Trying to choose between Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher for your Amazon FBA setup? Well, worry no more because we have got you covered with the ins and outs of both Amazon growth tools. Read out this Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher Review ahead to explore which tool will best suit you!

A store with 350M+ products sounds quite astonishing – but hold on, that's the reality; Amazon marketplace is really selling these many products to customers across the globe.

In fact, as of 2024, Amazon is the world's largest retailer – where thousands of sellers have already made millions of dollars by just sitting from their homes. They are leading the game because they have started out early, but what if we say, even you can lead the game even after starting out late? 

Yes, you heard that right!

And the key to leading this game is the right market evaluation.

But how exactly can you evaluate such a huge marketplace? 

You can't do it all alone, that's for sure because mining data from such a huge marketplace selling millions of products already can take you years. However, the good news here is there are several Amazon growth tools available in the market, like Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher, who are doing all the legwork for you. 

From doing a market evaluation, starting out product research, checking out selling fees, to looking after the restrictions, these tools have literally got you covered with all. But, being honest here, you can really stick to both tools; you have to pick one, and this Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher will help you do so, so let's get started.

Quick Summary on Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher

Amazon sellers who are looking for a tool that offers excellent data accuracy should go for Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout has an accuracy of 85%, which is more than any other Amazon product research tool. It offers more robust features which can take Amazon's selling business scale to new heights. The tool is highly user-friendly and has incredible resources like the Jungle Scout Academy, through which beginners can learn and know how they can use the tool efficiently and grow their Amazon business.

On the other hand, Unicorn Smasher is a free tool that also has an accuracy lesser than Jungle Scout. You don't get any resources or learning tutorials in Unicorn Smasher. If you are looking for a detailed and highly accurate tool, without any hesitation, you should go for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Our Honest Comparison

What is Jungle Scout? – Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout was launched in the year 2015, and since the year of launch itself, the tool is just doing massive. It's built by experienced Amazon sellers, for Amazon sellers so that they don't miss out on anything. As of today's date, Jungle Scout is truly an all-in-one Amazon growth tool, trusted by thousands of Amazon sellers across the globe. Each of these sellers is acing their selling journey all because of the help of the resources the tool is providing, for free, with all the pricing plans. 

Sellers can literally explore winning products to sell on Amazon, can estimate sales for the coming months, research keywords for their listings, and in fact, spy on their competitor's listings with just a click. The tool, in fact, offers so many exclusive tutorials, step by step guides for sellers to explore how their selling journey would actually look like. 

With just a subscription, Jungle Scout gives sellers a huge sneak peek into the world of Amazon (we are talking about real-time data here). Coming to numbers, 500,000+ sellers are actively using Jungle Scout now and have generated more than $40 million annually. Jungle Scout is undoubtedly a great tool to invest in, but it's not all green here; there are a few cons of this tool, which we have listed down below. 

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What is Unicorn Smasher? – Unicorn Smasher Review

Unicorn Smasher Review

Similar to Jungle Scout, even Unicorn Smasher was launched in the year 2015 by the developers of AMZ Tracker. Initially, it was just an Amazon search engine optimization software, but over time, the developers have added some more features for sellers. The tool, as of 2024, provides product data, including pricing, review, and estimated sales, with just a click. 

Since the tool is well integrated with AMZ Tracker, sellers even get to explore more exciting opportunities. Moreover, Unicorn Smasher is actually free to use; there's also a pro version available, which sellers can use by paying a one-time fee for a lifetime.

Given such a huge user base, by now, you would be extremely excited to explore what makes Jungle Scout unique and how good Unicorn Smasher actually is. The answer to both these questions lies in the features of these tools only; let's check them now!

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Features Breakdown! 

Both the Amazon growth tools undoubtedly have so many features for their users, but since we are comparing two tools here, we are just focusing on the main features – hence we have just picked up some of the best features offered by the tool to help you make better decisions. 

Jungle Scout Features at a Glance

Product Tracker 

The product tracker feature by Jungle scout helps sellers track multiple products and their performance over time with just a click. Through this feature, sellers can analyze the average sale of any specific product, their revenue rank, and also their best seller rank. If they have found a lot of similar products, they can create a group of such products and then analyze them together on the clean interface. If they have found the right data at the end, sellers can also export it all via a CSV file.

Keyword Scout

Keywords scout is the most popular feature of Jungle Scout, which many Amazon sellers swear by. This feature is just amazing because sellers, with just a click, can discover high-converting keywords for their listing and let their product rank higher. Not just this, if any of their competitors' product is ranking higher, they can even grab critical insights into what keywords they are actually using. Lastly, they can even reverse search multiple ASINs to explore keywords for any specific product they got from the product tracker feature.

Rank Tracker

After scouting the right keywords through the rank tracker feature by Jungle Scout, sellers can actually check out the keyword ranking of each. This feature even allows sellers to check out the history of these keywords at the same time in just a graph. They can even perform a reverse search and find out which keyword is actually influencing their listing. To make the most out of the rank tracker feature, sellers can track all the keywords obtained from keyword scout and then get an in-depth ranking of the same.

Opportunity Finder

After the rank tracker comes yet another amazing feature by Jungle Scout, which is Opportunity Finder, every seller, even if they have just started out or have been selling on Amazon for over a while now, discovering new opportunities to them is like learning ways to earn more dollars. And this feature literally helps everyone with that.

A seller can actually enter any keyword into the market segment, and by just clicking, they will get in-depth data on sales, performance, emerging trends, and competitive insights of the keyword entered. This feature even shares the seasonality of any product so that the seller can prepare their listing wisely.

Listing Builder

If you have been on Amazon for quite a while now, you would know how important listings actually are. The listing-building feature by Jungle Scout allows sellers to optimize their listing in real-time so that each can rank higher. To make the process more transparent, Jungle Scout over here gives sellers a listing optimization score, all according to a product's title, description, key features, keywords, images, and more.

Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics is yet another worthwhile feature by Jungle Scout that helps users explore how much sales they can expect in the near future. How much they will have to spend, and whether it's the right time for them to sell a specific product in the market. Through this feature, sellers can even check out historical data of any past sales and get a profit overview with just a click. 

Unicorn Smasher Features at a Glance

Single Dashboard

The best part about using Unicorn Smasher for your Amazon business setup is it will never confuse you. The founders wanted this product to be very clean. Hence there's this one single dashboard available. Sellers, with this dashboard, can manage all their research in one place; they will not have to click too much.

Historical Sales Data 

Yet another best feature of Unicorn Smasher is the sales estimates it gives to every seller. This typical feature can actually help a seller what best they can expect from Amazon in the coming weeks or months. The best part is these estimates are based on real data from live Amazon listings. Moreover, if the seller wants to explore how their past product listing was performing, the tool has even got them covered with historical sales data.

Variation Statistics 

Not every seller on Amazon just sells a product or two; many want to sell so much more. With this feature, each seller gets accurate metrics for each product they have been selling for months now, and additionally, data of each variation.

Discreet Sharing Tool 

Through this feature by Unicorn Smasher, sellers can share their whole research without giving away the product or niche. They can even save their favorite product searches for future reference.

Revenue Estimates 

By the revenue estimates feature of Unicorn Smasher, sellers can accurately discover how much money they have been making in any niche. Through this feature, they can even check out how much revenue they will make in the future months by adding the product they are thinking of selling.

In-Browser Analysis

Last comes the best feature by Unicorn Smasher, an In-browser analyzer through which sellers can actually view sales and PPC metrics, all in their browser, in real-time.

Winner: Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout has been in the market for years now, and the type of historical data a seller can grab from here, if compared to Unicorn Smasher is unbelievable. And also, the features Jungle Scout offers are everything a seller would need in their selling journey!

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Pricing Plans (Which One Gives More for Less?)

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout has recently come up with many flexible pricing models; any seller can take advantage of the tool's features, all according to their budget. Whether they want to stick to the typical pricing plan model, they want packages for their business, or, to last, a complete solution for their enterprise – the tool has literally got them covered. 

But do remember that Jungle Scout doesn't offer any free forever plan like Helium 10. Instead, they offer a risk-free 7-day trial period, where users can use the tool, and if they are not happy with the services, they can raise an issue and get their money back. 

The pricing plans offered by Jungle Scout are:

  • Basic Plan – $49 per month, and $29 if paid yearly
  • Suite Plan – $69 per month, $49 if paid yearly 
  • Professional Plan – $129 per month, $84 if paid annually

The packages offered by Jungle Scout are: 

  • Startup Suite available for $189 for three months
  • Entrepreneur Suite available for $349 for six months
  • Freedom builder bootcamp available for $999 for twelve months

Last comes the Jungle Scout recently launched The Enterprise Solution, where sellers can directly connect to the sales team to learn more about the tool and explore in-depth strategies that will give them unbelievable results on Amazon.

Unicorn Smasher Pricing Plans

Unicorn Smasher Pricing Plans

Not similar to Jungle Scout, but even Unicorn Smasher's pricing plans are quite unique in their own way. This is because there is no monthly or yearly subscription model here, sellers have to pay a certain amount of fee for just one time, and they will get lifetime access to the tool's features. The plans are: 

  • Basic Plan for $49.99 for one main account.
  • Suite Plan for $159.00 for one main account and 4 sub-accounts.
  • Professional Plan for $99 for one main account and 2 subaccounts.

Winner: Jungle Scout

The winner here would undoubtedly be Jungle Scout because the tool is offering a risk-free 7- day free trial period, along with a no questions asked money-back guarantee. Other than this, they do have standard plans for sellers, a few packages, and enterprise solutions too. So no matter at which stage the seller is on right now, Jungle Scout has literally got them covered with all.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Pros & Cons

Jungle Scout Pros & Cons


  • Highest data accuracy rate as compared to other growth tools.
  • Used and trusted by thousands of Amazon sellers.
  • Best customer service.
  • Excellent competitor listings data available.
  • Free 7-day trial period, with a money-back guarantee.
  • Robust resources available for sellers.
  • User-friendly interface


  • No free forever plan available.
  • A bit more expensive than Unicorn Smasher.

Unicorn Smasher Pros & Cons


  • Lifetime plans available, all at higher discounted rates.
  • Beginner-friendly interface.
  • Easy-to-use tool.
  • AMZ Tracker integration available.
  • In-browser analysis option available.
  • Average customer support service.


  • Limited features available when compared to other Amazon growth tools.
  • Live chat support is not available 24/7, and not even on weekends.
  • Few guides available in the knowledge base section.
  • No free trial available.

Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher: Chrome Extension Comparison 

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Review

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Review

By adding the Jungle Scout Chrome extension to the web browser, sellers can quickly evaluate new opportunities, forecast product sales, and request reviews with just a click. And because of the recent updates, the extension is now more robust than ever. In fact, sellers can get key insights like product demand, competitive data, and profit projections directly on their browsers. 

They can validate a product idea with the most accurate AccuSales algorithm of Jungle Scout. This algorithm basically gives sellers an opportunity score of any product for sellers to either validate or eliminate. And the last best thing we liked the most about the Jungle Scout extension is sellers get to customize their data according to their preferences, like monthly sales, listing quality, ratings, price, and more.

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Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension Review

Unicorn Smasher Chrome Extension Review

Similar to Jungle Scout, even Unicorn Smasher has recently come up with its own Chrome extension, which is very easy to install. This extension basically allows Amazon sellers to perform any product research instantly, with no clunky software to download. Moreover, they get updates about every action very quickly so that they can take advantage of everything. 

Top FAQs on Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher 2024

Is Jungle Scout better than Unicorn Smasher?

Yes, Jungle Scout, when compared to Unicorn Smasher, offers far more accurate real-time data, and even the features are amazing. However, if you are new to using Amazon growth tools, Unicorn Smasher is great too.

Is there anything better than Jungle Scout?

Yes, you can try out popular Jungle Scout alternatives like Helium 10, AMZ Tracker, Zonbase, Unicorn Smasher, and Viral Launch.

How accurate is Unicorn Smasher?

As compared to Jungle Scout, the data accuracy rate of Unicorn Smasher is much lower, but if you're tight on budget and are really good with data research, you can still use this tool.

Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

No, Jungle Scout is not owned by Amazon. Instead, it's the best Amazon research tool available in the market, offering high-quality, real-time data with much accuracy.

What is better: Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?

Both tools are the best Amazon research tools since both offer the best features and high-level assistance. However, in comparison to Viral Launch, Jungle Scout has some really great features to offer, and the data accuracy of the tool is the best in the market.

Is Jungle Scout worth it for Amazon FBA?

Yes, Jungle Scout is a #1 Amazon growth tool, assisting Amazon sellers with product research, inventory management, sales prediction, and competitor analysis, all with just a click.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher – Is Jungle Scout really better than Unicorn Smasher?

Before answering the question, it's worth saying that when you are starting out on Amazon – you won't really have so much to invest, and here's where Unicorn Smasher comes to the rescue. The tool is literally available for free to download and install – it's a cheaper option

However, when it comes to data accuracy, no other Amazon growth tools can beat the accuracy of Jungle Scout. Given the huge amount of data it provides to customers, it's worth investing every penny in this tool. This is because, even though you will be spending comparatively more, you are actually minimizing the risk of your losses. 

And on top of so many great benefits, Jungle Scout even offers excellent customer service. If, as a seller, you are stuck with anything, you can reach out to the team via email or talk to someone in the community, and they will definitely help you with any type of query. 

To wrap this Jungle Scout Vs. Unicorn Smasher comparison reviews up in a line: Unicorn Smasher is great for beginners who don't want to deal with much data and are tight on budget; Jungle Scout is great for professional Amazon sellers who want to grow rapidly and have a good spending appetite.

So, what's stopping you from becoming the Amazon seller you have dreamt of becoming? Pick any of these tools and start your journey right away!

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