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They extract data directly from Amazon’s search bar to get you all the trending keywords customers are searching for. MerchantWords also has a risk-free guarantee along with their 24/7 customer support.

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How to Use MerchantWords Coupon Offer? (Step-by-Step Guide)

  • Select “Activate Deal” button

Pressing the “Grab the Deal” button will take you to the official page of merchantwords.com

  • Press “Pricing” on the Home Page
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MerchantWords home page will have a Pricing option, press it to check out all the pricing plans available. You can even see their products, services and functioning to assure yourself how effective MerchantWords is.

  • Click on the “Pay monthly/ Pay annually” button
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Click on the button to get 2 months of free subscription (Annual Plan).

  • Choose your country and again press “Subscribe Now”
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It will ask you to choose your location and marketplace, so that it can offer the best insights and user experience to all its customers. After you have selected your country, again press the “Subscribe Now” button.

  • Add your email to continue
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Add your email address to sign up or log in to MerchantWords.

  • Follow up by adding your Card Details
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After your plan selection, you can add the payment details to subscribe and use the advanced services of MerchantWords.

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What is MerchantWords? MerchantWords Review, Demo and Videos

MerchantWords is actually a suite of product research tools and a keyword research tool for Amazon Sellers, which helps them to uncover winning products on Amazon and also understand the competitive landscape, which can help in creating successful marketing campaigns and ultimately grow their sales and business.

The platform was launched in 2012 and is ideal for sellers who do a large amount of keyword research and allows them to bulk search and keep keywords organized into categories. It can help your products to constantly appear for the maximum number of searches related to them. This tool will also show you the variations of keywords along with the corresponding estimated search volumes, which can help you to find the products you should sell along with the keywords you should use in the listings.

Features of MerchantWords | What does MerchantWords has to Offer?

With the Emerging Trends tool, Sellers can get an idea about the latest searches on Amazon, which can help them to find the products trending currently. About 25 to 30 million unique keyword suggestions appear in the search bar of Amazon, and MerchantWords help you find all of those new terms before your competitor finds them. This tool is helpful in finding all of the product trends and niches by phrases or categories and finding the most saleable products in the US, UK, Germany, India, Japan, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, and Spain.

Marketing Insights

This feature of MerchantWords allows you to closely examine your closest competitors and check out how similar products are performing. You only have to type in the ASIN and click on ‘Add,' and you will get a report. You can also find similar products and filter them.

Now that's beneficial in having an overview of the products which are currently available. This is a valuable feature as you can get to know about the pricing of the products of which you are not sure. You can search up to a certain number of reports depending on the pricing plan you choose.

Digital Shelf

This feature of MerchantWords is all about redefining your SEO strategy where view the following:

  • Digital shelf insights where you can view the page 1 keyword rank average, review average, and much more.
  • Organic rank performance
  • Similar products
  • Frequently Seen words

This feature is entirely user-friendly and easy to use and gives you a few practical steps to improve the SEO of your product listings.

This is the feature where it all started with MerchantWords as it is the original MerchantWords Amazon Keyword tool which helps you to find out the shopper search terms used in 11 different marketplaces. With this tool, you can check out the keyword depth, search volume, category, and seasonality, along with 13-month search history.

As the name suggests, this feature will let you have a sleek picture of the emerging trends on Amazon. You can check out fresh keywords or even rediscover keywords that have yet to be seen for the last 12 months and are re-emerging. This feature is not limited to only Amazon US, but you can also see what's about to trend in the UK, Australia, India, Span, Mexico, Italy, France, Canada and Japan.

Keyword Collections

This feature is handy as you can save and also curate keyword research for product research, listing optimization and PPC campaigns. This feature is ideal for keeping keywords organized in a single place as they are displayed in a tabular form. You can even do keyword research and save a group of keywords and later view them by Amazon Search Volume, Depth etc. You can also see via Appearance, last Seen and dominant categories.

Keyword Multiplier

Keyword Multiplier lets you find keywords that relate to your original keyword. This is a handy tool for sellers who struggle to think of more keywords to add to their product descriptions. You can simply copy all the related keywords to your clipboard and then add them to one of your collections.

Page 1 Products

With this feature, you can analyze the top-performing products of your niche. You get to view the top products for any of the keywords, which you can filter by country. You also get to view a few stats at the top of the page, including maximum price, minimum price, average reviews and average price.


This feature is a reverse-ASIN search tool where you only have to enter the ASIN in the search bar to get hundreds of Amazon keyword phrases. You can check out total reviews, bestseller status, search rank, total product results and much more. This tool will also find for you the unique keywords for each product and then gain insight into how your competitors market for the same or similar product.

This feature is handy if Amazon Sellers need several terms at once. Sellers can add their search terms to a collection or even create a new keyword collection. This saves a whole lot of time which can go into keyword research.

Pricing Plans of MerchantWords

MerchantWords Pricing Plans

MerchantWords offers Four Pricing Plans; Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise. Let's have a look at what you get with these plans.

MerchantWords Silver Plan – $35/month

  • Single Country Amazon Data
  • User Per Plan – 1
  • Monthly Searches – 500
  • CSV Downloads – 500
  • Digital Shelf – 5 Reports
  • Market Insights – 25 Searches
  • Keyword Collections – 10
  • Sales and Revenue Estimates
  • Bulk Search
  • Classic Search
  • Keyword Explorer
  • ASIN Plus
  • Page 1 Products

MerchantWords Gold Plan – $79/month

All the Features of Silver Plan, along with:

  • Region-wise Amazon Data
  • User Per Plan – 1
  • Monthly Searches – 1000
  • CSV Downloads – 2000
  • Digital Shelf – 50 Reports
  • Market Insights – 100 Searches
  • Keyword Collections – 100
  • Keyword Multiplier
  • Emerging Trends

MerchantWords Platinum Plan – $149/month

All the Features of Gold Plan along with:

  • Global Amazon Data
  • User Per Plan – 3 seats
  • Monthly Searches – Unlimited
  • CSV Downloads – 5000
  • Digital Shelf – 500 Reports
  • Market Insights – 10,000 Searches
  • Keyword Collections – 1000
  • Keyword Multiplier
  • Emerging Trends

MerchantWords Enterprise Plan – $749/month

All the Features of the Platinum Plan, along with:

  • Global Amazon Data
  • User Per Plan – 20 seats
  • Monthly Searches – Unlimited
  • CSV Downloads – 10,000
  • Digital Shelf – 10,000 Reports
  • Market Insights – 100,000 Searches
  • Keyword Collections – 10000
  • Personal Account Manager

If you go for the yearly subscription, you can save more on these pricing plans.

Pros and Cons of MerchantWords Coupons & Promo Codes


  • Very Easy to use and a Beginner-Friendly Tool.
  • Easy to understand and Analyze Data.
  • Great insights into the Keywords and Product Research.
  • Allows users to keep all their keyword data highly organized.


  • A bit pricey.
  • Only suitable for Keyword Research and product research and lacks a few features.

Tops FAQs on MerchantWords Coupons & Promo Codes 2024

Where can you get the best MerchantWords Coupon codes?

AMZMojo brings to you all the exclusive Coupons and Promo Codes at the earliest. MerchantWords does not offer discount codes very frequently, so make sure to stay connected with AMZMojo to never miss a deal.

Why is my MerchantWords Discount Code not working?

You must have entered the wrong coupon code, so ensure to copy and paste correctly. Check whether the coupon has expired or not. There might be a possibility that the code is not applicable to your order.

Final Verdict: Save up to 40% with MerchantWords Coupons

To add to our final words, we recommend you to check out MerchantWords because of the features it offers, like bulk keyword searches and also the ease of use of this tool. You can also organize your search results which make this tool a real-time saver. It also offers its users an enormous volume of keyword data across the 11 marketplaces of Amazon. MerchantWords can really be a game changer for your presence on Amazon's marketplace if you can use this tool to read as well as analyze the data provided by this tool. Finally, this tool is easy to use, and even beginners can find it easy to use and find their niche or even the current products which could be selling better.

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