Jungle Scout Review (Updated 2023) Read Before Buying!

Jungle Scout Review

Are you an Amazon seller looking to increase sales and profits? Jungle Scout is all that you will need to do so. Let's learn all about this amazing SaaS in this “Jungle Scout Review 2023.”

With a vast number of sellers trying to approach the market, marking your presence is crucial. Sellers do have a lot on their plate, product research, keyword research, competitive analysis, inventory management and the list goes on. And managing all this, along with knowing where your business is heading, is not a joke. 

That is the reason why each seller should consider using AI-enhanced software such as Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a comprehensive software suite designed to help Amazon sellers find profitable products, optimize their listings, and track their progress. With its suite of tools, Jungle Scout can provide sellers with valuable insights into their market, enabling them to make better decisions about their product offerings and pricing.

In this comprehensive review, we'll assess the features of Jungle Scout, its pricing, and whether it's worth the investment for Amazon sellers. Read on to learn more about Jungle Scout and decide if it's the right tool for you.

What is Jungle Scout? – Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Reviews

Jungle Scout is one of the best AMZ sellers suite software that will help you boost your sales and profits profusely. With Jungle Scout, you can easily hunt winning products and never miss any opportunity. The advanced toolset and essential data that the software has to offer can easily supersede all your competitors. It has solutions for sellers, businesses and agencies of all levels.

It has a product database of over 475 million products extracted directly from Amazon. You can effortlessly locate and track profitable products and potential keywords. Rank tracker, listing builder, review automation, supplier database, sales analytics, advertising analytics, inventory manager and Academy are some of the other features offered by this SaaS.

A robust browser extension helps you carry out your research with greater ease and increases your productivity. All the customers immensely appreciate the user experience. Another best thing about Jungle Scout is that it provides all these premium skills at super affordable prices. It even comes up with special seasonal as well as festive offers quite often.

Jungle Scout

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Key Features of Jungle Scout – How Accurate is Jungle Scout?

All sellers, whether amateurs or experts, can take advantage of Jungle Scout's functionality. Depending on your level of business, you can select a solution from the available categories. Let's now have a look at the effective resources offered by Jungle Scout:

1. Product Research

Jungle Scout Product Research

Product research and listing optimization are the two most crucial processes that every seller needs to nail in order to increase their sales. Luckily, Jungle Scout has some of the most powerful tools and analytics that can assure you success.

Opportunity Finder: The tool helps you locate hot-selling and potential products within seconds. Just by entering the right keyword, you can seize the winning opportunity way before all your competitors. You can access winners from all niches and additionally get product's valuable data insights such as sales performance, real-time data, competition level and much more. The Niche Score helps you make profitable business decisions.

Product Database: With over 475 million products, Jungle Scout has one of the largest product databases. You get instant results and choose the most lucrative products based on filtered searches. Discovering winning ideas and exciting opportunities can help boost your amazon business to new heights. Jungle Scout also offers a free FBA Calculator to assist you in business mathematics.

Product Tracker: The tool assists you in centralizing your product research and maintaining a close eye on the product's performance. Instead of keeping records, you can readily organize the data and compare product concepts and sales KPIs. It even allows you to easily monitor a product's real-time sales, average sales, revenue, and Best Seller Rank. Having all the critical metrics organized in one place and being able to export them makes managing much easier.

Listing Builder: Your listing optimization and ranking have a significant impact on your sales. Jungle Scout's AI-driven Listing Optimization Score rates your listing and gives you a chance to improve your strategy. The tool assists you in developing a successful strategy based on high-ranking keywords. You can quickly move your reports and data to your Seller Central account

2. Keyword Research

Jungle Scout Keyword Research

Keywords play an essential role in listing optimization, product research and overall rankings. These powerful tools can help you carry out extensive research with ease. 

Keyword Scout: Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout can help you discover “high-converting keywords.” With the keyword research tool, you can get data insights from your competitor's keywords strategy. It allows you to reverse search various ASINs to find out what keywords the products are ranking for. Know the historical search volume and the Cost-Per-Click for desired keywords.

Rank Tracker: Rank Tracker allows you to watch over a keyword's real-time performance. Quickly view the historical data and the compared performance of various keywords on a single graph. Discriminate between the high and low-performing keywords and optimize your product listing. The tool even helps you find out which keywords influence the listing rank and thus helps with competitive research as well.

3. Inventory Management

Jungle Scout Inventory Management

Easily manage your Amazon inventory with the advanced Jungle Scout tools and features. 

Inventory Manager: Inventory Manager helps you take control of your Amazon inventory using a data-driven approach. You can instantly check your real-time Amazon FBA inventory status and ensure accurate stock ordering. Furthermore, the inventory manager's demand forecasting technology can assess other important inventory-level metrics. You can save money on long-term inventory storage fees by receiving proper alerts and the real-time status. 

Alerts: With instant business notifications you can always stay aware of all the ongoings. The tool provides you with alerts for changes in price, product reviews and inventory status. The customizable product alerts help you analyze daily email performance. You even get to monitor the listing changes of your top-ranking competitors.

Supplier Database: Access one of the best supplier databases for manufacturing your desired products with utmost precision. Jungle Scout is one of the first software that brings you data of legitimate global suppliers for the Amazon marketplace. Search suppliers by niche and ASIN to find the best from the rest. The tool also lets you generate purchase orders as well as records financial transactions. 

4. Analytics and Data Insights

Jungle Scout Analytics and Data Insights

Easily analyze powerful and accurate data insights presented in an easy-to-understand format. 

Sales Analytics: With real-time statistics, the tool assists in managing and organizing all of your sales data. Compare current and historical sales data, as well as overall sales and profit. You get complete command over your financial transaction with the help of valuable insights such as monthly sales, net margin, ROI, revenue, etc. Get a detailed breakdown of all costs, from revenue details to FBA shipment fees. Discover every sale and expense for all PPC campaigns, and make entries and tailor your costs for complete business management.

Advertising Analytics: Manage PPC campaigns, their analytics and financial stats all under one roof. Easily aggregate data insights and evaluate them with the help of this advanced tool. Get performance data at the level of the company, campaign and PPC. The customizable interface allows you to control your data skillfully. 

Review Automation: Send automated review requests and increase your sales and product reviews. This “Amazon ToS-approved solution” will help you improve productivity and save time. You just need to enable the action and forget about it. Manage and customize your review for your convenience. 

5. Browser Extension

Jungle Scout Browser Extension

Then we have the Jungle Scout browser extension, which I can assure you that the extension will come in more handy than the entire web app. The reason behind that is its convenience and productivity. 

It enables you to collect useful product insights such as product demand, competitive data, and profit projections directly from the product page. The algorithm analyzes more than 1 billion data points per day, using the most accurate real-time data to help sellers avoid guesswork. You can quickly decide and remove products where you have no chance of ranking using their Opportunity Score. You can even customize your metrics view with the extension. Finally, you can view the sales summary on your Seller Central home page.

Additional Features of Jungle Scout

Apart from all these valuable features, you can also check out a few other things that Jungle Scout has to offer:

  • Learn through the expert training provided by qualified professionals via their Academy.
  • Around-the-clock support by a knowledgeable team of Amazon experts.
  • Use Jungle Scout to recommend keywords to steal winning product ideas. 
  • Easily export your search results and data insights in the form of a spreadsheet. 
  • The product research tool finds you all the high-ranking keywords so that you can prolifically optimize your listing. 
  • Increase your reach with Jungle Scouts' global product and supplier database.
  • The Opportunity Score allows you to check a product's niche profitability within no time. 

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans – How much does Jungle Scout Cost?

Jungle, just like its features, offers a variety of pricing plans to suit all business types. They are not only reasonable but very affordable as well. Let's learn about these pricing plans and what all they have to offer: 

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Basic Plan

A perfect way to start for all amateur sellers. The plan is available for a monthly price of $49. It includes:

  • Complete access to the Browser (Chrome + Firefox) extension 
  • Single User license
  • Review Automation Core tool
  • Product Tracker: 20 Products
  • Amazon Sales Estimator: 500 estimates/ month 
  • 1 Month of Historical Keyword Data

Jungle Scout Suite Plan

This plan is excellent for growing your business as it helps you with extensive product research as well as business management. It is available for a pierce of $69/month and includes: 

  • All the features of the Basic Plan
  • Review Automation with advanced features.
  • Multi-user interface (Additional charges)
  • Get access to more historical product and keyword data. 
  • PPC Analysis 
  • Advanced Seller Features 
  • Product Tracker: 150 Products
  • Amazon Sales Estimator: 1000 estimates/ month 
  • 3 months of Historical Keyword Data

Jungle Scout Professional Plan

This plan type is ideal for pretty advanced sellers looking to expand their businesses. It is available for $129/month and includes:

  • All features of Basic Plan + Suite Plan.
  • 6 Users included 
  • 6 months of historical data from Product Tracker.
  • Priority onboarding
  • Product Tracker: 1000 Products
  • Amazon Sales Estimator: 1500 estimates/ month
  • 2 years of Historical Keyword Data

Along with all these standard plans, Jungle Scout also has Packages as well as Enterprise solutions. For an Enterprise Plan, you will have to contact the officials. Whereas the exclusive Packages include:

1.Start-up Suite is a 3-month Suite Plan available for $189.

2.Entrepreneur Suite is a 6-month Suite Plan available for

3.Freedom Builder Bootcamp is a 12-month Professional Plan available for $999

Top FAQs on Jungle Scout Review 2023

Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial? 

No, Jungle Scout does have a free trial, but it does offer a 7-day money-back guarantee on its standard plans.

Is Jungle Scout review automation worth it?

Jungle Scout is first of its-kind software offering this Amazon ToS-approved solution. You can easily manage and automate your review requests. This will help you get more product reviews and gradually help you increase sales, making it totally worthwhile.

How can you cancel your Jungle Scout subscription?

You can easily cancel your plan from the Subscription option in the Settings panel. If you cancel your subscription before the end of your billing period, you will not be charged again. Once you cancel, you will lose access to all of Jungle Scout's features. You can not only cancel your subscription at any point in time but also upgrade it whenever you wish to.

How accurate is Jungle Scout?

According to certain sources, the accuracy of Jungle Scout is rated somewhere around 84%, which is far more than its competitors.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Review – Should you go for this tool?

Jungle Scout is a valuable Amazon seller software suite that can help you lead the market game, track your competitors and manage your business with ease. With Jungle Scout, you can find profitable products and keywords, optimize your listings, monitor your inventory and track your progress over time. While Jungle Scout has many great features, it does come with a hefty price tag. 

Besides that, looking at all that the comprehensive software suite has to offer, Jungle Scout is totally worth the investment.


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