Are you still curious about what IG PPC Management is all about? Do you still don't know what IG PPC Management pricing plans are? Well, worry no more because this IG PPC Management Review covers the ins and outs of the services that the team offers, read it up!

Nearly half the Amazon sellers, even by being on the platform for over years now, have not marked their presence on page #1. And nearly half the customers don't really bother to check out other pages than the page #1, scary, isn't it?

In short, if you have not been to page #1 on Amazon, you are not really on Amazon.

But we aren't here to stress you up, and as a seller you would know what PPC actually is!

If not, PPC is the quickest way to bring the products in the eyes of people, that means, to bring your product to the page #1.

However, it's not as easy as it sounds, you will have to run multiple campaigns, try out the trial and error formula, and just so much more. But what if we tell you that an Amazon PPC King is here to help you, and is literally just a click away? Sounds too good to be true?

Yes, there's someone to help out, and it's none other than the proficient, experienced team members of IG PPC Management. Read out this IG PPC Management review ahead to explore what really the buzz is all about, and we bet, you won't be disappointed at all!

Quick Summary of IG PPC Management Review

IG PPC Management is a popular Amazon PPC Management service provider who has served thousands of Amazon sellers for over years now. The team members are literally the kings of the Amazon jungle who have helped sellers generate higher revenue by lowering their ACoS. Not just this, the services offered by the team are highly affordable, read out this review ahead to explore what best you can expect from them!

IG PPC Management Overview

IG PPC Managements Overview

The first thing the IG PPC Management team speak up about their services is, you do you, and we do Amazon, and we truly believe this.

With over a decade of experience in this field, the team is undoubtedly the best investment you can make for your PPC Campaigns. We are saying this because each team member over here is handpicked for their Amazon skills and dedication, you don't really have to play the mind games here. In fact, the team believes that every Amazon brand comes with its own difficulty levels, in short, every brand has its very own unique journey. And the team thus cracks the code of each journey specifically, so that they nail it, from the ground.

Not just words, let's talk numbers

  • IG PPC Management has 95% client retention rate (see how customers are satisfied with their services)
  • Hundreds of sellers with 7 to 9 figure accounts (as mentioned previously, the team talks huge, and so are the numbers it provides to sellers)
  • $1.5 billion annual sales (and this is just of 2021, the numbers will be updated in 2024 and you will surely be surprised)

Using IG PPC Management for setting up a PPC campaign is much easier, the user just has to contact the account manager, speak out their preferences and goals, and the manager will further do the job. The manager will even change bids throughout the day, so that you don't have to worry about bidding even a bit.

The bids are often changed according to the sellers requirements and criteria. Additionally, the team has experience of handling hundreds of accounts, hence the knowledge they have of Amazon and its database is simply huge.

Long story short, IG PPC Management dedicated account manager will help you with:

  • Current campaign setup and optimization
  • Customizing new and effective campaigns quickly
  • Managing bids
  • Doing keyword research
  • Cutting off low performing keywords
  • Managing the complete ad budget
  • Monthly reporting

And just so much more!

IG PPC Management Features- What is so unique about them?

IG PPC Management Features

Are you wishing to decrease your overall Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales? Check out IG PPC Management features/complete PPC optimization cycle now to increase your sales.

Note: IG PPC Management is NOT A SOFTWARE OR A TOOL, instead its a team of well versed Amazon Gurus who are aware of the market and the market needs.

This section of the review covers the steps you will walk through when you will take the team's services, like:

Complete Research

As mentioned previously, the IG PPC Management team starts out their action plan by researching the ins and outs of your brand. Not just the brand, the team even does an intensive research on the product you will be selling or are selling, and the market as well.

Long story short, the team, in the initial stage dig in data of the overall market, the competition in the market, who are the specific competitors you will be competing with, and more importantly they even do keyword optimization.

Strategy Building

After doing aggressive keyword research and market and brand study, the very next step the team takes is building a whole working strategy for your brand. The team believes that Amazon PPC is all about 20% budget, and 80% strategy. And with this belief itself, the team, till date, was able to lower their customer's ACoS massively.

First thing first, the team looks out for your target market and revenue goals. This stage is all about you sharing insights on your brand to the manager, and they make the most out of the shared information. For example, the team, at this stage will ask you your objectives, like:

  • Do you wish to decrease your ACoS?
  • Do you want to increase your sales and at what percent?
  • Do you want to improve your overall keyword ranking, or specific ranking?
  • Do you have any specific growth metric in your mind you would like to increase or decrease?

After hearing the answers from your end, the team will then craft an ad campaign according to your needs.

End to End Campaign Setup and Management

After analyzing what exactly you are expecting from the team, the next step your dedicated account manager will follow is setting up your campaign. Remember that the campaign at this stage would solely be set up on the details you have shared. Moreover, the team will also look out for the key metrics and would even tweak the bids to cut off poor performing keywords. The bid tweaking part is also done to ensure maximum ROI and increase conversions by lowering the complete Amazon ACoS.

Full Cycle Growth Tracking

Launching the campaign is the most tricky part, and the team does it all very interactively, they will keep you in loop at every stage of campaign building. However, after launching the campaign, the next step the team takes is understanding the overall health of your business. And after this, they will manually optimize your whole account on a weekly basis.

This constant, weekly analysis is done by the team to eliminate not so worthy expenditures, decrease ad spends, and ultimately increase overall sales.


Here comes the last step, the reporting part where the stays transparent with all the metrics, be it positive or negative. This reporting is done on a monthly basis, where sellers get an in-depth report of how the campaigns have performed over the month, including the progression and effectiveness.

For Aggregators

Not just handling PPC Campaigns, IG PPC Management team also handles the auditing part for aggregators who wish to invest their money into any brand. The audit is usually done by the team in two parts, first pre acquisition and post acquisition.

Pre-Acquisition Audits

In this audit, the team checks out the brand's PPC, ASINs, CVR and the complete organic ranking. If the numbers are good at this stage, the team will get back to you and let you know about the profitable purchase. And if it's otherwise, the team will plan out a strategy to help you make the investment profitable. The services included in this audit stage are, niche trends and competition analyst, market share analysis, organic keyword ranking sustainability, and opportunities analysis.

Post-Acquisition Audits

If the numbers are positive in the previous stage, and the deal is done, the team further does the post acquisition analysis, like auditing the existing PPC. The services included in this audit are PPC Strategy setup, 80/20 strategy building, and opportunity analysis.

Benefits of IG PPC Management: A Few Things we like about this Tool:

Beginner Friendly:

The best benefit of using IG PPC Management services is you don't need to have knowledge of Amazon PPC at all, you will simply be delegating the whole campaign management task to the team. In fact, the account manager will help you learn all the important details on the reports, if you are not techy otherwise. Aggregators don't even will have to spend much time auditing their whole strategy, since the team will do it all for you.

Pre and Post Acquisition Audits:

Yet another benefit of IP PPC Management for aggregators is it does the whole analysis part both in the pre acquisition phase and the post acquisition phase. Starting out from analyzing brand's PPC, ASINs, CVR, organic ranking, to checking out high converting ASINs, auditing existing PPC, and more, you name it, and the team will have you covered with all.

Comprehensive Reports of Past and Future Action Plans:

The one thing we liked the most about the IP PPC Management team is they never hide anything in the reports, from niche trends in the competition, the budget, PPC strategy setup, to identifying future opportunities, the team covers it all in the report. In fact, this report is further described to you, in detail, by the Account Manager so that you understand all the important metrics better.

Highly Interactive Team:

Since it's you, your business, and your future ambitions, the hyper interactive team of IG PPC always keeps you in the loop. They make sure to involve you in every step they will take and in fact the meetings held by the team involve a complete layout of budgets, future strategies, and daily upkeeps.

Multiple Positive Reviews:

“Every move was strategic – we experienced supergrowth”, “IG PPC enabled our successful and highly profitable exit”, these are just a few of many positive reviews IG PPC are getting for the services they have offered to their customers. We all know, a business is all about what the customer speak for them, and not what they claim, and when it comes to IG PPC, their customers are really speaking weights for them.

IG PPC Management Pricing Plans | How to get a proposal?

IG PPC Management as compared to other PPC software available out there offering similar services, offers a different type of pricing. Since this is not a tool or a software instead a team, they don't really have a preset pricing plan. The plan varies according to the goals and ambitions you have for the brand. You just have to raise a quotation, the team will get back to you with how they will help you, how your future PPC campaigns will be, and thus would charge you for the same.

Lastly, the best thing about this kind of pricing is, you are not bound to any subscriptions, you can make exit whenever you want, so whether you want to take the team's help for just a month or two, or a year, you can do it without worrying about the cancellation charges. 

IG PPC Management Customer Support Service Review

Contacting the IG PPC Management team for any kind of issue is extremely easy and straightforward. First thing first, if you have not taken any services by the team yet, you can contact the team, through their official page itself. You just have to go to the contacts section available right below the official site, and enter essential details like your name, number, email, and the message or query you have for the team.

Now, if you are someone who has already taken the services of the team, you would surely know how quick they are with their support. In fact, the team makes sure to offer you all possible access to reach out to the manager very quickly. That being said, customers can directly contact the team, or send an email, and they will get back to you in just a few hours, sometimes in just a few minutes too!

Some Downsides of IG PPC Management (Our Honest Thoughts)

Given so many best things about IG PPC Management, there are a few downsides of the tool, which is important to highlight. And the major one is the unclear pricing plan itself. The team would have at least mentioned how less, or how high their services would cost a seller, if they vouch for it. Nonetheless, since we talked to the team, we can assure that the services they offer for the price you will pay, is definitely worth every penny.

And also, if the team would get more transparent about the resources they would be using throughout the journey, it would attract more sellers.

Pros and Cons of IG PPC Management Review 2024


  • Highly proficient ecommerce and Amazon consultant working as an account manager over here.
  • Pre and post acquisition audits available for aggregators so that their funds won't go in vain.
  • Strategic plan customized for every customer all according to their specific brand needs.
  • Weekly meetings often setup by account manager to keep the brand informed on the progression.
  • Monthly in-depth reports shared to the brand which includes the past actions, budgets, and future action plans.
  • Highly collaborative team.
  • Low ACoS.
  • Simplified pricing, one just have to raise a quotation.
  • Awesome customer support service.


  • No straightforward pricing plans available (understandable because IG PPC is not a tool or a software, instead a team working for and with you for PPC services).
  • Could offer more services because the alternatives are already offering a lot.

Top FAQs on IG PPC Management Review 2024

What is IG PPC Management?

IG PPC Management is a hands on PPC Management service provider that completely focuses on effectively and rapidly scaling your Amazon business.

How to use IG PPC Management?

Using IG PPC Management services is extremely easy, you just have to click on the contact us button available on the official site, or raise a quotation through the site and the team will get back to you.

How to use IG PPC Management for free?

Unfortunately, you can't use IG PPC Management services for free, because after signing up a dedicated account manager will help you out with your issues, and this service is literally premium and can't be availed for free.

Do IG PPC Management work with Amazon sponsored products?

Yes, the IG PPC Management team works with sponsored products too.

What skills are required for PPC Management?

Strong analytical skills and excellent attention to detail are a few of many skills required for PPC Management, and IG PPC dedicated account manager has it all.

IG PPC Management Review Wrap Up: Is this Team Helpful for Business?

Whether you have no experience in building Amazon PPC campaigns, or you are a professional, diving in the game for a while now – IG PPC Management is simply for everyone. And the ultimate reason behind we saying this, is IG PPC is not simply a tool, instead its a team that you would be investing on. A team that will not just take care of campaign optimization, but even will give more attention to Advertising cost of sales (and we believe this factor is really very important to every Amazon seller)!

So, conclusively, here's what you can expect from IG PPC Management:

  • A team that refines and optimize your data all according to your business ambitions so that you can avoid wasting hours of time.
  • An excellent customer support team that has always got your back whenever you get stuck.
  • An exclusive account manager that will just be responsible for your ACCOUNT.

Lastly, we believe that if you are a serious Amazon seller, you wouldn't miss out on this opportunity. The manager over here will walk along with you in your journey of success, who is trained and experienced, which would otherwise take hours.

So, it's time for you to get wiser now and make better decisions for yourself by choosing IG PPC, wait no more, and raise a quotation for yourself right away!

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