Still on a search for a genuine and updated Zon.Tools review? Well, wait no more because in this Zon.Tools review we have covered everything about the tool. In fact, the features mentioned here are of Zon.Tools V2.0, read it up!

You might be already known to the fact that there are multiple automation tools available in the market that offer somewhat similar features but do not offer all-around stuff in terms of certain parameters. One of the important reasons that make a popular choice among Amazon sellers is being able to Launch, Automate and manage PPC campaigns over Amazon.

Quick Summary on Zon.Tools

Your search for the managing PPC tool comes to an end here as Zon.Tools offer you robust features to launch and automate your PPC campaigns. The tool is powered by AI, through which it will automatically and continuously optimize your PPC campaigns which can help sellers to grow their sales along with saving them time. Sellers can quickly launch profitable PPC campaigns for their Amazon products and boost their revenue, along with increasing the exposure of their brand/products. The tool takes care of your worries related to Amazon PPC campaigns and even manages your ad budget.

Zon.Tools also offer powerful real-time insights that can deliver you complete clarity about your ad performance. The pricing of Zon.Tools are also quite affordable as it starts from $9 and goes up to just $25/month. And not to forget the 30-day free trial for $1, through which you can try out the excellent features offered by it. If you wish to Set your PPC on Autopilot mode, we recommend you try out Zon.Tools.

Selling products on Amazon is a dream of many, but did you know that only a few sellers get the right acknowledgment from the platform and the buyers? Yes, you heard that right. Undoubtedly a seller on Amazon can earn thousands of dollars, but the effort that goes into earning that particular amount is much more than one has ever imagined.

By efforts, we don't mean working hard, we mean working smart, SELLING PRODUCTS THE SMARTER WAY!

And one such smart way to reach the top is Amazon PPC Advertising. Many Amazon sellers have been using and expanding their reach in terms of Amazon selling operations, where working on the Amazon listing might require working on different aspects like product listing, keyword optimization, tools, and much more; the Amazon PPC campaigns can help on giving a kick starter that you need.

For example, you have launched a PPC campaign expecting your product to stay at the top of the search list. But let me burst the bubble, ads on Amazon can pop up anywhere – at the beginning, the middle, or even at the last.

So, if you want to get your ad listed at the beginning to get better attention from the audience, a good Amazon PPC management tool will help you best. These tools take a variety of products, the most relatable keywords, to run the campaign efficiently. And one such popular Amazon PPC Software in the market is Zon.Tools. 

As in today's date, Zon.Tools is the most advanced Amazon PPC tool and in this Zon.Tools review we have made sure to cover the ins and outs of the tool like features, pricing, and benefits in the best possible way. But before getting into those, let's quickly explore what exactly is all about!

Zon.Tools Overview: Zon.Tools Review & Analysis 🔎

As mentioned previously, Zon.Tools is a powerful enterprise automation and management solution. This tool specifically works for Amazon sponsored products. Initially, the tool monitors all the sponsored products best practices and keeps a record of the same. It then uses all the data to build up the next perfect campaign. overiew

Setting up Zon.Tools for a PPC campaign is much easier, the user just has to enter some basic information about the product, and the tool does its job perfectly and quickly. The tool also gives users access to customize the ad as per their preferences, which means you are never controlled by the tool, instead you control the tool.

The best part about Zon.Tools is it changes bids throughout the day, you don't have to worry about bidding even a bit. Since Zon.Tools is an AI-based software, it changes the bids according to the user's requirements and criteria. Additionally, the tool has a database of millions of keywords based on the products available on Amazon. Any user can use this database for their campaigns.

Long story short, Zon.Tools V2.0 will help you with:

  • Automating the current campaign setup.
  • Launching new and effective campaigns quickly.
  • Automatically managing bids.
  • Automatically adding new keywords.
  • Pausing low-performing keywords.
  • Lowering low-performing keywords.
  • Managing your ad budget.
  • And many more!
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Zon.Tools Features | What Zon.Tools have for its users?

Are you excited to lower your Advertising Cost of Sales? Check out Zon.Tools feature now to increase your sales.

Note: Zon.Tools have recently launched a new version of the software, the previous version is still available to use. The features here mentioned are of the latest version, and not the previous one. Some features of the previous version: Auto-Mate 3.0, KeyWord Miner, Target Miner, Bid Gambler, Term-Inator, ASIN-Ator, KeyWords Guardian, KeyWord Recycler, and Bid Nailer. Features in the latest version of are just the same but more advanced, hence the names are changed.

  • Automatically optimizes PPC: Zon.Tools is a powerful AI PPC software that automatically and continuously optimizes all the ads. The optimization is done according to the Zon.Tools previous ad database. Moreover, the ads are optimized in such a way that users get more profits and sales as well.
  • Ad automation: With Zon.Tools , sellers can set their PPC on autopilot. They don't have to worry about ad launch, time and date as well. Basically, over here sellers would be automating the growth by working on their business and not in their business.
  • Sell products worldwide: Whatever Country you are living in, whatever Amazon marketplace you are going to target, Zon.Tools has got you covered with all. With this tool, you can sell across every Amazon marketplace. Sellers can even create multiple seller accounts inside one Zon.Tools account, with just one subscription.
  • Sponsored product ads: Zon.Tools help sellers own the best space on Amazon. With sponsored product ads, sellers can target shoppers with their campaigns. Reason is, campaigns designed by Zon.Tools are optimized for highly-converting keywords, while keeping advertising cost of sales in check.
  • Sponsored display ads: Other than product ads, Zon.Tools have recently added a new ad type – display ads. With this ad type, sellers can create interactive retargeting campaigns. These campaigns are usually aimed at customers that have viewed any of the products sold by sellers within the past 30 days, or a month.
  • Sponsored brand ads: Yet another new ad type Zon.Tools have been launched recently is sponsored brand ads. With this ad type sellers can increase brand awareness and sales by creating sponsored brand product pieces. Moreover, they can even feature video ads on their Amazon Page.
  • Bidding engine: The bidding engine feature by Zon.Tools automatically adjust target bids. It even bids at real-time, hence the sales maximizes much. Moreover, the bidding engine even optimizes sellers’ ad spend so that they can manage their advertising cost of sales budget properly.
  • Explorer engine: The explorer engine feature by Zon.Tools continuously look out for high-converting keywords from across different Amazon marketplaces. Apart from keywords, it even searches ASINs and search terms, which would help sellers organically grow their Ad reach in a 100% automated way.
  • Optimization engine: The optimization engine feature by Zon.Tools is so far the best and most powerful feature according to me. Reason being, this feature continuously monitors the complete campaign performance. It even looks out for ad spends on high converting keywords and ASIN's. And lastly, the engine also cuts off spending on low performing keywords.
  • Phrase match engine: Yet another exciting feature by Zon.Tools is the phrase match engine. This feature basically scans the entire PPC report over months. It then automatically removes low performing search keywords for better, high-performing future campaigns.
  • Powerful reporting: The best part about using Zon.Tools for managing PPC campaigns is its reporting itself. The tool never misses out on giving sellers total clarity on Ad performance. The report consisted of sales, profits, ACoS, and ROaS for all the campaigns launched till date.
  • Automation insights: The automation insights feature by Zon.Tools keep sellers updated about everything that's happening within the campaign. How many people are actually interacting with it so that, as a seller, you are always kept in the loop?
  • Recommended bids: Apart from automated bidding, recommended bids by Zon.Tools are a great feature indeed. This feature cuts off the guesswork behind bidding by Amazon integration. It shows sellers Amazon recommended bids for all the sponsored ads that will directly or indirectly affect the sales and profits of products.
  • Merch by Amazon: If you are selling on Merch, Zon.Tools have got you covered with that too. Moreover, Zon.Tools is the only PPC tool available in the market that allows sellers to create fully automated PPC campaigns for all merch products.

Zon.Tools Pricing Plans | Zon.Tools Free Trial (Almost Free) pricing plans

Zon.Tools as compared to other PPC software available out there offer much more flexible and affordable pricing plans. This is the reason why thousands of customers are still relying on this tool for over years now. Not even professionals, but even for beginners, Zon.Tools are super affordable. They can use the tool for just $1 per month and get access to the best features to launch the best PPC campaigns.

The other three paid plans by Zon.Tools are as follows:

Zon.Tools Analyzer Plan: $9 per month

  • Risk-free 30-day $1 trial.
  • Unlimited sellers account.
  • Unlimited campaigns.
  • Unlimited products.
  • Unlimited keywords.
  • Manually manage ad campaigns.
  • Basic customer support.

Zon.Tools Masterer Plan: $19 per month

  • Risk-Free 30-Day Trial.
  • Everything included in the Analyzer plan.
  • Bid Gambler.
  • Bid Nailer.
  • Auto-Mate.
  • Keyword Recycler.
  • Priority support.

Zon.Tools Dominator Plan: $25 per month

  • Everything in the Analyzer and Masterer plan.
  • Keyword Miner and Target Miner.
  • Term-Inator and ASIN-Ator.
  • Round-the-clock slack support.
  • Monthly ad strategy calls by experts.

The pricing plan list just doesn't end here. Not every business will just fall into these three categories. Monthly ad spending of every Amazon seller differs much, and the founders knew that well. And for that reason, they have specifically set up a calculator on the pricing plan page. By entering the maximum monthly ad spend in the box given, sellers can simulate Zon.Tools pricing.

For example, I have added 5001 as the maximum monthly ad spend. Now the pricing of all the plans gets changed, and Analyzer becomes $35 a month, Masterer $169 a month, and Dominator $299 per month.

Zon.Tools Customer Support Service 🎧

Not every Amazon PPC software provides best customer support. But when it comes to Zon.Tools the developers often reach out users over Slack to solve issues they have been facing. In fact, on Slack the turnaround time is also great, you just have to send the message, and the team will get back to you quickly.
Other than this, Slack support is not available in Masterer and Analyzer plan, however, in Masterer plan they do offer priority support.

Lastly, Zon.Tools also give sellers monthly strategy calls to let them know where they are lacking behind, and offer them help with future campaigns. As of now, this feature is only available for sellers who have bought the Dominator plan.

Additional Features to Consider | Zon.Tools Review 🤔

In addition to all the key features that were mentioned above, offer some excellent services and features that can help in making your Amazon selling operations better on multiple scales. Some of the features that are offered by Zon.Tools are as follow:

Quickly optimizes keywords: Zon.Tools as mentioned previously is an all-in-one Amazon PPC platform that uses AI to procure data. The same goes with keyword optimization, the tool offers multiple features like keyword miner, keyword recycler, and keyword guardian to the sellers to help them stay on the top.

Beginner-friendly: There is nothing so techy about Zon.Tools , every feature is understandable, you don't have to get into the tech know-how to use the tool. In fact, there is barely anything you have to do manually, every single thing is automated from the tool's end. Sellers don't even have to spend much time with optimization, the tool does it all.

Super affordable: For beginners, the software is available for as little as $1. In fact, the monthly pricing of the software starts from $9 per month, which we believe is best for beginners who are just starting out. And even for professionals, the platform offers premium pricing models so that they don't miss out on the competition.

Live customer support: When it comes to customer support, Zon.Tools offer live support to premium users. In fact, there is a customer support option present alongside every campaign a seller has launched. The type of support might vary from user to user, but they can contact the team at any hour of the day.

Gives best ROI: Investing just a bit, and getting so much more, is what that have attracted our eyes while reviewing this tool. The software, if used strategically can give great growth to sellers, and also send a good amount of traffic to their page. The team also offers monthly strategy calls, which we believe is something great for sellers.

Can work a bit more on adding new features: Everything about Zon.Tools is amazing, from features to support, but this is the 21st century, and there's always room for a little improvement. If the team comes up with some more amazing features other than PPC, every Amazon seller would vouch for this tool in their complete Amazon selling journey.

Pros & Cons of Zon.Tools


  • Quickly Optimizes Keyword
  • Live Customer Support
  • Have a Phrase Match Engine
  • User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Monthly Ad Strategy Calls by Experts
  • Affordable Choice
  • $1 Trial for 30 Days


  • Few features are missing
  • PPC Oriented tool

Some Downsides of Zon.Tools (Our Honest Thoughts)

Can work a bit more on adding new features: As compared to some of the top tier Amazon sellers tools, do not offer some features which might be available on them. The tools and features are such that

Everything about Zon.Tools is amazing, from features to support, but this is the 21st century, and there's always a room for a little improvement. If the team comes up with some more amazing features other than PPC, every Amazon seller would vouch for this tool in their complete Amazon selling journey.

FAQs on Zon.Tools Review

🔥 What is Zon.Tools ?

Zon.Tools is the fastest, most advanced Amazon PPC automation software used by thousands of Amazon sellers till date. It is beginner-friendly and flexible to adapt to any PPC goal.

❓ What is Zon.Tools used for?

Using Zon.Tools for launching PPC campaigns is easier. Go to the dashboard, click on the launch campaign button, and enter the details.

✔How to use Zon.Tools for free?

Zon.Tools is not available for free yet, however, they do offer 30-day free trial period for just $1.

⭐Do Zon.Tools work with Amazon-sponsored products?

Yes, Zon.Tools only work with Amazon-sponsored products.

💎Is Zon.Tools worth the price?

Zon.Tools the Amazon PPC automation software is affordable in price and also worth each penny you spend on it.

Zon.Tools Review Wrap Up: What do we have to say about this tool?

By looking at the features, pricing, and ROI, we can undoubtedly conclude that Zon.Tools is the best PPC tool one can invest in 2024. The team has done much groundwork for sellers to cut off the guesswork. In the new version launch, the features they have offered is pretty much amazing. They have covered almost all three popular ad types.

And when it comes to customer satisfaction rate, we did check out the reviews of all the customers and they are betting on this tool for the ROI it has given them. Zon.Tools can be an excellent choice as powerful tool people that can help you in terms of features and everything else regarding the advertising campaigns. As a result, Zon.Tools can help you in making excellent campaign reports while getting along with efficient PPC campaign strategies and working on them.

The best part about Zon.Tools is the customer support, trust us, a person individually keeping a track of your campaigns who's professional in the field and offering monthly strategies – is just AMAZING. Overall, we would recommend Zon.Tools to every Amazon seller out there who are struggling with their PPC campaigns. Just spend that one dollar, and you will have answers to all your questions at a blink!

Get started with your PPC campaign game now!

  • Free trial available at just $1.
  • Multiple features available to automate the whole campaign.
  • Easy to set up, even beginners can set up a campaign.
  • Enables/disables keywords according to performance.
  • Uses AI to detect best possibilities for sellers.
  • Supports sponsored and display ads.
  • Recommends bids according to specific Amazon Marketplace.
  • No priority support is available in the free trial or Analyzer plan.
  • No money back guarantee policy available (many competitors offer this policy). logo
Zon.Tools Review
0out of 10

Zon.Tools is simple yet a very effective tool that makes managing Amazon PPC campaigns easier than ever. You can choose from the multiple number of options within this tool, for example, the budget allocation feature. Zon.Tools is not only software but also a service that provides education and guidance to users on how to use the different features in their account more effectively!

  • Supports sponsored and display ads.
  • Free trial available at just $1.
  • Multiple features available to automate whole campaign.
  • Easy to set up, even beginners can set up a campaign.
  •  Enables/disables keywords according to performance.
  •  Uses AI to detect best possibilities for sellers.
  •  Recommends bids according to specific Amazon Marketplace.


  • No priority support available in free trial or Analyzer plan.
  • No money-back guarantee policy available (many competitors offer this policy).

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