Are you an Amazon FBA seller waiting to get started with Jungle Scout? Then the wait is over! Learn all you need to know about Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024 and give wings to your Amazon eCommerce business!

Regardless of your e-commerce business level, Amazon's FBA business is not easy. There are a plethora of chores that you need to manage for a smooth and profitable journey. Jungle Scout has been the go-to software suite for FBA sellers since its launch back in 2015.

A wide range of research, analytics, prediction, and marketplace management tools are what make the Jungle Scout experience truly remarkable for sellers. It has decent pricing plans, but many people wonder whether or not they can access the Jungle Scout features using its free trial. So before we move forward, let me serve it raw:

Note: Jungle Scout does not offer a Free Trial, but instead a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee!

Yes, you read it right. The all-in-one sellers' suite software does not provide any free pricing plan or free trial. But fortunately, they do have a 7-day money-back guarantee on all their standard plans. So on what grounds does that policy work, and how can you make the most of Jungle Scout? Keep reading to find out.

Jungle Scout Review 2024: How can sellers scale their FBA businesses with Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout is one of the most beneficial AMZ seller suite software that will help you tremendously with your sales and profits. This software's advanced tools and data can help you outshine your competitors. It is suitable for all types of businesses, providing smart business solutions for individual sellers as well as agencies.

The product database includes insights from more than 475 million products which are extracted directly from Amazon. This allows you to discover and monitor lucrative products and potential keywords conveniently. Moreover, the powerful browser extension simplifies your research and makes it easier to be productive.

Maximize your reach with the global product and supplier database of Jungle Scouts. The Opportunity Score enables you to assess a product's profitability quickly. Apart from all these, the SaaS also includes tools such as a rank tracker, listing builder, inventory manager, etc.

Besides the beneficial features, Jungle Scout has plenty more to offer. They have 24/7 assistance from an experienced Amazon team, along with professional learning material via their Academy. You can also easily download your search outcomes and details in a spreadsheet.

And you get to experience the power of these workaholic tools at very affordable prices. The risk rate drops to zero with their 7-day money-back guarantee, which provides you a refund within 7 days of the initial purchase without asking any questions.

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Jungle Scout Free Trial


Try Jungle Scout risk-free today with a 7 days money-back guarantee. Hurry up!

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Jungle Scout Features 2024: What does Jungle Scout has to Offer?

Jungle Scout is a versatile software that can decrease your workload significantly. So let's learn about its exclusive features divided into particular categories.

Product Research: Product research becomes child's play with Jungle Scout. The software lets you access the product database so that you can locate hot-selling products within seconds. You can also track and find winning opportunities based on crucial data insights. The software even allows you to optimize your listings and improve your strategy resulting in increased profits. The tools include:

  • Opportunity Finder
  • Product Database
  • Product Tracker
  • Listing Builder

Keyword Research: Optimize your product listings with high-converting keywords, which you can find easily with Jungle Scout. You can even peep into your competitor's keyword strategies to enhance your own and always stay ahead in the game. The tools allow you to track keyword performance and make profitable decisions. The tools include:

  • Keyword Scout
  • Rank Tracker

Inventory Management: Take total control of your inventory with the data-driven approach. The tools offer a demand forecasting technology to help you manage your inventory status. Set important alerts to get notified anywhere, anytime. Explore Jungle Scout's supplier database and choose the best. The tools include:

  • Inventory Manager
  • Alerts
  • Supplier Database

Analytics: The software brings you necessary data insights and metrics in a very organized format. Get monthly sales statistics such as monthly sales, net margin, ROI, revenue, etc and analyze your growth. Managing PPC campaigns becomes much easier with data analytics and customizable interfaces. Send automatic review requests to your customers. The tools include:

  • Sales Analytics
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Review Automation

Browser Extension: The Jungle Scout browser extension is one of the best features offered by the software. This extension permits users to gather useful information like product demand, competitive data, and project profits from the product page. The system assesses more than 1 billion pieces of data every day, this helps sellers get up-to-date data insight and negate guesswork. You can swiftly determine and remove items depending on the extension's Opportunity Score. Additionally, you can view all the sales summary and vital metrics on your Seller Central homepage. The tool includes:

  • Browser Extension

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans (Updated 2024)

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

As for the pricing plans, Jungle Scout offers diversity. Their solutions work perfectly for new sellers, existing sellers and even agencies. Whether you want to streamline your business or grow it exponentially, Jungle Scout sounds like the right deal for you.

Standard Plans: Each plan is developed keeping in mind the necessity of sellers and businesses. You can save up to 55% on the yearly plans.

  • Basic Plan ($49/month)
  • Suite Plan ($69/month)
  • Professional Plan ($129/month)

Packages: The packages or suites help sellers get exclusive features at very affordable prices. They are available for a limited period of time and bring along some of the most-wanted tools at discounted prices.

  • Start-up Suite (3-month Suite plan for $189)
  • Entrepreneur Suite (6-month Suite plan for $349)
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp (12-month professional plan for $999)

Enterprise Solutions: Directly contact their sales team for your unique requirements and experience some of the most powerful add-ons, such as Jungle Scout Cobalt and Downstream.

Does Jungle Scout provide a Free Trial?

No, Jungle Scout does not offer a dedicated free trial, nor do they have a free plan. But they do provide a 7-day money-back guarantee on all their standard subscriptions. After purchasing one of their premium plans, if you are not satisfied with the experience, you can opt for a refund within seven days. The procedure is very straightforward, and there will be no questions asked. For any other queries, feel free to connect with the official team at [email protected].

Top FAQs on Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024

What Amazon marketplaces does Jungle Scout support?

The United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain, are the marketplaces supported by Jungle Scout. Also, some features are only available for their US customers.

Does Jungle Scout offer a Chrome Extension?

Yes, Jungle Scout has a browser extension that does support Chrome.

Conclusion on Jungle Scout Free Trial 2024

Jungle Scout is one of the best FBA sellers suite software. It helps sellers find profitable products, optimize their listings, and analyze competitors' performance. The tool provides you with critical insights into competitors' strategies. With its powerful search and filtering capabilities, you can quickly find the best products to add to your store. The pricing plans are also very reasonable, and you can try the software risk-free with its 7-day money-back guarantee.

So yeah, as of now, There is no Jungle Scout free trial available, but with the heavy demand, they might consider it. So stay tuned!

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