If you are looking for Viral Launch Review 2024, you need not to go anywhere else. We are here to answer all your queries about this all-in-one tool that will surely skyrocket your Amazon business.

Did you know that the majority of shoppers check Amazon before they buy a new product? In fact, 90% of customers begin their product search directly on Amazon. It is the largest and most preferred online retailer and ecommerce platform.

This is excellent news for sellers because it means that you can launch your products with confidence, knowing that most potential customers will find them there. However, launching your own private label product on Amazon isn't easy.

With more than 2 million sellers on the platform and new sellers joining every day, it's essential to have a strategy in place to ensure your products are discovered and not buried amongst the competition. Not just that, their FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) program also requires your constant attention. This is where our protagonist comes into the play.

Viral Launch is a combination of an easy-to-use software suites that helps your brand and product scale far better than your competitors. The following post critically dives deep into all the aspects necessary for the growth of your business. At last, in our Viral Launch Review, we will answer the million-dollar question: Is Viral Launch worth it?

What is Viral Launch? Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch Reviews

Viral Launch is an Amazon marketing automation tool that helps Amazon sellers boost their sales and grow their brands with ease. The service works by helping brands automate their marketing efforts to spend less time doing manual work and more time growing their business. It becomes a must for your FBA journey.

The software does so by providing workaholic tools that excel in product research, keyword research, market intelligence, keyword tracking, advertising and PPC, product launching and various other functions.

All these incredible features of Viral Launch help the user achieve better automation, visibility, and results on Amazon. Viral Launch has tracked more than 225000000 products, launched 44000+ products and grown over 10000+ brands. You can choose from a variety of their monthly and yearly pricing plans, whatever fits best for you.

Viral Launch is perfect for brands at all stages of their Amazon journey and is especially helpful for new sellers who want to launch their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Its data automation and other result-driven features make it a worthy deal.

Viral Launch Features at a Glance: Viral Launch Review

The amazon seller tools that Viral Launch offers indeed makes it a gold mine. Let's learn about these advanced features in detail and how they will help you enhance your business.

Amazon Product Finder

Finding the right ground to start your business is very important, and thus, product discovery and research become a must. Viral Launch's Product Finder helps you locate products that have high scope of sales. With its thousands of unique filter combinations, untapped markets become very easy to locate. Viral launch product discovery tool helps you grab the opportunities and supersede your competitors. Its accurate sales estimates are a product of Amazon's catalog's current-time and historical data. All the tools inside Viral Launch are designed to help you save time as well as increase your productivity.

Their official site titles the product finder as the “Most accurate Amazon product finder in the galaxy.” You get accurate data within no time, and all the relevant research is available in one spot. Easy comparison with your competition and fast output are two other reasons you should opt for Viral Launch.

Amazon Product Research

This feature of Viral Launch comes in handy for getting an accurate picture of sales estimates and other factors which will help you decide whether or not you should source the product. Its sales estimates are built on real-time and historical data that deliver accuracy. You will get a better understanding of the market because of relative product information such as historical sales, cost, review trend data and 5-star validation. With its built-in calculator, you can calculate the cost and profit upfront.

The research tools are applicable to the international Amazon marketplace. The market intelligence will also work in the form of a Chrome extension. So, now you can confidently source products and certainly increase your bank balance.

Amazon Keyword Research

Amazon SEO is another factor you need to pay attention towards if you wish to increase your sales and business on Amazon. Gladly, Amazon Keyword Research Tool works efficiently to improve your Amazon SEO. The data is directly fetched from Amazon, hence assumptions are no more needed. Not just that, with Viral Launch's advanced relevancy filter, you can find hundreds of relevant keywords within no time. Including relevant and hidden keywords that your competitors missed, you can quickly boost your sales.

The software also keeps in mind the organization skills, with its free listing builder, you can create “powerful Amazon SEO listings.” Search volume data, historical search volume trends, reverse market look-up, customer search, and relevant keywords are just a few of the many things you will get along with Viral Launch tools.

Competitor Intelligence

The official website of Viral Launch defines Competitor intelligence as an ‘advanced Amazon reverse ASIN lookup tool.' It delivers insight into the competitor's performance in the past and recent times. When you enter a product's ASIN, the tool fetches all the relevant data such as high-scope keywords, track indexation, sponsored ad rank, prices, search volume, etc.

These features not only help you grow but also give you a competitive edge. The competitor intelligence tool gives you the opportunity to steal their top-performing keywords, which can be used to boost your sales. You get to stay one step ahead as it helps you with product research, listing optimization, and ongoing monitoring. You also get various other benefits with the tool that become a must if you want to stay ahead in the game.

Amazon Keyword Optimization Tools

Viral Launch also brings you a set of 3 other tools that will help you with keyword optimization. The helpers integrate seamlessly to make available for you the data and insights which will be beneficial to improving product listing. What are they, and how do they work? Let's find out:

  1. Listing Analyzer: The tool works by performing an utterly automated SWOT analysis which in turn provides information about the comparison of your product with its top competitors. Not just that, after the report you can also take immediate action to improve the sales. The tool works with the help of features such as automated keyword discovery, competitive analysis and content evaluation. With all the required assistance in one place, the work gets done faster and better.
  2. Keyword Manager: The keyword manager displays a high amount of product-related keyword data, making it a “comprehensive analytics dashboard.” You get access to Advanced Keyword Insights, which allows you to track ad rank, check the index, search volume, market trends, badge notifications, and keyword scores. It also works as a keyword tracker, with which you can track up to 2,000 keywords, integrate with other tools, and get organized analytics.
  3. Listing Builder: Last but not least, list builder assists you in developing an SEO-optimized list of high-performance and maximum benefits keywords based on Amazon search results. The tool has built-in scoring and also keeps a record of used and unused keywords. It also displays helpful keyword metrics such as search volume and opportunity scores.

Commendable and Noteworthy Services by Viral Launch | Viral Launch Review

Kinetic PPC

This amazing tool that is powered by Viral Launch allows you to minimize efforts and maximize profits by automating your Amazon PPC. You can customize rules for automation which gives you complete control of all the ongoing. You also get access to more data such as campaign analysis, PPC and organic sales, and the immediate impact. You can implement an informed strategy that will provide assured results. You will get to interact with the tool and also set up the first 5 automation with a trained specialist. You can choose the best keywords for your campaigns with integrated research and data tracking. Manage, monitor, and track your automation and other factors to help drive profit and sales.

Listing Dojo (Split testing)

Listing Dojo is another tool by Viral Launch, but the specialty of this one is that it trains your Amazon listing to be more profitable. It is a “powerful set-and-forget platform” that keeps track of the listing that is generating maximum income. They provide detailed, elegant and comprehensive statistics. Analytics can create a proper listing to drive sales, sessions and clicks. In just 10 mins, you can create your split test without much hassle. Your campaign will efficiently run in the background, and you will make money hand over fist. With just an initial setup, the tool will help you to increase your listing's profitability. The tool is simple to use, has an intuitive design and provides highly illustrative data. Make sure to visit their official website to know more about its functionality.


This viral Launch service boosts your product's sales performance and brings in external traffic. Viral Launch's official site defines it as the “world's most powerful Amazon product launch platform.” It gives significant exposure and exposes you to an exclusive group of more than 350,000 Amazon shoppers! You get unlimited coupon giveaways with every launch package, so you won't have to pay extra for promotions and sales.

You can set the automation within no time and get the Launch set within just one day. It is a premium tool for increasing brand awareness and traffic on your amazon listing. Some of its exclusive features includes schedule launch, uncapped coupons, granular scheduling, real-time launch statistics and launch guides, and a mass buyer audience.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans: Get 50% OFF with Viral Launch Coupon Code

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Viral Launch does many different things, but, at its core, it is a product launch service that helps brands launch their product quickly and successfully on Amazon. A vital component of this is optimizing your product listings so that they rank higher on Amazon searches. The product research tool also helps brands find new sales opportunities by monitoring the market for new keywords and product ideas. There are a few other significant features and services that the software provides.

Now looking at this all-in-one Amazon success solution, you will surely think that Viral Launch's cost will also be on the higher side. But Viral Launch proudly proves you wrong, it is very affordable as well as reasonable.

Viral Launch Essentials Pack

Price$69 per month$58 per month
TargetAmazon Product Research Amazon product filtering  Amazon Product Research Amazon product filtering  
Key FeaturesKeyword Search Volume Browser research extension Advice & guidance Global dataKeyword Search Volume Browser research extension Advice & guidance Global data  

Viral Launch Pro Pack

Price$99 per month$83 per month
TargetEverything you need to sell successfully on AmazonEverything you need to sell successfully on Amazon
Key FeaturesUse metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales and price trends Competitor monitoring SEO & listing optimization Rank tracking & alerts Listing health analysisUse metrics like monthly revenue, historical sales and price trends Competitor monitoring SEO & listing optimization Rank tracking & alerts Listing health analysis

Viral Launch Pro Plus Ads Pack

Price$199 per month$166 per month
TargetOne-stop destination for Amazon advertising & sales optimizationOne-stop destination for Amazon advertising & sales optimization
Key FeaturesRobust Amazon advertising platform Detailed advertising analytics and data Create & customize your own automations 24/7 campaign monitoring & adjustments Organic + PPC keyword trackingRobust Amazon advertising platform Detailed advertising analytics and data Create & customize your own automations 24/7 campaign monitoring & adjustments Organic + PPC keyword tracking

Other than this, you can also get a 14-day free trial just by signing up. You can easily upgrade and automatically renew your plan based on your choices. But one should note that once made, the payment is non-refundable, and your plan will work until the end of its billing date. You can cancel the recurring subscription before the renewal period.

How to choose the best Viral Launch package for yourself?

Your needs will differ based on which stage of Amazon journey you are on. But if you still need assistance and are having a tough time figuring out what you should opt for, feel free to connect to Viral Launch's customer care. The following table compares the available plans.

Plan TypeEssentials packPro packPro Plus Ad pack
Search product ideasAvailableAvailableAvailable
Track top-selling items350 products1000 products
Analyze ASIN's listing50 listings100 listings
Track keyword ranking2000 keywords (daily)
30 keywords (hourly)
5000 keywords (daily)
100 keywords (hourly)
Access monthly search volumeAvailableAvailableAvailable
Analyze sales metrics and trend dataAvailableAvailableAvailable

Best Viral Launch Alternatives | Our Top Picks

Jungle Scout | Viral Launch Vs. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a Chrome extension and online service that helps Amazon retailers grow their businesses and rise higher than their competitors. Jungle Scout helps individuals perform product research on Amazon. As a result of its excellent features, tedious and time-consuming work can be made simpler. You can get started right away in your quest to increase revenue. It is simple, enjoyable, and uncomplicated. It is a deal for people of all stages, from beginners to professionals. Check our Jungle Scout Review 2024 to know all about its solutions and features.

Helium 10 | Viral Launch Vs. Helium 10

With a little high on budget, Helium 10 has become one of the best software for Amazon and Walmart sellers. Helium 10 helps companies by assisting them with the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. With this software, you can increase your profits by tracking your products, scaling their operation, managing their stores, gathering information directly from them about their target demographics and much more. It allows for Amazon PPC audit reports to be generated for free. Feel free to go through the Helium 10 Review 2024 for better insights.

Top FAQs on Viral Launch Review

Who is the founder of Viral Launch? 

Casey Gauss is the founder and CEO of Viral Launch. This college dropout recently won the Rising Entrepreneur Award during TechPoint's 20th annual Mira Awards gala.

What are the benefits of Viral Launch? 

Viral launch works with billions of real Amazon data points from all categories. Their data scientists have formed sophisticated algorithms which help calculate the most precise Amazon sales estimates from real-time and historical sales numbers. It even provides users with various efficient tools for product finding, product research, keyword research, competitor intelligence, keyword optimization, and much more. 

Does Viral Launch offer a free subscription? 

You can get a Viral Launch 14-Day Free-Trial just by creating an account which will allow you to get 5 free searches per day.

Is Viral Launch cheap and affordable? 

Yes, when compared to its other alternatives, Viral Launch does have very promising and affordable packages. The yearly packages will cost you $58/month (Essentials Pack), $83/month (Pro Pack), and $166/month (Pro Plus Ad Pack). Plus you can get extra discounts by using our special coupons. 

Is Jungle Scout better than Viral Launch? 

These Amazon growth platforms are top-class and work for your business enhancement. But Viral Launch has a slightly better product research quality, it helps you in product launching and also offers a Chrome extension. But Jungle Scout has its own set of features, so it all narrows down to the users' needs. 

Final Verdict | Viral Launch Review | Is Viral Launch worth it?

Viral Launch is a worthwhile investment for any Amazon seller who wants to simplify their marketing efforts and boost sales quickly. The service is perfect for brands at all stages of their Amazon journey but is especially helpful for new sellers. The software offers a wide range of helpful features that will help you successfully launch on Amazon. Viral Launch also offers product discovery, market intelligence, keyword research, competitive outlook, Amazon SEO optimization tools, PPC and advertising, and a few other top-class services.

With every Viral Launch plan, you will get robust data, seamless integration, automation, comprehensive stats, constant improvements and result-oriented features. Their monthly and yearly plans are designed to fit all comfort zones and are cheaper than their competitors. They also have fantastic customer response. Viral Launch strikes as the best deal for people who are on a budget.

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