As an Amazon seller choosing the right tool for your operations can be difficult and the main issue starts when tools like Helium 10 and ZonGuru come on a face-off, both of them offer somewhat similar key features but there are some differences that make them nothing alike. In this Helium 10 vs ZonGuru review, we'll be looking forward to what are some of the differences that might clear some of the common doubts you might be having.

If I speak as my personal favorite, I have been using Helium 10 myself for quite some time now and some of the features offered in Helium 10 are somewhat missing in ZonGuru, whereas ZonGuru offers some excellent services for some features, well, we'll be checking them out in the later sections. As an overview, here are some of the similarities & differences between Helium 10 and ZonGuru:

Quick Summary on Helium 10 Vs. ZonGuru

Helium 10 and ZonGuru are both Amazon seller tools that offer a variety of features through which Amazon sellers can manage their business and boost their revenue. 

Both of them offer robust product research, keyword research, listing optimization, alerts, PPC automation, and other key features which help you with your daily Amazon business activities. The Added advantage that Helium 10 get is that it offers more features and more accuracy and is an all-in-one tool for Amazon sellers where they simply don’t have to look anywhere as the tool has got them covered. 

We recommend Helium 10 as the tool offers a robust solution for Amazon FBA business, and it also offers a learning resource which is called the Freedom FBA Course, through which Sellers can learn more about their business and also know how they can use the tool to its full potential. At the same time, ZonGuru is a tool that also offers excellent features but is somewhat lacking in accuracy and features, especially when you compare it with Helium 10. 

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Helium 10 vs ZonGuru | In-depth Comparison

Both Helium 10 and ZonGuru have been some of the top-tier Amazon seller tools currently in the market, with the features offered by both of them, choosing the right one might be difficult, but you can make your analysis even better by categorizing some topics or points that you need in your Amazon selling practices. Some of the basic features and comparisons on their basis are mentioned above in the table but let's take a deeper dive into these aspects and understand which Amazon seller tool is better in those mentioned aspects.

Helium 10

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Product Research Tool

Helium 10ZonGuru

Both Helium 10 and ZonGuru offers some excellent features when it comes to performing product research, but both have more spread-out tools under these categories for product research, let's take a look into that.

Helium 10 Product Research Tools

helium 10 product research tools

Helium 10 offers 4 different tools for product research and can help under multiple operations related to it:

  • Chrome Extension: Helium 10 offers a chrome extension for performing research related to products on the go. The Chrome extension can help you out with checking out the important information over Amazon, while just surfing on it.
  • Black Box: The Black box is a complete package of all the operations, you can consider the Black box as an Amazon product finder tool. You can get a more filtered structure based on the marketplace, review counts, categories, subcategories, data stats for a product, and much more.
  • Trendster: As the name suggests Trendster can help you in getting an overview of how a certain trend is going for a product/category/subcategory. This as a result can be helpful from a seasonality's perspective.
  • Xray: It is an Amazon analysis tool that can help you in multiple aspects and gives you access to some important data such as 450 Million ASINs with advanced filters, and sales data while being able to download the whole data in XLS or CSV format.

ZonGuru Product Research Tools

Zonguru Product Research Tools

ZonGuru Offers 5 different tools that are categorized in the product research part, the tools are mentioned below:

  • Niche Finder: As the name suggests you can make your way around a particular niche, as a result, can help in getting more and more out of a certain category.
  • Chrome Extension: ZonGuru offers a chrome extension as well that can help you in making your way around the right data for product research while surfing over Amazon.
  • Sales spy: This tool/feature gives you all the important data related to a certain product like sales revenue, BSR (Best-sellers rank), Sales made, reviews, etc.
  • Love Hate: The love-hate basically works in a simple way to make your way around the likability of a certain product, kind of a like-unlike button and ratio.
  • Easy Source: This feature/tool gives you data around the suppliers of a certain product listed on Amazon, this, as a result, can help you in understanding where your competitors are getting products from.

ZonGuru does offer more tools under product research, but Helium 10 is functional on both Amazon and Walmart making it an excellent choice overall. In addition to that, Helium 10 has more accurate data and a cleaner user interface.

Listing Optimization Tools

Helium 10ZonGuru

The listing optimization can be considered as another excellent feature/parameter that one should be looking forward to, in order to have your product listed on Amazon in your respective marketplace, you need to make your way around proper practices as well.

Helium 10 Listing Optimization Tools

Helium 10 listing optimization tools

Helium 10 offers 6 different tools under the listing optimization category and all of these tools perform different operations. The Helium 10 listing optimization tools are mentioned below:

  • Frankenstein: Helium 10 offers this excellent tool for processing the right keywords for your product listing, this as a result can help in making a better analysis of the competitors as well as avoiding the common issues that one might encounter while selling products online.
  • Scribbles: Helium 10 Scribbles is an Amazon Product ranking tool that focuses on certain aspects such as character counts, word counts, and byte limits under certain areas, you can even organize, track and sort high-demand keywords. In addition to all that you can edit back-end search terms as well.
  • Index Checker: This Helium 10 tool enables you to analyze whether your listed product is either being shown or not. By having an idea of whether your listed product is shown or not, you can understand what needed measures can be taken for better results.
  • Listing Analyzer: The analyzer can help you in keeping an eye on the intel for a certain product, all you need to do is input the link for that product or ASIN. This can be an excellent way of making your way around the revenue potential of a certain product through proper analysis. The analyzer can also help you come across things like optimization score and other things that can be really helpful.
  • Audience: You can also perform the analysis based on polls, it is worth mentioning that you can get 50 instant polls for as low as $50, which is a great deal indeed.
  • Listing Builder: The Amazon listing builder offered by Amazon can help you in multiple aspects including quick management of your old and current listings along with a step-to-step guide for all these related operations.

ZonGuru Listing Optimization Tools

ZonGuru offers 3 different features under the listing optimization section including:

  • Keywords on Fire: This feature primarily focuses on the keyword research option for discovering the best possible keywords for driving more sales.
  • Keyword Spotlight: The keyword spotlight option basically focuses on the backend listing of a certain product, this, as a result, can help in better insights into your competitor's listing.
  • Listing Optimizer: The ZonGuru listing optimizer focuses on delivering a better output of your listings made, the optimizer basically focuses on making a better listing of your product by analyzing all the important parameters that might need some work.

Listing optimization offered by ZonGuru and Helium 10 are both up to the mark or on a similar level, but Helium 10 has got more features and tools that are specifically focused on Listing Optimization.

 Keyword Research Tools

Helium 10ZonGuru

Both Helium 10 and ZonGuru offers some excellent features under the Keyword research section, but Helium 10 offers a much cleaner and beginner friendly user-base. In addition to that, Helium 10 has got some dedicated tools for Keyword research, so basically, Helium 10 is a better choice from my perspective.

Helium 10 Keyword Research Tools

Helium 10 Keyword Research Tools

Helium 10 offers 3 different Keyword research tools and can help you with multiple operations for better keyword optimization. These tools are mentioned below:

  • Cerebro: Cerebro can help in spying on the keywords that your competitors might be using, this way you can get better analysis and work accordingly as one of the competitor experienced sellers. This as a result can help in getting along with search volume and analyzing other important data.
  • Magnet: As the name might indicate the magnet works on getting along with the search for relevant keywords for a certain product/keyword.
  • Misspellinator: You might have seen that sometimes people misspell certain keywords but get the right results, well this is something where misspellinator can be a game changer as it extracts the relevant misspelled keywords.

ZonGuru Keyword Research Tool

ZonGuru does not have a dedicated keyword research category, but it does offer some tools that were listed under the listing optimization tools above. These tools include Keywords on Fire and Keyword Spotlight.

The Helium 10 has better features when it comes to keyword research, since Helium 10 has dedicated Keyword research tools along with Misspellinator, it's a better choice to move along with.

Alerts | Helium 10 vs ZonGuru

Helium 10ZonGuru

Both Helium 10 and ZonGuru offer alerts but both of them bring different things to the table.

Helium 10 Alerts

Helium 10 has this excellent feature to give alerts in case of hijacks or frauds are detected, in addition to all that you can also get along with automating reviews you get on your product.

ZonGuru Alerts

ZonGuru gives this option to monitor reviews but does not have this option to take a look around the hijacks and fraudulent alerts.

Both Helium 10 and ZonGuru give alerts but under different aspects, so you can make the choice based on that if you are looking forward to getting alerts from a customer satisfaction POV, ZonGuru can be an excellent choice for you, but if you are more of security-oriented and want to work over the automating customer review, Helium 10 can be a better choice.

PPC Automation

Helium 10ZonGuru

Helium 10 PPC Automation

Helium 10 offers this excellent feature for PPC automation, this can be an excellent thing overall as you can make your way around the PPC campaigns with more outcomes. Helium 10 also offers this dedicated tool for PPC campaigns named Adtomic. It can help you with multiple options with advanced automation and optimization, you can also make your way around analytics for making individual performance-based decisions.

ZonGuru PPC Automation

ZonGuru does not have any feature or tool that can help you manage all your PPC campaigns running over Amazon. This can be an issue for ZonGuru users if they want to run and manage paid ad campaigns and manage them.

As an Amazon seller, if you are looking forward to getting yourself started on Amazon selling operations with the help of some PPC campaigns, Helium 10 will be a better choice to move on with.

Other Important Features Offered by Helium 10 & ZonGuru

Here are some of the additional tools offered by Helium 10 and ZonGuru that are worth mentioning.

Helium 10 Important Features

Helium10 offers some excellent features that can help in making things even better for all your Amazon selling operations. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Operations:  Helium 10 offers some additional features that can help in managing different operation-related stuff, some of them include Inventory management, Refund Genie, Alerts, Inventory Protector, Follow-up, Mobile app, and Seller assistant.
  • Analytics: Analytics can be considered among some of the important data that can help you in getting an overview of how things are meant to go. Helium 10 covers multiple aspects for profits, market tracker, keyword tracker, and market tracker 360 (Beta version).
  • Free Tools: You can also get along with some additional free tools such as Amazon keyword research, PPC Audit, Chrome Extension, URL builder, QR Code Generator, and Amazon anomaly tracker.

ZonGuru Important Features

Here are some of the additional features offered by ZonGuru that can help in making things better for your Amazon selling operations.

  • Business Metrics: This section lets you get along with options and features like Business Dashboard, My Products, and My Orders. All these sections can basically give a better overview of all your business operations in a single place.
  • Customer Engagement: ZonGuru offers some excellent features when it comes to customer engagement, as mentioned above ZonGuru offers a review Automator but you can also get along with an email Automator, both of these essential features can play a crucial feature in better customer experience.
  • Monitoring & Alerts: Monitoring and alerting can be really important things overall, and ZonGuru offers features like Product Pulse and IP Monitor that can be helpful in monitoring.

Helium 10 vs ZonGuru Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Helium 10 offers 4 different pricing plans tailored to deliver services across different levels of Amazon sellers:

  • Starter Plan: The Starter plan starts at a cost of $39/month, you can perform all things under product monitor, product tracker, keyword research, operations, analytics, and much more. The Helium 10 starter plan can be an excellent choice for beginner-level Amazon sellers.
  • Platinum Plan: The Platinum plan starts at a cost of $99/month, the platinum plan offers some additional features that were offered in the starter plan. This plan can be an excellent choice for Amazon sellers that are on the intermediate level.
  • Diamond Plan: The Helium 10 Diamond plan costs around $249/month, the plan can be an excellent choice for Amazon sellers that have an established selling business.
  • Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise plan costs around $399/month, the plan is tailored for large-scale Amazon sellers and businesses that seek to manage things on large scale and might have a team for all the selling operations.

ZonGuru Pricing Plans

Zonguru Pricing Plans

ZonGuru offers 3 different plans that are categorized over the scale of Amazon selling operations:

  • Researcher: The plan cost around $39/month and is best suitable for Amazon sellers that seek to perform research (Keyword research, product research, etc). The Researcher plan gives you access to Niche Finder, Chrome extension, Sales spy, Love-Hate, Keywords on Fire, Keyword spotlight, Listing Optimizer, Easy source, etc.
  • Seller: The seller plan costs around $49/month for 1 SKU, the prices may change depending upon the number of SKUs you choose. The Seller plan gives access to all the features that were offered in the research plan with some additional features included.
  • Enterprise Plan: There isn't any price available for the Enterprise plan, but just in case you need to get yourself an enterprise plan you can contact ZonGuru's team for that.

Top FAQs on Helium 10 vs ZonGuru

Is Helium 10 a suitable Amazon seller tool for beginners?

Yes, Helium 10’s easy user interface can be really helpful along with video tutorials and great customer support for beginners.

Is there a free version of Helium 10?

No, Helium 10 can be considered among some of the top-tier paid Amazon selling tools in the ecosystem, but it does offer some free to use tools with limited usage.

Does Zonguru offer any free resources?

Yes, ZonGuru does offer some free resources such as Keywords on Fire (Lite), ASIN Index Checker, Profit Calculator, Blogs, Live Weekly Sessions, Product Tracker Sheet and much more.

Is there any chrome extension available for Amazon sellers?

Yes, as an Amazon seller you can use Helium 10 Chrome extension to make your way around crucial data while performing research over Amazon.

Can I get a free profit calculator for Amazon selling operations?

Yes, you can use ZonGuru’s profit calculator extension, it can be really helpful for Amazon selling operations and getting an overview + mini analysis for profits on a particular product.

Conclusion: Helium 10 vs ZonGuru | Which Amazon Seller Tool is the Best?

Both Helium 10 vs ZonGuru, offer some excellent features if we consider the features from an Amazon seller's perspective. Both of these tools are functional on International Marketplaces and can help you to get product ideas, and explore data such as search volume, sales, keyword tracking, and much more.

If we consider the overall interface Helium 10 can be a greater choice, as a beginner Helium 10 can be an excellent choice, you can also come across some lessons to understand how Helium 10 works. Considering the product launch aspect, ZonGuru cannot be helpful in making things better for that as it does not have any feature for PPC automation, and product launching.

Overall, from my perspective, Helium 10 is an overall better choice for Amazon sellers as it comprises all the features and covers all the major aspects of Amazon selling operations, but if you seek for cheaper alternative for Helium 10 or any other Amazon selling operations, you won't be disappointed by what ZonGuru has to offer. 

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