The best analytics tools of the future will be user-friendly, easy to use, and cost-effective. Sellerboard is one such tool that is worth your attention. It is a great platform for sellers to manage their inventory and get insights from the data they generate. And we are here once again with our SellerBoard Review. 

Sellerboard offers different analytics tools that can help you determine how your business is performing and what you need to do to grow. Sellerboard is a website that provides analytics tools for online sellers, and it provides a free platform that sellers can use to learn more about their online business.

The best part of Sellerboard is its user-friendly interface, making it easy for sellers to understand and use the tool. The analytics tools are also very effective and provide detailed information on most aspects of your business. Sellerboard is one of the most popular analytics tools that have been used by thousands of sellers worldwide.

What is a Sellerboard? Sellerboard Review

Sellerboard Reviews

Sellerboard is an Amazon seller's profitability statistics and stock management software. It delivers notifications, automates follow-up messaging campaigns, locates reimbursements for FBA failures (including lost and damaged products), discovers PPC improvements, and sends listing change alerts.

The autoresponder on the seller board can also automate Amazon's “Request a Review” button, allowing sellers to construct a campaign for all or only chosen goods and specify when the requests should be issued.

To give a thorough financial perspective, the sellerboard records all expenses, including FBA storage fees, refund processing fees, PPC charges, marketing, and fixed costs such as prep center fees.

A mobile application for iOS and Android is available, and it can help you boost your conversion rates, SERP ranking, and customer ratings. Jack Bosch, the company's creator, founded Sellerboard because he had problems raising his Amazon sales. He attempted various tactics to boost the rating of his items, but something worked once he launched Sellerboard!

Sellerboard is being utilized by thousands of Amazon merchants worldwide, and many are getting excellent results.

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  • What is the cost, and is it worthwhile?
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  • Is there a free trial period or a money-back guarantee?

How does Sellerboard Function?

Sellerboard's profit analytics tools give Amazon sellers actionable suggestions based on data, seller insights, and a range of in-house computations.

It begins with identifying numerous measures that aid in identifying areas of possibility for growing sales and profit, such as conversion rates, SERP rank position, seller feedback, product rating, and more.

It then analyses the seller's data to provide recommendations on how they might enhance sales and profit.

For example, if seller feedback is low and the seller's product rankings are declining over time, Sellerboard would advise the seller to solicit more seller feedback or enhance their listings. The software works with both Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K. sellers.

It helps all types of Amazon businesses, including those involved in:

  • Private label
  • Wholesale
  • Retail arbitrage

What are the Benefits of SellerBoard? 

  • Increase Amazon seller conversions.
  • Amazon sellers are all too familiar with the challenges facing them in their warehouses. This is why they rely on Amazon's remarkable A.I. assistant to help them achieve greater success online. The tool can improve your conversion rates by 20% and sales by 30%.
  • Identify seller feedback opportunities to increase reviews and product rankings.
  • The rise of online reviews is a recurring trend in the marketplace. For sellers, it's important to identify opportunities to increase their feedback rating and product rankings.
  • Find top converting keywords to help improve your search results on the Amazon SERPs (search engine result pages).
  • Amazon has been known for selling a wide variety of products, from books to kitchenware. With the rise of the e-commerce market and the internet, Amazon had to find a way to rank its search results on Google. Keywords are key components in search engine optimization which help Amazon gain an edge over its competition by ranking higher on Google's search results.
  • Increase seller feedback.
  • Online shopping is becoming more common, meaning consumers have more options than ever. As a result, it's important to ensure that your products are presented the right way on search engines. With competition, a website can increase its ranking by ranking higher on Google's search results and improving the quality of its content.
  • Optimize seller data to improve product rankings.
  • Search engine optimization is a process by which digital marketing professionals increase the visibility of a website on search engines like Google and Bing by increasing the number of online searches for a keyword. Selling on major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay is an effective way to generate revenue, but getting your products ranked high in their search results cannot be easy.

Features and Advantages of Sellerboard

Let's look at Sellerboard's features and discover how they might help you.

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard of Sellerboard

The major page of the program is the Sellerboard live dashboard, which provides a fast picture of how your Amazon business is functioning. It may be adjusted to display only the information you want to view, giving you quick access to critical data such as sales, seller feedback, seller ranking, and more.

It will display detailed information about Amazon Fees, PPC spending, promotion costs, return costs, and also fixed costs. Plus, you can also by time period (today, yesterday, or this month) and by product.

Seller Insights

Seller insights are suggestions sent to Amazon merchants based on their data from Sellerboard. It's a daily email with ideas for boosting conversion rates, raising seller feedback rates, rankings, product reviews, and more.

Rank Tracker

The Sellerboard rank tracker is a fantastic feature that allows you to monitor and track your items‘ seller rating positions over time. By utilizing this tool, you may observe how changes in seller feedback, performance, or product listings affect seller rankings. This allows retailers to watch fluctuations on Amazon and take action before it's too late.

Track FBA Errors 

track fba errors with Sellerboard

This feature of SellerBoard allows it to track FBA errors. And so Sellers now don't have to rely on Amazon to provide them with reimbursements and pay back the money one is entitled to.

Sellers can easily track the accurate information in real-time and even claim those reimbursements which Amazon misses. Even though Amazon has a good track record but FBA errors are a possibility, so its better to stay well-informed and safe.

Tracking Trends by Sellerboards

The Trends feature of SellerBoard helps you to keep track of all the critical KPIs for every product and ensures that you don't have a negative trend. A few KPIs can be BSR, sales, returns, profit etc. If any of them worsens lately, then the seller can take action.

Sellers can select a KPI and a time frame and check out a table with all your products and their month-by-month performance. And when you sort the table, it will immediately show you all your problematic SKUs.

Tracking Sales

The Sellerboard sales tracker allows you to monitor the total number of units sold, the money produced, and the profit made from Amazon items over a specified period. This is useful for sellers who want to witness gradual gains in their Amazon seller company so they may take action and make adjustments before it's too late.


LTV by Sellerboard

The customer Lifetime Value (LTV) is the revenue that an average customer generates via their lifespan as a customer. And with the SellerBoard LTV Dashboard, you can analyze the lifetime value of your customers. You can also track the lifetime value of your customers by various KPIs, and then you can also dive deep down and analyze these KPIs by product and check out how they have developed over time.

Inventory Management 

Inventory Management by Sellerboard

SellerBoard offers you inventory alerts which can help you never run out of stock. In SellerBoard, For every product, you can configure the manufacturing and shipping time to the FBA warehouse or your prep center.

Its AI will calculate the adjusted sales speed by product depending on your pasts sales, configurable seasonality parameters and projected growth. SellerBoard will notify you of the correct time when to place another order with your supplier and provides a quantity recommendation. You will get a notification when its time to send products to the FBA warehouse from your prep center.

PPC Optimization 

PPC Optimization by Sellerboard

Many Amazon Sellers will love this feature as they get a PPC dashboard that tracks the profitability of their PPC campaigns and ad groups and also helps them to optimize bids to reach their target profitability.

And to power this, SellerBoard has developed a robust algorithm that estimates profit by PPC campaign. And then based on these profit estimates, SellerBoard then calculates the Break-even-ACOS and the Break-even-bid for every keyword and provides you recommendations on how you can optimize your bids. 


AutoResponder by Sellerboard

You can send automated messages to buyers depending on Amazon's standards. You can use the “Request a review” template or your custom email templates offered by SellerBoard to collect more feedback and product reviews and provide better customer service.

And to do this, it uses amazon's Selling Partner API. Sellers can create campaigns with flexible targeted settings and define the perfect moment for your message to arrive.

Product Breakdown 

Product Breakdown of Sellerboard

SellerBoard provides you with the exact details on any product and for any period or marketplace. You can check out sales, profit, fees and expenses related to each product.

SellerBoard Chrome Extension 

SellerBoard Chrome Extension

SellerBoard also offers an FBA Profit calculator that helps Amazon Sellers research and source new products for selling on Amazon. The plugin will display estimates of Amazon Fees like FBA Fee, Referral Fees, and Storage fees directly on the Amazon product detail page.

Plus, the SellerBoard FBA Profit Calculator estimates daily and monthly sales of a product and also calculate the potential profit per day and per month. Sellers have just to enter the buying price, and the tool will automatically do the rest for them.

Product Insights

The Sellerboard product insights tool assists sellers in improving their seller listings to enhance sales. It takes a very scientific approach, employing seller data, in-house computations, and all other seller indicators such as feedback, reviews, and so on. You will be able to detect the flaws of your listings and make modifications using Sellerboard product insights.

Expenses – Hidden Costs 

expenses-hidden costs of sellerboard

SellerBoard can help you with accounting for approx 70 hidden Amazon Fees and all expenses into account and exposes it all to the sellers in an easy-to-understand and well-presented format.

So Sellers can learn from this and then formulate their Business Relationship with Amazon. It lets the Seller search for information about every product, variation and fee at any time and for any period, be it a day, week or month.

This information is handy in bringing down production and sales costs to a minimum which indirectly boosts profit. Plus, Sellers can maintain a healthy relationship with Amazon by making it even more transparent to the seller.


Cashflow of sellerboard

Right from this feature, Sellers can manage their Cash flow. By clicking on the “add” button,” they can fill in the amount of additional investment in the business, like the amount paid for the goods, as well as dividends and VAT. The payments and expenses are filled out automatically. This forecast is beneficial for you to plan the amount of available cash and make the right management decisions.

Download Reports 

Reports of sellerboard

SellerBoard also allows you to download reports in a spreadsheet or text file. This information can be from the dashboard (e.g., profit and loss by day by product) or lists of your orders, etc. After which, you can use Excel or other tools to do an in-depth analysis. You can also export the sales and profit data by product and by any period.

Profit and Loss Table

profit and loss by sellerboard

SellerBoard also offers you intelligent, clickable Profit & Loss statements where you can easily focus on various parameters of each time period. You can also customize the time frame and granularity of the data, filter by marketplaces or products and view products sold in any selected period.

Customized Charts

customized charts by sellerboard

SellerBoard offers flexible charts that enable a quick and convenient analysis of all the Key Performance Indicators. You can customize almost everything: KPIs, time frame and granularity of the output (e.g., last year by month, last month by day). Sellers can even filter by marketplace or product.

Listing change alerts

Listing change alerts by sellerboard

SellerBoard can also help you to monitors your seller feedback and your listings. It notifies your per email about critical events on which you should take action, like hijackers and fee changes. And the monitored events include:

  • Listing changes: listing name, description, main image, product category
  • New sellers on the listing and loss of the Buy Box.
  • Changes in FBA fee, product dimensions and/or referral fee
  • Parent ASIN removed or changed, new child ASIN's added
  • Negative or neutral seller feedback

Demo Tool 

The best part about SellerBoard is that you don't have to register or create an account at first, as you can simply check out the “Demo” mode to understand exactly how SellerBoard works. This is an excellent way to get used to it and figure out how it works and whether it is beneficial for your Amazon selling business or not.

Mobile User friendly

SellerBoard is optimized to be used on a mobile device. The SellerBoard app is available on Google Play Store as well as the Apple store.

Users and Rights Management 

Users and Rights Management by sellerboard

This feature of SellerBoard allows you to grant other users access to your SellerBoard account. And with each user, you can assign a login and password. If required, you can also configure restricted access rights for every user by function. You can classify as: 

  • Employee
  • Marketplace manager
  • Investor
  • Partner 

How to Start with SellerBoard? 

  • Step 1: First, register yourself on the SellerBoard's Website.
  • Step 2 – After that, you have to allow SellerBoard to access your own Seller Central.
  • Step 3 – Validate that SellerBoard is a registered Amazon Developer.
  • Step 4 – Finally, you can begin customizing the dashboard.

Who should choose SellerBoard? 

SellerBoard is for all Amazon Sellers who wish to increase their business of wholesale, Private Label, or online arbitrage. You have to enroll your business in the FBA, Fulfillment by Amazon, program.

How much does a Sellerboard Cost? ? – SellerBoard Pricing Plans 

Sellerboard Pricing Plans

SellerBoard comes in with four pricing plans – STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL, BUSINESS & ENTERPRISE.

Plus, it also offers a 30-Day Free Trial by which you can check out all the features of this fantastic Amazon tool before choosing any of its pricing plans. Now let's check out all of its pricing plans. 

SellerBoard Standard Plan – $19/month

  • Orders per month – 3000 
  • Follow-up emails or review requests per month – 150 
  • Additional seller accounts – 4
  • Additional users – 1
  • Automated reports – 3

SellerBoard Professional Plan – $29/month

  • Orders per month – 6000
  • Follow-up emails or review requests per month – 6000
  • Additional seller accounts – 6
  • Additional users – 2
  • Automated reports – 6

SellerBoard Business Plan – $39/month

  • Orders per month – 15000
  • Follow-up emails or review requests per month – 15000
  • Additional seller accounts – 8
  • Additional users – 4
  • Automated reports – 8

SellerBoard Enterprise Plan – $79/month

  • Orders per month – 50000
  • Follow-up emails or review requests per month – 30000
  • Additional seller accounts – 16
  • Additional users – 4
  • Automated reports – 16

In all of the pricing plans of SellerBoard you get: 

  • Real-time profit dashboard
  • Listing change alerts
  • PPC optimization
  • Inventory management
  • Refunds for lost inventory
  • LTV dashboard

But in the Enterprise Plan you also get – Manage users access rights by account, marketplaces and products. 

Pros and Cons of Sellerboard Review


  • Actionable suggestions based on seller data and internal calculations.
    As a seller, it is important to understand the market to be successful. So what does Seller A know about their potential customer? What do they like and dislike? What are the common complaints and concerns about products? A Seller can consider all this information and create customized messages for their buyers.
  • A free trial is available if you wish to test out the program before purchasing it.
    A free trial is available if you wish to test out the program before purchasing it. The trial allows you to try the program for up to 24 hours before deciding if you want to purchase it.
  • It helps identify areas of opportunity such as conversion rates, SERP rank position, product ranking, and more.
    SEO is changing, and the online landscape is becoming more challenging daily. To help professionals in this industry stay ahead of the game, it has released a new tool to measure and optimize its marketing efforts.
  • Thousands of Amazon sellers worldwide are using it to great effect.
    Amazon is a globally-recognized online store that sells everything from books to clothing. With the help of Amazon, sellers can reach a global audience through its website and sell their products at an affordable cost. Thousands of people all over the world have joined Amazon and have seen great success with their business.


  • Because there is no money-back guarantee, you must be certain that it will assist raise your Amazon sales before paying for an annual membership.
    Amazon has many tools to help you improve your product listings and boost sales. One of these tools is Amazon A.I., which assists with dozens of plans and content formats. It's easy to use and allows you to experiment with new ideas for both products for sale on Amazon and content for marketing your brand.
  • Sellerboard's pricing may appear high to certain sellers; therefore, starting with the free trial before paying for it is a good idea.
    Sellerboard is a tool for sellers that lets them manage their listings and sales of products with the help of a dashboard. This is an excellent tool for sellers who are looking for an online sales platform to use.
  • It only works with Amazon, so if you sell on other sites like eBay, Shopify, or Etsy, you should search for another profit monitoring tool.
    If you're selling on other sites, it's important to have a tool that works with those platforms. Profit monitoring tools only work with Amazon, so if you don't sell on Amazon, you'll need something else.
  • New Amazon sellers may need help to utilize.
    New Amazon sellers often need help to utilize the platform's tools and functions. Some of the biggest hindrances include a steep learning curve, a need for more user-friendly applications, little customer support, and language barriers.

SellerBoard Alternatives – Top Competitors of SellerBoard 

After reviewing SellerBoard, let's also have a look at a few of its close alternatives.

SellerBoard vs. InventoryLab 

InventoryLab is a fantastic all-in-one tool that automatically helps sellers manage inventories. It is designed to address both the inventory and accounting processes all in one place. The tool will also allow Sellers to check out which items are selling well and which ones need more attention and even helps in forecasting future sales by which you sellers can know when its time to restock or make changes to the product listings. Let's have a look at few of its features: 


This tool from InventoryLab can help you to improve both profitability and efficiency by providing users with detailed data and real-time product research. Plus, it also helps track expenses, view total in-stock values and monitor sales.


It is part of the mobile app of the InventoryLab. As sellers download the app, they can analyze potential inventory directly from the mobile device. It is also among the most popular feature of the inventory lab. Sellers only have to enter the cost per unit, and they can quickly check out the potential profitability of any item which you might be thinking of purchasing.

Few other features include: 

  • Detailed Business & Expense Reports
  • Print Product Labels
  • Limit FBA Warehouse Numbers
  • Use the Buy List to Upload Items to Inventory Lab

Plus, InventoryLab also offers a 30-Day Free Trial, and then you go ahead you get the paid plans which are $49 per month or $40 per month if billed annually.

SellerBoard vs. Bindwise 

Bindwise is another monitoring tool for Amazon Sellers. It is an MWS software that allows it to use real-time Amazon Data and provides you with great KPIs and pannel of the performance of your business.

It provides Sellers with round-the-clock tools by which they can monitor hijackers and counterfeits. It offers many features like:

  • Hijacking and counterfeit monitoring 24/7
  • Monitor listing issues
  • ASIN changes
  • FBA Fees overcharges
  • Shipment reminders

Bindwise also offers a Free Plan along with a Basic Plan, which costs $19/month.

SellerBoard Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials

SellerBoard Real Customer Reviews & Testimonial
SellerBoard Real Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Top FAQs on Sellerboard Review 2024

What is Sellerboard used for?

Sellerboard is the leading profit analytics tool for Amazon sellers. Amazon seller growth is stifled by difficulties in analyzing profit. With Sellerboard, you can access accurate analytics on Amazon sales and PPC campaigns.

Does Sellerboard work with an Amazon seller account?

In order to access your sales data, Sellerboard uses Amazon's MWS API. The Amazon seller can allow Sellerboard to access their Amazon seller account, or they can even revoke this authorization at any time. This is Amazon's standard way to exchange data with third-party applications.

Is there any SellerBoard Chrome Extension? 

Yes. It is called the SellerBoard FBA Profit Calculator, which is helpful for Amazon Sellers to research and source new products for Selling on Amazon.

Is there any SellerBoard Affiliate Program?

Yes. The SellerBoard official website suggests users contact them at [email protected], and they will get back to you with all the details of the Affiliate Program.

Does Sellerboard offer a free trial?

Yes, If you want to try this tool for free, then it offers 31 days of free trial that helps you to test its features for free.

Does Sellerboard allow me to cancel my subscription?

The Amazon seller can easily cancel Sellerboard paid subscription at any time if not satisfied with its features. To cancel the subscription, you just need to write them a short message through the chat, or you can even email them at [email protected].

Does Sellerboard work with multiple Amazon marketplaces?

Yes. SellerBoard supports marketplaces like the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Brazil, Turkey, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

CONCLUSION: Is Sellerboard Worth it?

Sellerboard is an Amazon profit analytics dashboard and accounting management software for Amazon merchants.

Sellerboard takes into account all expenses, including returns (including the cost of damaged returns), inbound shipping, long-term storage costs, storage fees, and about 70 more “hidden” Amazon fees, and allows you to drill down into each product, variant, charge, and timeframe.

Inventory management with automated replenishment notifications, an email campaign tool for generating reviews, and “Money Back” reports for demanding Amazon reimbursements for missing or damaged products are all available on Sellerboard.

This application is primarily for Amazon FBA firms (Fulfillment by Amazon). Several charges, such as storage fees, inbound shipment fees, and other costs, make calculating profit when utilizing FBA difficult.

Sellerboard Review: A Brief Overview

FBA merchants make up the vast bulk of Sellerboard's users. Some of them, however, participate in FBA and FBM, employing both FBA and FBM. Dropshipping and online arbitrage are practices used by some businesses. As a result, there is no restriction on the type of firm that is most successful. Furthermore, it is more than profit analytics; it is about allowing you to make better business decisions based on facts. Profitability is the most significant indicator.

Seller Central, as we all know, offers a plethora of data and statistics, but determining your real-time revenue may take a lot of work. As a result, you may acquire many reports, combine them, and use Excel to compute your profit. The curriculum is intended for all levels of sellers, from beginners to specialists. If you sell one product once or twice a day, investing in a profit analytics tool makes little sense because calculating your profit manually is rather straightforward.

Calculating the profit becomes easier and more time-consuming if you have a few more sales, a second product, or even a wide variety. As a result, it's a good idea to look into a few profit analytics solutions, which is where Sellerboard comes in.

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