Are you an Amazon seller based in the UK? And are you looking for an answer to, the availability of Helium 10 UK or not?

Well, we are here to answer a lot of your answer revolving around that same doubt.

Starting with what you are here for. Yes! Helium 10 tools are available in the UK market.

The most demanded product research tool by Amazon sellers, Helium 10 is an exceptionally powerful tool. Helium 10's internal tools have been acting as the best mean to boost revenue for e-commerce entrepreneurs and provide the best supplier database. These are also the tools that will suggest you the best product opportunities.

Helium 10 is at the top of its niche and is often regarded as the big-time competitor of Jungle Scout.

Without having to wait for more time, and without testing your patience, let's begin with the necessary details of Helium 10 tools in the UK.

Use of Tools by Helium 10 UK

You can notice this thing when you log in to your Helium 10 account, that in each tool you are availed with an option to change the country.

This is possible with the help of a drop-down option that shows flags of a number of countries.

You will usually see this option in the top right corner of your screen. But in some cases such as BlackBox, you can have the country changed from the left side of your screen.

Changing the country is very important, as the default settings of Helium 10 would have your country, or in most cases the USA, as its default country.

Black Box for Helium 10 UK

And if you forget to change the country settings, you will waste hours and hours of your research work. Helium 10 will provide you with the data and statistics of the selected country and if at all you don't choose the right country, you might lose either the time and hard work on product research or even you could end up wasting thousands of dollars by relying on incorrect data.

It is highly recommended to have the country changed if you are an international seller.

Pricing Plans for Helium 10 UK & USA

The prices for both USA and UK are the same along with the features available in both marketplaces.

So, let's talk about the pricing plans of Helium 10 in the UK and US.

Currently, the Amazon seller tool offers 3 plans ranging from Diamond, Platinum, and Starter, along with some add-ons being available.

Helium 10 Starter Plan

The Helium 10 Starter plan is available for $29 per month if billed annually. Here you can have 2 accounts connected which will get you tools such as Black Box Limited, Trendster 30 days, Cerebro (Limited), Cerebro for Walmart (Limited), Keyword Tracker for Walmart, Magnet (Limited), Magnet for Walmart (Limited), Market Tracker and a few more awesome tools which come along with slight limitations.

Helium 10 Platinum Plan

Talking about the Helium 10 Platinum plan, you can buy this plan for $79/month, if billed annually. If you have your Amazon business on a growing scale, you will have the best time with this plan.

The platinum plan comes with the connection of 2 seller accounts and 1 user. Along with having tools available for your product listings and research, the plan will even help you with keyword searches and have you suggested the most profitable products.

For detailed information, refer to the chart below.

Helium 10 UK Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Diamond Plan

Then we have got Helium 10 Diamond plan, which is available for $229 per month. This Helium 10's plan includes the connection of 5 accounts along with 5 users. and no limitation over any tool available.

It is just with the tools such as Adtomic, Elite, and others that you have to buy them separately.

Helium 10 UK Adtomic

The world and its market are expanding every day. So is the market on Amazon. It is not limited to just one country, while has buyers as well as sellers available everywhere.

If you are one business owner and are available on Amazon, you should instantly start exploring the market available out of your country. Look at the performance of your product in countries other than your own, and get the product ideas. Meanwhile, you should even check what's going on in the UK market as a number of times it has got great opportunities for a lot of product launches.

Helium 10

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To have your product sold in the UK market, you will have to create a listing and run PPC as well. Similarly, you will have to collect a huge supplier database, and product database, look for product opportunities, and get the best keyword ideas. To have your product research done accurately and have you confident enough for the Amazon selling business you should go for powerful tools by Helium 10 UK.

What tools are accessible by Helium 10 in the UK?

The tools which are available on Helium 10 UK are similar to the US plan. But they do have a quite different approach.

One can do product research with the help of Helium 10's tools and have great product opportunities to have their business boosted in many ways. The sellers who are working either way, meaning being in the UK or being out of the UK, they can have their market studied, and have an eye on their competitors with the best use of Helium 10.

Let's take a look at the table that we have created for your better understanding of Helium 10 tools.

Product ResearchBlack Box
Chrome Extension
My List
Keyword ResearchCerebro
Listing OptimizationFrankenstein
Index Checker
Listing Analyzer
Inventory Protector
Refund Genie
AnalyticsKeyword Tracker
Market Tracker
MarketingAdtomic (SP/SB/SD)

How does Helium 10 UK work?

The marketplace differs a lot, and when you talk about the UK it has its own strategies to be amongst the best markets in the world.

When we compare any market with the US, it has got a vast difference as the US has got huge Amazon sales.

Meanwhile, we can say that Helium 10 has got Amazon tools that have a large supplier database as well as a product database for its users. This is because the US is the largest market available for Amazon sellers.

We are telling you this because the suite of tools that are available for the user by Helium 10 in the UK may have a bit fewer data available and also may act a bit differently.

When we speak of the keywords research tool, it has got a few low search terms. A person working in the US will notice a huge difference when he uses tools such as Cerebro and Magnet. These keyword tracker tools don't have much search volume and hence won't be able to provide too many keyword ideas.

These tools are powerful tools when we compare them with the US market. But here in the UK, they have a bit fewer search terms to provide.

Cerebro and Magnet don't have much supplier database for the UK market and it's not because of the tools but in fact, because the UK marketplace has got a different approach when it comes to online marketing and Amazon sales.

To explain it in a simple way, the UK market has fewer searches done by people for a product. This is the biggest reason that affects the search volume deflection caused by keyword research tools like Cerebro and Magnet in the UK.

Helium 10 Cerebro

One more cause of having a low search volume in the search term of Helium 10's keyword research tools in the UK would be the difference between the spellings of the US and the UK.

If you look closely the normal words have different spellings in both US and UK markets. So, it is highly suggested that one should use these keyword research tools with concentration if they are handling both the markets, the US and the UK. Each of the marketplaces has got their own keywords for different products.

Now talking about the Product research tools such as Helium 10's BlackBox, it doesn't work as per the US market, again. The tool always shows the best and the most profitable products in the US market, while also providing the best product database but when it comes to targeting the UK market you will have issues and won't be able to get great suggestions for your Amazon products.

In an attempt to have an alternative way out, you can go for manual product research and collect your own product database. You have other product research tools available as well, in the UK market such as Trendster and My List, and you can use them too.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Know How to Use Helium 10 Trendster Tool to Search Viral Products

Alternative Methods if Helium 10 Tools in the UK Market Don't Work

If you are facing issues with your Amazon PPC campaigns, you can opt for PPC Auto Campaign. Just run this for some time and download the whole keyword ideas report.

You can then see and check with the most ranking keywords and the keywords that have got the most clicks as well as sales. Once you are done with this research, you can have these keywords applied to your Amazon PPC search. You can then have a manual PPC campaign done to obtain the best sales results.

Another such attempt is that you can go for the Manual method of product research. Well, there are already several tools available if one of those is not working within the Amazon seller tool, Helium 10.

But still, let us give you some manual ways that you can practically apply in the real world.

You can search random Amazon products and analyze them by yourself, thoroughly.

The next thing you can do is, you can do product research by asking your friends and family about the products they are looking for these days, the products that they had bought recently. Then make a list of all those products and do thorough research about those same products on Amazon. This will surely give you a logical and real-world idea about the Amazon products you need to sell or have your inventory filled with.

You can even go to your nearest supermarket, make a list of the product that you come across, and then simply analyze them on Amazon. Do this Amazon product research to get the best options for your Amazon business.

Similarly, you can come up with more such methods that can be done if any of the tools are unavailable in a certain country or do not respond in the same manner as it does in other markets.

Are Helium 10 Tools available in the UK really effective?

Many of the users of Helium 10 in the UK are highly appreciating the Amazon business tool, and calling it a total game changer as it has helped them get a huge supplier database. One such user from the UK has done great research on products for her Amazon business.

Iman Osman, who is based in the UK and has now achieved a top level in the Amazon selling business, tells her experience with Helium 10.

While she was studying the Amazon UK market, she continually took help for her research of Helium 10.

The Xray tool that she used to search the sales volume of her products and Cerebro by Helium 10 to have her suggested with the most popular keywords gained her a great supplier database.

The training tools by Helium 10 like Project X, which is basically a piled-up bundle of the videos of Amazon FBA case studies were also referred by Osman during her research. These videos helped her understand the Amazon business tool with a clear picture.

She appreciates the Helium 10 tools such as Cerebro, Magnet, Xray, Index Checker, and Scribbles that helped her build a strong base for her Amazon business.

Ultimate Video Series for AMZ Sellers: Helium 10 Project X ๐Ÿš€

Currently, it is expected to have at least 25 percent growth in the number of Amazon sellers in the UK market. Which makes it up to 400,000 plus Amazon sellers. And most of these sellers are using Helium 10 with great interest. So, we can say that Helium 10 has now also captured the UK market and is booming a lot.

FAQs on Helium 10 UK and its Operations across the Marketplace

Can one sell its products on Amazon US and Amazon UK at the same time?

Yes, it is possible through the Amazon Global Selling program.

What are the top product categories in the UK market?

In the UK market books, clothing, pet supplies, automotive, sports as well as outdoors are the top product categories.

What all countries is Helium 10 available in besides US and UK?

Helium 10 is available in Japan, Brazil, Mexico, India, and many more markets.

Who is the biggest competitor of Amazon in the UK?

The UK market has got eBay as well, besides Amazon. Which makes it the biggest rival of Amazon.

Final Verdict: Helium 10 in the UK Marketplace

Helium 10, which is an already appreciated Amazon selling tool has now formed a strong base in the UK market as well. The tool that provides great keyword ideas and has a number of keyword tracker tools has created a great Amazon seller central.

Although most of the tools don't work as per the US market, Amazon sellers in the UK are still fond of Helium 10. With the growing Amazon market in the UK, Helium 10 is now a must-needed tool for sellers in that region. And hence, a lot of activity can be noticed within this Amazon business tool and even within the UK market.

Sellers are satisfied with the results and tools that fetch them the best results, so they are referring to this Amazon business tool, Helium 10 to their friends who are into the Amazon selling business.

We really hope you had all your doubts answered by our article about Helium 10 in the UK market.

There are a lot of other markets still which need to be discussed over, that Helium 10 has captured. And hence we will be coming up with, many of such updates and articles focusing on the best Amazon tools to have an Amazon market captured.

To all our UK folks, start with your Helium 10 subscription ASAP! And use our code BLOGE6M20 to get an instant 20% discount for the first 6 months.

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