If you're selling on the Amazon marketplace, you know that it can be a struggle to make sales. While getting the right product in front of eyeballs can be tricky, getting your sales reports and tracking your sales are key to improving your sales performance. I have got an Amazon selling tool named Zonbase that can help you in multiple aspects like sales, analytics, sales trends, searching for hot products, and much more. In addition, I have also mentioned some links and Zonbase coupon codes that can help you save some extra bucks while getting along with this excellent tool.

If you're not already using an Amazon selling tool, you're probably wondering if Zonbase is the right one for you. This Zonbase review will cover everything you need to know about Zonbase before deciding whether it's worth checking out.

Let's get started!! 

Quick Summary on ZonBase

ZonBase is an excellent Amazon selling tool that helps sellers find winning products and offers a wide variety of features. With ZonBase, you can quickly launch your products and also gain valuable insights about what’s selling best. The tool also offers the right set of features like Keyword Finder, ZonReach, ZonBase Chrome Extension, Sales Estimator, Keywords and Reverse ASIN, Listing Optimization, PPC Autopilot Product Validator and Photo Enhancer.

ZonBase also offers excellent customer support, which is 24/7, through which Sellers can get resolution of their problems along with proper insight. The tool also offers affordable pricing plans – Standard, Legendary and Diamond Plans. If you are looking to scale your Amazon business revenue, do try out ZonBase!

Detailed Zonbase Review

Zonbase is an Amazon FBA tool that makes it easy for you to manage your FBA business. It is a tool for FBA sellers, and it automates a lot of the tasks that can be tedious and time-consuming. There are hundreds of tools available in the market that offer similar services like Zonbase, but what makes Zonbase a popular choice among Amazon sellers is its pricing point and easy-to-use interface. We'll get into that later in the article.

Since I have mentioned the interface, Zonbase has a dashboard with everything you need to know about your business and make smart decisions, including reports, tracking, etc. These include:

  • Product Research
  • Sales Optimization
  • Listing Optimization
  • Profits
  • ZonPPC

I'll be talking about these features in-depth later in the article.

As an overview, it can be said that Zonbase can help you with tracking your sales, managing your inventory, optimizing your products and even performing product searches.

In addition to all this, Zonbase can also help you get reports on your sold inventory and what products are most popular. These reports help decide what to stock and how to advertise. Zonbase also has a dashboard that lets you know your top-selling products and how much profit you'll make from selling them. This can be handy if you want to know what you should order next. Zonbase also has a dashboard that shows you the most popular products among your customers. This can be helpful when deciding what to restock and what to advertise.

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How does Zonbase work?

The concept is simple: You sign up for an account, and then you can start selling on Amazon. You can choose to use the Standard and the legendary plan, where the legendary plan offers a lot more functionality than the standard plan offered by Zonbase.

You can get along with multiple aspects like product research, sales optimization, listing optimization, profits, and ZonPPC with free training, which can turn out to be a deal-breaker for beginners. If we take a deeper dive into the functioning of Zonbase, it lets you get along with multiple aspects, as I have mentioned above. Still, as an overview, Zonbase includes some simple steps, as mentioned below:

  • Getting Started with your Free trial.
  • Select the plan which is best suitable as per your needs.
  • ZonBase Pro, one of the features that make Zonbase an excellent choice is its one-on-one mentorship.
  • In addition to that, you can also get along with a free training call that can help you find that successful product for your Amazon selling.

And you are all done with the signup and getting known to the basics of Amazon selling; look out for other features offered by Zonbase, which include product research (searching for that successful product for your business), sales optimization, profits and much more. Well, since I have already mentioned quite a lot about the tools and everything, it's time to take a deeper dive into the features for your Amazon selling operations.

Zonbase Features at a Glance

The features offered by Zonbase are:

  • Product Research
  • Sales Optimization
  • Listing Optimization
  • Profits Optimization
  • Profits Tracking
  • ZonPPC

1.Product Research using Zonbase

No doubt that having great product research can help you in several aspects of being a successful Amazon seller. If we take a deeper dive into the product research option offered by Zonbase, you can get along with other features as well, which include:

  • ZonResearch: The ZonResearch tool enables you to get along with discovering products/opportunities while also offering powerful filter options that can help you find the product under a specific category while targeting the audience group best for you.
  • Chrome Extension: Having a direct chrome extension can help you make things quick and easy since it gets you directly connected to your Amazon account, validating the product ideas and assessing the product potential using the data that can be extracted using Zonbase.
  • Hot Products: As I have already mentioned earlier, Zonbase lets you get along with trending products in the market. As a result, you can have better opportunities of getting better ROI.
  • Product Validator: Unlike most of the Amazon seller tools available in the market, Zonbase offers a product validator which can be very useful for beginners, as the product validator can help you in getting an idea of whether the product is good to launch, could you sell that product on Amazon and is there enough demand of the product on Amazon or not.
  • Sales Estimator: Another feature that can help you overall is its sales estimator; this enables you to get an idea of how much the product is earning in a month. This, when used with a product validator, can help you get along with that successful product that can help you.

2.Sales Optimization

The sales optimization comprises of different features, which include keywords research, reverse ASIN, Page One, PPC autopilot and ZonTracker.

  • Reverse ASIN: Where most of the Amazon seller tools focus on ASINs, Zonbase works on reverse ASIN as well; this, as a result, can help you with better research for your product.
  • Page One: One of the excellent features that can help with getting your product listed on the first page is page one; Page One enables you to get along with PPC, which can help you in giving your product a kickstart it might be looking for.
  • PPC Autopilot: Zonbase uses automated machine learning bids to decrease the hassle for your PPC in Amazon selling practices.
  • ZonTracker: In addition to all the features that I have mentioned before, Zonbase also offers a tool named Zontracker that can help you keep an eye on the data insight for better strategies.

Well, in addition to all the features that I have mentioned before, Zonbase also offers some additional features such as:

The listing optimization process includes:

  • Listify
  • Listing Optimizer
  • Photo Enhancer

The Profit tool consist of:

  • Profit dashboard
  • Inventory Forecasting
  • Best Sellers
  • Store Manager

While the ZonPPC of Zonbase consists of:

  • PPC Dashboard
  • Ads Manager

If you are looking forward to exploring these features, as a friendly piece of advice, I would highly recommend you to get along with the free trial offered by Zonbase to make things work around your way. The 7-day money-back guarantee can be an excellent way to explore the features offered by Zonbase.

Is Zonbase worth using?

Zonbase is a great tool for sellers who want to automate a lot of their selling process. You can use it to list products, manage inventory, track sales, optimize your listings, etc.

It's a good fit for sellers who are looking to manage and grow their business using good practices in Amazon selling. Having a tool that can help manage different aspects of selling like management, search for hot products, keywords, and inventory management can be a great upside for growing your business and outgrowing your competitors.

These tools can help you streamline your operations, increase your ROI and expand your reach with ease. With the right sales tool in place, you can focus on other areas of growing your company and outgrowing your competitors. These tools are made to assist you in your daily tasks and help you to save a lot of time and effort. There is a variety of options out there, but the features offered at such an excellent pricing point are a bit difficult, and this can be considered as one of the upsides that Zonbase has to offer.

What can you track with Zonbase?

Listings– View your product listings, including when they were created, their status, and other insights that can be used for your Amazon selling operations.

Sales – View your sales reports, including when they were reported, the list of sold products, and the total sales amount. Basically, an overview of how your sales are performing.

Inventory: Zonbase also offers an overview of how things are getting done in terms of inventory management; this can help you get ready for future scarcity and work accordingly.

Zonbase Pricing Plan

zonbase pricing plans

Zonbase offers two different pricing plans, the Standard and the legendary one; of course, the legendary plan offers more features as compared to the standard plan.

  • Standard Plan: Costs around $47/month.
  • Legendary Plan: Costs around $67/month.

Top FAQs on Zonbase

🔎What is Zonbase?

Zonbase is a tool for FBA sellers that helps you manage your business. Zonbase makes it easier for sellers to run their FBA business by taking care of the heavy lifting, so you can focus on what matters most to you: generating revenue and growing your Amazon business!

🤔How does their ranking service work?

The technology of Zonbase was designed to be compatible with that of Amazon terms of service. It has been developed in a way to help out the seller and their products that in turn will directly benefit their business.  

💎Who is the owner of Zonbase?

Kevin David is the co-founder of Zonbase, a software solution that provides a comprehensive all-in-one insight into profit and performance for Amazon sellers. Kevin David is an Amazon seller and serial entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience building, expanding and scaling multiple businesses online. Zonbase allows for easy integration with your Amazon account to help keep you on top of what's going on from both a financial standpoint and analyze sales trends.

🔎What is Amazon product research?

Amazon product research is known as the process of analyzing all the data available regarding a niche and then picking a top-selling product or creating your own based on this analysis in hopes that it will be popular among potential buyers. The goal is to pick a low-cost and high-volume product.

Is Zonbase Reliable

Zonbase is best in class Amazon software that has been voted 1st place according to numerous surveys. Zonbase offers all-in-one Amazon seller software with the tools and services you need to conquer the Amazon marketplace as an Amazon seller.

🚫How do I cancel or change my Zonbase account plan?

If you wish to cancel your zonbase account, you have to go to your profile in the dashboard and click on the Cancel Subscription option. Or, if you wish to change the plan you are using, you can choose Change Now. Or even you can drop an email at [email protected]

Key Takeaway

Zonbase is a subscription-based automated FBA tool designed for Amazon sellers. It automates a lot of the selling process and helps you grow your business by tracking sales and optimizing your product listings. The Pro plan includes priority email service, 24/7 phone support, and priority email response time. Only available for sellers who have an Amazon account. Only works with Amazon products, not other types of products. If you're ready to get serious about growing your business on the Amazon marketplace, you can start with Zonbase.

So, as a bottom line, it can be said that the Zonbase offers some excellent features for making your business and Amazon selling better in a more managed way. Hopefully, this Zonbase review might have helped you make things clear around the question and queries you might have.

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Zonbase Review
0out of 10

Zonbase, a tool for FBA sellers that helps to manage their business. Zonbase makes it easier for sellers to run their FBA business and allows to focus on what matters most to you: generating revenue and growing your Amazon business! As it has become a great struggle for sellers to keep up with good sales on Amazon, Zonbase, on the other hand, will help you accomplish your business goals

  • Automates a lot of the selling process, including listing products, managing inventory, tracking sales, etc.
  • Helps you grow your business by tracking sales and helping you optimize your product listing, so it ranks higher.
  • Designed for Amazon sellers.
  • Pro plan includes 24/7 support and priority email service.


  • Only available for sellers who have an Amazon account.
  •  Only works with Amazon products, as it is designed for Amazon selling practices.

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