Still searching for an honest yet detailed Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout comparison review? Well, your search ends here because we have got you covered with some amazing insights into both the Amazon seller tools. Read out till the end to explore how different Helium 10 is from Jungle Scout, and vice versa!

The growth of the Amazon marketplace is not alien to anyone. In fact, as of today, it's the largest online retailer across the globe generating billions and millions of dollars. And when it comes to exploring how many people are benefitting through the platform, it's around 9.7 million.

Yes, you heard that right, 9.7+ million sellers, out of which, 1.9 million are active ones!

Hey, but we aren't here to fret you out. If you are someone who has just jumped into Amazon and thinking of starting from scratch, it's still possible. You just have to pick up the best Amazon growth suites that would take off the burden from your shoulders. That would help you keep track of the overall inventory, find the best performing niche, and manage everyday transactions. And two such powerful and most used Amazon growth software are Helium 10 and Jungle Scout.

Both the growth tools are super powerful with different and relatively similar sets of features that have helped sellers drive more sales in the past few years. But, investing in both the tools isn't done, the pricing plans are not so affordable (of course, given the features, they'll have to charge so much). So which one should you pick?

Read out this whole Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout comparison review to explore what fits best to your business and your growth pace!

Quick Summary,

Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are two popular end-to-end, Amazon growth and management software providing users access to a suite of tools to grow business. Thousands of Amazon FBA gurus have been parroting the benefits of these tools in every seller community. Helium 10 offers a free-to-use forever plan, whereas Jungle Scout's basic plan starts from $29. Pretty much both the tools excel at one specific thing, like Jungle Scout for keyword research, and Helium 10 for product research!

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout – What are these tools all about?

What is Helium 10?

Helium 10

Being launched in the year 2015, Helium 10 is a popular all-in-one Amazon growth platform developed by two popular Amazon sales experts themselves. The software was first launched as an innovative listing optimized tool, but now it's simply more than that. One can even say that Helium 10 is now the most complete Amazon sales software solution available in the market. And as of today's date, Helium 10 has over a million users worldwide, along with 500k+ active chrome extension users. The platform supports 20+ marketplaces worldwide.

With Helium 10, sellers now have more and quick access to detailed guides, real-time data, and insights than they ever had before. Discovering and sourcing products, optimizing listings that can rank highest, managing financials, and targeting ad campaigns are at the seller's fingertips. The unrivaled breadth of tools the software provides is truly incomparable, but the same goes with Jungle Scout, the best alternative to Helium 10.

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout

Being launched in the year 2015, similar to Helium 10, Jungle Scout is a popular, all-in-one Amazon growth software, helping sellers ace their selling journey with the best possible resources. From finding winning products, estimating sales, researching keywords, to spying on competitor's listings, with Jungle Scout a seller can explore it all with just a click. Built by sellers and for sellers, Jungle Scout helps sellers learn from experts while they launch their business at every step. It offers exclusive tutorials, step by step guides sellers to learn the ins and outs of Amazon.

With Jungle Scout, sellers now have quick access to explore what's really going on inside Amazon with its real-time data. As of today's date, Jungle Scout helped 500,000+ sellers with its market intelligence tool to generate $40 billion in sales annually. And the numbers are so overwhelming because of the best feature of the software, which is the customer trends report. This report is extremely powerful and handy when it comes to selling a product on Amazon.

By now, we know you are extremely excited to explore the features of Helium 10 and Jungle Scout, so why not catch them now?

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout: Features Breakdown!

Helium 10 features

Please note that Helium 10 offers multiple features, each offering different sets of benefits. Since this is a comparison review, we have clubbed most of the features into a section. You can explore more about each feature in our exclusive Helium 10 review!

1. Product research tools

The product research tools by Helium 10 are designed to help sellers research about each product they would be selling in a powerful, data-driven way. Overhere, Helium 10 offers chrome extension, black box, and the trendster tool to the user to discover product ideas and further validate them. Chrome extension is basically the product validator tool, we have explained it in detail below.

Now comes the black box tool by Helium 10 that allows alerts to do product research. Sellers over here have to enter the parameters in the search box. By hitting the search button, sellers get access to profitable products that meet their opportunity criteria.

Once the seller got a product idea that would best fit their criteria, the Trendster tool by Helium 10 will help the seller check out the trends of the product. With this tool, the seller can explore the seasonal trend of the product, how the product has performed in a specific time period, and lastly the demand of the product.

2. Keyword research tools

Next comes another amazing set of tools by Helium 10 that is dedicated to keyword research. These tools help sellers choose the right keyword to optimize their product listing. According to Helium 10 experts, a seller doesn't sell a product on Amazon, instead, they sell the keyword. By that keeping in mind, all the three tools included here help sellers sell the right keyword, and rank the best within the bare minimum time frame.

The keyword tools offered by Helium 10 are Cerebro, Magnet, and Misspellinator. Cerebro helps sellers spy on their competitors keywords and check out what they are ranking for.

The magnet tool by Helium 10 allows sellers to discover hidden keyword opportunities, and explore relevant keywords with high search volumes by just a click. Last comes the Misspellinator tool by Helium 10 that gives sellers a deep insight into commonly misspelled keywords, which the seller can use for their product ranking.

3. Listing optimization tools

After keyword research tools, comes the listing optimization tools which sellers can make use of to optimize their listing to rank higher. They can pick up the best keyword from the above-mentioned features. Next, with the Frankenstein, Scribbles, Index checker, listing analyzer, and audience tools they can make changes accordingly.

The Frankenstein tool by Helium 10 transforms a massive list of keywords into a traffic generator. It's by far the best feature by Helium 10, PERIOD. The scribbles tool by Helium 10 helps sellers include all-important keywords into the listing, so that they don't miss out on anything. The Index checker tool by Helium 10 verifies which product in the listing will rank for which keyword, and the listing analyzer tool will further analyze the listing with high performing listings.

Last comes the audience tool through which sellers get feedback about where they can optimize their listings to stand out from the crowd.

4. Operations tools

The operations tools by Helium 10 help sellers manage their day-to-day business on Amazon much more effectively and easily. Over Here the tools available are, the inventory management tool, refund genies, alerts, inventory protector, follow up, mobile app, seller assistant, and Alta. From overseeing entire inventory, streamlining the FBA reimbursement process, getting alerts, securing inventory, following up, till getting financial support to fund the growing business, the Operations tools have got the seller covered with everything they would need!

5. Analytics tools

The analytics tools by Helium 10 give sellers data-driven insights that would help them scale their business to new heights on Amazon. The tools offered here by Helium 10 are profits, market tracker, and keyword tracker. The profit tool helps sellers make money related decisions quickly. The market tracker feature keeps sellers updated about ever-changing market demands, and the keyword tracker feature allows sellers to track keyword ranking in real time.

6. Marketing tools

Last comes the amazing set of features by Helium 10, the marketing tools: Adtomic and Portals, both these tools give sellers access to game changing insights to promote brand awareness.

The Adtomic tool is for improving PPC, and the portal tool is for building a compelling product landing page. Apart from all these tools, Helium 10 offers multiple free tools as well to the sellers, like Amazon keyword research, PPC audit, URL builder, QR code generator, Amazon anomaly tracker to help them stand unique from the crowd.

Jungle Scout Features

1. Keyword Scout

The Keyword Scout feature by Jungle Scout is one of the prominent features, or one can say that the software is just so popular because of it. With thorough use of this feature, sellers can instantly discover high converting keywords for their listing. They can even grab some critical insights into competitor's keywords to make changes into their listing accordingly. Sellers can reverse search multiple ASINs to discover keywords for their products.

2. Product Tracker

Next comes the product tracker feature by Jungle Scout that allows sellers to track a group of products and their performance over time. With this feature, sellers can track the average sale of a product, followed by revenue rank and best seller rank. Moreover, they can even create groups of similar products on the clean interface to watch out the metrics even more properly. Lastly, they can also export the whole data via a CSV file for future reference.

3. Rank Tracker

The rank tracker feature by Jungle Scout allows sellers to check out the keyword rank history of multiple keywords at the same time in just a graph. Sellers can reverse search multiple ASINs and find out which keyword exactly is influencing their listing. Lastly, sellers can even track and add the keywords obtained from keyword lists and keyword scout to rank tracker to score in-depth ranking.

4. Opportunity Finder

One of the amazing features by Jungle Scout is the opportunity finder, PERIOD. This feature literally helps sellers instantly discover opportunities of a product by just a click. All they have to do is enter the keyword into the market segment, and the feature will display in-depth data on sales, performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights. The best part about this tool is sellers can actually check out the seasonality of any product and thus prepare their listing accordingly.

Lastly, with the opportunity finder feature by Jungle Scout, sellers can identify top products in a niche, for example top 25 products. Later they can add them all directly to the product tracker feature to track the complete information of each product.

5. Listing Builder

Yet another amazing feature by Jungle Scout is the listing builder, through which sellers can optimize their listing, in real-time, to rank higher. Amazon is undoubtedly a huge marketplace, and when it comes to tracking data from such a marketplace, it's clearly much more difficult. And no seller on Amazon would never say no to rank on the top. Hence, this feature by Jungle Scout gives sellers instant ratings for their listing. For this, Jungle Scout uses its AI market intelligence technology, and thus gives a listing optimization score.

This feature, in short, gives sellers real time grade/scores to product titles, descriptions, key features, keywords, images, and more so that the seller can adjust their listing accordingly. Lastly, sellers, with this tool, can easily move their listing data to Jungle Scout in one click.

6. Product database

Next comes the product database feature by Jungle Scout that lets sellers maximize their research journey to gain the best profits. Whether the seller is a seasoned seller, or just thinking to make some quick profits, this feature will help them reveal profitable opportunities on Amazon. The advanced filters available here, and the searchable catalog of 475 million products pulled directly from Amazon make this feature a goldmine for Amazon sellers.

Sellers can generate product ideas through the product database feature by Jungle Scout, they can uncover the competition of a product by just a click. They can keep a track of overhead costs and Amazon seller fees, all by just this feature.

7. Review automation

The review automation feature of Jungle Scout is now updated, and the benefits it offers are truly endless. With this feature, sellers can get more product reviews for their products, which would indirectly increase their sales. The feature basically automated the whole review requests, you just have to set it, and forget it. It will then automatically send out review requests to all eligible orders. You can even customize your review requests, and make changes on the negative and positive ones, for example which kind of review you really want to show to your buyer.

8. Sales Analytics

The sales analytics feature by Jungle Scout allows sellers to check out profits instantly, and understand the financial health of their business. The whole analytics is done in real-time for sellers to focus on profit-building and cost-saving strategies. Sellers can check out current and historical sales data with profit overview, like units sold, net margin, ROI, revenue, and more. They can dive into performance of specific products, get a full financial picture, and customize their expenses all through just an easy-to-understand dashboard.

9. Alerts

Yet another and worthwhile feature by Jungle Scout is the Alerts, just as the name suggests, the feature gives sellers instant notifications of their business. The seller will get quick alerts about their listing, like price changes, review, inventory, and daily performance emails. The best part about this feature is sellers do get alerts even when they are not logged in, into Jungle Scout. Not just this, sellers also get alerts to competitor's listings and price changes, so that they can stay into the competition at any hour of the day. Apart from these, some other notable features Jungle Scout offers are: supplier database, academy, inventory manager, alerts, promotion, category trends, profit calculator, sales estimator, listing grader, and more!

As far as the number of features/tools is concerned, Helium 10 is straightaway the winner here. However, since the tools here are more, so is the learning curve. You will have to dedicate much time to get the most out of these tools.

Winner: Helium 10

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout Pricing Plans – Which one is more affordable?

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 offers a forever free plan to its users, and apart from this it even offers four paid plans and a custom one. They are:

  • Starter plan – $39 per month
  • Platinum plan – $99 per month
  • Diamond plan – $249 per month
  • Elite plan – $399 per month

It even offers a 7 day, no question asked money-back guarantee if a seller is not content with the services offered.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout doesn't offer any free plan to its users, instead it offers three paid plans, and few packages designed according to a seller's business turnover, they are:

  • Basic plan – $29 per month, $349 if billed annually
  • Suite plan – $49 per month, $589 if billed annually
  • Professional plan – $84 per month, $999 if billed annually

And the packages by Jungle Scout are:

  • Startup Suite – $189 for three months
  • Entrepreneur Suite – $349 for six months
  • Freedom builder bootcamp – $999 for twelve months

In addition to all this, Jungle Scout even offers a 7 day free trial period to all the users, if they are not happy with the services offered.

Winner – Helium 10 offers a forever free plan, hence over here too the winner straightaway is the same. On the other hand, Jungle Scout's pricing plans are affordable as well, if you are ready to invest a bit at the start of their selling journey.

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout – Pros and Cons

Helium 10 pros

  • Secures inventory and gives constant alerts
  • Multiple features available for each type of research
  • Round the clock customer support service
  • Freedom ticket course available for free
  • Free forever plan available
  • Extensive training and courses available for beginners to kick start their Amazon selling journey

Helium 10 cons

  • Multiple tools available that might confuse beginners
  • Steep learning curve

Jungle Scout Pros

  • Provides real-time Amazon product and sales data
  • Gives best competitor listings data
  • Excellent customer service
  • Finds high-value profit ideas in seconds
  • Highest data accuracy rate
  • Trusted by thousands of Amazon sellers

Jungle Scout Cons

  • Not as many tools available as Helium 10
  • Doesn't offers any free plan

Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout: Chrome Extension Comparison

Helium 10 Chrome Extension Review

Helium 10 chrome extension allows users to perform instant product research through its flagship tool – Xray. This tool gives users access to over 450 million ASINs, and performs advanced keyword research by saving both time and money. The demand analyzer feature here gives users an in-depth look into the consumer demand to help them pick up the best-selling opportunities.

Moreover, Helium 10 has recently launched a new feature Supplier finder in their chrome extension for users to streamline their Amazon product sourcing with Helium 10 and Alibaba. Other tools available in the extension are:

  • Sales estimator
  • Profitability calculator
  • Review insights
  • ASIN grabber
  • Inventory level

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Review

Jungle Scout browser extension is just as similar to Helium 10's but the data here given to sellers is impeccable. With this extension, sellers can grab new product ideas while just browsing on Amazon. Apart from this, sellers can even get key product insights including product demand, competitive data, and profit projects directly from Amazon. They can even determine a product's expected growth in real-time with Jungle Scout's AccuSales algorithm.

Moreover, with the opportunity score, sellers can quickly validate or eliminate any product idea. The best thing about Jungle Scout browser extension is that the viewer can customize their view to see the data according to their importance/preference like brand, price, monthly sales, rating, listing quality, and more. Lastly, through the extension sellers can view valuable product data, all in real-time on the product page itself.

🌟 Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout FAQ

❓Is Jungle Scout better or Helium 10?

As far as data accuracy is concerned, Jungle Scout's accuracy is 84.1% whereas Helium 10's accuracy is 74%.

🤔Is Jungle Scout and Helium 10 the same?

No, Jungle Scout and Helium 10 are two different Amazon growth software, offering similar features to sellers to grow their business.

🔥Is there anything better than Jungle Scout?

Yes, if you are not happy with the features offered by Jungle Scout, you can give Helium 10 a try, or Viral Launch.

⭐Is Jungle Scout the best software?

Yes, Jungle Scout offers best Amazon features to sellers to grow their Amazon business. Another noteworthy thing here is the Jungle Scout's 84.1% data accuracy rate.

🔎What is Helium 10 used for?

Helium 10 is an all-in-one Amazon and Walmart growth software, used by millions of sellers across the globe to get more profits.

👉Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

No, Jungle Scout is not owned by Amazon.

✔Which is better: Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

Jungle Scout is quite better than Viral launch because it offers the best features and is beginner-friendly as well. There's no steep learning curve, and sellers can get appropriate market insights within a few seconds.

🔥Where does Helium 10 get its data from?

Helium 10 gets its data directly from Amazon API.

Comparison Wrap-up: Helium 10 Vs Jungle Scout, Which Tool to Vouch for in 2024?

In short, accuracy, features, ease of use, and pricing is what we looked into while comparing Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. Coming to data accuracy, we don't believe in spreading numbers until and unless it's backed by trusted sources. However, both the tools have developed their own algorithm to come up with the best real-time data and estimates.

How to make use of the data entirely depends on you, because it's you who will be making sure that your estimates match the reality, you don't always have to make decisions completely upon flawed data. Next comes features, which down the line Helium 10 offers more than Jungle Scout. But when looked inside out, the features both the tool offers are similar.

And as much as usability is concerned, Jungle Scout is comparatively beginner-friendly as compared to Helium 10. To use Helium 10 you will have to invest more time, the learning curve is much more here because of several features and tools. Last comes the pricing, where Jungle Scout is a real game-changer, it's affordable and offers the best features at a minimum price range. And Helium 10 on the other hand, offers the best features with a more expensive plan – your money, your decision!

That was all about Jungle Scout and Helium 10. If you are interested to find out more about what goes into Amazon FBA business, stay tuned!

What more Helium 10 comparisons? Read out our Helium 10 Vs Viral Launch review and Helium 10 Vs Sellics review!

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