Are you looking for an easy way to split-test your Amazon listing? Splitly makes it easy to test different listing features and find the winning combination that will increase your profits. With Splitly, you can take the guesswork out of split testing and start making more money on Amazon. Here's our Splitly Review 2024 with detailed insights into its features, pricing, and functionality, to improve your profit!

If you've been selling on Amazon for a while, you know that finding profitable products to sell is the key to success. Getting ahead of the competition is hard. They've been in business for months or years and they have a huge advantage, so here comes the need for Splitly. Using Splitly's split testing feature, you can quickly determine which products are profitable!

In addition to optimizing your profits, Splitly automates split testing and rank tracking. Amazon sellers who already have their listings up and running and know their goals will benefit from the Splitly tool and features. A better understanding of their product and their audience will result in higher profits for sellers. With Splitly see how much your Amazon profits can grow.

So, let's dive deep into Splitly review, Splitly features, Splitly pricing, how Splitly works, and Splitly alternatives that will help you to decide whether to get this software to improve your amazon ranking!

Splitly Overview

If you are looking for a simple and powerful solution to automate your A/B tests on Amazon, Splitly is the best choice for you. To help you with your decision, here I have outlined some of the major specifications of Splitly:

PRODUCTA/B Testing Tool
BEST FORPowerful optimization tools for private label sellers to track how your products are performing on Amazon.
FEATURESOptimize your product listing on Amazon Better sales and make products appear more in organic search results Maximize profit when dealing with FBA Algorithmic Split Testing for increased conversion Automated Pricing Optimization Monitors your rank for the most important keywords Reliable Tracking based on data Expert team & email support
PRICING PLANS4 Pricing Plans, Starter, Growth, Business, & Enterprise
METHOD OF PAYMENTSubscription Plan $47
FREE TRIALYes, a free trial is available
USER SIZESmall (<50 employees), Medium (50 – 1000) & Enterprise >1001 employees)

Splitly Review: What is Splitly?

Splitly Review

If you are dealing with FBA or fulfillment by Amazon, Splitly is an Amazon Split Testing Software that can help you maximize profit. When it comes to being more competitive and maximizing profits, you are ahead of most competitors. Splitly isolates the greater chance of having the same product labels and layouts when it comes to presenting products on applications as well as how customers view particular products & services on the web. Sounds, interesting right?

Splitly A/B testing software helps Amazon sellers:

  • Easily test selling pricing and automates the selling price to get the profit out of it
  • This tool also uses an AI-driven split-testing algorithm to improve your product listings for product titles, descriptions, images, etc.
  • It also helps you with Amazon rank tracking and figuring out how your business runs.
  • Improves the visibility & attractiveness of your product

Splitly tool provides you with the capability to locate the most fitting pricing for your items. It contains a feature of cost optimization for re-pricing your items and it is simple to test how well your website page performs in making sales on Amazon. You can find the best variation by uploading pictures and messages, so you can employ split testing to determine which one produces the highest benefit on Amazon and improve both conversions and profitability.

Moreover, the Splitly test also examines the pricing aspect of the products and helps determine the right amount to make a profit. Splitly can suggest lowering the price for low-cost products based on the product costing niche, increasing the number of sales conversions. High-cost products, on the other hand, may have a higher price suggestion to imply higher quality, leading to increased sales.

When deciding what products to buy and why, product features are a very crucial aspect you must consider. By educating consumers about the best features as well as the benefits of a particular product, Splitly makes them more tailored for them. As important as the title and description are, Splitly also communicates with customers.

To ensure that the title of the product is as long as possible, Splitly tests the length of the title. Splitly has worked with a variety of companies and can provide better sales and make products appear more in organic search results which in turn helps you to grow your sales profile on Amazon.

Note: Splitly has been officially shutdown on September 15, 2021 and is no longer available, Jungle Scout on the other hand is one of the best Amazon seller tool in the market that fulfils every essential requirement for Amazon Selling.
Learn more by reading the Jungle Scout Review

How does Splitly work?

If you are an amazon seller, designing and making new content manually is really time-consuming. With Splitly, you can easily compare which one works for you better! In contrast to other tools that compare data and ask you where to make changes, Splitly looks for ways to improve & grow your sales on amazon.

Here are the 3 simple steps you just need to follow:

  • First, you need to visit Splitly's official website and create an account 
  • After creating an account, you have to choose an select a package according to your needs
  • Lastly, you just need to need to link it to your amazon account for detailed reports & insights

Once you link it to your amazon account, you can get detailed information about how it is working, and where it is lacking to draw customers it will also rotate the listing variations you have created earlier.

With the tool, you'll be able to find out which variation performs the best and make the combination of optimized information with your consistent listing settings. Apart from this if there is any fluctuation, Splitly's information may change with time. The best results will be achieved by using Splitly on a long-term basis. In this way, Splitly improves & enhances Amazon listing in this way, which results in driving more sales to maximize your profits.

Splitly Features at a Glance

Splitly Features

Splitly maximize profit by finding the ideal price for your product and niche, test how pricing affects your rankings and conversions, and track total revenue increases due to split tests. This will help you see how well your product is performing on Amazon and increase your profits by up to 30%. This split testing tool comes with 3 features that will save you time and money with better rankings & revenue for Amazon listing.

This tool keeps a reliable record of all appraised variations and the associated values and information from split testing. So, without any further ado let's see Splitly features in detail what are you getting inside:

1. Automated Pricing Optimizer

Whether you are selling products or services, change is always there. So, if there is any kind of fluctuation in the market, there may be some problems with your product. In this situation, Splitly can help you decide when it is time to adjust the price of your product or how to compromise if you don't know when to do so.

Moreover, Splitly also helps you decide what price to set for your product. and make the best decision on pricing. The functionality of Splitly also impacts how the business runs daily. After completing Splitly tests, you can stop testing or keep testing for better results but don't change the price until you have done another test.

This tool helps you to figure out your pricing and ensures maximum profit without doing any manual work.

2. Algorithmic Split Testing

With the split testing feature, you can automatically test and update your listings with the use of expertly designed algorithms. Now forget the old-fashioned methods that involve downloading Seller Central report every day and putting them into an Excel spreadsheet. No more doing calculations on your own and manually updating your listings every day at midnight.

Splitly comes with accurate A/B testing options, adjusting your listing based on data for achieving the best results. This feature helps you to test titles, headlines, back-end keywords, images, pricing and so much more!

You just have to set the original listing and then the system will come up with new variations of your listing over the next few days and send you a report that shows which one performs the best. Splitly AI will automatically adjust your product listing based on which variation performed better than the original. Just relax and enjoy the benefits!

  • Scientifically test every element of your product listing for increased conversions and profits
  • Test your pricing, images, titles, features, descriptions, and keywords

3. Keyword Rank Tracking

Using Spility's Rank Tracking feature, sellers can make their listings more visible to buyers. With Rank Tracking, you will know if your keywords are working on your listing or not. This feature is easy to use, and it provides reliable and accurate information. Apart from this feature, it will save you a lot of time finding out how well your keywords are performing, you won't have to go through reports manually.

If you use Splitly, you will know which optimization features affect your Amazon ranking. This will make it easier for you to do good marketing and keep your customers happy.

To set it up, you just need to go to the Splitly app, and click on the rank tracker to observe your keyword action, after that just type and select “Add”. Then Splitly, will send you a user-friendly report to check and lastly, they will show your page ranking after testing.

  • Monitor your rank for the most important keywords
  • Get sophisticated reports so you can see how your listing performs over time.

Splitly Pricing Plans: Is Splitly Worth It?

Splitly Pricing Plans

Wondering how much Splitly costs? Splitly comes with 4 different pricing plans to choose from. Do you know the best part? Amazon sellers can use Splitly to move their product listings to the top of Amazon's search results with the help of this simple and reliable tool.

Now let's have quick glance od Splitly pricing plans and which plan suits your business needs:

  • The basic “Starter Plan” costs $47 and includes 3 concurrent tests, A/B tests, as well as 100 keywords, which are available only in European and US markets.
  • The “Growth Plan” costs $97 and includes 10 concurrent tests, 500 keywords, A/B tests, and profit peak features, which are available only in European and US markets.
  • The “Business Plan” costs $197 and includes 25 concurrent tests, 1000 keywords, A/B tests, and profit peak features, which are available only in European and US markets.
  • The “Enterprise Plan” costs $497 and includes 100 concurrent tests, 5000 keywords, A/B tests, and profit peak features, which are available only in European and US markets.

How can Splitly help Grow my Amazon FBA Business?

We all know, evaluating your amazon listings is an important task, and it is quite exhausting. But you must have consistency to do your calculations for having a better understanding of how your business is performing. With Splitly, you not only get a better understanding of where your listings are, but you also get a better overview of where you can improve or optimize your product listing elements to get better exposure and popularity of your business on Amazon.

On the other hand, if you need to gather data from your competitor's niche, then the Profit Peak feature can easily help you adjust to any economic climate on Amazon to get the maximum profit keeping your customers highly satisfied!

Is Spitly worth it as an Amazon FBA Seller Tool?

Amazon is one of the best marketplace & eCommerce platforms on the internet for online sales. With Splitly, you can stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of supply & demand using the smartest artificial intelligence algorithms for Amazon. Apart from that, if you are doing product listing manually, Splitly can benefit you with the best combinations for their product listing stimulating the market to new compositions.

Splitly's pricing options provide every business size with a suitable choice of plan. The only drawback is their Starter Plan doesn't provide the profit peak feature compared to other pricing plans. Last but not the least, Splitly is a no-brainer deal and provides everything it promises and is highly recommended for Amazon FBA sellers

Splitly Pros & Cons

As Splitly is one of the most powerful suites of optimization tools for Amazon private label sellers which helps sellers and their businesses maximize profit when dealing with FBA or Fulfillment By Amazon. Now you can easily analyze your rankings and other listing data manually saving you both time & money. Let's have an in-depth list of Splitly's Pros & Cons below:

  • Provides algorithmic split testing for increased page conversion & ranking
  • Powerful optimization tools for private label sellers on Amazon
  • Maximizes profit by finding the ideal price for your product and niche.
  • Upload multiple images, titles, and descriptions and run automated tests.
  • Automated pricing optimization
  • Enables you to optimize your product listing to appeal to your most profitable customers.
  • Continuous private label repricing on autopilot and set up within minutes
  • Rapidly increase your profit percentage by 20%
  • Fast & reliable support via email if you have any kind of issues
  • Free trial available & refund policy
  • Gives you reliable metrics to see how you stack up against your FBA competitors
  • Doesn't have live chat support
  • It would be better with more pricing options available

Top FAQs On Splitly Review 2024

1. What is Splitly Tool?

Splitly is a split-testing tool made for Amazon sellers. It is a simple and powerful solution to automate A/B tests on Amazon, test key listing features, and improve profits.

2. Which is better Splitly vs Listing Dojo?

Splitly wins as it offers tons of features compared to its competitor Listing Dojo. Plus, the features offered by this platform help you to boost your Amazon rankings.

3. What about Splitly Coupon Code?

Yes! Splitly comes with a special Splitly Coupon Code that you can use to get up to 10% Off On Splitly.

4. How much control do I have while using Splitly?

Splitly is designed to automatically learn processes and make smart decisions without your input. Plus, there is an option to set a maximum and minimum price to help you feel more secure about any probable decisions by the Profit Peak feature.

Splitly Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for Splitly alternatives? Here are some Splitly competitors and alternatives to make an informed decision for your business.

Helium 10 | Splitly Vs. Helium 10

Helium 10 is an All-in-One software provider trusted by 1,000,000+ e-commerce entrepreneurs, agencies, and major global brands to power their business growth on Amazon. It provides you with the tools you need to boost your entire sales pipeline, from finding a product to launching products and scaling your business. To maximize your sales on Amazon, optimize your business, and simply sell more using Helium 10. The starting price is $79/mo.

Jazva | Splitly Vs. Jazva

Jazva is a cloud-based e-commerce management software built for high-volume retailers and wholesalers. Moreover, it is a powerful and full-featured tool that helps automate, simplify, and synchronize multichannel selling. It provides a set of features for online sales including listing management, multi-channel product management, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), order fulfillment, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and interactive reporting and analytics tools. The starting price for Jazva is $299/mo.

Listing Dojo | Splitly Vs. Listing Dojo

Listing Dojo is a powerful platform that allows you to determine which price point, images, title, and description make your listing the most money! Apart from that it uses analytics to show you exactly how to create your listing to drive the optimum number of clicks, sessions, conversions, and sales! You can also access beautifully displayed, comprehensive graphs and statistics to quickly identify the most profitable options for each listing element. Now you can create your split test in minutes!!

Final Words On Splitly Review

Wrapping up my Splitly review, I must say Splitly is the best choice to stay on top of the competition helping you become more popular and get more sales!! It is ideal for both beginners and experienced sellers and is the perfect companion for your seller's toolkit.

Plus if you have a lot of experience and knowledge around Amazon product listing optimization, then the Splitly testing feature can benefit you. Moreover, they have amazing data-driven insights and keyword-tracking feature which boosts your Amazon sales & increase your revenue. To build a successful online presence, I strongly recommend Splitly for all Amazon sellers or businessmen.

The best part is, the pricing plans for Splitly are affordable for all businesses and very easy to use and understand. Thank you for reading this article till the end. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below, we will be happy to respond to you all.

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