Won’t it be great if you can manage all your Amazon FBA operations in a single place?

ZonGuru is one of those tools that enable great management of multiple Amazon selling operations, and with Zonguru Free Trial you can try your hands on this excellent tool.

Zonguru is currently offering a 7-day free trial that is an excellent resort for Amazon sellers looking forward to performing keyword research, product research, listing optimization, etc. You can try the ZonGuru interactive demo as well, quite a game changer, right?

In addition to this, if you are looking forward to learning more about Zonguru free trial, the features that can be accessed, and how you can leverage this Amazon sellers tool for your operations. I'll cover it all.

Zonguru works on almost all the aspects that are needed to be covered in terms of Amazon selling operations, these primary parameters include product research, listing optimization, business metrics, monitoring & alerts, customer engagement, and much more.

Where most of the Amazon seller tools do not focus on the research part specifically, Zonguru offers two different pre-tailored pricing plans which include the Researcher plan and the Seller plan. Well, whether you are interested in the researcher or the seller plan, Zonguru offers a 7-day free trial for both of them.

Let’s now have a quick look at how you can access the Zonguru Free Trial and explore this excellent tool.

How to activate ZonGuru Free Trial? (Step-by-Step Guide)

No need to wait anymore in order to get your hands on this Amazon sellers tool, Follow the below-mentioned simple steps to get your hands on ZonGuru free trial.

  • Click on the exclusive link to start your ZonGuru free trial activation.
  • Once you are directed to ZonGuru's official website, click on the 7-day free trial button shown in the upper right corner.
ZonGuru Free Trial
  • Select the preferred plan you are interested in, the free trial is available on both the researcher and seller plans.
ZonGuru Pricing Plans - Free Trial
  • After you have successfully chosen the plan whose free trial you want, you’ll be directed to the signup page. ZonGuru offers 3 different ways to complete your Sign up process which include through a Google account, Amazon account, or email address.
Create an Account on ZonGuru
  • Congratulations you now have access to ZonGuru for your Amazon selling operations, just fill in the credit card details and start upscaling your Amazon selling operations.
ZonGuru Business Dashboard
  • Now take full control and explore the tools and features offered by ZonGuru. The features that you can use under the free trial might vary as it depends upon which plan you have chosen.
  • You can also check out a detailed βœ… ZonGuru Review to get through all the key features offered by it.

Key Features Offered by ZonGuru

If you are an Amazon seller who wants to cover all the important aspects of Amazon selling operations, ZonGuru offers its key feature across several features across different categories including product research, listing optimization, business metrics, monitoring & alerts, and customer engagement.

Categories covered by ZonGuru from Amazon Selling Aspects

  • Product Research
  • Listing Optimization
  • Business Metrics
  • Monitoring & Assets
  • Customer Engagement

ZonGuru Product Research Tools and Features

ZonGuru offers 5 different product research tools and features that can be utilized by Amazon sellers to deliver the best outcome overall. These tools include Niche Finder, ZonGuru Chrome Extension, Sales Spy, Love Hate, and Easy Source.

ZonGuru Listing Optimizer

ZonGuru has 3 different tools that can be utilized to generate listings that can attract more clicks resulting in better sales and conversions. The tools categorized under the ZonGuru listing optimization include Keywords on Fire, Keyword Spotlight, and Listing Optimizer.

Business Metrics for Amazon Selling

You can access 3 tools that can be categorized under the Business metric category, these tools include Business Dashboard, My Products, and My Orders. Having an analysis across the business metrics for Amazon selling can help in delivering better outcomes overall since you can now have a great analysis of the sales made across different marketplaces and time periods.

Monitoring & Alerts

The tools and features included under the Monitoring & Alert category can help users / Amazon sellers be alert about the critical changes made to the products listed. The tools and features offered include Keyword Tracker, Product Pulse, and IP Monitor. All of these are pretty crucial in terms of different aspects such as analyzing the position of listing ranks, when someone leaves a product review, or when someone copies and uses the images that you have used for product listing.

Customer Engagement

Getting along with customer engagement can be considered one of the most crucial aspects to look forward to when building a brand. The tools and features offered by ZonGuru include Email Automator and Review Automator which can be utilized to automatically reply to reviews and emails in a single click.

ZonGuru + OpenAI for AI-powered Product Listing

ZonGuru + OpenAI for AI-powered Product Listing

ZonGuru and OpenAI offer an AI-powered product listing option that can be considered as World’s first ChatGPT integration specifically for Amazon sellers. You can have your hands on this feature and get product listings made in a few seconds.

ZonGuru Free Tools: 100% Free Tools to Upscale Amazon FBA

ZonGuru also offers a set of free tools that can be utilized in order to get the best outcome from Amazon's selling operations. The free tools offered by ZonGuru include:

  • Keywords on Fire (Lite)
  • ASIN Index Checker
  • Profit Calculator
  • Product Tracker Sheet
  • Resource Center

In addition to all this, ZonGuru also offers some free resources which include Blogs, podcasts, a quick start challenge, a rapid ranking challenge, and an Agency academy.

Now let’s have a quick look at the ZonGuru pricing plans and understand which plan is best suitable for your Amazon selling operations.

ZonGuru Pricing Plans: Save 40% on ZonGuru Plans

Zonguru Pricing Plans

ZonGuru offers 2 different pricing plans that can be considered while looking forward to starting your Amazon selling operations, these plans include:

  • Researcher Plan: As the plan suggests, it is best suitable for Amazon sellers or agency members that are bent more toward the research part. The researcher plan starts at a cost of $39/month and can be reduced to $24/month if billed annually.

The plan gives you access to Niche Finder, Chrome Extension, Sales Spy, Love Hate, Easy Source, Keywords on Fire, Keyword Spotlights, and Listing Optimizer.

  • Seller Plan: The Seller plan gives access to even more features that were included in the ZonGuru Researcher plan. The Seller plan starts at a cost of $49/month for 1 SKU and can be decreased to $38/month if billed annually. Whereas the price may vary depending on the number of SKUs selected.

The additional features which are included in the Seller plan include a Business dashboard, My products, My orders, Keyword Tracker, Product pulse, IP monitor, Email Automator, and Review Automator.

FAQs on ZonGuru Free Trial 2024

Does ZonGuru offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, ZonGuru offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for annually billed users, whereas a 7-day money-back guarantee for monthly users. Whereas it is worth mentioning that ZonGuru does not offer this money-back guarantee on annual subscription renewals.

What are Guru Tools offered by ZonGuru?

Guru tools are the free tools offered by ZonGuru that can be utilized in order to deliver the best outcome to your Amazon FBA, these free tools include Keywords on Fire (Lite), ASIN Index Checker, and FBA Calculator.

What are the Amazon marketplaces available on ZonGuru?

ZonGuru works on several Amazon marketplaces including the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, India, and Australia.

Can I try ZonGuru Free Trial multiple times?

No, ZonGuru Free Trial is only accessible once on the same account. Whereas, you can look forward to trying out the Zonguru Free trial multiple times by using different login details every time but remember this might lead to the suspension of your account if found suspicious.

Does ZonGuru offer any add-ons for Amazon selling operations?

Yes, ZonGuru is currently offering some tools additionally which include Keywords on Fire (45 Sessions/month) and Chrome Extension (unlimited sessions).

What additional features are offered in the ZonGuru Enterprise Solutions plan?

ZonGuru Enterprise Solutions plan is specifically tailored for big businesses, with features like agency training and certification, an internal admin dashboard, marketplace performance reporting, dedicated customer support agents, and a designated slack channel as well.

Final Verdict on ZonGuru Free Trial: Worth a shot?

ZonGuru offers some excellent tools and features that are undoubtedly great in terms of Amazon selling operations. The 7-day free trial by ZonGuru is quite a great choice to explore all the premium tools and features offered. Since ZonGuru covers all the important aspects of Amazon's selling operations such as Keyword research, listing optimization, monitoring, etc.; it can be said that ZonGuru is definitely worth giving a shot at.

In addition to all this, you can also access the ZonGuru Interactive demo to get along with the user interface and have an eye on what features and tools will be accessible to you. From a seller’s perspective, you can also look forward to additional tools that can be accessed separately, the Keywords on Fire for $19/mo with 45 sessions/month and Chrome extension for $9/mo for unlimited sessions per month are worth considering.

If after trying out the free trial, you feel that maybe ZonGuru is the right companion for your Amazon selling operations, I would recommend getting along with the ZonGuru annual plan as it would help you decrease the cost by 40%.

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