Inventory management software is extremely important for e-commerce businesses, as it helps you keep track of the quantity of each product in stock and monitor when new inventory needs to be ordered. SoStocked is one such SaaS tool that makes inventory management a cakewalk. Check out our SoStocked Review 2024 to know all about one of the best inventory management software.

When it comes to running a business, you need every process to run smoothly. Even if your company has a small team and isn't dealing with complex products or services, you still need an organized system to keep things streamlined. Inventory management is one of the most crucial parts of any business, no matter its size or scope of operation.

As any business grows and sales increase, keeping track of inventory becomes increasingly tricky. If you don't know how much inventory you have or when it will run out, you can end up with a lot of unhappy customers and charged fees. Keeping your stock organized and well-maintained at all times should be a seller's priority.

SoStocked becomes your savior and helps Amazon sellers with Amazon inventory management. It is a top-notch customizable software that makes management an interesting and fun job. Let's learn more about it:

SoStocked Review 2024: What is SoStocked?


SoStocked is a new inventory management software that helps Amazon FBA sellers manage their inventory by automating the entire process. The official site describes it as the first “Fully Customizable Amazon Inventory Management and Forecasting Software” that also has a New Forecast Algorithm.

The software is a pain-killer for the top 10 inventory pain that any seller suffers from. It helps remove sales spikes and stockouts, track all orders, and manage various inventories under one roof. The inventory management tool is capable of much more. The best part about the tool is that it is sort of a spreadsheet but a more sophisticated, automated and customizable one.

But then you might wonder why not simply go with spreadsheet software. The reason is that SoStocked kicks out the one-size-fits-all algorithm because that isn't getting you anywhere. Additionally, you also get many advanced features, such as receiving reorder alerts to prevent stockouts.

It is built for Amazon sellers by rallied programmers and 25 top Amazon sellers because experience speaks for itself. Another surprise is that you get all these exotic features at very reasonable and affordable prices. SoStocked also offers the first month free for any plan you choose, making it my personal favorite.

SoStocked Features: What does SoStocked have to offer?

SoStocked's inventory management software offers several features that make managing your inventory easier. Because sellers and professionals build it, trust should not become a barrier because they have gone through all of it. And thus came up with this innovative and functional solution that is called SoStocked.

1. IPI Integration:

SoStocked Features IPI Integration

IPI stands for “Inventory Performance Index.” The software got the ability to do IPI integration back in 2020 before any other software at the time when Amazon dropped the IPI threshold increase bomb. 

2. Customizable Forecasting:

SoStocked Features Customizable Forecasting

The tool gets an edge because it has fully customizable forecasting and now comes with a new forecast algorithm. You can calculate metrics such as sales spikes, deep discounts, stockouts, growth trends, seasonality, and much more.

3. Warehouse Tracking:

SoStocked Features Warehouse Tracking

This is a must-have feature for any inventory management tool. SoStocked does this analysis which already makes it better than a few of the software that does not include third-party warehousing. The software tracks and transfers your warehouse stock as well as your FBA stocks.

4. Compatibility:

The software is PAN-EU and NARF Compatible, which means you can Group your marketplaces by region. This will allow you to merge inventory levels and velocities and get your inventory calculations in order.

5. Advanced Stock Calculations:

SoStocked Advanced Stock Calculations

SoStocked's stock out calculations are not just limited to your inventory status. It is far more advanced and, thus, can “assess sales patterns to determine major decreases in your average sales velocity.” That is why it gets a complete look and can prevent mishaps such as slow sales days and listing suspensions.

6. Forecast Modeling:

SoStocked Forecast Modeling

Like all other software features, its forecasting is also quite brilliant. A lot of software provides sellers with the coming month's projected order, which is nothing wrong. But why stay limited when you can get much more? SoStocked delivers 12 full months of forecasting, which allows you to view orders and transfer demand beforehand.

7. Express Shipping Calculations:

SoStocked Express Shipping Calculations

The software's prediction of orders and transfers is well appreciated. But it doesn't stop there, with Express Shipping forecasting, you will always have your hand firm, even during emergencies.

8. Additional Perks:

FBA Sellers can build out full Purchase Orders hassle-free, all thanks to SoStocked's PO creation and tracking. The Split Shipments within POs feature allows you to become versatile and control shipments to different places and at different times. Lastly, sellers get to build Custom Inventory Dashboards for Specialized Reporting. This way, you can organize and filter reports within no time.

Must Know:

SoStocked is comfortable while working with all amazon marketplaces, which makes it a good deal for each seller. And yes, by integrating it with the AMZ API, the North American and EU marketplaces will also be available. Sellers can also adjust inventory and sales velocities if they are a part of the Pan-EU or NARF program, making it much more compatible.
To get a more insightful outlook, you should have a look at their Amazon inventory management software demo featuring Chelsea Cohen, one of the founders of

SoStocked Review 2024: Who is SoStocked for?

SoStocked is an inventory management software best suited for eCommerce sellers who want to streamline their inventory management. Businesses that sell a variety of products and want to maintain their inventory can use this software to keep track of all their products, expenses and ongoings easily.

Amazon Seller Central

Now coming back to the main point, who all can benefit the most from SoStocked? And in that very question lies its biggest feature. SoStocked can be a perfect fit for any Amazon seller who struggles with inventory management.

Private sellers have a lot to do with prediction, along with their inventory issues. So without any doubt, this software should be their go-to solution, as it is super helpful and intuitive. Adding feathers to its cap, the built-in marketing factors help sellers challenge their “inventory availability against planned marketing strategies.”

IPI limitations or general restock limitations are other factors that FBA sellers are affected by. For them, SoStocked's IPI/Restock Limiter becomes an efficient asset. The tool also helps you prevent stockouts as much as possible while staying within the Max Ship Quantity.

Another great feature with which the tool has now embellished itself is the “Forecasting Software + New Forecast Algorithm.” That makes it the best bet for all Seasonal sellers as it will allow them to Calculate average velocity per the terms. And you can get the sweet sprinkles by additional trends or growth factors effortlessly.

Another seller class that will make the most out of SoStocked is Wholesale sellers. The web app lets them manage high SKUs, review all forecasts, and purchase orders can be initiated directly from the software. Though the app at the present time has a few restrictions, the team is working towards them, and with the latest versions, you will see the software becoming the best inventory management software for wholesalers.

Lastly, SoStocked also is a great space for Brand Managers and PPC Agencies. The bigger the agency is, the more things it will have to manage and control. This can be pretty messy if you don't have the right tools.

SoStocked has customer reviews staging its usefulness for managers and agencies. It helps model out all of the agency's marketing plans before execution. This not only gives you the success rate of the marketing campaigns but also makes your client happy.

Drawbacks of SoStocked: Is this Inventory Management Software Lacking Something?

SoStocked is a great inventory management software, but is it all good? There might be a shortcoming that the software has. But because it is pretty advanced and new software, they are minor. Plus, the reviews that SoStocked receives work as constructive criticism for them, and they try to improve the experience for their customers, making it best for customer support.

Additionally, in a review written by one of the software's co-founders, the entire specification of the tool is presented in a detailed and genuine manner. They even include the cons list and what kind of users will not benefit from the software section. So they do get a full score for their honesty and transparency.

Now let's check out the things that are worth mentioning:

  • Exporting PO bulk orders can be a bit difficult.
  • It cannot create automatic FBA shipments.
  • The version is currently available for FBA sellers, FBM sellers will have to wait a little more.
  • SKU's arrival and defective/lost items tracking is not included.

They say they are working towards improvement, and seeing their enhancement and growth, you can not doubt the software's efficiency.

SoStocked Pricing: How much does SoStocked Cost?

SoStocked Pricing

The functionality of the software speaks for itself. The customer reviews and feedback from other sources are both quite optimistic. The performance is surely remarkable based on how much time the app has spent in the market. And considering all the factors, its pricing is very reasonable.

Plus, another advantage that sellers get is that the pricing will scale with your FBA business. You will be charged depending on the number of monthly orders. But for further understanding, let's simplify the numbers.

No. of Orders/MonthMonthly PriceAnnual Price (Save 20%)

With each package, you will surely get SoStocked's advanced features, such as Reorder Alerts, Inventory Forecasting, Inventory Tracking and also Inventory Dashboards. A 50% OFF Additional Seller Accounts discount is another to check for. Along with all this, you should expect the following services as well:

  • 20 Users
  • US-Based Support
  • 1-On-1 Onboarding
  • Free Data Migration

For Agency pricing plans, you are requested to contact the officials and discuss their pricing plans.

Top FAQs of SoStocked Review 2024

Do sellers really need Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software helps you track your inventory status and make smarter inventory management decisions. It lets you know your inventory value, your sales, and how much stock you need to reorder. Using software of this sort is a great way to simplify your inventory management process. Above all, it will be great to organize your e-commerce business.
SoStocked is definitely the perfect example of what the best Inventory management software looks like.

What resources will you be getting with SoStokced?

Alongside many valuable features, SoStocked also has some resources that will come in handy for your amazon business. Free Inventory planner, Inventory spreadsheet. Carton/pallet calculator, AMZ HTML converter, and AMZ FBA calculator are some of the awesome resources you can access with the help of SoStocked. You also get to know about the free live upcoming webinars, which are quite educational. You can even get information and help from the software's study aid and guides.

Which Pricing Plan suits the best FBA sellers?

The answer to this depends on the growth and status of your business. Sostocked's pricing plans depend on the monthly orders that a business receives. You can get the metrics and get started with the management. Other than that, if you are a manager and perhaps run an agency, then your pricing plans will have to be discussed with the Officials.

Does the software offer a free trial?

You get a 30-day free trial of your desired plan, which means 1st month is free and you get to experience the functionality of SoStocked. Sellers can schedule a live demo to get to know the software better. Or they can opt to attend Chelsea's live inventory management webinar.

What new features will soon be included in Sostocked?

The SoStocked team is always on their guard as they keep innovating and enhancing inventory management for sellers. They have provided information on the new updates and features that the latest version of the software will come with:
– 1-Click Rerouting
– Automated FBA Shipment Creation
– Cash Flow Modeling
– Buy Box Calculation
All these features will improve and make inventory management much easier for users.

Conclusion: SoStocked Review | Is SoStocked Worth it?

Inventory management is one of the most challenging aspects of running an eCommerce business. Keeping track of stocks and shipping and all the other business-related aspects becomes a time-consuming task, which, if not done correctly, can gravely affect your business.

Amazon sellers can deal with their problems using SoStocked's inventory management solution. SoStocked concentrates on countering their difficulties by providing targeted and specific solutions.

Among SoStocked's features, some that shine out are its Adjustable Velocity, Buffer Stock, KPI Dashboards, Customizable Interface, Forecast Modeling, Advanced Stock Calculation, and a lot more. It, however, does not work for all e-commerce platforms, it is solely targeted toward Amazon. But it has some amazing pricing plans, and that is what makes SoStocked a fantastic option for Amazon sellers.

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