Are you confused about whether to choose ZonBase or Viral Launch for your Amazon operations? In this ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch comparison review, we have made sure to cover all your doubts; read it out! 

Amazon, back then in the initial days, was just a bookstore, but now it's just too much more than that. And when we say much more – we mean this by saying the number – 2 million plus active sellers. Yes, there are over 2 million sellers on Amazon selling billions of products every year and thousands every day.

Taking the above numbers into consideration, anyone can state the fact that the Amazon marketplace is now more saturated. In fact, during the mid-2000s, picking out a niche with little or no competition was quite easy, to find. But, now on Amazon, let's forget the niche; even finding a single product with less competition has become a daunting task (can we say impossible here?) 

But does this fierce competition mean you can't really succeed as a seller on Amazon in 2024? Of course not, all thanks to the best Amazon seller tools available out there to escape. 

Whether you want to step into Amazon as a new seller or want to grow your business quicker, this seller software will give you the best access to the best tools – hence giving you a competitive edge.

However, just the way Amazon has grown massively in these years, so is the number of seller software. That being said, ZonBase and Viral Launch are two such all-in-one Amazon seller tools used by hundreds and thousands of sellers. But should you vouch for both tools? Obviously NO!

That's why this ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch is all about the pros and cons of each tool, like:

  • Which type of seller would need ZonBase, and who would be better off with Viral Launch
  • How can you identify whether it's ZonBase or Viral Launch, the best Amazon seller tool (based on data accuracy)
  • A breakdown of ZonBase free chrome extension and Viral free extension and their premium features
  • Which Amazon seller tool is more affordable and would give the best ROI to your dollars spent 

Quick Summary on ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch

ZonBase and Viral Launch are two popular Amazon seller softwares offering the best solutions to sellers to scale their businesses. ZonBase alone offers 13+ tools to Amazon sellers, and with its PPC Autopilot and Page One services, sellers can even outsource their PPC campaigns and product launches to experts. On the other hand, Viral Launch offers 9 software to sellers and even an exclusive product launch service. 

Coming to the pricing, with just $37, sellers can get access to the best services of ZonBase, and for Viral Launch, it's $69. Additionally, Viral Launch offers its users a 14-day free trial with all its plans, and ZonBase offers a 7-day free trial

ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch: What is the difference between these Amazon FBA tools?

What is ZonBase? – ZonBase Review

Zonbase reviews

Founded back in 2019, ZonBase is an all-in-one Amazon seller software by Kevin David, who himself is an Amazon selling expert and eCommerce mentor. The main aim of Kevin behind launching ZonBase was to help sellers with one-to-one mentorship – which usually many Amazon software don't offer. With this tool, Sellers can actually have words with product research experts for five days to find winning products to sell on Amazon. 

The best thing we liked about ZonBase was the usability, and it's just too easy to set up (it might take less than 60 seconds for the registration process). Additionally, it's a beginner-friendly tool, so if you are someone who's new to the Amazon marketplace, ZonBase will clear all the clutters for you by helping you with just the right tools you will need. 

In fact, the time you will open the ZonBase official website, you will see two options asking whether you are a brand new Amazon seller or an existing seller. Pick the one that best aligns with your journey, and you will be all set to receive one-to-one mentorship!

Zonbase logo

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What is Viral Launch? – Viral Launch Review

Viral Launch Reviews

Founded back in 2014, Viral Launch, just as the name suggests, is a popular Amazon seller tool by Casey Gauss. Casey himself was 21 when he launched Viral Launch, and the only motive behind launching this amazing tool was to help sellers launch a product that would go viral within days. Having said that, the tool, to date, has tracked 225 million plus products, launched 44,000+ products, and has helped 10,000+ brands grow from scratch on Amazon.

The reason why Viral Launch is popular when compared to other seller tools in the market is because of its efficiency and effectiveness. The team here are data scientist experts who know how best they can offer AI-powered insights to sellers to grow massively within a quick time period. Additionally, Viral Launch seamlessly integrates with multiple tools so that sellers don't have to go back and forth and build spreadsheets, wasting hours and days. 

In fact, to help sellers stay up to date with the latest Amazon practices, the team offers free educational resources in the form of how-to guides, blogs, thought leadership videos, and more.

viral launch logo

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ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch: Features Breakdown!

ZonBase and Viral Launch are feature-packed Amazon seller tools, but the mere fact to notice here is the features offered by the tools are a lot different. To help you pick the best one, we will list out only the Best ZonBase features and Best Viral Launch features. Let's check it out! 

ZonBase Features at a Glance

1. ZonResearch 


ZonResearch is one of the best features offered by Zontool to help sellers find a product with – sufficient demand, low competition, and high margins. The tool literally scans millions of products from the Amazon product database to find that ONE product for you – no matter whether you are a beginner seller or a professional. In fact, doing product research with ZonResearch is extremely easy. It can be done within minutes. 

Sellers just have to choose one or multiple product categories from the options given, make changes in the filters, and hit the search button. To make the process even more hassle-free in the future, sellers can save their filters as presets for the next search or can use ZonBase presets. Lastly, they can download the search results in a CSV file for future reference. 

2. Product Validator

Product Validator

With the product validator feature by ZonBase, sellers can validate the product ideas they might have explored with the Zonresearch tool. And similar to the previous one, even this validation process takes a minute or two. Sellers just have to enter the product details, and the tool will list out – whether you should launch the product, can Amazon marketplace gives justice to your product, and, more importantly, whether there is sufficient demand for this specific product.

All this process is done by a launch manager. Hence the seller can stay rest assured of the quality of the product report card they will get from the team.

3. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool

With the ZonBase keywords tool, sellers can explore relevant keywords for the products they have found above to make their listings more SEO optimized. Even the research process is a lot easier here; sellers will just have to enter the product name and hit the search button. 

The tool will automatically list out thousands of keywords along with word frequency so that you get to know the demand better. The keyword thus generated by the tool can further be used either in your listing or in your PPC campaigns. To make the research more marketplace-friendly, sellers can search for keywords in the UK, US, Italy, Canada, Spain, and Germany marketplaces with the tool. 

4. ZonTracker


ZonTracker is yet another keyword research tool by ZonBase that helps sellers track product rankings for multiple keywords within seconds. Sellers can simply add all the keywords they have explored from the above step in ZonTracker, and the tool will list the ranking history of each.

Through ZonTracker, sellers can even spy on their competitor's keyword performance by performing a Reverse ASIN Lookup – just too amazing!

5. Listify/Listify AI


Now that you have explored the best product and high-ranking keyword for your Amazon journey, next comes the listing part, and for that, ZonBase has got you covered with – Listify, a unique listing optimization tool. To be precise, both Listify and Listify AI are two different tools by the team, and the later uses AI to help sellers build listings within seconds.

Through the Listify tool, sellers can actually explore how well their product will rank on Amazon and the parameters they must focus on to beat the competition and rank higher.

6. Photo Enhancer

Photo Enhancer

Photo enhancer is one of the best features of ZonBase that helps sellers with the whole photo enhancing process while they are preparing the listing from scratch. The tool has the ability to turn any photo into explainer photos so that sellers can attract more visitors and drive more sales.

And the process is a lot easier too. They just have to send the photo to the team, and the team (with all the skills and Amazon expertise) will send the photo back to the seller – that's now breathtaking!

7. Profits

To help sellers manage their profits properly, ZonBase offers an inventory forecasting feature and a profits dashboard feature. Both tools are extremely easy to use, and each gives sellers a quick sneak peek into how much they can earn from the marketplace in the coming days. The inventory forecasting feature is all about the tool giving FBA sellers information about how much inventory they have and even giving alerts when they are falling short of anything.

8. ZonPPC


Last comes the ZonPPC feature by ZonBase, which is made to help sellers with all PPC-related queries and actions. There is a specific PPC dashboard available for sellers to manage all their PPC campaigns. The ZonBase ads manager helps sellers with the bidding process, and the PPC reports are for sellers to know how best their PPC campaigns have been performing for days now. 

Apart from all this, ZonBase even offers a Repricer feature to help sellers with Amazon product pricing end game. 

Viral Launch Features at a Glance

1. Product Discovery 

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is quite a tedious task but now, with Viral Launch's Amazon product finder feature. Through this tool, sellers can explore untapped AMZ markets within seconds. They can beat the competition by finding the right products to sell, and by the real-time, historical sales data available – they can even save days and weeks of time. 

2. Market Intelligence 

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

With the help of the Viral Launch market intelligence feature, sellers can grab accurate sales estimates of every product they might have explored with the product discovery tool above. The estimates are built on the basis of real-time and historical product data grabbed from Amazon. Also, with each product comes five-star ratings; the higher the ratings are, the quicker the seller should source the product for their store. 

The market intelligence feature even comes with a built-in calculator for sellers to explore the upfront cost and profits of any product. 

3. Keyword Research 

Viral Launch Keyword Research

After finding the right product to sell on Amazon, next comes the keyword research step, that's all about helping sellers find relevant keywords for their AMZ listing. All the data listed here directly comes from the Amazon marketplace. There are also multiple advanced relevancy filters available over here for sellers to save more time and explore tons of hidden keywords. 

4. Competitor Intelligence 

Viral Launch Competitor Intelligence

Are you curious about how your competitor is performing so well in the market and what strategies are working best for them? Well, Viral Launch has got you covered with this, too, with its super unique competitor intelligence feature. It's basically an advanced Amazon reverse ASIN tool that gives sellers quick insights into what competitors are actually doing.

From top-performing keywords, underutilized keywords, keyword rank, sponsored ad rank, sales, price, search volume, and reviews to notification options – the competitor intelligence tool has got you covered with every little detail.

5. Listing Analyzer 

Viral Launch Listing Building and Analyzer

Before coming to the listing analyzer, Viral Launch even offers a listing builder feature to sellers so that they can curate their AMZ listing from scratch. Once they have curated it all, with the help of this tool, they can check out how impactful the listing actually is and what improvements they can make. 

There's even an analysis score given to all listings, the higher the score is; the better the chances for the product to rank higher. 

6. Kinetic PPC 

Kinetic PPC

Are you worried about how Amazon PPC works? Well, with Viral Launch Kinetic PPC, you literally don't have to spend more hours on your PPC campaigns. There are customized rules available here for complete automation – sellers just have to choose which recurring actions they want to perform; if not, they even get an option to tweak the templates. 

Apart from all these features, viral launch even helps sellers with smooth product launches with its launching services which come with real-time stats and launch guides.

Winner: Viral Launch

Viral Launch straightaway is a clear winner here because although ZonBase offers multiple tools to sellers, a few are paid ones (that means sellers will have to pay more to get access to those features). On the other hand, all the Viral Launch features mentioned above are included in the pricing plans. 

ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch Pricing Plans: Which tool will be good on a budget? 

Both ZonBase and Viral Launch have come up with unique pricing models, but the only thing to note here is you can't use ZonBase and Viral Launch for free; there's no free forever plan available here.

ZonBase Pricing Plans 

ZonBase Pricing Plans

ZonBase gives users three pricing packages to choose from. Each plan comes with a 7-day money-back guarantee for sellers who are not happy with the services offered. However, do remember that ZonBase offers done-for-you services for sellers who wish to outsource a few of their Amazon operations. Some of the services included here are product validator, listing optimizer, and photo enhancer. 

ZonBase Standard Plan – $47 per month

  • $37, if paid annually 
  • Perform 10 product research per day
  • Perform 10 keyword research per day
  • Track 40 products per day
  • Integrate one store
  • Access to alerts and profits feature

ZonBase Legendary Plan – $97 per month 

  • $67, if paid annually 
  • Access to chrome extension
  • Perform 250 product research per day
  • Perform 250 keyword research per day
  • Track 1000 products a day
  • Integrate three stores
  • 1000 ASINs available for wholesale grading 

ZonBase Diamond Plan – $197 per month 

  • $132, if paid annually 
  • Access to Amazon FBA master class course for free
  • Perform 1000 product research per day
  • Explore 1000 hot-selling products a day
  • Integrate seven stores
  • Get sales estimates for almost 5,000 products
  • Weekly question and answer session with Amazon sales experts 

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Similar to ZonBase, even Viral Launch has come up with three unique packages for sellers no matter where they exactly are in their selling journey. All the plans come with a 14-day free trial period. However, the chrome extension is available for free and is included in every plan. 

Viral Launch Essentials Plan – $69 per month

  • $58, if paid annually
  • Amazon product tracker included
  • Keyword researcher included
  • Browser research extension available
  • Advice and guidance offered
  • Access to global Amazon data (every marketplace) 

Viral Launch Pro Plan – $99 per month

  • $83, if paid annually
  • All features from the essentials plan included
  • Competitor monitoring feature available
  • SEO and listing optimization feature included
  • Rank tracking and alerts features available
  • Listing health analyzer 

Viral Launch Pro Plus Plan – $199 per month

  • $166, if paid annually
  • Everything available from the essentials and pro plan
  • Access to robust Amazon advertising tool
  • Detailed advertising analytics and data feature included
  • Customization option available
  • 24/7 Campaign monitoring feature 
  • Access to organic + PPC keyword tracker

Winner: ZonBase

ZonBase, when compared to Viral Launch, offers services at a highly affordable rate. But the only thing to note here is most of the features are not included in all the packages. Hence sellers might have to pay more.

ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch Customer Support Service Comparison – How much assistance can you expect?

ZonBase Customer Support Review

The one thing we liked the most about ZonBase when compared to all other Amazon seller software available out there is the – 5-day challenge. By investing just a dollar, sellers can learn A-Z of Amazon FBA from Amazon sales experts.

Apart from this, the team even offers live chat support to users. And if the user has bought the diamond plan, they will get access to the Amazon FBA masterclass course and an opportunity to have a one-to-one Q&A session with Amazon experts. 

Viral Launch Customer Support Review

To help sellers make the most out of the Viral Launch features, the team offers them access to resources for free. For example, there are two courses available on the official website – How to sell on Amazon and Amazon PPC playbook.

Apart from this, there are even several how-to guides, eBooks, and free tools available. And for more detailed queries, Viral Launch offers chat, email, and phone support to users; the turnaround time is usually a day or two.

Winner: Viral Launch

Both Viral Launch and ZonBase offer awesome customer support service to their users, but the eBook and free courses offered by Viral Launch are superior quality-wise and can be a real game changer in any seller's selling journey

ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch: Pros and Cons

ZonBase Pros and Cons


  • $1 Challenge available for new sellers to explore how the marketplace works
  • Experienced product validator team available for quick product validation
  • 7-Days money back guarantee
  • Paid photo enhancer feature available
  • Beginner-friendly Amazon seller software
  • AI listing optimization tool available


  • Some features are priced separately
  • Certain allegations came into the light recently about the founder

Viral Launch Pros and Cons


  • Built by data science and AI enthusiasts
  • Has helped 10,000+ brands grow from scratch
  • Unique marketing and competitor intelligence tools available
  • Awesome customer support service
  • Kinetic PPC features available for managing Amazon PPC campaigns
  • Has massive Amazon product historical data
  • 14-Day free trial period available


  • No free forever plan available

Top FAQs on ZonBase Vs. Viral Launch 2024

Is Viral Launch better or ZonBase?

Viral Launch offers more features to sellers as compared to ZonBase and has been in the market since 2014.

Is Helium 10 better or ZonBase?

Helium 10 offers more advanced tools than ZonBase and even comes with a free forever pricing plan.

Is Viral Launch accurate?

Yes, Viral Launch uses its very own AI to grab real-time information from Amazon and is almost 79.3% accurate.

What is the best ZonBase alternative?

The best alternatives of ZonBase are Helium 10, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, and AMZScout.

Is Viral Launch free?

No, Viral Launch is not available for free. Instead, it offers a 14-day free trial period to all its users with all its pricing plans.

Can I use ZonBase for free?

No, ZonBase is not available for free. Instead, it offers users a 7-day money-back guarantee if they are not happy with the features offered.

Conclusion: Is Viral Launch a better choice from ZonBase for growing on Amazon in 2024?

According to several reports available online, many sellers claim that the Viral Launch data accuracy rate is around 79.3%. But we are not just so sure about the numbers. However, the features offered by the tool are truly amazing and helpful. 

On the other hand, ZonBase does not just offer users access to the best features but even has come up with a unique “done for you” service. Both tools are great when it comes to customer support service, and let's not forget the free resources each software offers. 

To point out one thing, Kevin David, the founder of ZonBase, recently faced certain allegations with the tool – but that doesn't make the tool unworthy at all. So, to help you make a better decision. 

Get ZonBase If…

  • You're right on budget
  • Want to explore a 5-day challenge 
  • You are in dire need of great product research and validation tool
  • You want to invest in an Amazon seller software with a short learning curve

Get Viral Launch If‚Ķ 

  • You've good money to invest
  • You are an AI enthusiast, and you love exploring 
  • You want access to free courses
  • You love podcasts
  • You need an all-in-one solution for market intelligence and competitor intelligence and want assistance with product launch

Now you got the answers to all your questions, make a wiser decision, but before that, STEP INTO THE AMAZON MARKETPLACE AS EARLY AS YOU CAN!

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