Looking for the best Product Research Tools to help you boost your business and sales as an Amazon seller? Check out our brawl between two of the best software in the market: Jungle Scout Vs. AMZScout 2022.

When you're an e-commerce seller, the world of product research can be pretty hard to follow. There are so many different tools out there, and it's hard to know which ones are going to help you the most. However, a marketplace like Amazon is filled with competition and to overcome this, it demands the best of the best. In this blog post, we will compare two popular market research tools which will positively impact your FBA business.

Jungle Scout and AMZScout are a must for all Amazon sellers. Both of these tools offer a variety of features to analyze your competitor, review their listings, estimate your product demand, and much more.

If you're trying to determine which tool is best for your needs, then this review is all you need. We will consider each software's key differences and additional perks and eventually make a conclusive decision. So stay tuned till the end.

Jungle Scout Vs. AMZScout: In-Depth Jungle Scout Analysis

Jungle Scout Review 2022: What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool that helps Amazon sellers find profitable products to sell online. It consists of advanced data and efficient tools that have come together to help you as well as your business grow without much hassle. It has solutions for newbies, existing sellers and even brands and agencies. Launch your product, get feedback and manage your entire business under one roof.

Jungle Scout helps its users research potential products, track them, manage inventory, and keep an eye on the ranking. It has a supplier database and a product database of over 475 million products extracted directly from Amazon. Jungle Scout also has potent tools that let you access crucial databases, sales analytics, advertising analytics and the Academy. Jungle Scout also has a Chrome plugin that allows you to do keyword research directly from Amazon.

This is a massive advantage because it makes your work quicker and simpler. Using Jungle Scout's tool, you can get a ton of keyword ideas that are related to your product. This way, you can find high-volume relevant keywords that will help you increase your sales and profits.

Jungle Scout Logo

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Jungle Scout Features at a Glance

An advantage that gets Jungle Scout a top rank is its wide range of solutions. The web app works for all sellers, whether beginners or professionals. You can choose a solution based on your level of business, namely, First time Seller, Existing Amazon Seller, and Business or Agency. You can even target the software to a specific task, such as product launching, getting reviews or streamlining your business. Let's explore some of Jungle Scout's most valued tools:

1. Browser Extension:

ZonBase Browser Extension

The Browser Extension is its most powerful asset that helps the users assess a product's potential within seconds. It allows you to gather helpful product insights, which include product demand, competitive data, and profit projections straight from the product page. Considering the most accurate real-time data, the algorithm analyzes more than 1 billion data points each day to help sellers omit guesswork. With their Opportunity Score, you can quickly decide and remove the products where you don't stand a chance of ranking. The extension even lets you customize your metrics view. Lastly, you can even get the sales overview on your Seller Central home page.

2. Product Tracker:

Product Tracker Jungle Scout

The tool helps you centralize your product research and keep a keen eye on the product's performance. You can easily organize the data and compare product ideas and sales metrics instead of maintaining records. While tracking a product, you can observe its real-time sales, average sales, revenue, and Best Seller Rank. Getting all the key metrics in one spot and exporting them makes managing a much simpler task.

3. Keyword Scout:

Keyword Scout Jungle Scout

The latest and updated version of Keyword Scout will help you discover high-converting keywords to optimize your listing. It even gets critical insights into keyword strategies from other top-ranking competitors. You can do high-ranking keywords based on their search volume. To get a firm opinion, you can even look at the keyword's historical performance, The tool allows you to “Reverse-search up to 10 ASINs” and lets you compare the organic and sponsored keywords. Additionally, you will be able to gather extensive competitive intelligence and accordingly improve your strategy to stay on top of the game. Find profitable, low-cost potential keywords to save abundantly on your PPC campaigns.

4. Listing Builder:

Jungle Scout Listing Builder

Your sales are greatly affected by your listing optimization and ranking. With Jungle Scout's AI-driven Listing Optimization Score, you will get an instant review of how efficient your listing is. The tool helps you create a successful search engine optimization strategy using high-ranking keywords. You can quickly move your data and reports to your seller central account for a better watch. There is no easier way to see your ranking improve than with Jungle Scout's Listing builder.

5. Products Database:

Jungle Scout Products Database

Jungle Scout has a huge database of over 475 million products. Within no time, you can generate ideas and start choosing products based on filtered searches. Sort by the most preferred preferences to get the most profitable products. Get the best of Amazon by finding winning ideas and promising opportunities. Also, count the fees with the help of Jungle Scouts FBA Calculator. 

6. Sales Analytics:

Jungle Scout Sales Analytics

The tool helps manage and organize all your sales data with real-time stats. See present and historical sales data, compare overall sales and overview profit. Get to know units sold, net margin, ROI, revenue, and other critical information to get the complete financial command. Get an in-depth view of all costs, from the revenue details to the FBA shipment fees. Get to know about every sale and expense for all PPC campaigns. Make entries and customize your costs to have complete management of your business.

7. Inventory Manager:

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

The tool takes a data-driven approach to managing your Amazon inventory. Check real-time Amazon FBA inventory status and be sure of your stock ordering. Additionally, the inventory manager's demand forecasting technology can even evaluate other critical inventory-level metrics. You can save long-term inventory storage fees by getting proper alerts and the real-time status. The inventory status also warns you before stockouts and grows your business significantly.

Apart from these, Jungle Scout also offers other workaholic tools, which include:

  • Suppliers Database
  • Opportunity Finder
  • Rank Tracker
  • Review Automation
  • Advertising Analytics
  • Academy
  • Alerts Promotions
  • Category Trends

Sellers are also invited to use their striking Partner apps: Jungle Scout Cobalt, Jungle Scout API and Downstream. It also has free tools like a Profit calculator, sales estimator and listing grader.

Lastly, along with all this, you can do a lot more with Jungle Scout. Save filter presets, Sync with Product Tracker, Export results to .CSV, Search global marketplaces, check Product ranking and use Profit calculator with the best Jungle Scout packages.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout Review


  • Smart solution for all levels of sellers, business types and AMazon selling related endeavors
  • A complete tool-set to do research, optimization, competitive analysis and a lot more
  • Inventory management and Stockout alerts are few of its additional features
  • Purchase the subscription with a Risk free, 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Very functional and convenient Browser extension
  • Various Packages and plans for every individual’s personal needs
  • Creative, useful and accurate reports and data insights
  • A reliable, accurate selling suite software with a learning academy.


  • Does not offer a free trial
  • The interface is simple but can be a bit tricky for new sellers
  • Monthly plan pricing is a little excessive

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans | Get up to 55% OFF with Jungle Scout Coupon

Jungle Scout Pricing plans

Jungle Scout's pricing plans can be classified as Standard Plans, Packages and Enterprise Solutions. The enterprise solution package pricing is not specified, and you will have to connect with the official to learn more about the extensive plans. So now let's focus on Standard Plans and Packages:

Jungle Scout Standard Plans

The Standard Plans can be bought on a monthly or a yearly period. But a thing worth noting is that in the annual package, users will be able to get more than 50% discounts, which can be seen in the following table.

Plan TypeMonthly PlanYearly Plan (50% discount)Plan Includes
Basic$49/Month$29/MonthBrowser Extension
Single User License
Review Automation core tool
Suite$69/Month$49/MonthAll Basic Features
Advances Review Automation
Advanced Seller Features
PPC Analysis
Access in-depth historical keyword and product data
More user interface
Professional$129/Month$84/MonthAll Basic and Suite Features
Track 1000 ASINs
6 users interface
6 months of historical data in product tracker
2 years of historical keyword data
Priority onboarding

Jungle Scout Packages

The best part about Jungle Scout packaging is the options they provide so that each seller may purchase what they find best. Now for its Packages, the software again has 3 main types. The Start Up Suite which is a 3-month suite plan is made available for you at the cost of $189. The Entrepreneur Suite, a six-month plan will cost you $349. And lastly, the 12-month Professional plan Freedom Builder Bootcamp is valued at $999 only.

For more detailed information, make sure to visit JungleScout's official page.

Jungle Scout Vs. AMZScout: In-Depth AMZScout Analysis

AMZScout Review 2022: What is AMZScout?

AMZScout is an Amazon product research software that makes it super easy for you to find and source profitable products to sell on Amazon. It is a complete toolset built for Amazon sellers to trade successfully on amazon. It is not just limited to product research, you can also keep an eye out for competitors by doing competitive research. The software lets you analyze crucial data of particular products from a database of over 550 Million Amazon products, and additionally, you can compare this data to make your final decision.

Another thing worth noting about AMZScout is its Pro Extension for Chrome. The extension comes in handy for all kinds of Amazon selling research (for products, keywords and trends). The software helps you locate “profitable, low-competition products,” which will indeed become a gold mine for you. Not just products, your optimization will be enhanced with keyword research. A set of free tools provided by AMZScout that turn out to be very helpful for your FBA business. Lastly, the study resources that the web app offers are highly appreciated and should be referred to by all beginners.

AMZScout Logo

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AMZScout Features at a Glance

1. AMZScout PRO Extension:

AMZScout PRO Extension

The chrome extension is one of the software's best features. You can research and check out how profitable the product is by visiting the product page. You can even determine the level of competition in that particular product's market. Along with solid sales statistics, you can also estimate the income you will be generating. To get simpler shipping options, the software finds for you verified local and global suppliers. 

2. AMZScout Product Database:

AMZScout Product Database

The bestseller that AMZScout discovers for you comes from a wide database of 550 Million Amazon Items. The separation is done with the help of 16 intelligent filters based on a seller's needs. With the subscription, you will be able to estimate the sales and look out for your competitor's prices.

3. Product Research:

AMZScout Product Research

The Amazon Dropshipping, Arbitrage, and Wholesale software is another product research tool offered by AMZScout. It works by helping you estimate and prevent the seller from taking the wrong step. For example, it lets you check the minimum price across all sellers to know whether or not it is worth it. You can even check fees, calculate your ROI and a lot more.

4. Amazon Quick View:

AMZScout Amazon Quick View

This tool comes in the form of an extension that improves productivity. It makes valuable product data visible such as Margin, BSR, ASIN, Size, etc., on Amazon. You also get to compare the products and choose the winning one.

AMZScout Amazon Keyword Research

SEO (search engine optimization) is a critical factor in increasing your product's visibility and sales. The tool provides you with a long list of relevant keywords. You also get keywords your competitors are unaware of, making your product listing highly optimized. The seller can assume the demand based on the keywords search volume.

6. Amazon ASIN Lookup:

AMZScout Amazon ASIN Lookup

You see all keywords responsible for a specific product's high ranking. The tool finds the best keywords to make your listing rank higher and eventually attract buyers and get sales. You can use this strategy and make the most out of your PPC campaigns. This will even help you save money. 

7. Keyword Tracker:

AMZScout Keyword Tracker

Some might wonder why keyword tracking is valuable. Firstly, you get to know when a paid keyword has increased your organic ranking, then you can stop spending on it. You even know what keywords are risky and not worth investing in. By tracking your competitor, you can make changes ASAP and stay ahead all the time.

Along with all these top-notch tools, you get a set of free ones: Let's find out what they are and how they will help you as an Amazon seller:

8. FBA Fees Calculator:

AMZScout FBA Fees Calculator

The FBA calculator also comes as an extension. The free tool lets you precisely calculate profits and margins while also taking into account the FBA fees and the supply costs.

9. Stock Stats:

AMZScout Stock Stats

Your competition's inventory value and sales are visible to you for a particular period. You get to see a ranking product's stocks, sales, ratings, and the number of sellers. You can analyze all this data while staying on the page, this not only saves you time but also your money by stopping you from working on guesses.

10. Sales Estimator:

AMZScout Sales Estimator

Get your essential sales estimates within a few easy steps. Based on the product's sales rank, the tool assumes the number of sales in any given niche.

11. Amazon Super URL Tool:

AMZScout Amazon Super URL Tool

In short, the tool is a smart-link generator that increases your ranking and earns your more sales. The link holds the power to optimize your organic search position, which will lead to increased visibility. And once that is done, the conversion may rise and be ready to see an increase in sales.

Pros and Cons of AMZScout Review


  • A wide range of functional tools designed to assist FBA sellers
  • Huge product database, effective competitive analysis and keyword research
  • 7-day free trial period to experience the benefits of AMZScout
  • Easy to understand search data and results
  • Super fast and Effective Pro Chrome extension
  • User-friendly interface with learning guides
  • Very affordable pricing plans.


  • Compared to its competitors the functionality is a little less due to the lack of certain elements.
  • It does not provide inventory management and overall reports
  • Pricing might not be reasonable for some

AMZScout Pricing Plans | Get up to 70% OFF with AMZScout Coupons

AMZScout Pricing

For pricing, AMZScout plans are pretty affordable. They can be purchased in 3 different packs, which are monthly, yearly and lifetime.

AMZScout Monthly Plan

The package consists of Amazon Seller's Bundle that lets you access all the features and tools covered by the software. You can purchase it for a total of $49 per month.

AMZScout Yearly Plan

There are two packs from which you can choose, the first one being the PRO Extension. With this $279/year offer, you only get the Pro Chrome extension and the learning aid. For the second pack, we again have the AMZ Sellers Bundle. Its annual version costs $399/year, and you get all the features.

AMZScout Lifetime Plan

The sellers may purchase the lifetime subscription of the Pro chrome extensions and the learning resources under the $599/lifetime valued PRO Extension pack. Or you can seal an even better deal by paying $1,599/lifetime for AMZScouts Amazon Seller's Bundle.

For more detailed information, make sure to visit AMZScout's official page + avail special discount for yourself from the below mentioned button.

Jungle Scout Vs. AMZScout 2022: Is Jungle Scout better than AMZScout?

Though both the software have multiple common grounds, the accurate results will come to light only when we compare their differences. So here we will take into consideration the deciding factors, where one software gets to lead, and the other tastes defeat.

  • Product Research: Research is the primary motive for having suite software. Both software have high data accuracy and prolific product discovery tools. The additional advantage that Jungle Scout provides is the opportunity score which tells the sellers how high the chances of a product ranking on the top are. Jungle Scout also has a Global supplier database and alert system.
  • Knowledge Aid: Both software have high-quality learning material available, which is in the form of free on-demand video guides. They even have blog posts and other resources. But Jungle Scout offers free step-by-step case studies, whereas AMZScout doesn't.
  • Product Database: To be honest, the product database that both software have access to is quite commendable. But the difference here is made with the number of products that a particular tool can access. AMZScout has a product database of more than 550 million products which is significantly more than Jungle Scout.
  • Product Launching: AMZScout has a few restrictions when it comes to product launching on Amazon. Both web apps have involvement in the keyword research and optimization part. But then Jungle Scout has advanced tools such as Listing builder, which provides excellent functionality. You can even sync the listing with your seller account.
  • Free Trial: Jungle Scout might not be the best place when it comes to getting a few freebies. AMZScout is quite a people choice because it allows users to have a 1-week free trial, whereas Jungle Scout has no such policies. Plus, AMZScout also offers free tools, which are great for additional selling tasks.
  • Management: This is where Jungle Scout takes a great deal of lead. This won't be a fair competition because AMZScout offers no assistance with business and financial management. But still, with Jungle Scout you can do sales analytics, profitability dashboard, comprehensive expense management, inventory demand forecasting and much more.
  • Chrome Extension: The two product research software have a browser extension available, making it possible for sellers to do product research on the product page. I can hardly differentiate between the two based on the sole factor. Hence it wouldn't be wrong to declare this round as a tie.
  • Report: When considering the overall analytics Jungle Scout provides better and more elaborate reports compared to AMZScout. But with AMZScout, you get precise individual product listing results which evens the balance.
CriteriaAMZScoutJungle Scout
Knowledge aidπŸ‘‘
Product databaseπŸ‘‘
Product launchingπŸ‘‘
Free trial and toolsπŸ‘‘
Chrome extensionπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

Top FAQs on Jungle Scout Vs. AMZScout Review

❓ How accurate is AMZScout?

The accuracy of AMZScout is a little less when compared to Jungle Scout. But it focuses on products with low sales, which means less competition and might turn out to be the hot-selling ones. The database of AMZScout is, however, broader than its competitor software. Sellers can also access the Pro chrome extension to do profitable product research on the product page.

πŸ€” Is Jungle Scout the best software?

Jungle Scout is quite a deal for all FBA sellers due to the multi-functionality, automation and profitability that the software brings along. You get accurate data from a huge database extracted directly from amazon and precise analysis reports that makes everything crystal clear. Apart from this, there are a lot of other tools which help you with management, selling, launching and a lot more. You cannot forget Jungle Scout's browser extension. Though the web app is a bit pricey, it is totally worth it.

πŸ‘‰ Can you use Jungle Scout only for Amazon?

That is not true, Jungle Scout is an all-in-one seller tool set for Amazon and beyond. It has advanced solutions based on a seller's needs making it appropriate for all stages of your FBA business. The tools are quite productive and accurate, which gives you complete assurance of profitability.

The Final Verdict: Jungle Scout Vs. AMZScout | Do we have a winner?

In this blog post, we reviewed the main differences between Jungle Scout and AMZScout. Both are popular Amazon product research tools, and they offer similar functionality. However, they each specialize in different areas and cater to different types of users. Each one has a superb chrome extension, and both are capable of finding profitable products. AMZScout has a product database of more than 550 million products, whereas Jungle Scout's database covers 475 million products. But Jungle Scout offers a more effective product research and supplier analysis than AMZScout.

Their price ranges vary depending on the packages you choose. Both of them have a unique set of highly functional tools. Whether a beginner or an advanced seller, these Amazon selling suite software are a must-have. So what are you waiting for? Choose the one that suits your preferences and get growing!

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