The question that has been revolving around the whole internet, the most valued Amazon tool, Helium 10, is it available for the UAE market?

And probably, you are seeking for the same too.

To have you astounded we are going to talk about the services of this great product research tool, Helium 10 in the markets of UAE. We will also be discussing a few insights about Helium 10, that might have you buy this amazingly built Amazon seller tool.

Helium 10 has covered a huge market when it comes to Amazon sellers. With the all-in-one suite built for better results in the business, this product research tool is now the most needed tool by an Amazon seller.

It has even got pocket-friendly pricing plans and has got a good reputation against its competitors like Jungle Scout.

So without further adieu, let's begin with the query we all are here for. Can we use Helium 10 for UAE marketplace?

Helium 10 for UAE Marketplace: Is it available?

Well, the good news is, Helium 10 is available for both the markets UAE as well as Saudi Arabia.

The product research tool was not launched in UAE until 2021 but due to the continuous demands of Amazon sellers, the product research tool has now been introduced to the markets of UAE and people are making huge profits out of it.

In fact, the Amazon seller tool is now looking at the fastest-growing market in the UAE.

The difference is huge when we count the strategies used in the USA market and the UAE market. The UAE Amazon market needs a diversified classification of products.

Here, while doing in-depth research we found out that the UAE market demands not just for one product that can gain the attention of thousands of customers, but you need to add three to four products that will gather the same sales.

To get you a better idea let's talk about how should you use Helium 10 in the UAE market.

How does the UAE market work?

The UAE has a great hold on markets available other than Amazon. And hence people or let's say customers here, are distracted by a lot of options available on their plate. And it's not just about the customers, even the sellers love the services and sales done on these websites, which are a great competitor of Amazon.

The costs and selling strategies differ too in the UAE market, which brings a great fortune for the sellers in minimum effort.

Similarly, the customers are also satisfied with the offer they get while buying from these competitors. The main and legit arch enemies of would be, desertcart, and Carrefouruae. 

In UAE, a great amount of diversification is also required under the product categories and even within the marketplaces.

Also, the one profitable thing about using Helium 10 in UAE is that it covers all the countries around it as well. Meaning, it covers the markets of Oman and other smaller countries.

It's a similar process that is done in the Amazon Germany in Europe. The smaller countries around UAE order the products from both, Amazon UAE and Amazon KSA. This is a huge plus point to grow the monthly sales and check the profit margin if you are a seller on Amazon.

According to the Amazon press release, the whole process of having these orders shipped outside the country is a part of the ‘Amazon middle east FBA exports program.'

Imports and exports also work great in the UAE. This should be the easiest and smoothest country when it comes to imports and exports, as it is great with laws and other importing capabilities in the UAE.

The country is also a bit elevated in terms of shipping partners, logistics, and other service providers who would help to carry the shipments.

Another reason for Helium 10 to see the fastest growth in the UAE market is that the sellers don't have to pay an income tax. But yes, this is possible only if the seller had a company based in UAE and is also operating from UAE.

A seller doesn't have to pay any income tax or corporate tax. However, it is mandatory to register for VAT. And if you are an international seller, you need to file your VAT which is 5%. 

Is Helium 10 for UAE users profitable?

With a number of tools being available in Helium 10, Amazon sellers in the UAE market have been making great profits.

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They are guided with the best profitable products in the UAE market, with the help of Helium 10's Product reviews and keyword research tool. So are they also guided to have the most potential products on their list?

The most used feature within Helium 10 in the UAE market would be Cerebro and another available keyword research tool, Magnet. These tools are helping the sellers on to successfully launch new products and have their brands promoted. The reverse ASIN process that Cerebro goes through and also the product ID lookup tool that it comes with are helping the sellers gain a lot of profits.

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Helium 10 Cerebro

Meanwhile, the core duties of these tools to have you updated about the competitor's keyword ranking strategies are also most appreciated. Currently, this is the keyword research tool that has gained the most effectiveness in the UAE market.

As data is of huge importance, for every type of target audience,  Helium 10's listing analyzer is also a much-appreciated tool that is being used by the UAE Amazon sellers. The Listing Analyzer is helping the sellers import their ASINs and receive valuable insights about the areas that are amongst their listings. Also, this is the tool that has an in-depth optimization checklist available, which is also helping Amazon sellers boost their monthly sales by evaluating all of their listings.

Then again, the sellers can compare their own selling strategies as well as their products with the competitors, to know what is the most profitable product right now in the market. This is another way that the UAE people are having their monthly sales up. The Amazon UAE sellers have the most value for the Listing Analyser tool, as it also helps them import up to 10 ASINs for a broader scope of their belonging market area.

Amongst the list of highly appreciated and powerful tools, the Amazon PPC tools such as Adtomic and even PPC Audit have also made a place for themselves. They can not just show the seller a current ACoS score rank but also one can receive breakdowns of the Amazon PPC campaigns performance results.

Along with analyzing profit and loss, keywords, and duplicate keywords, the seller is also able to search terms for the highest to lowest ACoS. And at the same time gain immediate insights about how one can improve the product ranking, which will make the product listing stand out.

While some people in the UAE Amazon market are using these tools regularly to have their monthly sales up, some of the sellers are experimenting with Helium 10 in their own way. They manually measure the sales estimates and are sometimes not dependent on the powerful tools of this product research tool.

What all tools are available by Helium 10 for UAE Marketplace?

Helium 10 has been a blessing to Amazon sellers, it has gotten them powerful tools with a really reasonable pricing plan. And since the time it entered the UAE market, the Amazon seller tool has seen a huge boost in its use, as it has been giving its user an increase in their monthly sale as well as their revenue.

When we talk about Helium 10 the huge list of tools always comes to one's mind. So here are the tools that are available within the UAE market.

Helium 10 Blackbox

The Helium 10 Amazon seller tool comes with the tools such as Black Box, Chrome Extension, Trendster, and My List which are Product research tools. Keyword Research tools such as Cerebro and Magnet are also available, along with Listing Optimization tools like Frankenstein, Scribbles, Listing Analyzer, and Index Checker.

Then marketing tools like Adtomic and Portals, Operations tools such as Alerts, Inventory Protectors, and Refund Genie, and Analytics tools like Keyword Tracker as well as Profits are also a part of the list of tools available in the Helium 10 launched for UAE.

To have a clear picture we have also created a table that will help you find the Helium 10 tools available in the UAE version of Helium 10.

Product ResearchBlack Box, Chrome Extension, Trendster, My List.
Keyword ResearchCerebro and Magnet
Listing OptimizationFrankenstein, Scribbles (Partial), Listing Analyzer and Index Checker
MarketingAdtomic (SP/SB/SD) and Portals
OperationsAlerts, inventory protector, Refund Genie
AnalyticsKeyword Tracker, Profits

Customer reviews of Helium 10 for UAE

We went through a few articles and customer reviews about what they feel about Helium 10 and how is it helping them profit in their business.

Also, is it helping them with the country's taxation as well as import law?

Read below to know what these people think of the product research tool.

UAE is a heaven for new business owners, and hence it is always looking at an upsurge of people coming in to set up their businesses. Also, the users of Helium 10, have expressed their joy as they don't really have to pay taxes. While the ones who are from outside of the UAE, they just have to pay the VAT which too is only 5%, and only when they make a profit. The UAE is a great market for new startups as one can easily make $70,000 per year.

One more advantage that sellers on Amazon in the UAE have is that they don't have to open a company to begin with their business. One can even work as an individual seller and even if they wish to open a company it is possible only for $4000.

And now with the help of Helium 10, the sellers are making more profits, and they have had their monthly sales up.  A few are even doing the Amazon business as their part-time hobby and earning loads. They just spend around 2 hours a day on their inventory, while most of their work is done by Helium 10.

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With a maximum of 15 items available in their inventory, the sellers are making around $250,000 a year.

With more than 80% of product targeting done by the Amazon seller tool, Helium 10 users are happy to have their product reaching heights. 

While the users are calling it the easiest tool, they also highly appreciate the efforts that the Amazon seller tool Helium 10 actually takes to have their issues resolved.

In what all countries is Helium 10 available?

Helium 10, which is an amazing Amazon seller tool is one of the most demanded tools when it comes to product research, keyword research, inventory management, and product listing. They have launched the tool in various countries but sometimes the tool is launched with only a few features available in it. Helium 10 adds the latest features to their tools only when they are in great demand, and have the most requests from the users.

Helium 10 Available in Countries

Currently, Helium 10 is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil, these are the countries that fall under the North and South American Amazon markets.

Then the tool is available in European markets such as the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands, Poland, and Turkey. Coming to the Middle East and African Markets, it is available in United Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and even in Egypt.

Helium 10 is also available for the Australian market, as well as for Japan, Singapore China, and India.

Note that the features available in Helium 10 may differ a bit as they don't launch all of their features and tools at once in a new market but add them later on in high demand.

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FAQs on Helium 10 for UAE Market 2024

How many people can use Helium 10 simultaneously?

You can have 5 users and 5 seller accounts connected to Helium 10 under the Diamond plan. 

Where does Helium 10 generate its data from?

All the data that is gathered in Helium 10 is derived from Amazon API. Especially within the tools such as Profits, Refund Genie, Inventory Protector, and Alerts.

Are there any taxes for Amazon FBA in UAE?

Yes, Amazon sellers might have to pay a 5% VAT on selling products through Amazon. In addition to that, if your business is registered in UAE, you don't need to pay income tax and corporate tax.

Is Amazon UAE available in the Arabic language?

Yes, Amazon UAE has the option for the Arabic language, whereas if you are an Amazon seller who uses English as your primary language the translation will take place accordingly and too while covering the keywords as well.

Can I use Helium 10 Adtomic for Amazon PPC in UAE?

Yes, Helium 10 Adtomic can be used by Amazon sellers in UAE to expand their reach and sales through PPC campaigns. There are still a lot of options available as low CPC keywords for Amazon selling operations.

Conclusion: Should I try Helium 10 for UAE Marketplace?

Helium 10 is available in the UAE market and is also being used on a great scale. The Amazon sellers are more than happy to have these powerful tools by their side when it comes to product research, keyword research, listing optimization, and other product-related queries.

Along with having the profits by Helium 10, the UAE sellers on Amazon are also in great benefit as most of the taxation laws in UAE don't interrupt with their margins and profits. While they are covering the UAE market they are even covering the markets of their neighboring countries like Oman and Jordan.

The tool helps them with hundreds of product ideas and has also enhanced product research capabilities. With the help of Helium 10, Amazon sellers who are based in the UAE can easily target excellent products for their businesses and also classify the bad product, which won't help them gain profits or boost their business.

🚀 Know how to perform Product Research like a Pro

Helium 10 is one great Amazon seller tool, which is now, not just appreciated worldwide but is also in great demand. With having its tools launched in over ten countries, Helium 10 is now slowly covering the whole world market.

The Amazon seller tool can be used for product opportunities, comparing selling strategies with the competitors and even helping a seller launch a product in the UAE.

So if you are an Amazon seller based in the UAE, do get your hands on Helium 10 ASAP!

Helium 10

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