There have been a lot of discussions about which is the best tool for an Amazon seller, Helium 10 or AMZ Tracker. Which tool gets it done in an easy manner and is a great product research tool. For an Amazon seller, it is crucial that he has a great keyword research tool, to get good product ideas, along with being wisely guided over product listings and to have a good product database.

Let's get into a brief comparison of both the product research tool Helium 10 vs. AMZ tracker, and see which is the best at creating better product ideas and at the same time helping you with your monthly sales.

Comparison between Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker

When compared, both the keyword research tools Helium 10 as well as AMZ Tracker are great at a lot of features, which will help you grow your Amazon business. With the pricing plans for both the keyword research tool are almost the same and help you in ways,  with the relevant keywords, product database, product tracker, and a lot of other features.

In this section, we will compare the features of Helium 10 and AMZ Tracker both. And will also discuss which is a profitable product to get your monthly sales up.

Product Research: Helium 10 vs. AMZ Tracker (Chrome Extensions)

Both Amazon PPC Helium 10, as well as AMZ tracker, have a Chrome extension available which you can use for your specified product research. Besides this Helium 10 has got Black Box which is a tool that helps you to search data of 450 million plus products. Plus there is Terndster, which helps you analyze products if there are any seasonal products and with their search term. Taking about the Chrome extensions, let's talk in brief about How the Helium 10 Chrome Extension works.

Helium 10 Xray Chrome Extension

Helium 10 Chrome Extension

When you search for a product on Amazon and then launch the Xray extension of Helium 10 you get studied details of that same product. These details will be in-depth and will come up in the search category. The details will include pricing structures, sales trends, relevant keywords, etc.

There is also an option of filters on the column headings, this will help you sort your search category. The Chrome Extension of Helium 10 also comes with a few more tools to help you with your product research queries.

In this Amazon PPC, Helium 10, you can export the list as an image or you can even download the list as a CSV file. With the Chrome Extension, you can select up to 10 ASINs, and then search the same in Cerebro, which is one more tool provided by Helium 10. You can also hover over the ASIN to see an image of the product or hover on the title to see a description or the product database you are searching for.

This was all about the Chrome extension of Helium 10, now let's talk about what AMZ tracker has to offer.

AMZ Tracker Unicorn Smasher

In AMZ Tracker’s Chrome extension, Unicorn Smasher you are able to filter the viewings, again through the column headings. While at the same time, you can filter your product research results by price, number of new sellers, product database as well as variations. Similarly, you can have a look at the sales rank, estimated sales, estimated revenue, number of reviews, and ratings too. This will give you a clear picture of the pricing plans of the product.

AMZ Tracker Unicorn Smasher

Just like the Helium 10 Chrome extension, you can download the list in a CSV file format. While you can also hover over the title to get an image of the product and keep a chart pop-up.

Comparison: Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker Chrome extension

Both Helium 10 and AMZ Tracker give you a lot of information, and work great as a product tracker or when it comes to having a good review of a product database. The layout of Helium 10 is much easy to understand and while we speak of functionality even that is simple than that of AMZ trackers Unicorn Smasher.

Let's now take a look at the Black Box and Trendster by Helium 10.

Helium 10 Black Box

Find Products using Helium 10 Black Box

In Black Box by Helium 10, you have to select a category such as ‘tools & home improvement’ and then have a few filters set up at the top.

You can choose from monthly sales, review count, review rating, and a few other options. The Review count will help you show if a product has at least has 1 review count and that you know it got sold. Similarly, the review rating will ensure that the products found are of decent quality, this will basically be the rating, as the name itself suggests, of the product. These tools work great as a product tracker.

In Black Box, the search section will show over 200 products, depending on the search term that you had typed the name of. With all of this, you can even search a list of keywords, your competitors, profitable product niches, niche market, and product targeting which is basically reverse ASIN lookup. While all of this can be done in the product tracker, by Helium 10's, Black Box, let's have a look at what Helium 10 Trendster can do.

Helium 10 Trendster

Helium 10 Trendster Trends Checker

This is a product tracker tool to find out what is trending on google trends. A search in Helium 10’s Trendster will compare the Amazon products in the google trends list and give you a data report of it.

This will also help you find a comparison between the profitable products niches and bad products. The Helium 10 Trendster will get you the details of whether the product you are selling is a lucrative product, depending on their search volume, and if it does then what time of the year is the perfect time to have this product as one of the profitable products.

Keyword Research Helium 10 vs. AMZ Tracker

When we talk about the keywords research tools, AMZ Tracker has got a simplified tool that is totally based on Amazon suggestions, and Helium 10 has got 3 separate keyword tools for 3 different types of keyword searches.

The AMZ tracker's keyword tracker tool is called Deep Words while Helium 10 has got Magnet, Cerebro, and Misspelnator as its keyword tracker. First, let's see how great is Helium 10's keyword tool.

Helium 10 Magnet

Helium 10’s keyword research tool, Magnet gives you a lot more comprehensive information compared to any other keyword tool by a different brand. Magnet provides you with different filters, with which you can filter your basic product by word count, search volume, number of competing products, and more.

Use Helium 10 Magnet

Magnet helps you find suggestions for Relevant Keywords, Additional Keywords, and Analyze Keywords through the list of keywords. The keyword tool also has got a Magnet Pro Training Video: Title Density Explained. Along with all of that, you can find Amazon Recommended vs. Smart Complete, a study of what Does the CPR Score Mean in Magnet? And also under which circumstances might Magnet not find keyword data?

One drawback this Keyword tool has is the free plan. It doesn't allow you to sort the columns and also, you only get 2 searches per day.

Helium 10 Cerebro

Helium 10 Cerebro overview

Cerebro by Helium 10 is a reverse ASIN lookup tool. This keyword tracker tool will help you with Amazon Brand Analytics, Research Keywords on not just Amazon but also Walmart. The tool also has you covered with Cerebro training video, see search volume History in Cerebro, and use the New Advanced Filter in Cerebro to Broaden My Keyword Research and a few more things

Cerebro will also make you understand what a CPR Score Mean in Cerebro.

In this tool, you can also see the Organic Rank for Keywords while you are doing a Multi-ASIN or Multi-Product ID Search.

While we talk about all of that, it's also important to know that Cerebro updates the organic rank data too. Cerebro can help you with great possibilities creating a lot of bundle listings with its tools and features provided.

Helium 10 Misspellinator

With what it can actually do, this tool is one super-intelligent system that will give eye-opening information in the field of keyword research.

Till now we were talking about proper keywords being searched, but the Helium 10 Misspellinator gives you information about wrong spellings but the correct keywords.

Helium 10 Misspellinator Tool

As the name suggests, the Helium 10 Misspellinator will find random misspellings that Amazon customers use to search for the products. This is also helpful as not just sometimes but actually a lot of times the sellers also use a misspelling while advertising the keywords. The Misspellinator will help you with Product Visibility in Customers' Organic Search Results.

These were the three keyword research tools by Helium 10. That will help you with product ideas, product listings, and even yearly or monthly sales.

Let's take a look at what AMZ Tracker has to offer us.

AMZ Tracker’s DeepWords

The AMZ Tracker’s DeepWords tool will help you find long-tail keywords which are used by your competitors most of the time. This will put you in front of them if the customers are actually typing in the long tail keywords. It is easy to use, and one best profit of using this tool is that it will show you the keywords which are used by Amazon customers but they don't find many relevant products according to their demand.

Comparison: Helium 10 vs. AMZ Tracker Keyword Research Tool

If you want ample information available with just a few steps, you should go for the Helium 10 tools mentioned above but if you want a simplified keyword research tool then the tool by AMZ tracker is the best for you.

Listing Optimization: Helium 10 Vs AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker and Helium 10 both have an on-page listing optimization tool that will help you with your product listings, to have a profitable product setup.

AMZ Tracker’s On-Page Analyzer Tool

The AMZ tracker on page analyzer tool will help you with a lot of creative aspects. It will show you the area in which you need to improve your listings. It will guide you on exactly how can you improve the mentioned segment. Either you can add images or have a few more reviews added to your product. This will ultimately improve the ranking of your product.

Once you have the suggestions, you can work on the mentioned tasks. You can either add quality images or add from a different angle or have some real-life images added.

About the review section, it is a bit difficult to have this done as it totally depends on the sale you make. But worry not, with the AMZ tracker tool you can also create a promotion within the dashboard once you have created the coupons in the seller central account. The AMZ tracker tool will also help you see how the promotion is working, and if it's being profitable or facing a loss.

Helium 10’s On-Page Evaluation Results

The Helium 10 on-page listing tool results are somewhat similar to that of the AMZ tracker but the main thing it has got is that there are three more tools to have your queries solved. These three tools are Frankenstein, scribbles, and Index Checker.

Helium 10’s Frankenstein

The Frankenstein by Helium 10 will help you clean up your list of keywords and will even help you identify the most searched keywords. The Frankenstein will also ensure to have you are provided with the most important keywords in your listings.

Helium 10’s Scribbles

The Helium 10 Scribble is a listing creation tool. Scribbles will ensure that you have the best and the most searched keywords in your listings. Through the prominent sections of your product listings, the Helium 10’s scribble will suggest you the best keywords that are to be mentioned. The keywords also include title, description, and bullet points.

Helium 10’s Index Checker

Helium 10 Index Checker

The Index Checker, as the name suggests, is a tool that will let you know if your product listings are being indexed by Amazon. The tool is very much useful if have new listings. This is not only meant for your product listings but also of your competitors. Here you will have the list of competing products with what keywords they are using and ranking for.

Comparative: Helium 10 vs. AMZ Trackers listing optimization

Similar to what others have in common if you want to have one simple tool for on-page listing optimization, the AMZ tracker is the best, which will also give you enough information. But if you wish to have a thorough and deep check, you should opt for mentioned tools by Helium 10.

Product Promotion: Comparing Helium 10 vs. AMZ Tracker

If you take a new product to Amazon it doesn't have any sales record at all. You need certain tools that will help you promote your product. Helium 10 and AMZ tracker both have got such tools to have you sorted. The suggested tools are primarily meant for private-label sellers as well as the creators of new products.

When we speak of product promotion both Helium 10 and AMZ tracker have a different and unique way to handle it.

Helium 10’s PPC Automation Tool

Along with giving the best visual analytics, this tool will also allow you options to automate your PPC campaigns on Amazon. The tool will also help you with the best value with the advertising dollar.

AMZ Tracker’s Vipon

The AMZ Trackers’ Vipon helps you create coupons in an attempt to promote your products. These coupons can then be made available to more than 2,000,000 registered shoppers.

AMZ Tracker Vipon

Creating a coupon is way easy than it seems. The AMZ Tracker dashboard will allow you to have this done in the simplest manner. Once done with the coupon creation the promotion of your product will be put live on Vipon. These coupons will also attract the regular customers directly to your Amazon listings.

Product Promotion Comparison: Helium 10 vs. AMZ Tracker

Here the AMZ tracker anytime has an upper hand as it will provide you with attractive deals through Vipon. Besides, it's simple and won't ask you to have your own ad campaign on other platforms.

Inventory Management

Both Helium 10 and AMZ tracker have got a super-intelligent inventory management tool to have you sorted with your inventory levels. These are the individual profit and sale analytics tools that require you to connect your Amazon account through an API.

AMZ Tracker’s Tracker M

The great thing about Tracker M is that it is available for both mobile and web applications.

Its inventory management will give you the most basic information including how many units have you got in your current stock. You can also get this same information by going into your Seller Central and also by going into your inventory management section.

It can also be used as a profit and sales analyzer tool besides just being used as an inventory tool.

Helium 10’s Profits

The Helium 10’s Profits, which is an inventory management tool is also a real high-profile sales, profit tool. If you compare it with the AMZ tracker tool this can anytime win over it.

Along with giving you suggestions, it even shows you your inventory level and how many units you need to restock. This tool is the best to use if you have got over hundreds of SKUs. Plus the best thing about it is that it is included with all the pricing plans.

Comparison: Helium 10 vs. AMZ Tracker Inventory Tool

Helium 10 can anytime beat the AMZ tracker tool. As we said, if you have got over hundreds of SKUs, this tool would be a perfect fit for you. Also, if you are a seller who sources your products in wholesale, the Helium 10 inventory tool, Profit, is the best.

Here’s a table that will help you remember and point out things easily:

This table has combined information on all the tools Helium 10 and AMZ Tracker provide.

ToolsHelium 10AMZ Tracker
Keyword research tool  A great amount of information in just a few and simple steps.Simplified KeyWord research tool
On-Page ListingsDeep Check1 Simple tool, that gets you everything
Product PromotionAutomation, PPC campaignsAttractive deals, own campaign
Inventory ManagementGood for users with over 100 SKUsBasic information. Has mobile and desktop both.

Pricing Plans: Helium 10 or AMZ Tracker

Helium 10 and AMZ tracker have got some intriguing differences between the pricing plans that will suit you for the greater good. You can choose from an available pricing structure depending on your business.

Here is AMZ Tracker’s pricing structure

Below we have mentioned the yearly pricing plan of the AMZ tracker. You can start a 7-day free trial which is available within every plan. The plans are divided into 4 modes that are based on different pricing and tools.

  • Starting with the Yearly Basic Plan, it will get you 110 keyword searches, 50 product searches along with unlimited email reports. This plan has got more features which you can check below in the image. The Basic plan is available for $41.7 per month if billed annually.
  • Next up is the Professional plan, which is available for $83.3 per month when chosen for the yearly billing and comes with 500 keyword searches, 100 product searches, and 1000 Rocket Reply Email sends along with other tools.
  • Speaking of the God mode which is the most in-demand plan, it is available for $166.7 per month and comes with 1500 keyword searches and 200 product searches, unlimited Vipon voucher sends, and more amazing tools. The price per month of this plan we have mentioned can be availed only when you go for the yearly billing period.
  • The Legend plan comes for $333.3 per month (yearly billing) and gives you a whopping 3000 keyword searches, 400 product searches, and 10,000 rocket reply email sends along with other amazing tools for your Amazon business. 
AMZ Tracker pricing

Helium 10’s Pricing Plans

Helium 10 has got the most Amazing plans which are not limited only to the standard plans but you can even go for a bundle pack as well as some additional tools.

The comparison isn't even needed when you look at what Helium 10 offers within its pricing plans. The prices we have mentioned below are based on yearly pricing where you get a 25% off on each plan.

  • The Starter plan is available for $29 per month when billed annually. You get a lot of features and tools with a few limitations. You can have 2 seller accounts connected and can have 1 user within this plan.
  • The Platinum plan is available for $79 per month if you choose this plan for yearly billing. Within this plan, you have 500 keywords tracked, have 2 sellers account connected, and get 1 user along with other awesome tools.
  • The Diamond plan although seems to be a bit costly but has got the most tools and that too without any limitations. The diamond plan costs $229 per month if billed annually. If you have a reputation to handle for your Amazon business, you should for sure head for this plan. It has also got the most connected accounts and 5 user accounts accessible at a time. You have full access to keyword research as well as the product research tools like Cerebro, Magnet, Black Box, etc.
Helium 10 Pricing

Apart from this Helium 10 has even got an Adtomic and Diamond bundle which is available for $349 if billed annually. The bundle is basically a Diamond plan along with other features added like creating, managing, and optimizing the PPC campaigns for Amazon (as well as for Walmart now), Clear and actionable analytics, A.I. powered suggestions along with Advanced templates and automation.

Additional Tools

You can also opt for additional tools like Adtomic, which is an AI-powered PPC solution starting at $199 per month. Then you also have Market Tracker 360 starting at $500 per month and an Elite training tool starting at $399 per month.

FAQs on Helium 10 Vs. AMZ Tracker

How accurate is Helium 10 data?

Helium 10 is in the top three of the best Amazon tool. Its accuracy is more than 74%

What is the best feature of Helium 10?

It is said that amongst all the other tools Helium 10 is already best at, Activity dashboard, Alert notification, and campaign management are the top three tools Helium 10 has got.

How long does AMZ tracker keep its history data?

The history of Ranking Data is kept safe for at least one year with the AMZ tracker.

How many products can a person have on one account of AMZ Tracker?

One can have as many products as one likes to, on an AMZ Tracker account. The only thing, you need to take care of are the keywords associated with the products, as these are limited depending on your subscription.

Conclusion: Which AMZ tool is going to be the right one for me?

Helium 10 has a lot more useful tools for a lesser price when it comes to the monthly subscription. The tools that Helium 10 provides are more in-depth than the AMZ tracker.

One thing we would suggest is that if you are a private-label seller who only has got a few hundred of SKUs, you can go for the AMZ tracker. Also, you can use Vipon by AMZ tracker to promote your products outside of Amazon.

This was our study of both tools out of which we can confirm that Helium 10 ranks higher than AMZ Tracker on a lot of grounds. Still, you can have the tools tested by yourself and see which one fits your niche and needs.

You can use our Helium 10 coupon codeBLOGE6M20 to get an instant 20% discount for 6 months.

We hope this was an informative article and would like to see you more on our website.

Until next time, Have an Amazon Journey!

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