase a-la-carte access to individual tools to just check out Trendster for once!

Helium 10 Starter Plan

The Starter Plan by Helium 10 would cost you $39 per month, giving you complete access to the Trendster tool.

Helium 10 Platinum Plan

The Platinum Plan by Helium 10 is best for growing business and is just for $99 per month. With this plan, users will get Hijack alerts for up to 100 ASINs.

Helium 10 Diamond Plan

The Diamond Plan by Helium 10 is perfect for expert sellers and businesses looking to scale business globally which costs $249 per month. The best part about this plan is it offers multi user login, and it even gives users complete access to Walmart marketplace tools.

Helium 10 Elite Plan

The Elite Plan by Helium 10 is tailored for advanced sellers who are wishing to scale their business rapidly. Just as the name suggests elite, this plan is available for just a few elite sellers. You will have to join the waitlist, and the team will get back to you when there's a slot available. The pricing of the elite plan is $399, and the in-person workshops conducted here by the experts gives sellers detailed information about how to make the best use of the Trendster tool.

Helium 10 Custom Plan

Helium 10 even offers custom solutions to larger businesses. You will have to contact the team to explore what's in for you in the enterprise plan!

Lastly, all the Helium 10 plans come with a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the tool, you can contact the team and they will refund the whole amount. Moreover, if you buy an annual subscription instead of monthly ones, you will get free three-month access to the plan you have selected.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Step by Step Guide to Using the Helium 10's Trendster Tool

To get started with Trendster, you will have to first collect Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) and keywords from the product you want to research. You can even use Trendster to research several keywords for a single ASIN. In this way, you will be able to get precise information about seasonal products.

But what we would suggest is to use the most popular keywords while researching to get the best, relevant data. After getting ASIN and keyword you can follow the below given steps:

  1. Sign in into your Helium 10 account and locate the Trendster tool.
  2. The Trendster Tool is available in the tools section, below the product research option.
  3. Paste your product's ASIN and keyword and press the search button.
  4. You can enter up to four product ASINs, and four keywords at the same time to get more accurate and relevant comparable data.
  5. Once you have entered all the details, click on the Start Trendster button (blue color).

Information You Can Get from the Helium 10 Trendster Tool

Information you can get from Helium 10 Trendster tool

After entering the above details, next comes the data you will get from the entered details. Once you have clicked the start Trendster button, you will see an attractive graph within two seconds of search. This graph will show you how the sales ranking and product pricing will change or have been changed over the time. Now, at this specific stage, sellers also have the liberty to set the timescale to 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, 365 days, and more.

Did you know that the lower the sales rank is on the Trendster tool, the best the product sells?

Now that you have explored the sales rank given by Trendster, alongside you will spot one more graph. This graph is pulled straight from Google Trends to help you compare better. With this graph, you can explore the popularity of a keyword. Make sure to set the timescale of this graph to day, month, and year to get complete trends of a product. You can even extract more information about a product with yet another Helium 10 tool, Magnet. This tool would basically give you an extensive library of search terms which you can use in your Trendster search.

How to make the most out of the information provided by Helium 10 Trendster Tool?

Now that you have procured enough information through Trendster by the help of graphs, next comes analyzing the information to make the most out of it. Here's how it works:

โ— Select the biggest timeframes (yearly search of a product) to analyze yearly trend of a product.
โ—List down the pricing fluctuations of a product over the year.
โ—Pick up a competitive pricing range for your listing and then set up your own profit margin.
โ—Check out the yearly sales rank of the product, the lower the better.
โ—Explore the search term (keyword popularity) on the Google Trends Graph stated alongside.

These are the exact points you have to look into while analyzing data on TrendsterFor example, if the sales flow of a product is steady throughout the year, and the demand is quite much stable, you can tap into it. If there's a sudden spike in the demand of any particular product, why is that spike? Is there any specific occasion around this time of year?

The more questions you will ask yourself, the better you will be able to predict demand and order appropriate amounts of the stock.

If you are looking forward to selling products according to a specific season, you can spot it quickly through the spike chart.

Trendster sounds much similar to Google trends, even you might have thought that way, but the reality is way more different. Here's how both the tools work:

Trendster pulls data specifically from Amazon, whereas Google Trends pulls data specifically from Google.

And why use both for product trend research? Often customers look out for a product on search before checking it out actually on Amazon. Hence doing keyword research on Google trends is somewhere essential.

And Trendster understands this better!

The Trendster graph (left hand side) represents information about pricing changes and sales. Whereas the Google Trends graph (right hand side) represents keyword popularity over the time. Back then, Trendster didn't implement Google trends graph, but now we feel it's a great addition since it allows sellers to get more information all by just a click.

Still confused about how to use Trendster, watch this video at least for once!

Trendster tool is undoubtedly easier to use and understand, however, the team has made sure to give more to the users through its video tutorials. In short, they have made the whole process a lot easier!

Under the Trendster tool section itself you can spot the learn option available at the top right corner. We have checked this video, and it's all about how you can use Trendster to do trends research. It's a 4 minute 46 seconds long video where you will explore the process of analyzing results through Trendster. The video even explains sellers the need to look at trends while hoarding products, and why seasonality matters.

Did you know that with Trendster you can check product seasonality of different marketplaces by just a click?

For this, all you have to do is click on the flag button available at the top right corner of the Trendster tool page. There you will get a list of different marketplaces, from Canada, US, UK, to India, click on any of the marketplace and Trendster will show data accordingly!

You can identify seasonal products with Trendster, here's how!

Above we have mentioned what best you can do with Trendster, and now we'll be giving you a quick sneak peek into how you can identify seasonal products with Trendster. As mentioned previously, you will get two graphs after adding product ASIN and keywords in the search bar. In the graph, you might have seen sudden peaks with respect to product sales. If you will keep the timeframe ‘All time you will easily explore the seasonal trend of a particular product from the day it was launched on the marketplace. Further, to make a judgement call, make sure to add more relevant keywords and analyze the results accordingly.

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Trendster Customer Service | Helium 10 Trendster Tool Review

Google Trendster is highly intuitive and a beginner friendly tool, and in very rare situations a user would get stuck with any issues. However, it's better to look into customer service before buying the tool, so as to not regret the purchase later. There is a search icon available at the bottom right corner of the Trendster tool's page. It's basically a unique live chat feature the tool offers to give users quick real-time solutions to problems they are facing. Users simply have to type their issue, and the customer service agent replies to the same in just a minute, or two to the max.

Usually, the customer support associate gives links to blogs and articles to troubleshoot the issue. They even share images that make the whole problem look easier to solve. And we really liked their service, it's quick, reliable, and more importantly, IT WORKS!

๐ŸŒŸ Top FAQ on Helium 10 Trendster Tool

What is Trendster in Helium 10?

Helium 10 helps Amazon sellers to find out when potential products will sell better thanks to its seasonal research tool. And, with Trendster by your side you can plan ahead so that you don't have to worry about not selling your product all year round.

How do I find seasonality on Amazon?

Trendster allows you to quickly and easily check out the seasonal trends for the product you're thinking about sourcing without much difficulty. Just enter any ASIN and get visual results in seconds.

Which product is seasonal on Amazon?

Seasonal products refer to the term when the products are available on a particular period of time in which the sales ratio is the most throughout the year, in some conditions they are available throughout the year but with fluctuations in sales ratio.

What is the price of Helium 10 Trendster tool?

Precisely we do not have to pay for the Trendster tool offered by Helium 10, it is included in each of its plan, from free plan to the enterprise plan. But it only allows you limited searches under the free plan.

Conclusion: Is Helium 10's Trendster Tool Worth Trying?

Stable sales throughout the year are something every Amazon seller vouch for. And Trendster undoubtedly shares the best trends of almost all the products in a few clicks. In fact, figuring out the most complicated information gets a lot easier with Trendster's simple to use interface.

On top of all the features, we also loved the informative video tutorial provided by the founders of Helium 10. This video literally covers the ins and outs of the Trendster tool. Back then, without Trendster figuring out seasonal product trends was undoubtedly a tedious task. But we are amazed by the fact that Trendster easily spots seasonal product trends, helping sellers save both their time and money.

In fact, in recent days, after the tool's update, we have been researching several products in one sitting, which was never possible before.

However, the only downside is that the user interface only allows for 4 products to be compared simultaneously. They might have had personal reasons for it (pun intended), but we are looking forward to a little improvement on this part (hear us, Helium 10) In this article, we have made sure to give you a balanced overview of the tool, both the pros and cons. So, if youโ€™re planning on launching new products and are still confused about their seasonality, don't miss out on Trendster at any cost. And if you have been using Trendster for quite a long period, do let us know your experience below!

Helium 10
Helium 10 Trendster Tool
0out of 10

Trendster by Helium 10 is a perfectly designed tool that effectively graphs seasonality and helps sellers decide what to sell. Plus it helps highlight evergreen products and also calculates when to sell them for maximum profit. If you're an Amazon seller, Trendster tool is a must-have for you!

  • Extensive Keyword and Amazon product data.
  • Extensive Keyword and Amazon product data.
  • Minimalist interface.
  • Beginner friendly tool.
  •  Identifies seasonal product trends.
  • Can search/compare four products at a time.
  • Quick results.
  • Google trends graph available alongside the Trendster graph to give users more data to work with.


  • Limited ASINs.
  •  More data points can be added like number of competitor's, number of units sold, and more.
  • More filters can be implemented.

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