Stuck in picking the best seller tool for your Amazon selling business? Here we are comparing the best Amazon seller tools, its Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch! With the rise of Amazon as the go-to ecommerce destination, an increasing number of sellers have turned their attention to this lucrative market. To help them succeed, a range of tools have emerged that cater to the specific needs of Amazon sellers.

Among these are Jungle Scout and Viral Launch. These tools offer a suite of services designed to assist FBA sellers in growing their products and brand on Amazon. This comprehensive review will determine which of the two is better for your Amazon business and will be worth the cost.

Read on to discover everything you need to know about these tools, including our personal opinions on each one of them.

What is Jungle Scout? – Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout Review

Jungle Scout is one of the best product research tools loved by most FBA sellers. It offers accurate, crucial insights and does productive research so that you get started and scale your business on Amazon. You can locate and track potential products, find profitable keywords, optimize product listings, get the best of international suppliers, and learn from the best expert video tutorial. 

Regardless of your level of business, Jungle Scout works for all sellers. The web service also assists brands and agencies, as well as provides solutions for product launching, streamlining your business and performance analysis via reviews. The software is loaded with various workaholic tools such as browser extension, opportunity finder, review automation, review analytics, review manager and a lot more. 

You get all of these awesome features at very affordable prices. The pricing plans of Jungle Scout are not just reasonable, but they are made to suit each customer's needs and requirements without them paying anything extra. The app does not offer a free trial, but you get their 7-day money-back guarantee. The customer reviews for this web software are pretty optimistic. And it has been featured on popular networks such as Forbes, Bloomberg, The New York Times, etc.

Jungle Scout Logo

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Jungle Scout Features at a Glance

1. Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Review

A Chrome extension is one of the best features that any selling suite software can offer. Jungle Scout's chrome extension lets you check a product's potential within no time. You get valuable product insights such as “product demand, competitive data, and profit projections,” all from and on Amazon. They refer to the AccuSalesβ„’ algorithm that provides the users with accurate real-time data.

The proprietary Opportunity Score helps you determine whether or not you should be investing in a particular product. Other than this, you can directly view the crucial data on the product page, customize the metric's view and get the graphical representation of the sales overview on your seller's account. 

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2. Keyword Scout

Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

This tool helps you find potential keywords that will help optimize your product listings. Considering what shoppers are looking for, Keyword Scout provides high-volume broad keywords by pulling millions of data points. You will also be able to do your product research by reverse-searching up to 10 top-ranking ASINs and also compare their organic and sponsored keywords.

Get to know the keyword's historical search volume before you make your final choice. Learn about the keywords that help your competitors rank better. Do your competitive research with the help of keyword insights such as “ad tracking, search volume trends, and PPC costs.” Improve your keyword strategies and also save money on your PPC campaigns

3. Product Tracker

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

It helps you track a group of products and their performance over a certain period of time. Develop an effective selling strategy by monitoring the real-time sales of products and getting crucial insights. Easily prioritize a group of products by simply managing and organizing them. Know more about the product by viewing details such as “average daily sales, price, rank, inventory, units sold, rank, and Buy Box price” on graphs. For better analysis, export your data using a . CSV file. 

4. Rank Tracker

Jungle Scout Rank Tracker

Rank tracker helps you see the keyword ranking performance and compare the same for various keywords on a single screen. The analysis tools help you see historical keyword data and know about the most influential keywords in your listing and your competitors. Manage your ranking strategy by using powerful filters to find profitable keywords and eliminate useless ones.

When you reverse-search the competitors' ASINs, you will be able to see their keyword performance and find high-traffic keywords. Sync Keyword Scout and Rank Tracker to make the most out of Jungle Scout.

5. Opportunity Finder

Jungle Scout Opportunity Finder

The tool helps you seize golden opportunities by landing on profitable products with high demand and low competition. It takes the help of potential keywords to search for profitable product niches. It offers powerful filters and categorization options that save hours of manual research and level up your game. Analyze keyword overview by data gathered over a specific span of time.

Be very certain with the help of data insights, including units sold, average price, search volume, and supplier details. You even get to know about the seasonal spike with the use of tags. Opportunity Finder's Niche Score considers the most critical data to estimate a keyword's success rate. Also, learn about the top products in each individual niche. 

6. Listing Builder

Jungle Scout Listing Builder

Listing optimization is a key factor for product ranking, and this tool helps you get advanced product listing in snaps. Improve ranking with the help of recommended keywords. Jungle Scout's AI-driven Listing Optimization Score checks the essential information and helps you review the listing instantly. You will be able to include high-ranking profitable keywords and rank better with the most successful SEO strategy. Connect with your Seller's central account and easily manage your listing data. 

7. Product Database

Jungle Scout Product Database

Product research becomes super efficient because of Jungle Scout's 475 million comprehensive products database. Get niche-based product ideas which can also be sported based on categories, estimated sales, sales rank, revenue, and opportunity score. Your business gets a positive outcome because the tool provides you with promising opportunities. The free Jungle Scout's FBA Profit Calculator helps you calculate the fees and expenses so that you can be well aware. 

8. Supplier Database

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

Jungle is not just the best for product and keyword research; it even helps your source from trusted and verified suppliers. It enables you to get the best manufacturers from all across the globe that is trusted by reputed brands. Access the supplier database and choose based on customer volume or confirmed shipments. Filter suppliers by their Match Score or the name of the brand, company, and suppliers.

You can even look for the ones that produce specific niche products and similar ones. By searching with a product's ASIN, you can know the exact supplier for that particular item. Maintain a record by saving the best suppliers and also generating purchase orders. 

9. Sales Analytics

Jungle Scout Sales Analytics

Maintaining financial records and tracking expenses are all taken care of by Sales Analytics. The tool helps you organize and manage your real-time Amazon sales data; this saves you time to focus on “profit-building and cost-saving strategies.” You not only get to see profits and sales but also get to compare them with past dates to know your true worth.

A multi-product dashboard will show insights into units sold, net margin, ROI, revenue, etc. and dive deep into individual products to know all about their sales and performance. With the most critical insights, you can create a professional profit and loss statement to get a proper overview of your financial status. Also, get to customize the entries and evaluate PPC campaigns to beat your competition.

10. Advertising Analytics

Jungle Scout Advertising Analytics

The tool lets you know the true worth of your PPC campaigns and also centralizes ad metrics. As per the official site, it helps users “aggregate Seller Central and Campaign Manager data.” Instantly know about the campaign's performance with easy-to-understand “customizable widgets and a company-wide waterfall chart.” Get to analyze campaign sales performance along with keeping an eye on valuable data such as total sales, ACoS, and TACoS.

With all this, you should be aware of the sales ratio between sponsored and organic sales. Jungle Scout's clean, the customizable interface makes you effortlessly shuffle between various campaigns and sales insights. 

11. Inventory Manager

Jungle Scout Inventory Manager

The inventory manager helps you automate the entire stress of managing your inventory. It offers an accurate prediction of stock values which is essential for any FBA business. Its data-driven approach helps you avoid stockouts and fees by determining the amount of stock you need. Get to know the real-time inventory status; the order status is also displayed by the tool so that you should not suffer at all. It has an Inventory Manager's demand forecasting technology that lets you estimate the FBA sales and profits. Revenue, cost, and average profit per unit are other things you will be able to predict with the help of its advanced technology. Now that you know when and how much to order, you won't have to pay extra storage fees by preventing stockouts.Β 

Jungle Scout Category Trends

The tool allows you to see the top product trends of any category you want, along with the top 100 product's historical performance. The historical data trend helps determine which category or subcategory to go for when launching a new product. When you know the category performance, you should be able to validate product ideas and expand your product portfolio. Not just that, but also track and know the product ranking trends. Implement your research and estimate a product's profitability. 

Review Automation, Alerts, Academy and Promotions are also some of the other helpful features offered by Jungle Scout. 

They also have other products such as Jungle Scout Cobalt, Jungle Scout API and Downstream. They have a very supportive team of Amazon experts that will help you 24*7. Get instant results and expand your scope by searching for products on the global platform.

What is Viral Launch? – Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch is an online marketing tool designed to help Amazon sellers grow and scale their businesses. It is an easy-to-use software suite with the most advanced set of tools. They provide the best experience to their users by giving better “visibility, automation, and results.”

As for the numbers, the software has tracked more than 225,000,000 products, launched 44,000 products and has helped grow 10,000 brands. Amazon product research, competitor tracking, keyword research, keyword tracking, and campaigns and PPC management are just a few things you can do with the power of Viral Launch. The tool also allows sellers to optimize their product listings for greater visibility and sales by tracking sales data and Amazon search results within the software. 

With fantastic customer response, the SaaS has become sought after among FBA sellers. Robust data insights and seamless integration combined with data-driven automation become a deadly combo. Viral Launch pricing is also quite affordable, and it truly is worth every penny you pay.

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viral launch logo

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Viral Launch Features at a Glance

1. Product Discovery

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Viral Launch comes with an amazing product finder, making product research an effortless job. You are able to find the winning products from the “untapped markets because of its thousands of unique filter combinations.” Not just that, you can hunt for opportunities at a much faster pace and always stay ahead of your competition.

The Viral Launch database is built from real-time and historical data directly extracted from Amazon. This helps the tool provide accurate sales estimates. The Viral Launchpad contains all the essential tools necessary for in-depth research and saves you a lot of time. 

2. Market Intelligence

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

Amazon product research can be complex, but with Viral Launch's market intelligence, that won't be the case anymore. The historical and real-time data provide users with accurate sales estimates. If you are still confused about whether or not to source a product, then refer to the tool's 5-star validation for profitable decision-making. Crucial insights such as historical sales, price, and review trend data help you get a better understanding of the market. The built-in calculator lets the sellers calculate the costs and profits upfront.

3. Keyword Research

Viral Launch Keyword Research

Keywords play a crucial role in optimizing your product listings. The tool not only lets you do extensive product research but also eliminates the guess games from your business. The data is quite accurate as it has been directly extracted from Amazon itself. The advanced relevancy filters that the web app has helps sellers locate the most relevant and profitable keywords. You can even boost your sales by finding hidden keywords and staying ahead of your competitor. The free listing builder offered by Viral Launch provides you with solid Amazon SEO Listings

4. Competitor Intelligence

Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

You can perform a lot better just by getting insights into your competitors' performance. The official site defines the tool as an “advanced Amazon reverse ASIN lookup tool.” It lets you dive straight into the valuable insights and information of your related competitors. You can extract data by entering any product ASIN and conducting your competitive research.

You will see their ranking keywords, track indexation, ranking, sales, prices, and much more. You can steal these top-performing keywords and information to carve out your very own listing whose potential remains unbeaten. You can keep track of and analyze these data insights as per your needs. 

5. Amazon SEO Optimization

Besides all these salient features, Viral Launch offers 3 powerful tools to enhance your Amazon listing optimization.

Listing Analyzer

The program operates by conducting a fully automated SWOT analysis, which then delivers details on how your product compares to its top rivals. Not only that, but you may act right now to increase sales after reading the report. The work is completed more quickly and effectively when all the necessary assistance is in one location.

Keyword Manager

The keyword manager functions as a “complete analytics dashboard” since it shows a lot of keyword data that is relevant to specific products. You have access to Advanced Keyword Insights, which allows you to monitor ad rank as well as look up index information, search traffic, market trends, badge notifications, and keyword scores. Additionally, you can track up to 2,000 keywords using it as a keyword tracker.

Listing Builder

List builder helps you create a list of high-performance keywords with the greatest potential for success based on Amazon search results. The program maintains track of both used and unused keywords and includes built-in scoring. Additionally, it shows valuable term analytics like search traffic and opportunity ratings to create more SEO-optimized listings. 

Viral Launch also offers other services other than its versatile toolset. Kinetic PPC is powered by Viral Launch and works by automating your Amazon PPC so that you can earn maximum profits. You can customize the automation rules, giving you total control over all the processes. The service lets you get more data insights such as campaign analysis, PPC and organic sales, and the immediate impact.

Another service from Viral Launch is Listing Dojo, which has the unique ability to make your Amazon listing more profitable. They offer “detailed, elegant and comprehensive statistics.” It is a “strong set-and-forget platform” that monitors the listing, so you don't have to, leading to maximum profits. 

Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch: Pricing Plans Comparison

The pricing plans offered by both software are quite affordable as well as reasonable. But when you compare them head-to-head using their price tags, the packages offered by Jungle Scout are more flexible and inexpensive. On the other hand, the Viral Launch packages might be expensive, but they include features worth their cost. Check out their monthly packages and all that they have: 

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans
Jungle Scout PackagesBasicSuiteProfessional
Monthly Pricing$49/month$69/month$129/month
Included FeaturesFull access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox).
Single user license.
Review Automation core tool.
All Basic features.
Review Automation with Advanced features.
Ability to add more users.
Access to more in-depth historical product and keyword data.
Advanced seller features.
PPC analysis.
All Suite features.
Track up to 1000 ASINs.
6 Users included.
6 Months of historical data in Product Tracker.
2 Years of historical keyword data.
Priority onboarding.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Viral Launch Pricing Plans
Viral Launch PackagesEssentialsProPro Plus Ads
Monthly Pricing$69/month$99/month$199/month
Included FeaturesAmazon product filtering.
Keyword Search Volume.
Browser research extension.
Advice & guidance.
Global data.
All features from Essentials pack
Use metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales and price trends.
Competitor monitoring
SEO & listing optimization.
Rank tracking & alerts.
Listing health analysis.
Robust Amazon advertising platform.
Detailed advertising analytics and data.
Create & customize your own automations.
24/7 Campaign monitoring & adjustments.
Organic + PPC keyword tracking.

Top FAQs on Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch 2024

Is Jungle Scout better than Viral Launch?

In certain cases, yes, such as it has a strong product, keywords and suppliers database. It even helps you make more profitable decisions because of its accurate sales estimate and competitive insights. The software also has an accuracy rate of 84.1%. Viral Launch provides more in-depth market analysis and insights, which makes product research much easier.

Does Jungle Scout offer a free trial?

No, Jungle Scout does not offer a free trial. But they do have a 7-day money-back guarantee on all standard plans. Viral Launch, on the other hand, provides a 14-day free trial.

How accurate is Viral Launch?Β 

As per research and other sources, the accuracy of Viral Launch has been considered 79.3% accurate.Β 

Does Viral Launch offer a Chrome extension?

The answer to this question is a big yes. Viral Launch's Market Intelligence chrome extension is free and can be added by sellers to their browsers. This will provide you with worthy data insights without switching the open windows.

Conclusion: Jungle Scout Vs. Viral Launch: Which Amazon Seller Tool is Better?

With Viral Launch, you have access to a variety of seller tools that offer help in critical areas such as product research, inventory management, and marketing. But Jungle Scout offers accurate data insights and more functionality. It has a wide range of workaholic tools, each designed for a specific purpose. But each one of them is an excellent Amazon sellers' suite that has helped thousands of sellers increase their sales and profits.

The workaholic toolsets included in these SaaS are a must-have for all sellers. Viral Launch is quite approachable when it comes to product tracking, launching and listing optimization. Talking about the suppliers' database, Jungle Scout is relatively well-established. It not only lets you hunt for them globally but also rates them so you can get the best among the rest. But Viral Launch does not offer any supplier insights. 

Both of them come with a powerful chrome extension. The software offers a wide range of features designed for all levels of AMZ sellers. With its wide range of features, it's no surprise that it is fast becoming one of the most popular Amazon seller tools on the market. You should choose the one that suits your needs the best.

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