Looking for a keyword research tool for Amazon?

ZonKeywords Review is here to increase your online exposure, increase your sales & stand out from the crowd!! ZonBase is a highly effective tool for building and growing your Amazon business empire. Sounds, interesting right?

With Amazon being the world's biggest marketplace, competition is tough for all kinds of sellers. With so many Amazon FBA sellers, ensuring your product is at the top of organic search results can be hard.

It's not wise to just sell a product because it appeals to you; what if other shoppers on Amazon don't like it? The Amazon marketplace has hundreds of merchants all peddling the same product. Consequently, even if the product is popular you still have to contend with other sellers looking for their share of profits, thus resulting in lower revenues for you.

Using ZonBase (formerly ZonKeywords), now you can easily get your product listed at the top of the search results on Amazon targetting your customers. In this way, you can sell the trending & hottest products daily on Amazon!!

Amazon being the leading eCommerce platform, need to uncover the best products to sell on Amazon with profit potential and growing business by targeting hidden keywords and selling more products.

Stay tuned with this ZonKeywords review, ZonKeywords features, ZonKeywords pricing, how does ZonKeywords works, ZonKeywords Pros & Cons, ZonKeywords alternatives & more!!

What is ZonKeywords? ZonKeywords Review 2024

Zonkeywords Review

Are you an Amazon FBA seller wanting to reach your full potential? ZonKeywords can help by providing tools to aid in achieving high rankings. Struggling with product rankings? ZonBase is the perfect solution to find profitable products with our powerful product research tool, ZonResearch. ZonResearch digs deep into Amazon’s database to uncover winning products or niches.

Using ZonKeywords, you can easily discover the hidden keywords that help you to achieve the highest possible rank for each product you offer. ZonBase is an all-in-one keyword research tool for Amazon that will help you find a product on another retailer's website, comparing its price and quality to Amazon’s product listings.

NOTE: ZonKeywords is now operating under the name Zonbase,
Read full review 👉ZonBase Review: Best Value Software for Amazon Vendors?

ZonKeywords is software designed for Amazon sellers, which helps in assisting with product research, keyword optimization, and placing products correctly on Amazon's shelves. In this ZonKeywords review, we will display everything ZonBase has to offer, so those eyeing the program can decide if it will deliver the advantages they require. ZonBase equips vendors with all that is necessary to thrive, including Radar Monitoring – which helps keep an eye on rival sales trends. Read this entire ZonKeywords review till the end….!!

Here's how ZonKeywords can help you:

  • It helps you easily launch your products, discover the sales as well as gain sales insights.
  • Provides you with tools that help you get more sales, generate more revenue & scale your business to the next level.
  • Includes built-in search API that enables you to discover Amazon's trending products within seconds.
  • Get a complete set of tools, that will help you get started on the proper track without any delay
  • ZonBase helps you to get rid of dozens of different platforms and thousands of items.
  • Easily display the rating of your product on Amazon, plus you can use it for any product over time to see rankings in detail.
  • Comes with a Chrome Extension ZonBase Analysis speeds up the process of discovering successful goods
  • Includes a sales estimator that lets you see an average of the number of products sold for each product per month

We all know, how hard is to decide which products you are going to sell to become a successful Amazon seller. Using, ZonKeywords now you can easily find out which products are the most profitable ones giving you new ideas about Amazon’s vast database that match your business needs and preferences with the help of ZonResearch. Moreover, product research is easier with ZonKeywords. Plus, with the Zonbase Chrome extension, you can view behind-the-scenes information about the products on Amazon’s search results page.

As a top Amazon seller, you need to get the right keyword information that is more accurate and easy to understand. ZonKeywords is specially designed for busy sellers who need to get the quick reports, and what keywords competitors are using to dominate and this helps in earning profits on autopilot.

No need to download any other programs; it's all available online! Research new items, set pricing points based on what competitors do best, and don't leave yourself too open when selling physical goods over digital networks like eCommerce platforms – which tend to rely heavily on AI algorithms rather than actual human intuition.

Make your entrepreneurship journey successful with ZonKeywords. Stop ending up on page 30, and find your next winning product from more than 20 million products!!

ZonKeywords Review: How Does ZonKeywords Work?

ZonKeywords works in 4 simple steps, which you can easily follow to skyrocket your business:

  • STEP 1: First, you have to register a free trial account which will take less than 60 seconds
  • STEP 2: After creating an account, you have to select a plan for you. It is recommended to go for the Starter Plan for beginners.
  • STEP 3: In this step, you will find ZonBase Plus which is the only Amazon software that has one on one mentorship!
  • STEP 4: Lastly, you can speak to their product research experts to find your winning product to dominate Amazon. That’s it. You’re done!!

ZonKeywords Key Features & Benefits

Are you wondering what are the key features ZonKeywords has to offer? ZonKeywords comes with tons of tools that will help you boost your Amazon rankings. ZonKeywords provides great, helpful tools that can assist with getting higher rankings in Amazon searches and boosting sales and income from your Amazon store.

Zonbase gives you access to product data, sales trends, high-performing keywords, and more. Plus, you can always stay up-to-date with the hottest products hourly – they could be just what you need to make the best product choices.

No need to waste time over hundreds of product detail pages to get more information. Get access to relevant information within minutes!! So, let's dive deep into ZonBase features & benefits below:

1. Amazon Product Research Tools

Uncover the most profitable products on Amazon FBA with their effective, data-driven tools, ZonResearch. With this tool, you can dive into Amazon’s vast product database to uncover the most profitable products with high demand and low competition. Streamline your search using advanced filters based on your preference.


The ZonResearch tool helps you identify product opportunities that meet your profitability criteria. Remember the criteria we mentioned earlier? A product with sufficient demand to generate high sales volume, not saturated with many competing sellers, and with good profit margins.

To generate products with low competition, high demand, and high-profit potential, you can set the filters so that the algorithm generates products that match these criteria. For example, you can set the number of reviews to be a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 50 as that signifies low competition.

To use ZonResearch, first tick the product categories you are interested in. Then, set your filters to narrow down your search like in the image below.

ZonResearch by Zonkeywords

ZoneBase Chrome Extension

With the new chrome extension, you can find and validate Amazon FBA product ideas, and get the most accurate Amazon sales estimates. Chrome Extension allows you to see behind the Amazon Products Page. With the Chrome Extension, you can estimate a product’s profitability by viewing current and previous price and sales trends.

  • Direct Amazon connection: With one click, the Chrome Extension uncovers the Amazon results page. It gives you sales estimates and data projections in real-time.
  • Validate Your Product Ideas: Uncover the last 12 months' sales history PLUS the top keywords each product ranks for.
  • Assess a Product’s Potential in Seconds: Have your coach assist you day-to-day. We remember how hard getting to Page 1 can be. Our experts will guide you.

Hottest Product Tools

The Hot Products tool is a unique Amazon product trends tool that provides an hourly-updated list of trending hot products on Amazon. Having trouble coming up with product ideas? You can start with the Hot Products list.

  • Instant Access: Hot Products are products in Amazon’s Top 100 Most Gifted that have an increasing sales trend and fewer than 30 reviews: the perfect combination of high demand and low competition. The Hot Products tool shows you more information about these trending products, such as their price, sales history, number of reviews, and more.
  • Advanced Filters: Narrow your search for the most profitable products. Choose the product categories you prefer. Specify your criteria using advanced filters such as price, number of reviews, average monthly units sold, monthly revenue, and more.
  • Reliable Data: ZonKeywords database is being updated every hour, ensuring that you get the most accurate data and make the best data-driven decisions for your business. The Hot Products tool connects you to Alibaba, the leading B2B eCommerce platform for wholesale trade, allowing you to easily access possible manufacturers/suppliers for the trending product you choose.

Product Validator

Now you can validate your product and have a checklist of what works and what doesn't! First, you have to show your product and send a photo, or a link to the supplier. After that, their launch managers will review your product. And finally, they will prepare a detailed 20-point report card.

2. ZoneBase Sales Optimizer

ZonBase Sales Optimizer tool makes it easy for anyone to accurately estimate a product's ASIN‘s average monthly sales figures.

It comes with an intuitive design that lets you quickly find the details you need, such as likely sale levels, pricing, and other competition insights in details.

Keywords Tool

The Keywords Tool generates thousands of relevant keywords searched for by millions of Amazon shoppers. Improve your visibility, drive traffic to your listings, and get to page one with high-performing keywords. The Keywords tool provides important information about keywords so that you can use the data as actionable points for your SEO and PPC strategy. Discover the estimated monthly search volume for both main keywords and keyword suggestions. Find out how the keyword has performed over time with the Seasonality Indicator. Ascertain how relevant the keyword is to your product with the Relevancy Score.

Reverse ASIN Tool

Get quick access to the most relevant keyword phrases with the Reverse ASIN tool. With this tool, you can perform a Reverse ASIN lookup of up to three competitors and see all the keyword phrases that they rank for, giving you a large list of relevant keywords to target. Discover your competitors’ top-performing keywords and use them to your advantage. Include these all-important keywords in your listings to drive traffic to your page, boost your sales, and increase your ranking.

Page One Launch

ZonKeywords expert team will check that your listing is ready for Page 1. Get your PPC campaign to Page 1. With their 8 Figure Amazon Experts design your PPC Campaign – fully customized. Launch the same product for a new keyword or launch the same product in a new market or launch a new product in the same market.


ZonTracker is an effective Amazon keyword tracker that monitors your keyword performance and makes it easier for you to track your product’s ranking for any keyword. ZonTracker allows you to perform a Reverse ASIN lookup on your top competitor’s product and track their current rank and rank history for the high-traffic keywords you are targeting. By comparing your keyword performance to theirs, you get to analyze their SEO strategy, see what they’re doing better, and improve your game.

Sales Estimator

The sales Estimator tool provides you with an estimate of a product’s average monthly sales. Get background information on how units your top competitors on page one sell in a month. Determine how many units you will need to sell to overtake your competitors and get to page one. By getting an estimate of a product’s average monthly sales, you can take the guesswork out of inventory forecasting and have a successful product launch.

3. Listing Optimization

With Amazon Listing Optimization Tools, you can create well-optimized product listings to improve visibility, drive sales, and maximize your marketing efforts on Amazon. Now you can easily generate high-performing, optimized content that will make it easier than ever before to rank on Amazon!


The Listify tool helps you create optimized product listings with all the best keywords. Listify fills up a field with all your relevant keywords, strikes out the keywords you have used, and shows you in what fields the keywords have been included, ensuring you don’t miss any keywords. Listify makes creating an optimized product listing easier and faster. Listify helps you keep track of your word usage while creating your listings.

Listing Optimizer

The listing optimizer will help you optimize your Amazon product listing which will make you more money. Get detailed market research to find what customers are using to find your product. With their easy-to-read listings, you can increase your organic sales and save your money from expensive sponsored ads.

Photo Enhancer

With their photo enhancer feature, turn your existing photos into explainer photos that earn you more money. You can increase the number of buyers who click on your listing with eye-catching and stunning photos. Increase your conversions and improve brand identity by showing customers that your brand and products are quality products.

Listify AI

This feature helps you to create optimized product listings automatically. ZonKeywords AI-driven algorithm builds fully optimized listings from scratch with little or no effort on your part. All you need to do is enter a seed keyword for your product name, and you get a fully optimized listing in a few hours. With AI Listify, you won't have to worry about forgetting to optimize some elements of your listings. Every element of your listing is taken care of – from the Title to Bullet Points, Description, and even Search Terms.

4. Analytics or Profits Tool

The ZonBase Profits tool is an Amazon analytics tool with which sellers can view accurate data on their business expenses, sales, revenue, and profits. By monitoring the financial performance of your product listings, you can make data-driven decisions that will reduce your costs and boost your profits. The profits tool not only monitors expenditures and your profit margins, but it also helps you to track your sales so you can keep an eye on how much income you’re making. Using the Performance Matrix, you can monitor key business performance metrics such as gross revenue, estimated profit, number of orders, number of units sold, ROI, profit margin, promotional spend, and refunds.

With the Profits Tool, you can view and compare revenue gotten from PPC advertising and organic marketing over a certain period, such as today, yesterday, the last 7 days, the last 30 days, or any custom date range of your choice. With insights gained from this data, you can tell what works and what needs to be improved in your marketing strategy.

With the Profits tool, you can:

Zonkeywords Profit Dashboard
  • Quickly get insights into key financial metrics with no manual effort
  • Keep an eye on your inventory level
  • Monitor the impact of your PPC campaigns
  • Make data-driven decisions that will improve your profitability
  • Measure your profits with this Tool
  • Monitor the performance of your bestsellers in one click

5. ZonPPC

With ZonPPC’s automated data-driven algorithms, you can optimize bids, harvest profitable keywords, lower campaign costs, and increase your sales. Managing Amazon PPC campaigns consumes a lot of time. Changing bids, adjusting budgets, and managing keywords shouldn’t be your full-time job. Automating these tasks is the best way to free up your time so you can focus on doing things that matter. ZonPPC makes smart, accurate, and strategic adjustments to your PPC campaigns so you don’t have to.

ZonPPC gives you a clear view of all the important information that you need to make data-driven decisions. When you see the big picture, it’s easier to make strategic business decisions that will drive your business in the right direction.

  • With ZonPPC, you can automate 3 different actions:
    1. Status
    2. Bid
    3. Total Budget.

With ZonPPC, you can automate your bids on your campaigns based on your goals.

PPC Autopilot

With Amazon Experts, you can manage your PPC on autopilot, which means spending less and selling more. This feature will help you to identify the top keywords for the product, the search demand for those keywords, and the level of competition for the keyword. They will help you create campaigns and manage your bids for you.

6. Zon Repricer

Zon Repricer is an AI-driven tool that helps you to stay competitive by adjusting your product prices based on changing market prices. Market prices fluctuate all the time on Amazon and repricing is an effective way to stay ahead of your competitors. With Repricer, you can stay on top of price fluctuations and implement price updates on the go by setting pricing rules. With the Zon Repricer feature, you can improve your pricing strategy, and outrank competitors with the most effective Amazon repricing tool today. With Repricer’s effective, AI-driven, and rule-based repricing strategies you can adjust your product prices swiftly.

Apart from helping you win price wars, this Zon Repricer tool helps you to:

  • Automate your repricing process using AI and rule-based repricing strategies
  • Save time and increase your profit potential with minimal effort
  • Avoid endless price wars and unnecessary profit cuts by fixing prices based on an automatic review of competitors' prices
  • Fix competitive prices without running the risk of being emotional about it
  • Avoid pricing lapses and human error by setting pricing rules ahead of time

Who should buy ZonKeywords?

ZonKeywords is specially designed for Amazon sellers, who are looking to sell their products online. You need ZonBase if you are:

  • Finding products
  • Finding mentors
  • Listing optimization
  • Product launch and PPC
  • Profit/loss analysis
  • Inventory forecasting
  • Sales Estimating
  • Repricing strategies

ZonKeywords Pricing Plans: How much does ZonKeywords Cost?

pricing plans of ZonBase

If you are running an Amazon FBA business, then ZonKeywords is the ultimate game changer that can skyrocket your revenue and kickstart your career as an Amazon seller. ZonKeywords comes with 4 pricing plans based on your specific needs. It would be better if you select their Starter Plan ($30/mo for an annual subscription). The best part? With their annual subscription, you can save $762. Let's have a quick look at ZonBase pricing plans:

ZonBase Standard Plan ($37/mo)

  • 10/day ZonResearch
  • 10/day Keyword Base
  • 10/day Reverse Keywords
  • 40/day ZonTracker
  • 40/day Sales Estimator
  • 10/day Hot Products
  • 10/day Listify
  • 1 store integration Alerts
  • 1 Store Integration Profits
  • 250 ASINs for Wholesale Grading
  • 7-Day Money Back GUARANTEE

ZonBase Legendary Plan ($97/mo)

  • 250/day Chrome Extension
  • 250/day ZonResearch
  • 250/day Keyword Base
  • 250/day Reverse Keywords
  • 1000/day ZonTracker
  • 1000/day Sales Estimator
  • 250/day Hot Products
  • 250/day Listify
  • 1 Store integration with Upto $30k Ad Spend/ Month ZonPPC
  • 3 Store integration Alerts
  • 3 Store Integration Profits
  • 1000 ASINs for Wholesale Grading
  • 7-Day Money Back GUARANTEE

ZonBase Diamond Plan ($297/mo)

  • Amazon FBA Master Class Course
  • Weekly QnA Session with Amazon Expert
  • 1000/day Chrome Extension
  • 1000/day ZonResearch
  • 1000/day Keyword Base
  • 1000/day Reverse Keywords
  • 5000/day ZonTracker
  • 5000/day Sales Estimator
  • 1000/day Hot Products
  • 1000/day Listify
  • 3 Store integration with Upto $30k Ad Spend/ Month ZonPPC
  • 7 Store integration Alerts
  • 7 Store Integration Profits
  • 10000 ASINs for Wholesale Grading
  • 7-Day Money Back GUARANTEE

ZonBase Plus Plan ($1997/mo)

  • Picked for your home run potential product idea
  • Product listing optimization
  • Product photo enhancement
  • Product launch
  • PPC + Account management
  • Diamond subscription to Zonbase
  • Weekly q&a sessions
  • Customer support
  • 7-Day Money Back GUARANTEE


ZonKeywords Pros & Cons

ZonBase is an easy-to-use Amazon research tool, but there are some advantages and disadvantages that you must consider:

  • The product and keyword research tools pull in very accurate data.
  • Flat pricing model with various payment methods available.
  • Provides a free 7-day trial so you can explore before you sign up.
  • Includes photo enhancer and great product validator team.
  • Provides sales estimator tool to decide if the product is worth investing in.
  • Ideal for beginners to pros to reach their full potential on Amazon.
  • Low price for high-quality services.
  • Product and keyword research is easier.
  • Creates smart, accurate, and strategic adjustments to your PPC campaigns.
  • Helps you to make data-driven decisions that will reduce your costs and boost your profits.
  • More pricing options needed
  • Frequent updates needed from the team

Top FAQs On ZonKeywords Review 2024

What is ZonBase?

ZonBase is an all-in-one software solution for Amazon sellers who want to automate business tasks and make data-driven decisions. The software suite consists of software tools for product research, keyword research, listing optimization, PPC advertising, and so much more.

What marketplaces does ZonBase support?

ZonKeywords currently supports marketplaces in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Does ZonBase Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial period where you can test all of our tools. This will give you enough time to determine whether the Zonbase tools meet your business needs.

How Much Does ZonBase Cost?

ZonKeywords comes with 3 pricing plans, which are the Standard Plan costs $37/month and $444/year while the Legendary Plan costs $67/month and 804/year.

Can I Cancel My ZonBase Subscription?

Yes, your subscription is not tied to a contract, so you’re free to cancel anytime. Once you cancel, your subscription will end after the current billing cycle and you won’t be charged going forward.

Do I have to enter my credit card information when signing up for a free trial?

Yes, you will not be charged during the free trial, so you don't have to worry. However, if you fail to cancel your free trial account before it ends, we’ll take it to mean that you want to continue the subscription and the charge will go through automatically.

Do You Offer “Done-for-you” Services In Addition To Your Current Plans?

Yes, ZonBase offers one-off services for Amazon sellers who want to outsource some business tasks to experts. Some of these services include Photo Enhancement, Listing Optimizer, and Product Validator.

ZenKeywords Alternatives & Competitors

Looking for the best ZonKeywords alternatives? Here are the top alternatives to ZonBase that work in a similar manner to ZonBase.

1. Helium 10

When it comes to Amazon FBA solutions, Helium 10 has it all! From SEO and product research to refunds and fraud protection, this all-in-one suite is a must-have for selection, scaling up, and overseeing your shop thoroughly.

Helium 10 offers graphs, charts, and keyword ranking to analyze seasonal product demand, and you can use it to measure search traffic for ASINs. It also lets you copy ASINs in bulk to make targeted ads for products. With it, you can check the number of units left for certain listings and calculate your profits after considering FBA fees. Additionally, you may use pre-made or custom templates to generate email sequences for order completion or special events, and all orders will be visible through a single dashboard.

Read more about the best alternative to ZonKeywords: Helium 10 Review

2. Jungle Scout

If you're looking to sell on Amazon, Jungle Scout is the go-to all-in-one platform. Their powerful, data-driven platform helps entrepreneurs and brands succeed on Amazon with their product research, market insight, and brand and listing management capabilities.

Jungle Scouts' dashboard provides merchants with a glance at their business performance in the past week. With new sales widgets, customers can view overall sales, profits, and sales volume right away. Additionally, they have access to tracking PPC advertising.

Overall, Amazon's research tool can help you identify profitable products, forecast sales, search for keywords, and monitor competitors – all in one convenient place. Plus, you can quickly spot the best items to base your business on.

Know How Accurate is Jungle Scout Product Tracker!

3. AMZScout

AMZScout is an incredible tool for product research that can help you discover the most profitable products to sell, which will consequently increase your revenue and profits. Not only can it be used to uncover information about products, but you can also utilize its services to calculate sales, revenue predictions, and FBA fees.

You can access AMZScout as an add-on for your Amazon seller program or through their web application. Both are easy to get and straightforward to use.

It aids in the identification of the best items on Amazon. Every piece of data on the page is examined quickly and accurately so that limited-time items are located rapidly.

Read full review 👉 AMZScout Review

Final Words On ZonKeywords Review

To wrap up, ZonKeywords is one of the best platforms that will help you find your winning product on Amazon. The best part? All of the services offered by ZonBase are fully compatible with Amazon products.

ZonBase platform allows for a more streamlined experience navigating the Amazon store, as all major features are accessed from one central web interface. This helps sellers quickly and easily search for products without needing to use multiple services.

Honestly, I am really satisfied getting this tool to have cutthroat competition with my top competitors. It is recommended to choose the starter plan if you are promoting your products on Amazon and get your product listed at the top of Amazon. Just give it a try to ZonBase today for FREE!!

Thank you for reading this article till the end. If you have questions, kindly drop them in the comment section below. We will respond to you promptly.

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