As an Amazon seller choosing the right Amazon sellers tool can be a bit confusing, and sellers usually fall into the comparison between Zonbase and Jungle Scout, so which one is better for your Amazon selling operations? In this Zonbase vs Jungle Scout review, we'll be looking forward to comparison falling upon different parameters, such as product research, keyword research, listing optimization, analytics, and much more.

It is worth mentioning that Zonbase and Jungle Scout have basically made their way around Amazon sellers on an excellent level, the clean user interface along with the features and tools has helped Amazon sellers overall. Now that you have got a small overview on these Amazon seller's tools, let's get started with an in-depth comparison while getting along with the similarities and dissimilarities between Zonbase and Jungle Scout:

FeaturesZonbaseJungle Scout
Free Trial
Product Research
Listing Optimization
Keyword Research
PPC Automation
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Zonbase vs Jungle Scout | In-Depth Comparison

Both Zonbase and Jungle Scout offer some excellent features and can help in making things better in terms of managing all your operations. As I have mentioned above, both of the tools are categorized under different parameters, in the later sections we'll be taking a deeper dive into features. But before we hop into the in-depth comparison, here are some of the Zonbase Coupons and Jungle Scout Coupons that can save you a hefty discount on your purchase.

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Zonbase vs Jungle Scout Product Research Tools

ZonbaseJungle Scout

Performing good product research can be one of the important aspects to consider in Amazon's selling operations. Basically, product research means doing thorough research on existing products and looking for new ideas too. Once you have found products that you think will sell well, you can start building your Amazon FBA business by starting with the product research phase. This will help you understand the product better so you can make better-informed decisions about pricing, listing type, packaging, etc. Let's take a deeper dive into the features offered under the product research category from Zonbase and Jungle Scout.

Zonbase Product Research Tools

Zonbase offers some excellent features/tools that are categorized under the product research category. The features include:

  • ZonResearch: As the name suggests, ZonResearch is a product research tool that can help in making things better for all your operations by hunting down profitable products. The ZonResearch in general can help you to discover product opportunities, advanced filter options, and much more.
  • Chrome Extension: Zonbase also offers a chrome extension that can be used while surfing across Amazon. You can also make your way around some of the best-performing tools under a certain category, in addition to all this, you can also make your way around some of the much-needed information (in-depth info) and make things better in terms of strategy and work.
  • Product Validator: As the name suggests, the Product Validator can help you get along with the parameters that validate a product for your Amazon selling operations. As a result, this can help you in getting over some of the questions of whether could we launch the product, or can you even launch that certain product, or do the product have sufficient demand in the market?
  • Sales Estimator: This as a result can help you in keeping an approximate valuation around the numbers of a certain product. You can this way use the sales estimation for a certain product that might be standing along with other parameters but not an excellent choice in terms of profitability.
  • Other Product research tools & features include: Hot products and product ideas are some of the other important tools that can help you in making your way around Amazon's product research part.

Jungle Scout Product Research Tools

Jungle Scout comparatively makes a whole bunch of features that can help you in performing product research within some depth. Following are the features offered by Jungle Scout in the Product research category:

  • Product Tracker: Product Tracker can be considered among some of the best features that makes product tracking much more efficient. The Jungle Scout Product tracker can get you along with data such as tracking real-time sales, easily organizing products, observing key metrics, or even exporting the data from the product tracker in the CSV format.
  • Opportunity Finder: The opportunity finder can be considered similar to the Product validator offered in ZonBase. The opportunity finder lets you get along with discovering the product opportunities based on average monthly units sold, search volume, etc. In addition to all this, you can also make your way around the spot seasonality, along with the niche score, you can also identify the top products in a particular niche using the Jungle Scout opportunity finder.
  • Supplier Database: You can use the supplier database in order to get along with the verified suppliers while getting along with the match products, locating niche suppliers, searching by ASIN, managing, comparing supplier quotes, and much more. The supplier database basically shows you the data around info for a certain supplier under total shipments, total customers, manufactured products, etc.

Listing Optimization Tools

ZonbaseJungle Scout

Listing Optimization is one of the other important factors that make Amazon selling operations much more manageable. The listing optimization process basically refers to coming across some of the best practices that can help you rank better over Amazon. Now, let's take a look at the listing optimization tools offered by Zonbase and Jungle Scout:

Zonbase Listing Optimization Tools

Zonbase basically offers 3 tools when it comes to Zonbase Listing Optimization, the tools are listed below:

  • Listify: Zonbase Listify is basically one of those features that can be considered in listing optimization, and keyword research as well. The Listify can help you in faster listing optimization, driving more traffic to your product, increasing conversions, and improvising organic ranking, while focusing on sales and profits.
  • Listing Optimizer: As an Amazon seller, there is a huge possibility that you might be having a product already listed from your account. Using listing optimization can help Amazon sellers in improved ranking, increasing organic sales, while spending less on paid campaigns (PPC). So basically helping you out in better listing or we can say working on the SEO part of your Amazon listing.
  • Photo Enhancer: As the name suggests, you can use the photo enhancer for a better presentation of your images. This can result in driving more clicks, and increasing conversions while improving your brand value. It basically works in a few simple steps, you need to submit your order, send the image, and they will get things done for your listing optimization operations.

Jungle Scout Listing Optimization Tools

Jungle Scout offers some excellent tools when it comes to Listing optimization. Let's take a look at these features and tools that make Jungle Scout a good-to-go choice among Amazon sellers, Jungle offers a single tool that covers all the important parameters of product listings and optimization.

  • Listing builder: The Jungle Scout's listing builder can help you in making your way around the Amazon listing for your listing/product listed. What makes Jungle Scout's listing builder even better is the instant rating system overall; while using the keywords, sellers can also use them based on the keyword difficulty, search volume, and apply the needed advanced filters on them. The product listings builder by Jungle Scout can also be connected to Amazon Seller Central.
  • Free-to-use resources: You can also use Jungle Scout's listing grader to get an overview of your listing, all you need to do is use the ASIN or Amazon URLs for the product you want info for, in addition to that, you need to fill in your email address and you are almost done.

Keyword Research Tools | Zonbase vs Jungle Scout

ZonbaseJungle Scout

Keyword research for selling on Amazon is an important task. The process involves finding keyword phrases that are relevant to your product and your target market, then incorporating them into your Amazon listing and ad copy. By doing this, you’re able to optimize the text you use in your listing, while also increasing the chances of being found by potential customers. It’s important to remember that it takes time to build up a solid presence in the search engine results pages (SERPs), but with the right strategy, you can gain traction in no time. When starting out, it’s best to focus on keywords that already have a high search volume, as these tend to be more effective.

Both Zonbase and Jungle Scout offer some excellent tools and features for performing keyword research, here are some of the tools & features offered by them.

Zonbase Keyword Research Tools

Zonbase does not offer an individual tool for keyword research, you can use the Keyword feature available in the menu. You can use the Keyword research tool/feature for finding relevant keywords for SEO-optimized listings and PPC campaigns. All this can be useful in getting along with High-volume Keywords while getting reliable keyword insights with advanced filter options.

Overall, Zonbase Keyword Research Tools can help make things better for all your Keyword research-related operations, it is worth mentioning that performing good keyword research is one of the founding pillars of listing optimization.

Jungle Scout Keyword Research Tools

Jungle Scout offers a keyword research tool named Keyword Scout, as the name suggests it is dedicated to performing overall scouting over the keywords. Here's a more in-depth overview of Jungle Scout's Keyword Scout.

  • Keyword Scout: The Keyword Scout can be of real use for multiple operations such as finding out the best high-ranking keywords, the keywords found using the reverse ASINs for organic and sponsored keyword ranking data.
  • Historical Search Volume: Historical search volume can be a beneficial factor in order to understand the overall trend. As a result, there is a high possibility that you might get along with an upcoming trend, in addition to that, you can also use this historical data with comparing it to the current trend, making the right analysis of whether the market is saturated for a certain product, category, etc., by just looking the data for a certain keyword.
  • PPC strategies: Save your PPC campaigns by getting a good in-depth analysis around the PPC (Pay per click), the 30-day search trend, the 30-day search volume, and much more. All this data combined can be used for making better PPC campaign strategies and that too in an efficient and effective manner.

Alerts: Zonbase vs Jungle Scout

ZonbaseJungle Scout

Alerts can be really helpful on so many levels as you can get alerts when certain changes are needed. You can also make your way around some excellent opportunities over multiple operations and segments. Let's take a look at the type of alerts that Jungle Scout and Zonbase have to offer:

Zonbase Alerts

Zonbase does not offer any specific feature or tool for alerts, but you can look forward to other types of notifications while working overall on your Amazon selling operations.

Jungle Scout Alerts

Jungle Scout offers this special feature to make your way around the alerts on the way to get instant notifications for Amazon business. One of the key features that make Jungle Scout's alert feature useful among Amazon sellers is the custom product alerts based on product ratings, Category change, Best Seller rank, pricing changes, New sellers, etc. All these alerts can help you in the proper optimization of the competitors' listing changes, review changes, trends, and much more; which can be later used for making better strategies.

PPC Automation | Jungle Scout or Zonbase

The PPC campaigns can be considered among some of the best practices to be taken under consideration if you are new to Amazon selling operations. Having a PPC campaign for your selling operations can be really helpful in the beginner phase or at the time when you seek to expand your ads or business.

Zonbase PPC | ZonPPC

ZonPPC offers some excellent services or we can say a broad variety of tools/features for PPC campaigns and management. As an Amazon seller, you might need to manage different stuff such as changing bids, adjusting budgets, and managing keywords overall. The ZonPPC gives you access to get along with some advanced filters that work along different parameters such as:

Campaign (Name of the campaign)Status (Enabled/Disabled)
Start DateDaily Budget
ACOS (Advertising cost of sales)ROAS (Return on Advertising Spend)
CPC, CTR, and CRImpressions and Clicks

Jungle Scout PPC Management

Jungle Scout offers some excellent features when it comes to performing promotional features such as advertising analytics and a promotion section itself. Let's take a look at the Jungle Scout advertising tools and have a brief overview of them:

  • Advertising Analytics: Having analytics around the advertising part of your Amazon selling businesses can be a beneficial factor on so many levels. Some of the parameters that are covered under high-level company insights include revenue, costs, and net profit. You can also look around the analysis of campaign sales and performance, this section lets you cover some of the important parameters like Total sales, ACoS, TACoS, and organic traffic parameters. On the other hand, you can also organize and analyze these multiple campaign metrics based on the ad groups, relevant keywords, and much more.
  • Promotions: Promotions are one of the important factors that make your product stand out or we can say gain exposure among the audience. Performing the best operation in your promotional operations can be really helpful, as a result, it can be beneficial for boosting product listing, and acquiring customer reviews while preventing promotion abuse.

Now that, we have covered all the important aspects of both of these Amazon selling tools, how much does Jungle Scout cost? or Is Zonbase a cheap but good amazon seller tool? Well, let's take a look around the Pricing Plans and get answers about which tool is better for you.

Zonbase vs Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Both Zonbase and Jungle Scout offer well-tailored pricing plans for all the levels in Amazon's selling operations. Let's take a look at the Zonbase and Jungle Scout Pricing Plans.

Zonbase Pricing Plans

Zonbase Pricing

Zonbase offers 3 different pricing plans, including the Standard Plan, Legendary plan, and the Diamond Plan. The plans are as follows:

  • Zonbase Standard Plan: The Standard Plancosts $47/month, and gives access to features like  10/day ZonResearch, Keywordbase, and reverse keywords, well it offers much more features but does not offer some features like Amazon FBA Masterclass, Chrome extension, and ZonPPC.
  • Zonbase Legendary Plan: The Legendary plan costs around $97/month and gives access to all the features that were offered in the Standard Plan, whereas the number of credits or searches/actions increases as compared to the Standard Plan, as an add-on, you get access to ZonPPC with 1 store integration with $30k ad spend/month.
  • Zonbase Diamond Plan: The Diamond Plan costs $197/month and gives access to all the features that were offered in the Standard Plan and Legendary Plan, now whatever features that were missing in other plans are now all covered up. The Browser Extension, Wholesale grading, Amazon FBA Masterclass, etc. are all offered in the Diamond Plan.

You can also get yourself a custom plan to get along with a tailored plan for all your operations and features, all you need to do is contact with Zonbase team, and they will get everything done for you.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

Jungle Scout Pricing Plan

Jungle Scout offers multiple pricing plans that can be categorized into standard plans, packages, and enterprise solutions, these categories are further subcategorized into other plans.

Jungle Scout Standard Plan: The Standard Plan is further sub-categorized into 3 different pricing plans including the Basic plan, Suite plan, and Professional plan.

  • Basic Plan: $49/month and gives access to browser extension (Chrome + Firefox), product tracker, monthly sales data,  AccuSales estimate,  Opportunity score, and much more.
  • Suite PlanCosts $69/month and gives access to additional features such as PPC analysis, advanced seller features, etc. while including all the features that were offered in the Basic Plan.
  • Professional Plan: Costs around $129/month while getting around with additional features like tracking 1000 ASINs, 6 User access, 2 years of historical keyword data, and 6 months of data in Product tracking.

Packages: The packages are tailored for Amazon sellers or businesses that want to have the much-needed features and tools, all included in a single package.

  • Startup Suite:The 3-month suite plan costs $189 and gives access to multiple features that are best suitable for beginner-level Amazon sellers or businesses/startups.
  • Entrepreneur Suite: The 6-month suite for Amazon sellers costs $349 and gives access to more features like Academy seller training courses, Weekly Q&A, Priority onboarding, and much more. You can also access historical data such as 90 days of historical product tracking data along with 1 year of historical keyword search data.
  • Freedom Builder Bootcamp:The 12-month Freedom builder suite costs $999/month while giving access to Live coaching, a 1-year subscription to Jungle Scout Professional, Bonus content, resources, and support, in addition to that, you also get access to all the future updates in Amazon selling courses offered to you as any changes occur on Amazon.

Top FAQs on Zonbase vs Jungle Scout Review

What does Sales Analytics in Jungle Scout include?

With Sales Analytics offered in Jungle Scout, you can track and organize all of your Amazon sales data in real-time to come up with profit-boosting and cost-cutting strategies to increase your revenue.

Who is the founder of Zonbase?

Kevin David is the founder & CEO of  ZonBase and is a leading Amazon seller and eCommerce expert with experience of more than 10 years in the segment.

What does Jungle Scout relevance score mean?

The relevance score can be considered as the scoring parameter ranging from 0 to 100 which shows you how relevant your keywords/product are with the Seed keyword or ASIN. The higher the score, the closer it will fall under a certain niche and will have a better chance of product listing.

How can you find the most searched keywords on Amazon?

You can use different Amazon tools like Jungle Scout, Zonbase, Helium10, etc. to get an in-depth analysis of the market trend along with the keywords while making things better for all your related operations.

Final Clash: Zonbase vs Jungle Scout | Which one is better?

The choice completely depends on the features and tools that suit you the best, for instance, If I was in my starting phase of Amazon selling operations, Jungle Scout Startup suite ($189 for 3 months) would be something I'll go on with. Whereas if are more into PPC campaigns and paid marketing Zonbase will be a better choice among both of them.

Just in case, you are confused about which tool is best suitable for you, I would recommend going along with the Free trial offered by ZonBase whereas, for Jungle Scout, you can use a 7-day money-back guarantee to get a better understanding of the tool yourself.

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