Still searching about how accurate is the jungle scout product tracker in 2024?

Well, it's not like you are the only one getting confused, but there are many more people out there with the same confusion. Hence, to drop out your confusion here's a detailed Jungle Scout Product Tracker Feature review. Don't miss out on the end because we have some amazing data for you!

Product research plays an essential role while starting out on Amazon. This is because there are already thousands of players winning the game with the use of right products. Now you don't have to get disappointed by this. Wondering how? Quickly read this out!

Gone back are those days when people use to manually research a product and mention it all on a spreadsheet. This usually used to happen when the Amazon marketplace was launched. The overall process of finding the right product for a brand was a lot tedious and time-consuming. But all hail product research tools like Jungle Scout that centralizes product research and gives quick data within a few seconds, or minutes at maximum.

But what exactly is a Product Tracker? Is it a good investment for sellers who are just starting out? Do product trackers really give data that would help an FBA seller generate profit in the initial days? Well, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but first, let's understand what exactly is the Jungle Scout tool!

Quick Summary on Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Jungle Scout is a leading Amazon FBA Tool that offers all the features required by Amazon Sellers to boost their business. It provides a Product Tracker feature which is best for tracking your group of products and viewing how they are performing in real time. It helps you to monitor your sales and also identify all the opportunities to make your business successful. You can easily track real-time sales by closely having a look at average sales, revenue, and also the Best Seller Rank of a product and monitor them easily.

The Jungle Scout Product Tracker also enables users to organize their product and check out key metrics like average daily sales, price, rank and much more, through which you can get a larger picture of your current inventory, Units Sold, Rank and Buy Box Price over time. Even you can manage the entire product research data by downloading the critical metrics offered by Product Tracker in a CSV Filer format. The Jungle Scout Product Tracker is highly accurate one is going to delivers great accuracy along with superb flexibility in terms of managing the entire product database. 

Jungle Scout Product Tracker Overview

Jungle Scout Product Tracker is a part of Jungle Scout's web-based software suites that helps Amazon FBA sellers ace their selling game. Through this feature, sellers can acquire specific information about how well a product is performing in the marketplace. It even gives sellers access to innumerable opportunities so that they don't face any failures in the journey ahead.

To be more specific, the product tracker tool by Jungle Scout provides sellers an insight into the price, and revenue, through its tools like profit calculator. The tool even recognizes the potential of any product with just a click. 

With Jungle Scout's product tracker, users can never run out of product ideas. The tool keeps on adding the winning product list in its extensive list of recommended products every minute. Not just this, users can search any product or ASIN for all Amazon marketplaces.

The opportunity score tool by Product Tracker even gives users an insight into a specific niche thereby providing profit instantly. The knowledge support team is available round the clock to answer the questions of users. 

Jungle Scout Product Tracker Features at a Glance

1.Real-Time Sales Tracker

Real-Time Sales Tracker

Amazon marketplace is highly competitive and every second there's something new happening. So, with this product tracking feature users can closely track the average sales, revenue, and best-seller rank of any specific product or even a group of products.

Through all of this information, users can get valuable insights into what exactly is happening in the marketplace without even getting involved. Users can even make a well informing decision about a single product by the help of all these metrics.

2.Easy Database Organization

Easy Database Organization

Now since Jungle Scout offers a huge amount of database to its users, it even helps users organize all those data in a well-placed manner. Users can create groups of similar products to view specific information in a clean interface. The drag and drop feature also allows the users to change the order of each product within the list. They can even customize any specific column to just view the data that's simply more important.

3.Key Metrics Available

Key Metrics Available

The more a user dives deeper into the report, the better access they get to the key metrics. Yes, you heard that right, with right research, users can view inventory, units sold, rank, and buy box price on a graph. With all these essential data, they can even explore how a product is performing over the time on the marketplace in a few clicks.

4.Easy Data Exporting Option

Easy Data Exporting Option

To give better access to data, to the users, Jungle Scout Product Tracker allows users to download all the metrics via a CSV file. Hence, a user can export table and graph data from Jungle Scout and can use it for further exploration and analysis in just a few clicks.

You can do all of this, and a lot more with Jungle Scout. With a lot more, we are eager to mention the instant notification feature by the tool. Even after you are using the tool at real-time or not, this feature gives users instant alerts about any alterations in Amazon Products. The rank tracker, inventory manager, listing builder, and keyword scout are some more best features of Jungle Scout you must check now!

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Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Since this section is all about features it has to offer, we will be covering everything related to product research offerings in the pricing plans. So, basically Jungle Scout offers three pricing plans for users to choose from, and two payment options:

The Basic Plan – $29/month ($349 annually)

  • Browser extension available
  • Review downloader available
  • Opportunity score available
  • 20 products limit to track
  • 500 Amazon sales estimates per month
  • 3 opportunity finder per day
  • 3 product database searches per day
  • 3 supplier database searches per day
  • 3 high converting keywords research per day

The Suite Plan – $49/month ($589 annually)

  • Browser extension available
  • Review downloader available
  • Opportunity score available
  • 150 products limit to track
  • 1000 Amazon sales estimates per month
  • Unlimited opportunity finder
  • Unlimited product database searches per day
  • Unlimited supplier database searches per day
  • Unlimited high converting keyword research per day

The Professional Plan – $84/month ($999 annually)

  • Browser extension available
  • Review downloader available
  • Opportunity score available
  • 1000 products limit to track
  • 1500 Amazon sales estimates per month
  • Unlimited opportunity finder per day
  • Unlimited product database searches per day
  • Unlimited supplier database searches per day
  • Unlimited high converting keyword research per day

If you own a huge enterprise, then you can directly contact the jungle scout team to raise the limits.

Pros & Cons of Jungle Scout Product Tracker

How Accurate is Jungle Scout Product Tracker?

Coming to the question, How accurate is Jungle Scout Product Tracker In 2024?

Launched back in 2015, Jungle Scout was initially founded as a product research tool for Amazon only. And if looked into that specific year, there weren't many product research tools available in the market. Even Helium 10, the great competitor of Jungle Scout was launched two years later.

Being one of the oldest product research tools in the market, Jungle Scout now has the longest history of data aggregation and analysis. And that's the reason why the tool is able to give highly accurate data to end users about which product to vouch for.

In fact, the team themselves run a lot of tests and case studies to monitor the Product Tracker's data accuracy. This is because they don't want to miss out on any crucial data for even a second. As far as accuracy is concerned, Jungle Scout's Product Tracker has an 84.1% accuracy date. That's simply a 15.9% margin of error. And the best part here is, no other tool in the market offers such a higher accuracy rate.

How does Jungle Scout Product Tracker Works?

Now here's how Jungle Scout Looks Like while doing product research. Jungle Scout has a user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly choose the specific product criteria which they are looking for. Also, there are plenty of filters available for researching the next product idea.

Once you have applied all the filters, hit the search button, and the page gets populated with thousands of product options. As you dig deeper into these options, you will get detailed information about the fees, and net price which you can add to the product tracker.

Jungle Scout Even Shows the User any Product's Seasonal Demand and its Performance

Jungle Scout Lists Top Products for Sellers to Add to The Product Tracker

Lastly, Jungle Scout Also Displays the Number of Units Sold for Each Product you Pick

Not just this, Jungle Scout offers a risk-free, 7-days money-back guarantee. So, if in any case you still have double thoughts about the product's accuracy rate, you can cancel your subscription.

🌟 Jungle Scout Product Tracker FAQ

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a popular all-in-one platform for Amazon sellers to find, launch, sell products on Amazon more effectively. The tool provides users access to advanced solutions, products, and resources to make informed decisions while selling on Amazon.

What can I do with Jungle Scout?

With Jungle Scout you can find winning products, research keywords, spy on competitors, and get a rough estimation of sales with just a click.

Is Jungle Scout accurate?

Yes, Jungle Scout has an accuracy rate of 84.1%, hence the chances of underperforming is lesser and users can make informed decisions with their listings.

Should I buy Jungle Scout?

Yes, even the basic plan of Jungle Scout starts from $49, and is the most advanced for $129. So, buying any of these would be a great deal since the tool undoubtedly gives the best ROI.

Conclusion: Should you choose Jungle Scout in 2024?

To step into the world of Amazon selling, you first have to understand how FBA really works. Just after you have understood the nitty-gritty next comes choosing the best tool to boost your selling process. And products like Jungle Scout will help you with data, rest you have to do for yourself.

For example, Jungle Scout Product Tracker undoubtedly gives much access to different resources to a user, but it's up to how you will be making the best use out of it. The product tracker gives a user detailed information about average price, average daily sales, average daily rank, ratings, reviews, units sold, inventory, buy box, and much more. So, the deeper the user will dive into the technicalities mentioned, the better they will reap.

Sometimes it is hardly possible to detect all the data by Jungle Scout Product Tracker, but it's not the fault of the tool. Yes, it's about human brains. So just don't do it all in a day. Instead, take your time, let your mind process the data each passing day, and after a lot of trial and error you surely get through it.

Answering the question, should you choose Jungle Scout in 2024? Well, definitely YES! Stick to the tool for a month or so, and we bet you'll surely rock the Amazon FBA game. Till then, stay tuned to our Blog section to understand more such insider tips about Jungle Scout!

Happy Scouting!!

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