Are you in search of a robust Amazon PPC tool that is going to redefine your Sales? If so, you have landed on the right page, as we are here with our SellerTools Review. Do read this to learn about this latest Amazon Seller Tool.

The market continues to be filled with abundant PPC software for Amazon Sellers. Even if you Google it out and type “amazon software,” you will get tens of varieties of softwares. But can you know which is the best one? And to help you with that, you will find plenty of different articles out there which are listed as the “Best Amazon Seller Software.”

But that's all! Just a List!

You will need more than just a single para that compromises a brief description. So that's the main reason why we are writing this in-depth SellerTools Review to deliver you all the insights into this fantastic Amazon PPC tool.

What is SellerTools? SellerTools Review

Sellertools Overview

Only 1% of Amazon Sellers manage their listings properly. But with SellerTools, you can empower yourself to be among those top 1% ones. This Amazon software provides you with a complete suite of tools for Amazon Sellers. It provides sellers everything right from Listing Manager, Reverses ASIN Lookup, Listing creation and optimization, Product Research and even account alerts and not to forget PPC management.

SellerTools has just got it all for Amazon Sellers, and its Keyword Research tools are very much dominant. And the reason behind it is that all the keyword tools are comprehensively integrated with each other. Along with this, the tool provides sellers with the top keywords via the Reverse ASIN Lookup and even tracks and manages the exact keywords. You can add those keywords directly to your ASINs, and you can then track their performance.

SellerTools Features at a Glance

With so much to offer, lets now focus on the key features of SellerTools. We have managed to put them together to help all the Amazon Sellers.

Product manager

With the SellerTools Product Manager, you can almost remove the guesswork from the picture and make better-informed decisions and also perform Expert-level keyword research in minutes.

Keyword Manager

With the SellerTools keyword manager, Sellers can automatically import the keywords from competitors into the keyword list, and then this tool will calculate and suggest the list of the most important keywords which you should focus on. It will sort the Keywords from very high to low priority.

Listing Manager

Sellers can also use the keywords/phrases list which they have formulated previously, and then they can create the best and the most accurate product listings. The SellerTools product listing will automatically be connected to the user’s Amazon Seller’s central account and published there.

Competition Research

In SellerTools, you can do the competition research in two manners: First, you can enter the product name, or you can do it by entering the ASIN number. When you look out for the competition, the Seller will get to see all the important stats and data, which will help them to decide whether a certain product will be a competition for this product or not.

Free SellerTools Chrome Extension

This is what makes SellerTools unique. This all-in-one box for Amazon Success can help sellers to check out sales, request reviews and more, and it comes FREE with the SellerTools Subscription. Sellers can use the Ticker to get access to the information without leaving Amazon. It will provide you with details like Amazon Traffic and Sales Data. You can even use it to send payments and gift cards directly from Amazon or any other website.

With the SellerTools Chrome Extension you can view:

Listing Quality Score

It is among the most powerful listing analyzer, which gives you instant insights into missed sales and also realizes a product's listing's potential.

Exclusive Metrics (Total Amazon Traffic)

With this feature, you can check out the Total Amazon Traffic and know what the Amazon Sales trends are. You can tap into the Brand Analytics, Unit Sales, Search Volume and other important metrics to get the real insights used by the top brands.


Amazon Sellers can put in for the Request Reviews from the customers in the Seller Central with just a single click. With the SellerTools Review Downloader, you can almost instantly filter and get insights into the real customers' feedback from any ASIN on Amazon.


Next is the Ticker Feature, from where you can access all your favorite tools and data, be it from any brand in the Chrome Extension Ticker. You can do it all here – you can create MCF orders using your SellerTools wallet, or you can even add customers to your Deny list.

Keyword Expander

This is another fantastic feature that you get in the SellerTools Chrome Extension. This feature will help you to automatically expand valuable keyword suggestions directly from Amazon. Even this SellerTools Chrome Extension will provide you with suggestions before and after you are done with your keyword research which can help you to get more keyword ideas and expand your revenue-generating potential.

Competition Research

In SellerTools, you can do the competition research in two ways:

  • First by, entering the Product name (keyword or phrase)
  • Entering the ASIN Number

So when you look for the competition, the Sellers get to view the important stats, which can help them decide where the product stands in the competition. And with creating a list of competitors, the Sellers can have the relevant competitors for their product all in one place.


For Automating the enter Selling Process, SellerTools is backed by Several features like:

Last Launch

This feature will completely help in automating the launch. Sellers only have to specify the number of days, and this feature will run and will provide you with how many give away offers you would like to give away each day.


This is another important feature offered by SellerTools where in just a few clicks, Sellers can level up their Amazon PPC. These PPCs allow sellers to know which steps to take precisely to beat their competition and make the PPC worthwhile.

Review Request 

This feature from SellerTools is more kind of a Set and forget Amazon Review solution. Amazon Sellers have to only turn on Review Request for Terms of Service compliant to emails which have to be sent to all the eligible customers.


The Alert Feature of SellerTools is where Sellers can track changes in real-time. It is more of a customized surveillance system right in the SellerTools Dashboard.

Sellers can check out changes in the product title, color variations, BSR, Weight changes, buy box status, price and hijackers. These alerts are very easy to set up, plus you can also set Keyword Alerts by clicking the bell icon beside a keyword.

Benefits of SellerTools- Why to choose SellerTools? 

With a host of features comes a whole lot of benefits. Let's Explore a few of them offered by this all-in-one Amazon tool.

Provides Insightful Amazon Data 

SellerTools is a tool that comes with a host of features that strive to make your Amazon business more successful. It provides key metrics like keyword research, chrome extension, Alerts, and Product manager, which are beneficial for making Sellers' sales growth and expanding their revenue potential.

Saves Time and Effort 

Amazon Sellers have a whole lot to do. With automation features offered by SellerTools, they can sit back and relax and few aspects and focus on other vital elements and expand their Amazon selling business.

Affordable Pricing 

The pricing that comes with this tool is simply worthwhile and competitive. Especially given the features this tool offers. The Lite Plans come at just $67/month, which is fantastic and with it comes features like keyword manager, PPC management and a whole lot more!

SellerTools Pricing Plans | How much do SellerTools Cost?

Sellertools by Carbon6 Pricing Plans 1

SellerTools has come up with three pricing plans: Free, Lite & Starter.

SellerTools Free Plan

SellerTools Free plan grants you free access, which is beneficial for users and helps them to get started with this Amazon Selling Tool.

SellerTools Lite Plan – $67/month

This plan grants users access to the complete extension of Amazon brands. Essential tools (+ extension) for beginner sellers. With this plan, you get the following:

  • Sub Account Access
  • Automated Review Request
  • All the Pro features in the Chrome Extension

SellerTools Starter Plan – $117/month

This is a plan for Amazon Sellers which takes them to the next level of automation and helps them to optimize and grow their Amazon business. With this plan, Sellers get the following:

  • All the features of the Lite Plan
  • PPCs Limited Access
  • API Access

SellerTools Customer Support 

SellerTools offer decent customer support and offer a variety of resources. You will find the “Learn” banner at the top of every page of SellerTools, where you can find short videos on how you can use the tool. SellerTools also has a YouTube channel that has over a hundred videos and how you can use the tool more effectively.

Plus, the company also organizes frequently scheduled calls that you can join, and you can even schedule a call for your own, including the demo one. In short, SellerTools customer support is decent enough to present helpful and resourceful information for its users.

SellerTools Customer Reviews & Testimonials 

SellerTools Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Top FAQs of SellerTools Review 2024

Who created SellerTools?

SellerTools is a part of Carbon6, which is a brand known for building a community to support e-commerce sellers by removing the barrier to selling online. It is developed by the enlightened minds in the Amazon Seller ecosystem and offers software tools along with resources that help entrepreneurs succeed at every stage of their Amazon selling journey.

How SellerTools is helping Amazon Sellers? 

As Amazon Selling is becoming competitive and new tools evolve, SellerTools has made its mark by providing exact features which Amazon Sellers require to boost their sales. It offers key features like keyword research, Amazon PPC management, Alerts, a Review downloader, a free chrome extension and a whole lot more. All these features make this an all-in-one Amazon Selling tool.

Does SellerTools offer an Affiliate Program? 

Yes. With the SellerTools Affiliate, Program Affiliates can make untapped their earning potential and get excellent returns by referring others to the best Amazon software suite. SellerTools does have an Affiliate Program where Affiliates can earn a 10% lifetime commission on each referral made. The commission will be paid out 90 days after the referral begins a paid plan.

How much is SellerTools?

SellerTools comes in with three pricing plans. First is a complete Free plan where sellers get the chance to explore the tool. Next, you have the Lite Plan, which costs $67/month and last, you have the Starter Plan, which will cost $117/month.

Final Verdict- Is SellerTools really helpful for Amazon Sellers? 

After our SellerTools Review, one thing that comes out well is that this tool is a fairly competent one and is going to really help Amazon Sellers grow their revenue potential. The interface of SellerTools is packed with tools and slightly overwhelming, especially for PPCs, but in all, the tool is excellent and user-friendly.

The host of tools offered by SellerTools leverages Amazon data to boost Amazon's business to new heights. You can use this tool and get into the group of 1% of Amazon successful sellers who are witnessing their business skyrocket!

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