Are you looking for an in-depth comparison of ZonBase Vs. SellerApp? You are at the right place.

The market has a plethora of eCommerce Platforms, but ZonBase and SellerApp are among the most popular ones. So let's check out which one's better between two.

In this detailed ZonBase Vs. SellerApp, we shall compare the various features and pros and cons between the two, and we will also have our final pick known to you in our final verdict.

Quick Summary on ZonBase Vs. SellerApp

In this battle of Amazon FBA tools, ZonBase and SellerApp are the tools which we have tried to compare. First, about ZonBase – It is a tool for Amazon sellers that provides them with all the required features, right from product research to keyword optimization, as well as listing products on Amazon. Whereas SellerApp is different and is more of a behavioral eCommerce analysis tool that offers key features which provide Amazon sellers powerful and insightful Amazon data on which they can rely.

So ZonBase helps you with product research and also offers Chrome Extension, which SellerApp also does. But as per our Review, ZonBase also helps you with Inventory management more as compared to SellerApp. But you don’t get the feature of Keyword Tracker in ZonBase, which you get in SellerApp. Also, you get a Free plan if you choose SellerApp, which you don’t get on ZonBase. But in the overall comparison between the two, we did find that ZonBase offers more features for Amazon Sellers.

ZonBase Vs. SellerApp: Upfront Comparison

Best For:ZonBase is a tool for Amazon Sellers and vendors where you can do product research and keyword optimization along with a list of your products on the proper shelves of Amazon.SellerApp is more of a behavioral eCommerce analytics kind of tool that offers many features for Amazon Sellers, which are derived from their data via tools and reports to help optimize and generate more sales.
Free Plan:NoYes
Pricing:Starts from $47/monthStarts from $49/month 
Data Visualization
Product Data Management
Keyword Tool
Hot Products 
BSR Alert
Business Reports
Chrome Plugin
Keyword Index Alert
Amazon MWS Connect
Benefits:Free Amazon Training 
Discover winning niche in seconds
7-Day Free Trial 
PPC AutoPilot
Understand Your Customers
Find out your Sales Potential 
Track your competitors 
Utilize Profitable Keywords
Official Site:Visit ZonBase SiteVisit SellerApp Site

What is ZonBase? – Honest ZonBase Review

Zonbase reviews

ZonBase is an Amazon FBA tool that is made for Sellers and helps them to manage their FBA Business. It is a tool that helps in automating the entire selling process and makes it easy, and saves time. Though there are hundreds of tools available on the market, this tool makes Amazon selling really simple, and that's the reason why it is now becoming insanely popular among most Amazon FBA sellers.

ZonBase is a tool that helps Amazon sellers to expand their business by exposing the product page by filtering keywords that are most relevant to your items. The platform aims to save time which can go into keyword research and promotes sales for your items. Along with this feature, it also offers comprehensive research tools like Hot Products, Sales Estimator, Zon Research and also Chrome Extension.

The Tool utilizes many parameters to assist merchants in finding relevant Amazon keywords. It offers filters like a place of origin, pricing, ratings, monthly income and sales. You can also download the search results and store them for later use. The ZonBase Chrome Extension is something that is going to help sellers to locate products for their business by using keyword filters. The products are refreshed on an hourly basis.

With ZonBase, you can find the winning product from more than 20 million products database. With its Product Validator feature, you can determine whether or not a product is worth selling. At the same time, the Sales Estimator will calculate a product's monthly revenue to find its market worth.

For PPC optimization, the ZonBase has four tools – ZonTracker, Reverse ASIN, PageOne, and PPC Auto Pilot. The ZonTracker is a tool that lets you examine the top-selling products in your competitor's shops. It will also help you in promoting related items and increase your store's exposure. Its Reverse ASIN feature is something that displays a list of keywords that your competitors are using to find comparable products. ZonBase PPC Autopilot will help you to manage all your ad campaigns and help to boost your page's exposure.

To help sellers with listing optimization, ZonBase offers – Listify, Photo Enhancer, Listing optimizer and Listify AI. The ZonBase Photo Enhancer feature will transform your product's photographs into eye-catching visuals that can increase your product's exposure, whereas the listify will help retailers to generate product listings and provide access to competitors' keywords.

ZonBase helps you to choose the right and relevant keywords with a lower competitive value which exposes greater chances of conversion. With the Listing Optimizer, you can maximize the exposure of your products and increase your overall brand reputation.

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ZonBase is always committed to assisting vendors in all aspects. Therefore, the tool offers free training calls, which is known as ZonBase Training. Plus, the tool also provides calls, mentoring and helpful blogs to help sellers learn more and earn more!

Zonbase reviews

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Key Features of ZonBase – ZonBase Review 

Following are the key features that ZonBase offers for Sellers. 

#1. ZonResearch


The ZonResearch features help Sellers find profitable products by searching through millions of products in Amazon Database for potential winning products with high demand. You can also specify the criteria for profitable products with advanced filters like pricing, monthly sales, monthly revenue, number of reviews and more. The platform is known to deliver accurate results with its AI, and sellers can now make better-informed decisions that are data-driven, helping you to boost your Amazon sales.

#2. Hot Products

Hot Products

This feature of ZonBase is a unique Amazon product trends tool that provides an hourly-updates list of trending hot products on Amazon. Hot Products are the products that are in Amazon's Top 100 Most Gifted that have an increasing sales trend and have less than 30 reviews. It has the perfect combination of high demand and low competition. This tool will show you in-depth information about these trending products, such as their price, number of reviews, sales history, and more!

#3. ZonBase Chrome Extension

ZonBase Chrome Extension

With the ZonBase Chrome Extension, you can now estimate a product's profitability by viewing current and previous price and sales trends. This extension will uncover the Amazon Results Page and give you sales estimates and data projections in real time. With this extension, you can uncover the last 12 months' sales history along with the top keywords each product ranks for.

#4. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

The ZonBase Keyword Tool will help you to generate thousands of relevant keywords which are searched for by millions of Amazon shoppers. With this, you can improve your visibility, drive traffic to your listings and get the page with high-performing keywords. This tool will provide you with critical information about keywords so that you can use this data as actionable points for your SEO and PPC strategy.

#5. Zon Tracker

Zon Tracker

With this tool, you can track your products for multiple keywords. ZonTracker is an effective Amazon keyword tracker which can monitor the performance of your keywords and makes it easier for you to track your product's ranking for any keyword.

#6. Listify


This tool of ZonBase lets you create optimized product listings with all the best keywords. It removes the manual work of researching for keywords as Listify will fill up fields with all the relevant keywords, and also strike out the relevant keywords you have used and show you in what fields the keywords have been included; finally ensuring that you don't miss out on any keywords. Listify helps in making an optimized product listing easier and quicker.

#7. Photo Enhancer

Photo Enhancer

This feature of ZonBase will help you to turn your existing product photos into explainer photos which can drive more sales for you. Plus, this tool is also helpful for you to increase the number of buyers who click on your listing with eye-catching and stunning photos. It also accentuates each feature of your product and ensures customers feel confident when they purchase it. 

#8. Inventory Forecasting

Inventory Forecasting

With this feature of ZonBase, you can almost say goodbye to Stockouts! You can check out how much is available, as well as how many days your inventory will last, for all listed products. With such data, you can ensure and know how much to restock. Now No more losing out on sales because of poor inventory management.

#9. Zon PPC Ad Manager

Zon PPC Ad Manager

ZonBase Zon PPC Manager will help you to manage Amazon PPC campaigns. It also helps in managing the changing bids and adjusting the budget and keywords. This feature will automate all these tasks in the best way possible and save you precious time by which you can focus on the things that matter. Zon PPC makes accurate, Smart and strategic adjustments to the PPC campaigns, so you don't have to worry!

What is SellerApp? – Honest SellerApp Review

SellerApp Review

SellerApp is a one-stop app that delivers growth strategies with the highest quality data and metrics out there. It is an all-in-one marketing, sales and behavioral-based eCommerce analytics tool that will deliver all your data insights. With this data, you can optimize your Amazon listings and generate more sales.

The SellerApp offers key tools which enable Sellers to completely capitalize on and maximize the value of their digital data by collecting and gaining actionable insights which can be used to enhance their operations, services, and goods.

SellerApp offers Amazon eCommerce merchants powerful data insights by which they can maximize the value of their data assets by extensively analyzing and evaluating data at each level of the funnel and then extracting significant insights to deliver highly relevant, real-time digital advertising on a global scale.

This tool provides Amazon e-commerce merchants with a host of solutions that enable them to extract more value from their data and increase their sales and income. SellerApp is designed to assist you in understanding your customers about what motivates them to take the desired actions and provides you with the correct insights necessary to encourage them to take the desired actions. This is specifically handy while purchasing a product or spreading the word to their friends and family.

With SellerApp, you can make a comprehensive view of your consumers, their behavior and preferences, along with the patterns and trends. You can determine the income potential and also forecast sales, and capitalize on possibilities that come your way. It provides you with a comprehensive insight into your competitors and provides monitoring tools that enable you to monitor what your rivals are doing, the keywords they are using and also the performance of their campaigns. You can also view a list of the backend keywords which are focusing on and how you can have a significant edge over them.

SellerApp will provide you to identify keywords that are effective in attracting visitors and increasing conversion and sales. You can also optimize your PPC campaigns and product listings and see how your income gets skyrocketed. It also helps you to streamline product discovery and enables sellers to quickly identify the most lucrative niches and best-selling products.

The SellerApp Keyword Research can assist in product research by formulating a list of the top items which rank for a particular keyword. It will also help in enhancing and optimizing the quality of your product listing and Amazon search rank. Also, SellerApp's Chrome Extension will allow you to do product analysis while on Amazon and provide you with great insight into the product's profitability and potential.

The Keyword Monitoring of SellerApp will also assist in identifying keywords that are not prominent enough and also those that contribute to sales growth. Also, the SellerApp Index Checker helps users in improving backend search keywords. It provides you with a comprehensive view of each tracked product and also its strategy. Plus, the tool also assists in monitoring viral sellers to keep track of their existing items and also upcoming product releases.

SellerApp Review

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Key Features of SellerApp – SellerApp Review

After Reviewing SellerApp, Let's have a quick look at a few of its top key features.

#1. PPC Analyzer

PPC Analyzer

With this feature of SellerApp, you can leverage the most powerful Amazon PPC optimization software in the industry and check out how your advertising profits grow like never before! The PPC Analyzer of SellerApp will help in optimizing your campaigns the correct way with the next-generation machine learning tools and an advanced AI-backed Amazon PPC analyzer.

With this feature, you can leverage benefits like:

  • Rule-based, algorithmic bidding
  • Goal-based, product-driven optimization
  • Eliminate wasted ad spend and improve ROI
  • Find top-converting customer search terms

#2. Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer

You can target top-converting and highly relevant keywords in your listings and maximize visibility and boost conversions with the SellerApp Amazon keyword research feature. This feature of SellerApp is a next-generation tool that is designed to help you discover thousands of high-converting keywords in seconds. The SellerApp keyword research skims through megabytes of data points to get the most relevant keywords for your niche. With this feature, you can also leverage AI-backed competitor insights and increase your product sales and revenue.

#3. Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

With this feature of SellerApp, you can create high-converting, powerful listings with better visibility that wins top ranks on Amazon SERPs.

With the Listing Optimization feature of SellerApp, you can:

  • Gauge your listings' visibility in organic search
  • Recommendations based on proven product listing practices
  • Convert clicks to sales with on-page analysis
  • Listing quality score with real-world impact

#4. Business Alerts

Business Alerts

The SelllerApp business Alerts help sellers to get real-time alerts and notifications 24*7 on every single aspect of their Amazon business and cut down precious time spent on routine tasks with our automation features.

This feature is helpful for Sellers as it can save their time and effort spent periodically on monitoring key business metrics. Plus, they can also take action immediately before it causes a huge impact on business. They can also keep a close eye on their competition and also effectively manage negative reviews and ratings. 

#5. Profit Checker

This SellerApp feature will provide you with 100% accurate Amazon sales data using the most powerful profit dashboard in the industry. It will help sellers to cement their rankings and sales with accurate predictions. This feature will also empower your business with critical sales metrics. Also, it will compel Sellers to double up their efforts on the right product by getting insights at the speed of thought.

#6. Product Research

The product Research feature of SellerApp will help you to find the most rewarding high-potential products with our ultra-modern data intelligence tools. SellerApp provides you with a database of over 100 million products and close to a billion data points. Also, SellerApp's product intelligence tool will track metrics like ratings, BSR, revenue, opportunity score, and more in real-time under an easy-to-navigate dashboard.

#7. Keyword Ranking Tracker

This feature will help you track the Performance of your Amazon Keywords and help you to discover your listing ranking in seconds, and optimize your product SEO with high-converting keywords provided by expert research tools. It is also the most intuitive, analytical, and accurate Amazon rank tracker you will ever need.

The Keyword Ranking Tracker feature of SellerApp will help you to get noticed by the right audience and also help you to get back the organic traffic you're losing to your competitors. It will also help you to check out the impact of your PPC campaigns on organic ranking.

ZonBase Vs. SellerApp: Pricing Comparison 

ZonBase Pricing Plans

ZonBase Pricing Plans

ZonBase offers a 7-day free trial, which is excellent for its users to check out the tool and know how beneficial it is. ZonBase then offers three pricing plans – Standard, Legendary and Diamond. 

ZonBase Standard Plan – $47/month

  • 10/day Reverse Keywords
  • 10/day ZonResearch
  • 40/day ZonTracker
  • 10/day Keyword Base
  • 1 store integration Alerts
  • 10/day Hot Products
  • 40/day Sales Estimator
  • 1 Store Integration Profits
  • 10/day Listify
  • 250 ASINs for Wholesale Grading

ZonBase Legendary Plan – $97/month

  • 250/day Reverse Keywords
  • 250/day Chrome Extension
  • 250/day Keyword Base
  • 250/day ZonResearch
  • 1000/day Sales Estimator
  • 1000/day ZonTracker
  • 250/day Listify
  • 250/day Hot Products
  • 3 Store integration Alerts
  • 1 Store integration with Upto $30k Ad Spend/ Month ZonPPC
  • 1000 ASINs for Wholesale Grading
  • 3 Store Integration Profits

ZonBase Diamond Plan – $197/month

  • Amazon FBA Master Class Course
  • Weekly QnA Session with Amazon Expert
  • 1000/day ZonResearch
  • 1000/day Reverse Keywords
  • 1000/day Chrome Extension
  • 1000/day Keyword Base
  • 5000/day Sales Estimator
  • 5000/day ZonTracker
  • 1000/day Listify
  • 1000/day Hot Products
  • 10000 ASINs for Wholesale Grading
  • 7 Store integration Alerts
  • 7 Store Integration Profits
  • 3 Store integration with Upto $30k Ad Spend/ Month ZonPPC

SellerApp Pricing Plans

SellerApp Pricing Plans

Before you begin your Amazon selling journey with SellerApp, you can utilize the 7-day free trial to check out the tool and see whether its solving your cause or not!

The SellerApp offers three pricing plans, out of which one is a completely free plan. The pricing of these plans comes well within the Affordable range, and users can choose any of them. Let's have a quick comparison of the SellerApp pricing plans.

FeaturesFreemium Pro LiteProfessional
Product Tracking2 Products20 Products50 Products
Product Research10 Searches/dayBasicAdvanced
AdvertisingUpto $1000 with automationUpto $5000 with automationUpto $20000 with automation
Keyword Research10 Searches/dayBasicAdvanced
Sales$10000 revenue$50000 revenue$250000 revenue
Customer SupportNoBasicAdvanced
ReportsNo exportBasicAdvanced
Team AccessNoYesYes
Data Retention60 DaysLifetimeLifetime
Keyword Tracker5 Keywords/ASIN20 Keywords/ASIN100 Keywords/ASIN
Official SiteStart for FreeStart 7 Day TrialStart 7 Day Trial

Which are the marketplaces supported by ZonBase?

ZonBase currently supports marketplaces in the United States, Spain, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and Italy.

Which are the marketplaces supported by SellerApp?

The SellerApp's Amazon Seller Central Analytics Tools are available in 14 global marketplaces – UK, US, UAE, Canada, India, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, and Saudi Arabia. This list is supposed to expand in the future.

Does ZonBase offer a free trial?

ZonBase offers a 7-day free trial. This 7-day time frame is enough for the sellers to check out whether ZonBase tools meet their business needs.

Does SellerApp offer a free trial?

Yes. SellerApp offers a 7-day free trial for which you don't even have to use your credit card details to use it or even its Freemium plan. 

How much is ZonBase?

Zonbase Starter plan costs $47/month, whereas its Diamond plan costs $199/month.

How much is SellerApp?

SellerApp offers a Free Plan along with two paid plans. The paid plans start from $49/month and go up to $99/month.

Does ZonBase offer a free plan?

No. ZonBase does not offer a free plan.

Does SellerApp offer a free plan?

Yes. SellerApp offers a Free plan known as the Freemium plan, which is great for Amazon sellers to check out this incredible Amazon selling tool.

Final Verdict: ZonBase Vs. SellerApp – Which one's better? 

Now that we have compared ZonBase Vs. SellerApp, its time to give you our honest pick. ZonBase is the winner of the two as it offers more powerful features and is also easy to use. ZonBase also helps you with inventory management which, in the case of SellerApp, you don't get.

Also, the features offered by ZonBase are something that Amazon Sellers would love and are also missing in SellerApp, like customer management, repricing tool and more. And for these reasons, ZonBase is our clear choice though SellerApp offers a Free Plan.

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