Still confused about whether to choose Jungle Scout or ASINspector for your Amazon store? Well, search no more and read out our Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector comparison review ahead – we have got you covered with features, pricing, pros and cons of both the tools, let's get started!

Are you selling products on Amazon for a while now and are still not able to grab good benefits? Guess what you are missing out on?

Amazon seller softwares, like Jungle Scout and ASINspector!

Back then the success rate on Amazon was not as high as it is in these days. Professional sellers know how the marketplace works, and have already done their research with product positioning. But this doesn't mean you don't have a slight chance to bring up your product to customer's eyes.

All thanks to the Amazon seller solutions available out there. And by that being said, below we will be reviewing two popular Amazon seller softwares – Jungle Scout and ASINspector so that you make a better decision for your business as early as you can, so the clash is here, Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector!

Note: ASINspector has recently merged with Sixleaf, hence you won't be able to access the tool. However, Sixleaf is one of the longest running Amazon seller software being used by thousands of sellers across the globe. 

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector quick summary!

Jungle Scout and ASINspector are two popular Amazon seller tools used by over thousands of Amazon sellers across the globe. Back in 2020, ASINspector was acquired by Sixleaf, but in this review we have made sure to mention all the features the tool offered previously. ASINspector basic plan was priced at $97 for lifetime, whereas Jungle Scout comes with different pricing and packages for every type of seller. And to the last, both the tools have come up with their own chrome extensions which we will be exploring and comparing it all in the Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector review!

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector: Know the Platforms

1. What is Jungle Scout? | Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review

Launched back in the year 2015, Jungle Scout is a popular, all in one Amazon seller software currently used by over 600,000 entrepreneurs across the globe.

In fact, as of today's date, ask any Amazon seller which tool they are using in their selling journey, and half of them will give a quick bet on Jungle Scout. From helping sellers start selling on Amazon, grow their existing business, to offering agency solutions – Jungle Scout is powerpacked with every possible features for all types of sellers.

Jungle Scout Logo

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2. What is ASINspector? | ASINspector Review

ASINspector Review

Recently acquired by Sixleaf, ASINspector back then was a popular all in one Amazon seller software used and trusted by over thousands of sellers.

Not just Amazon, the software had some amazing features for sellers to ace their journey on different marketplaces like ebay or Shopify. From exploring best niches, finding right product to sell, building proper listing, to helping sellers price the product – ASINspector literally had every features available in their toolkit.

By now you might have sensed that both Jungle Scout and ASINspector are a lot different in several aspects, but below in the features section we'll let you know the specifics!

ASINspector Logo

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Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector Features Breakdown: Which one offers more?

Jungle Scout Features at a Glance!

1. Keyword scout

Keyword scout is the most popular feature offered by Jungle Scout that helps sellers explore the best, high-ranking keywords for their listing within minutes. The feature gives users a quick sneak peek into 30 day search trends and volume. Additionally it even shares keyword difficulty so that sellers can make calculative decisions ahead.

2. Rank tracker

Yet another best feature offered by Jungle Scout is the rank tracker tool. With this tool, sellers can literally explore keyword ranking history of 10+ keywords by just a click. All they have to do is add keywords, play a bit with the filters available (top 10, 50, top keyword ASIN is ranking for, and more). They can even view competitor's keyword performance and compare keyword rank history.

3. Listing builder

With the listing builder feature by Jungle Scout, sellers can build the best listings that will absolutely rank on the top. All the seller needs to do is enter the details, and then the feature will give them a listing optimization score. And if there are any areas of improvements, the tool will even list out that as well.

4. Review automation

Reviews do play a crucial role in Amazon selling journey, and Jungle Scout understands this well. Hence, with this feature sellers can grab more product reviews for all the sales completed by the help of automated review requests.

They will just have to set it, and forget it, the tool will literally manage all their review requests and order even while they are asleep.

5. Sales analytics

Here comes the best feature of Jungle Scout – sales analyzer. This feature can whole handedly save hours of sellers. From organizing to tracking all the Amazon sales data, you name it and sales analyzer has got you covered with every critical analytics. To give you a quick insight, you can expect information about total sales, COGS, operating expenses, net profit, and gross margin from this feature.

6. Advertising analytics (NEW)

Jungle Scout has recently come up with this amazing advertising analytics feature that helps sellers to manage all their ad and financial metrics at one place. They can even manage their PPC campaigns from here (by aggregating their seller central account).

Apart from these many tools, Jungle Scout even offers users access to product tracker, opportunity finder, supplier databases, product databases, and category trends so that they don't miss out on anything while selling any product on Amazon.

ASINspector Features at a Glance!

1. Keyword analyzer

The reason behind the growing popularity of ASINspector is the keyword analyzer feature itself. The tool literally was a gem for Amazon sellers. They were able to quickly find best ranking keywords for their listings – all thanks to the tool's user-friendly interface.

2. Revenue estimator

Yet another amazing feature offered by ASINspector is the revenue estimator. Sellers with this feature were able to explore how much sales they can expect from a specific product or a niche in the coming months if they choose it for their listing. The revenue estimator gave sellers an exact amount along with a graphical representation of sales to make better decision.

3. Niche and product research

Before coming to niche and product research, ASINspector even had yet another amazing tool in their toolkit “Idea Generator” that actually came with a bulb alongside. All the user had to do was click on the magic bulb and the tool automatically used to list down keywords, product, and niche they should go with to generate higher sales.

4. Head to head product pricing

The best part about ASINspector was it wasn't just an Amazon exclusive seller software. It actually helped sellers compare prices on third party websites as well. From Walmart to eBay, you name it, and the tool will quickly give you the market value of the product, literally from anywhere.

5. Bundled opportunities

Frequently bought together items on Amazon are just too popular, and many sellers quite often pick up a product from this section itself to sell. Hence, for that reason ASINspector used to give sellers access to these opportunities so that they can increase their average order value quickly.

6. Listing assister

Last comes yet another exciting feature by ASINspector, the listing assister. If any seller wanted to build any listing from scratch, ASINspector literally assisted them throughout the creation process for higher conversions and rankings.

All the above mentioned features are now available on Sixleaf extension 2.0. To get most out of the tool, we would recommend you using its browser extension for product research and validation – Phoenix since it's available for free.

Winner: Jungle Scout

ASINspector, when it was launched offered users 70 valuable features which are now available with Sixleaf pricing packages. However, since Jungle Scout has recently come up with some amazing features for the sellers – the winner here is Jungle Scout!

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector Pricing Battle: Which one offers more for less?

1. Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout pricing plans

The reason behind so many sellers using Jungle Scout for their operations is the flexibility the tool offers with respect to its pricing. Yes, you heard that right – from specific pricing plans, packages, to enterprise solutions, you name it, and Jungle Scout has literally got you covered with all.

To give a quick sneak peek, here's how much you need to pay to use Jungle Scout:

  • Basic plan $29 monthly, and $349 annually
  • Suite plan$49 monthly, and $589 annually
  • Professional plan$84 monthly, and $999 annually

And the packages by Jungle Scout are:

  • Startup Suite, three months$189
  • Entrepreneur Suite, six months$349 
  • Freedom builder bootcamp, twelve months$999

To get access to Jungle Scout enterprise solution, you will directly have to contact the team by filling the form available on the official site. Apart from all this, Jungle Scout even offers users 7 days risk free money back guarantee if they are not content with the services offered.

2. ASINspector Pricing Plans

ASINspector pricing plans

The best thing about ASINspector when it was launched was its pricing itself. The team did come up with two easy to understand packages which sellers had to buy for once, and they then got lifetime access to all the features.

  • ASINspector standard plan$97 per month
  • ASINspector pro+ plan$187 per month

However, when it comes to sixleaf the pricing plans here are a lot different. The Acorn plan is priced at $47 per month, oak plan $97 per month, and redwood plan at $147 per month. With all these plans, Sixleaf even offers a 7 day, risk-free money back guarantee.

Winner: ASINspector

The winner here is hands down ASINspector because you don't get too many options, pick one from two, and you are all set to rock your Amazon selling game. And let's not forget the zero risk, 2X guarantee the team offered: sellers will literally get paid twice the amount they have spent if they were not satisfied with the tool – BEAT THIS!

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector customer support review: Which team is prompt enough?

1. Jungle Scout Customer Service Review

Jungle Scout is best popular among the sellers because of the customer service it provides. On their official website sellers can literally get access to the latest resources all for free within minutes. To give you a quick snapshot, the type of resources Jungle Scout offers are Articles, Data Reports, Guides, Webinars, and Videos covering everything about e-commerce.

There is also a million dollar case study section available on the official dashboard for sellers to explore what it takes to sell on Amazon. There are several episodes available covering different aspects of the Amazon selling journey hosted by Amazon professional sellers themselves.

2. ASINspector Customer Service Review

When it comes to helping customers with the issues they are facing with the tool, ASINspector has got the best resources. For example, if you visit the official website of ASINspector there is a support option available at the bottom right corner. After clicking on that, you will see a list of articles published by the team that will help you get started with the tool. Next is the my tickets option, if you have raised any ticket you will be able to watch it out all here.

As of today's date, after ASINspector and Sixleaf acquisition, even Sixleaf offers best customer support to its users. They have dedicatedly come up with a blog section covering all the latest strategies, tactics, and industry news. Additionally, there is an exclusive Facebook group available for brand owners so that they can explore best practices of other sellers.

Winner: Jungle Scout and ASINspector

Both Jungle Scout and ASINspector offer some awesome customer support to all the users, but the winner here would be Jungle Scout. Reason being, you literally get too many guides to understand how Amazon marketplace works (FOR FREE)

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector: What are the pros and the cons?

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons


  • User friendly interface
  • Live Q&A sessions taken by professional sellers
  • Best resources offered for free
  • Free profit calculator and sales estimator available
  • Advertising analytics tool is now available
  • End to end Amazon selling solution, liked by 600,000 sellers worldwide


  • No free forever plan available

ASINspector Pros and Cons


  • Recently acquired by Sixleaf
  • Zero risk, 2X money back guarantee
  • 70+ valuable features available for sellers
  • No complex pricing
  • Can be used for eBay shops as well
  • Comes with a free browser extension


  • Lacked data accuracy

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector Chrome Extension review: Can I use browser extension for quick research?

1. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Review – How to Install Jungle Scout Extension?

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Review

Similar to all other Amazon seller tools available out there, Jungle Scout has also come up with its own browser extension for users to pace up their research journey. You simply have to type Jungle Scout Browser Extension in your search bar and hit the install button to use it (available for both Chrome and Firefox). Now, after installation you can check out new opportunities, forecast product sales, and request reviews all in real time within a few seconds.

The thing we liked the most about Jungle Scout chrome extension is the graphs it shares to users directly on the product page. One can easily check out the sales, price, fees, listing quality score, ranks and other important metrics on the graph itself.

2. ASINspector Chrome Extension Review – How to Install ASINspector Extension?

ASINspector Chrome Extension Review

Installing ASINspector chrome extension is as easy as downloading your favorite game from the app store, it just takes a few seconds. But before this, let's explore what ASINspector has for you in its browser extension. Similar to Jungle Scout, over here too you can do your research as your browser on Amazon. The tool gives users detailed yet quick insights into sales estimates, competitive data, and profit projections, all in real time.

The thing we liked the most about ASINspector chrome extension is the video available at the official website (might sound foolish). But in this video you can literally explore how your research journey will look like in the future even without you spending a penny on the extension.

Winner: Both Jungle Scout ASINspector browser extensions are easy to use and understand. Any seller can literally grab multiple product ideas and niches with these extensions within seconds – hence it's a TIE!

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector FAQs

Is there anything better than Jungle Scout?

Yes, there are many best Amazon sellers tools available out there, the best ones include Helium 10, Viral Launch, Keepa, Sellics, AMZ tracker, and ASINspector.

Is ASINspector the same as Jungle Scout?

No, ASINspector and Jungle Scout are two different Amazon seller tools out of which ASINspector was recently acquired by Sixleaf.

Who are Jungle Scout competitors?

Helium 10 is the biggest competitor of Jungle Scout since the features offered are a lot similar, and sellers across the globe often recommend both the tools because of the existing resources they offer.

What is Sixleaf?

Sixleaf is a popular all in one Amazon seller software used by over 12,000 brands till date, of all sizes, new, established, ad well as exiting brands.

Is ASINspector and Sixleaf different?

No, ASINspector in the year 2020 got acquired by Sixleaf and all the ASINspector users are now a part of the Sixleaf family.

Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector Wrap Up: Which Amazon Seller tool is best to use and why?

The decision is all yours about the Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector clash!

But to help you make a wiser one, we will share a few metrics with you. When it comes to features, Jungle Scout has played the best game in the field, and the users over here are satisfied with all the tools offered. However in the case of ASINspector (now a part of Sixleaf), the features offered comparatively are less. Next comes the budget part, if you are tight on it, ASINspector would be an affordable pick, and Jungle Scout is more sort of an investment you can make in your initial Amazon selling days.

We certainly hope that this Jungle Scout Vs ASINspector review has helped you make a best decision for your Amazon business, stay tuned to AMZmojo to explore more such seller tool comparison reviews!

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