Won’t it be great if your Amazon sellers tool was able to not only work in managing everything on the go but also offer you an extra line of credit in order to work for your Amazon selling operations? Well, Helium 10 Alta is one such tool that can help offer services in these aspects; Alta is basically a financial tool that works around all the financial solutions for Amazon's selling operations as a seller. In this Helium 10 Alta review, we’ll be uncovering all the important stuff overall, and understanding how Amazon sellers can take full leverage of this tool overall.

What is Helium 10 Alta? Helium 10 Alta Review

Helium 10 Alta

Alta is a financial solution tool offered by Helium 10 that can help in managing things better overall for Amazon's selling operations. One of the key features that make Helium 10 Alta a good choice is getting daily payments instead of waiting for those payments for two weeks to reach your bank account.

In addition to that, Alta can make multi-currency payments to your suppliers which might be functioning globally, and the line of credit offered is no doubt the best thing users can look forward to, this single feature makes Alta stand out of all the Amazon sellers tools in the ecosystem. The rapid credit approval of around $5,000,000 makes it a game changer if approved, i.e. sellers need to get approved to use the line of credit.

Now that we have covered up everything else let’s take look at the Alta features and what makes it a good-to-go choice.

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Helium 10 is an overall Amazon tool that is used and loved by Amazon sellers globally, it offers various solutions throughout one's selling journey including product research, keyword research and much more, no also including Helium10 Alta a tool for handling finances.

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Helium 10 Alta Key Features

Now that we have covered what Helium 10 Alta has to offer, let's take a look at the key features offered by Alta and understand how can it help Amazon sellers:

Line of Credit

Helium 10 offers some excellent features and tools but the credit line feature offered by Alta can be really a game changer for your Amazon selling operations. Alta provides quick and easy access to credit lines that can help get your business to the next level. You could potentially be approved for up to $5,000,000 in funding, but you will have to be accepted first.

The only prerequisite is six months of Amazon sales, though other sales from channels like Shopify or Walmart can also be taken into account. An excellent advantage of this credit line feature is that you don't need to take out the full amount of funding that you've been approved for, you can simply take out the amount you need, which helps reduce costs.

Exchange around 37 Currencies

The great advantage of Helium 10 Alta's digital wallet is that it enables international direct payment in 37 currencies, as well as marketplace payout in other countries without requiring a local business entity. This means that you can pay your suppliers in their local currency and get a small discount since they don't have to exchange your USD. By doing this, you could benefit from fewer costs and better profits.

VAT & GST Services

As a US-based merchant looking to extend your operations to other marketplaces, you might confront certain difficulties in obedience to international regulations such as VAT and GST, which can be perplexing. As an Amazon seller starting out across new marketplaces while dealing with all the important norms is mostly all of us have to deal with, these norms include VAT & GST. Well, Alta takes care of all this and works accordingly.

Nevertheless, Alta is here to assist you with their VAT and GST Services. They will provide you with help when you are troubled and offer solutions, from registering to completing reports for secure payments.

Alta Virtual Card: 1% Cashback

Once you are approved and done with all the processes, you can also look forward to using of Alta virtual card, this card can be used for multiple stuff such as ads across different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, etc. In addition to all this, what makes this virtual card a game changer is 1% Cashback.

In order to get along with this Alta Virtual Card, you need to start with the Alta digital wallet, once you are all done with this process, you can apply and get yourself an Alta virtual card.

Daily Payments

As an Amazon seller, you might be aware how the payment cycle works, Amazon usually performs payouts on a biweekly basis, and this can be a tough thing for a lot of Amazon sellers who are getting their inventory wiped out at a rapid pace, what if you need to restock your products on a much rapid pace as compared to biweekly basis. It is worth mentioning that the daily payments are usually transferred to your wallet account; with Alta, you can rest assured that your income will be transferred daily to your Alta account. Helium 10 will take a small commission, but this convenient feature can be a major benefit for your business.

How to Apply for Alta by Helium 10?

Making your Alta account is really simple, it only takes 3 to 4 simple steps to make your account on Alta, all you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below and voila you are done:

1. Login to your Helium 10 account

All of it starts with your Helium 10 account creation, if you don’t have a Helium 10 account, you can create one for free of cost, using this link: Helium 10 Affiliate Link.

You can also create an Alta account directly, but I would prefer to make it through Helium 10.

2. After you have successfully logged in to your Helium 10 account, you can select the tools section to get access to the Alta.

apply for Alta by Helium 10

3. Create your account on Alta

Once you have clicked on the Alta by Helium 10 under the operations section. After clicking on it you’ll be redirected to the page to create Alta by Helium 10 account. You’ll be required to fill in some of the basic information and you are good to go.

How to apply for Alta by Helium 10

Top FAQs on Helium 10 Alta Review 2024

Should I mention selling sources other than Amazon for Alta's line of credit approval?

Yes, mentioning other selling mediums like Shopify, etc. can also be mentioned since it would help in getting the approval for an Amazon line of credit.

Is it required to have a Helium 10 account to use Alta?

No, you can make your Alta account separately, but we would recommend using the Helium 10 since you’ll be getting access to everything on the go.

Conclusion: Should I Try Helium 10 Alta for Financial Solutions?

Yes, Helium 10 Alta can be a good-to-go choice for Amazon sellers in terms of business operations and related operations, whether it is finance, tools, or anything else, Alta has got it covered up. Some of the primary features that made Alta an excellent tool for Amazon sellers is the daily payments, where Amazon payouts in a biweekly duration, Helium 10 Alta can help you get daily payments with a small fee being charged, this can be really beneficial if your stocks are being cleared rapidly and the upto $5,000,000 line of credit works like a cherry on the top.

Overall, Helium 10 Alta is quite an excellent tool for Amazon sellers in terms of financial solutions!!

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